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  1. I will not repeat gossip, so listen closely the first time.
  2. Looks like you might be enjoying sitting on those chattering teeth.
  3. A good chance that they really don't care and are ready to not go on with the issues that comes with getting old. If I live to be 80 and get taken out by a beer truck while I'm crossing the street, I'm okay with that.
  4. I just now got home, it was nice to finally meet you all.
  5. I have had the pleasure of listening to them both. Driving something such as Chorus, the extra power of the 117 could be used to help someone go deaf more quickly. Klipsch Heritage can do that with less power, so the 115 will do fine. Both have lots of headroom and a full body sound. Reading other forum's 'top receivers' type threads, the R117 gets mentioned a lot. I believe that several people have listed similar problems of the volume circuit having issues, or something like that.
  6. That was my thought too. Sad that, if they are needed or will be needed, that politics would play a part in it.
  7. If it is, someone is going to get another great buy. The seller's feedback makes me think that is should be okay.
  8. I read about this and wonder why it's not happening. "Remington Arms has offered nearly one million square feet of manufacturing space in New York to make medical supplies."
  9. This will be another great case study on what we should or should not have done. I hope it works.
  10. That is what I like about science: peer review, don't believe anything until it's proven or disproved. Ideally, IMHO, they would not bring beliefs or politics to work and if they are wrong about something, don't get mad, learn from it and move forward.
  11. @willland , is this worth $134.99? Not very good pictures, but 100% on the seller's feedback. From the ad - "I am the original owner of this awesome NAD T773 7 channel receiver. Has tons of power and sounds equally good with two channel music and surround sound, movies, etc. Lights up but just recently will click from green to red. I have a hunch it is something minor. Don't have time to have it fixed. This unit retailed for $2200.00 and was worth every penny. Nice project. Awesome deal. Local pickup only. I can meet you within reasonable distance. Make me a reasonable offer. Thx. Ger. "
  12. Or in the chair that's in the way of the RTR.
  13. Good luck to you. I have one and it is under rated, IMHO. @willland said what he did in this thread, and after a few PMs and searches in other forums that confirmed what he said, I scores both the R117 and R115.
  14. There are people who would take that statement as a challenge.
  15. Fixt it for you 😜 Old new is they are turning out the non violent ones. Not sure when they will / have, but it was a week or two ago.
  16. I am getting more dates now. Found out that being attracted to who's behind the mask goes both ways.
  17. Did that again today. Adding up the mask, hat, glasses, gloves, long sleeve shirt and the mop top I need to get cut, I got miserable. Here's to the ones who have to do this all day, every day. 👏
  18. Quite the opposite. Using money that someone else earned (or will have to repay) and giving it to someone who did nothing to earn is in not how capitalism works. They will sleep just fine, if anything, they might have wet dreams about it. Similar to truly evil people who fantasize about hurting others. If they lose sleep, it's not from feeling guilty.
  19. I put this out to the family a month ago, now it's making news. https://news.yahoo.com/coronavirus-may-cause-some-food-shortages-says-government-document-223308504.html
  20. John Prine’s Wife Shares Update On His Condition
  21. If someone is in need of a great sounding receiver, and if this one works like it is supposed to, then this is a great deal.
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