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    Parrish, FL
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    Surround rears: Bob Crites Cornscalas (cross between La Scala and Cornwall)
    Front left and right and center: Klipsch La Scalas with new crossovers and tweeters from Bob Crites
    Atmos: Klipsch CDT-5800
    Surround sides: Klipsch rs252
    Amps: D-Sonic M3A 1200 3 channel x 400 watts
    Crestron 16x65 bridged to 8x220 watts per channel.
    Processor Marantz 7705

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  1. Pop them on Craigslist for 1000 and see if you get hits. Lower the price if you don’t. Sucks that you can’t reply for 24 hours after opening your account.
  2. I do that sometimes as well, but I do like my close up details.
  3. Lately I have been trying to get the pitcher and batter in frame and trying that composition. The last one is from a medium format camera. Who says you can’t shoot baseball at one frame per second 😋
  4. I haven’t tried that yet, but I am 99% photos
  5. I miss the mountains. Can’t seem to find them in Florida.
  6. I went the other way. KLF 20s to La Scalas.
  7. Sunny side of Kentucky. Looks great
  8. Looking for Fastlane Audio Fastrac for my La Scalas. If you have some collecting dust, let me know and I will buy them. Single or pair is fine. Thank you, Paul
  9. Pinball_pw


    They look cool as hell.
  10. Mission impossible fallout in 4K. I swear this movie was made for Klipsch. Lots of horn loaded theme music.
  11. You are not wrong. I use my system primarily for movies. I have a very nice beefy sub that I use as a near field sub now. It provides the punch to complement the La Scalas. That said, the bass was better having Cornscalas in the front. I would be great if someone wanted to loan one :), but I think that is even less likely than finding a single. I came pretty close to buying the Hudson Cornscalas that were listed here recently, but someone bought them an hour before me.
  12. @wvu80 my system is very very similar to his. We have different subs, processor/amps, and rear surrounds, but otherwise use the same gear. I agree it does sound nice. I may mod the La Scalas by making those bass bin stands instead. Still weighing options. If I get another Cornscala, I will end up switching out all their crossovers and midrange drivers. Just trying to be some more lower Hz from the front stage.
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