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  1. Sorry that is for the RC7 as you noted, my bad. that one seems to have been sold already.
  2. https://ebya.io/3H0r I think it might still be available.
  3. I just finished cleaning up a pair of of RF7 MK1s. I took them all apart. Removed the foam. Replaced the leads on the crossover. The boxes are still a bit rough but I am thinking about applying a new coat of stain on them. Something dark. Maybe even pain the black. What do you think these would be worth when done? Here are a few pics of what they look like now.
  4. I have yet to pull the crossover. But my cousin gave me the idea to put my leads directly to the speakers and they are all in fact working. I will take a deeper dive into the crossover this week.
  5. I got the speakers out and the ohm out to the following: Tweeter - 6.5 Top woofer - 6.7 Bottom woofer - 6.9 I also did a 9v test on them and they did crackle a bit but the diaphragm did not move much. I assume because the 9v battery I was using was not powerful enough. I will be pulling out the crossover today and cleaning and inspecting it. I will update. Thanks again deang and all who have advised me here. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your input!
  6. Update. Finally was able to safe break the seals. And as I was taking the speakers out I get hit by the smell from the mice that was in it. That foam will certainly need to be replaced. So I am needing to source that as well. Then I will work on the exterior.
  7. I did email him but he no longer works on this line of speakers: I don’t really work on these anymore. I only work on Heritage networks. Have you contacted Klipsch support to see if they might have a replacement? But thanks for the reference. I will be contacting Klipsch sometime this week.
  8. Well, One of the reasons is that when I got these I knew they were mistreated. But it was such a good deal I thought I would get them and clean them up. I just had no idea that they were going to be as bad as they are. And they are / were really bad. The crossover on one had a dead mouse still knotted up inside. So my guess is that it met with an untimely death and took out part of the crossover in the process. The middle woofer and tweeter are still working. Just not the bottom one. I have not gone thru everything on the speakers yet but I will over this weekend. Or at least as much as I can w/o breaking anything. Still trying to get the bottom woofer out.
  9. I know this forum is filled with updated crossovers for this particular speaker. However, I am just wanting to replace what I already have because at the moment the upgraded crossovers are cost prohibitive. Is there anywhere that I can either send in mine for repair? Or is there anyone that is selling crossovers for this speaker or is there a crossover that I can buy that's equivalent? Any help would be great. Thank you
  10. A Center " which I have" will not help with Stereo. But thanks for chiming in.
  11. What is considered to be 'setup correctly'? I am new to this level of audio so not sure what that means and I know its something different for every ear. But if I can get a baseline of what you mean it could be helpfull. Thanks, Remy
  12. Yes, I saw the same thing in this and other forums talking about lacing the twitter with a dampening foam. My biggest issue now is trying to remove the large drivers. They are not as simple as I thought they should be removing them. Been trying to find something on the internet that will show me how to remove them without damaging anything. Still trying to clean them up.
  13. Also I believe in the adage, " Sub should be felt not seen." Well thats what I say anyway
  14. I am running them large. That was the first thing I changed. I do find them still a bit brighter than I like but one step at a time
  15. I am running 2 subs in a 6.2 config. I currently have the crossover set at 200hz. But I have seen the recommendation of 60hz in many places it I will be doing that next.
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