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    Parrish, FL
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    Surround rears: Bob Crites Cornscalas (cross between La Scala and Cornwall)
    Front left and right and center: Klipsch La Scalas with new crossovers and tweeters from Bob Crites
    Atmos: Klipsch CDT-5800
    Surround sides: Klipsch rs252
    Amps: D-Sonic M3A 1200 3 channel x 400 watts
    Crestron 16x65 bridged to 8x220 watts per channel.
    Processor Marantz 7705

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  1. I’d take a flyer on them if I were closer.
  2. Welcome to another Florida resident that enjoys pinball and home theater.
  3. Sorry, here you go. https://www.paducahhometheater.com/ give Cory a call.
  4. Corey often has b stock cdt 5800 for $150 each. That is what I use.
  5. Not a member to my knowledge. It took exactly 1 day to sell it lol
  6. I’ll check them out. I sold one the La Scalas as I just needed a center between the two of mine. Technically yours went to two good homes 😁
  7. They work great. I have been trying some different components here and there, but no complaints from me.
  8. I'm posting this with a heavy heart... As much as I love my Home Theater, it takes up too much of my time and I am struggling to keep up with the everyday basics such as cleaning and maintaining my home, so something has to give. I will be re-homing my collection. Please don't ask any questions, as I can't handle talking about it. Below is a list of what's available. All FREE of charge, but to good homes only. Serious inquiries only please. Thanks for reading and understanding... 1. Dustpan and brush 2. Sponges 3. Dusters 4. Mop and bucket 5. Window cleaner 6. Vaccuum 7. Dishwashing liquid 8. Laundry detergent 9. Fabric softener 10. Laundry baskets 11. Toilet brush 12. Cleaning sprays 13. Scrubbing brushes Borrowed from Facebook. Hope it gives you a chuckle.
  9. In fairness, Bob Crites states that they are 104db efficient on his site.
  10. Man I hate autocorrect 🙃
  11. Wow, they are getting better. The red flags are there, but their English was quit good.
  12. They are fine speakers. Nice for home theater for sure. I think you really need to hear them, La Scalas, and Cornwalls. That is easier said than done though. I think you can get them for less than he is asking.
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