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  1. Sunrise a few mornings ago with my Pentax 645Z.
  2. Yes and nearby. I am in Hiawassee GA
  3. Sunset rainbow with my 645Z. Enjoy!
  4. I didn’t need to add saturation.
  5. Thank you, that seems to be everyone’s favorite
  6. Feeling blessed to live in such a beautiful area. These sunrise photos are all from out my front door.
  7. I have 3 of the 396 for my front stage in a home theater and they rock. GLWS!
  8. The Cornscalas are not bad speakers. Different crossovers would certainly help them. The extra bass of the Cornscala is nice, but of a different type than the La Scalas. I think the bass is cleaner in the La Scala. The midrange on the La Scalas is excellent.
  9. I have Cornscalas type B and La Scalas with some mods. My preference is for the La Scalas with the mods and a subwoofer.
  10. I have those same mods on my La Scalas and can say that they make a very positive difference IMHO. Good luck with your sale.
  11. Been away for a while. I keep wanting to buy stuff from the garage sale section and I already have too much. Anyhow, these are some sunrises from my home. A couple of them got shown on Fox out of Atlanta.
  12. Most of the lakes are dammed and flooded valleys. This includes the one we live near.
  13. Take a look at Tennessee Valley Authority or the TVA that Loki keeps talking about. The lakes through tout this area are largely created and managed by them. It is pretty neat to read about.
  14. Tennessee is nearby and beautiful too.
  15. Sad day. My 645Z camera body decided to stop changing aperture on my lenses. Going to need to send it in for a mechanical repair that will cost nearly $1000. Sucks for a somewhat older camera. Picture is from the tallulah gorge in Georgia.
  16. I thought I was immune to the poison ivy. Apparently not enough to pull 60 gallons of it from my landscaping. I am a bit more cautious around it now. Good news is I think I got it all out.
  17. It is amazingly beautiful here. Lots of waterfalls too.
  18. I am in Hiawassee, about an hour away.
  19. Ever look down on a rainbow? It sort of flattens out. From my porch, which is turning into one of my favorite places to be.
  20. I think a lot of the vacation home prices up here have surged. It is like people finally figured out that the area is beautiful. Hopefully it doesn’t get overrun like so many other areas.
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