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  1. Why not? Just curious as to why you know me so well….🤔 and I don’t eat bass….
  2. If you have serial numbers then you can purchase the horns.
  3. Because I don’t like it when you stomp on others with your supposed knowledge when I know that what you said is questionable or just flat out wrong. Like I said….this isn’t audio karma brother.
  4. Your statement? Im sure it is But it’s been a while since I ran those kind of curves.
  5. Lol! Just remember bro. This isn’t audio karma. I’m going to have to find out where you got them cameras and mics…..🤓
  6. Ask Claude to post a curve from his large data base to show this….🤓
  7. No one is questioning your loyalty to Paul. What I question is your absolute stomping on others opinions….with….wait for it….your opinion. That’s all.
  8. On the caps…..not necessarily. If they are the oil filled caps, only if they are leaking or bulging.
  9. You know….you can also put a heritage sub on a khorn……and a khorn is always a step up from a la scala…….
  10. If I remember how it works, once you plug in the subwoofer out rca on the nines, it places a high pass 60hz crossover on the nines and a 60hz low pass to the sub. Hope this helps.
  11. For those that want one, please let me know. We will have a few for sale at the museum. But I will see what can be done.
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