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  1. The best improvement is after one installs the db-5.
  2. Sorry to hear that. Last year I was lined out to buy a V Strom 1000, but started have major dizzy attacks, even laying down. Luckily that went away. The engine is a part of the frame Stock photo of the 1200s model. i raced Daytona 2 times. 2005 I started last and finished 4th. 2006 I won. It was Club racing. I raced WERA and AHRMA. I raced BOT (Battle of the Twins) on an SV650, such a great bike. The engine on the VStrom is a tuned differently same enging as the SV. I like the thump of the twin.
  3. Du to the power to weight ratio, I will ride it like I have skin in the game. 🤓 I was spat off from a highside when I was too aggressive with the throttle during a race. Thank goodness for runoff. me being stalked by 2 Ducs at Daytona.
  4. I have Klipsch speakers, so, normally, I don't mind pissing of the neighborhood. In this case, the bike is stupid loud... and even I get tired of it. It would be great on the track and or being a hooligan on some back roads, but on the interstate, it gets old. Makes sense. I replaced the pipes on both of my V-Stroms. I offered them for free to anyone who wants them. They're s collecting dust.
  5. I always liked the VFRs. 1200. This is my first bike with a single sided swing arm. I rode the FJR to Charlotte to visit my daughter who lives here. I will have to figure out how and when I will get it home.
  6. Whoever bent those pipes was very good. JJK The front part is stock. Someone added an aftermarket muffler that is more of an anti muffler... not sure if it is dB legal on a track, let alone on the street. I hope to do something abt that.
  7. Tiz the season for a Monster. Picked this one up today.
  8. The R115 and the R117 are great.
  9. Capitalism is not a real example for 'absolute centralization of power' but socialism sure is. Also, the civilization of the US was not formed to have centralization of power.
  10. Finished The Jungle the other day. I am glad that I didn't known about Upton's grind and what the book was really about. I was totally disappointed.
  11. Yes, facts are facts. Maybe you didn't catch how I said "they". All too often, the information that is mooed is not facts, but many accept it as fact.
  12. There needs to be a change. The search engines and social sites keep us in echo rooms and delivers information that "they" want to promote as facts, even when they're not facts or even what information that we were seeking.
  13. Get off of my lawn. This thread makes me wonder why we focus in on the doom and gloom when we are young and as we age, and what can we do about it. https://www.webmd.com/healthy-aging/what-to-know-about-anxiety-in-older-adults
  14. I will have some pictures from when I was there. They had a Climax engine in the shop in 2013. I grew up around and later used the McCabe lathe that's in the Cass shop now. Here is a little history on that: https://www.practicalmachinist.com/forum/threads/jj-mccabe-large-lathe.112357/
  15. The cars all have air brakes that are applied from the engine. They still have to constantly trim the pressure for each car, every run amd on different grades due to things such as how many people are on each car, different friction, heat, etc. Call it human ABS.
  16. The miter gears and vertical cylinders are cool. Add to it that the drive shafts have U joints and lengthen and shorten for curves. Also, coming off of the mountain, there is a brake person on every car to constantly adjust each car's brakes, otherwise come will skid and others not be braking enough.
  17. Oh no. I just finished reading the book One Flew Over the Coocoo's Nest. As can be expected, the book is a little different than the movie, but the two faces, Jack and Louise, were always there. I will have to watch the movie soon.
  18. Send it to me, I'll listen to it for you.
  19. Yes, on the verge of being a cat5. I have a daughter who lives in Orlando. I might be trucking her a generator there tomorrow.
  20. I've been to the Horseshoe Curve several times. Altoona has a history worth reading about too. https://www.railroadcity.org/curve.html
  21. Sounds like a plan. I need to get an app on my phone so I can tune in the radio traffic.
  22. The 4501 is one you might ride. It used to be painted green and did excursions in this are when I was a kid. I hope to go see it again. https://www.tvrail.com/equipment/southern-4501/
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