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    Parrish, FL
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    Surround rears: Bob Crites Cornscalas (cross between La Scala and Cornwall)
    Front left and right and center: Klipsch La Scalas with new crossovers and tweeters from Bob Crites
    Atmos: Klipsch CDT-5800
    Surround sides: Klipsch rs252
    Amps: D-Sonic M3A 1200 3 channel x 400 watts
    Crestron 16x65 bridged to 8x220 watts per channel.
    Processor Marantz 7705

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  1. Just for fun, here is the center, different image, not a crop of the first one.
  2. Wisconsin state capital using a high res medium format camera, but then downsized to a 2 megapixel image
  3. Someone is about to be very happy
  4. For 99$ you could your AA redone by ALK. Might be a better option...
  5. I didn’t buy it. I might consider them in the future though. Need to do more research first and perhaps hear them.
  6. How do they compare to La Scalas and Cornscalas?
  7. That might make a good center between two Cornscalas. Guessing it would overwhelm my 16 by 28 room though.
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