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  1. I have a Crown 1502. Love the xover ability and other features. GLWYS
  2. If you win the lottery, you can build an ideal party room large enough for these. If you can get these for ~ $5k, then you aren't hurt. For the space that the MCM1900 take, you might look at getting the KP-600.
  3. You are right. Everytime I score what I think that I want, I want something else. I get big woofers and start looking at all of the tweeters. I hope my gf doesn't read this. 🤐
  4. Or maybe she needs a clothset for her decor. And maybe there's a simple reason I can't keep a wife. 😀
  5. What's overrated is stop signs. They should be viewed as a mere suggestion: Stop only if needed, and, if not, the one who screwed the pecking order up should be flogged. And speed limits. Not all cars, or drivers, are equal, but we all have the same maximum speed? Speed limits?? pffftt, they're but meager suggestions.
  6. Just send him your bank info so that he can make a direct deposit.
  7. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/197880048012702/
  8. Not sure about the RP. Lots of great things said for the RB81. I never have had the RB81, but I trust what was said about them: That they are superior to the RB35.
  9. For bookshelf speakers, the RB35 are tough to beat especially for the sound they produce and what they cost. I had a pair being driven by a Sansui AU7700 (54w/ch) and they were impressive. I have a few old school Marantz receivers. IMHO, I think that your Heresy would do great with the warm sound of the Marantz. From there, I would (if I were spending your money) buy some Forte iii for the larger room. Has the Marantz been refreshed?
  10. Nice score. Smoked glass tops would be an easy fix.
  11. I was late to the party too.
  12. Finish him, now! JK Your friend try to post a thong thread?
  13. + 1 on Jim's post. I'm not wanting to take away from the other seller, but if Bob can get you what you need, then that's the way to go.
  14. I don't He might: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2602590070066830/
  15. I like my ALK in my Belle, very clean and defined. Good luck to you both.
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