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  1. I find your post sincere and goofy at the same time. Nice. Your adamant response to there not being much difference in ported or not intrigued me. So I really was curious as to whether you had measured said difference or at the very least listened to the difference. Not all will behave the same way for not all follow the same recipe. Yes there have been books about this for years. And if every manufacturer followed those “recipes” then they would all the sound the same. But it’s the difference in the recipes, like a pinch there, and a pinch here, that make them different. And why I think Paul Klipsch was very successful. I like to to remain anonymous although some of my fellow boneheads rat me out. I do that to find out just how persistent someone will be in their position. No need to bully as the so called experts in the past and present have tended to be and then soften up. As you said lighten up bro. No negativity. If you don’t like it, you don’t like it. I like it. I dont assume you are correct in your assumption. And that is due to the fact that I would have to ignore the data gathered over the years to agree with you. You talk about that there are more serious topics to be discussed as current events dictate. And I agree. So why were you so sure that the the differences in the 3 vs 4 were so hyped up that you chose to be so negative? As I stated in another thread.....I stand by my data. And I hope that the heresy iv is exactly where Paul wants it to be......
  2. Got a website? If you do then, go there.
  3. Travis beat me to it. It was getting ridiculous. And just a little reminder, I can be just as a big a “resistor” as anyone on this forum.
  4. You’re not going to like answer... and why would think that might be so?
  5. Used to talk to mr k a lot. So I won’t speak for him but I can definitely convey what he thought. And it is very obvious to me. Not so to others.
  6. How do you know that PWK would approve? Just curious.
  7. Well since I on the forum now......it is an updated woofer. The part number is #1067961
  8. You can have your older networks brought up to klipsch spec by contacting Jim at Jim Moorhouse JEM Performance Audio 412-401-6915
  9. This post, like many others I read, just really amuses me. It’s funny to read about the impressions and guesses of those that HAVENT heard this speaker by the so called experts vs those that HAVE heard them. By the way......I am on the marketing side......lol!!!!
  10. Didn’t change a thing. What I have is what is in the xilica.....
  11. No man! I troll for ideas! Lol!!
  12. I saw the Cornwall iv me cabs in the plant. They look ok.......
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