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    Surround rears: Bob Crites Cornscalas (cross between La Scala and Cornwall)
    Front left and right and center: Klipsch La Scalas with new crossovers and tweeters from Bob Crites
    Atmos: Klipsch CDT-5800
    Surround sides: Klipsch rs252
    Amps: D-Sonic M3A 1200 3 channel x 400 watts
    Crestron 16x65 bridged to 8x220 watts per channel.
    Processor Marantz 7705

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  1. If it is the AL network, you may want to replace it. They are great speakers. You can do lots of mods to them or just restore them to spec.
  2. I wondered what those cost. Just a bit more than I want to pay for home theater speakers.
  3. What do they normally go for? I’m just curious, not in the market.
  4. Watching the game helps you anticipate those shots for next time
  5. Knees doing ok for a 45 year old man. Lol
  6. Cool, I was a catcher in high school too.
  7. Pinball_pw


    I was at the bank earlier. Two men came in wearing masks. We all panicked! They said this is a robbery and we all calmed down.
  8. Truly wish you were closer. Nice deal.
  9. The Negev desert in the foreground and mountains from Jordan in the background. I'll post more soon. I am happy you guys are enjoying them.
  10. A young Israeli soldier at the Ben Gurion memorial site. Ben Gurion was Israel's first prime minister. He is considered by many to be a modern day prophet. I intend on reading up on him soon. This soldier is trying to mimic Ben's hair which was white on the edges and bald on top. I'm sure that doesn't describe anyone in this group too It did not escape my attention where the barrel from his gun was pointed.
  11. A Jewish scribe at work. He is hand writing the book of Esther.
  12. View of Tel Aviv from Jaffa. Somewhere along these shores Jonah took a boat to run away from God. There are three major biblical events in Jaffa and two of them relate to salvation for the gentiles. I hadn't made that connection until after visiting the sites and rereading the related sections of the bible.
  13. Ein Avdat. Near the Ben Gurion burial site. The caves found in this area used to be home to monks and scribes.
  14. Jaffa. Somewhere in this area is where Acts 10 took place. We went to Israel for a couple weeks. I can post photos if there is interest.
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