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  1. I can sell you a single. Shoot me a pm.
  2. Young great horned owl. He was very watchful for me. He may also have been a little grumpy as he wanted to sleep.
  3. Yes, I have the same in my la Scalas. They are a nice upgrade/modification.
  4. Smooth transaction start to finish and items packaged well. Would do business again..
  5. Another local photographer captured and eagle catching a fish that also just caught a fish. A triple catch. People accused him of photoshop and called it fake, it wasn’t fake. I guess it can be hard to know, people do composites and don’t disclose them as such. Sucks when you get the real deal just for people to claim it is fake.
  6. I had one drop a fish in front of me when I was biking. Caught me off guard for sure. I have seen plenty struggle with them
  7. Nictitating membrane on a Sandhill crane.
  8. Pinball_pw


    A drummer had twin daughters, he named them Anna 1 and Anna 2
  9. How about something less anxiety inducing. A tricolor heron in Ding Darling.
  10. Some might call it an alligator. I’m not sure. There were some folks about 10 feet away from it taking selfie’s. Nobody in their right mind would do that with an alligator. I like my odds with my telephoto though with them present.
  11. Uncropped photo of local angry turtle.
  12. Jupiter and Saturn conjunction. Many are calling it the star of Bethlehem. Merry Christmas.
  13. Stop on over... house on the rock in Wisconsin
  14. Fully automated band. This lady plays the flute.
  15. Pied-billed Grebe shaking off some water. Looks almost like a beaver in this shot.
  16. If anyone has Apple TV, check out the show Tiny World. Amazing camera work
  17. Great blue heron showing off plumage in the back yard.
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