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  1. Bubo's post in emotiva vs benchmark was marked as the answer   
    As far as the system balance being off, try switching the RCA cables on the back of the Emo inputs, then outputs to the amp, if that doesn't fix the problem, try switching the speaker cables to see if that works.
    Be sure to put everything back after each step.
    The is the box approach to trouble shooting, it will isolate the digital source, the DAC-preamp, the amp then the speakers one at a time.
    When you identify the offending component tell us what you find.
    Speculation is your amp is starting to fade on one channel but it is just a guess.
  2. Bubo's post in Do LOW wattage Tube Amplifiers sound better then higher wattage Tube Amplifier? was marked as the answer   
    I wonder if a pair of Crites slant risers put one backwards would angle the speakers toward the listeners ears???
    Or you could make your own riser with 3 pieces of wood that has a front lip so the speaker can't slip forward, stain it black.
    In the rear, the speakers could be attached to the wall using inexpensive electrical conduit U clamps and thin metal cables, both available at any hardware store.
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