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  1. I have answered the question. But one more…..ask me the question and I will try again.
  2. It is most likely that your “modded” network has a different voltage curve than was intended. A 1/4 db over a wide bandwidth can absolutely change the spectral balance.
  3. Absolutely true. So many people just don’t get it.
  4. No need to worry about that. Stay in your lane brother.
  5. Anybody seen or heard from Michael?
  6. The drivers and woofers are very close to our standard curve. I just wanted to add that extra touch in matching them.
  7. I named it the jubscala when we played with it at a jubfest…..
  8. From people that know what they are doing….that’s how this ole timer keeps learning.
  9. Sorry bro. I got nothing to prove to you……lol
  10. Then you must saturate the tape or overload the bits if doing it digital. ive been doing this for over 36 years but thanks for the pointers…..lol
  11. You forgot the magic word…..lol and I depend on measurements to confirm what I hear…..lol
  12. For the jub, we break in the all the woofers and compression drivers in the lab. We also match the drivers for a pair. Shhhh!!! That’s a a secret.
  13. Or listening to it is just as effective.
  14. 20 db over average? Have you ever looked at a typical song as a wave file? and yes believe it or not (doesn’t matter to me) these system can do a 200-300 seat cinema.
  15. I would like to know myself. The k31 was used for quite awhile. Then we had to switch suppliers and it was called the k282. Same spec though.
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