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  1. I have a pair of 301 that I'm not using.
  2. And they still have the speakers, unless randy bought them.
  3. before and after I took them in trade for some other speakers. They had been abused and needed some loving.
  4. Those used to be mine (I looked in my records, same serialnumber and i remember him). I don't know where the 'dent' in the PR came from, but they were in top shape when they left here. I refinished them with linseed oil and new xovers. PM me if your seriously thinking about buying them and have any questions.
  5. Pictures can't do these justice about how large they are.
  6. I forget who wrote it, but he was ralking about writing a book ~ 'Only write what the reader isn't going to skip' To me, if you're going to take the time to write something to me, I will take the time to read it. Do you still have the bass?
  7. Imagine all of the great deal some have scored because someone was willed some equipment, but didn't care about it. It's like the nephew inheriting a pristine classic muscle car. He will thrash it to see how fast it will go, then let it go for cash asap. Similarly, I have bought speakers that were willed to someone who really could not care less how long the testator wanted the speakers, how long that person saved to finally score them and would let someone buy a $20k system go for $2k. Some care that the equipment will go to someone who will appreciate it, but not often. Before I die, I really should get rid of it all. If nothing else, to save them the 'trouble'.
  8. I just now finished Stephen King's book "The Stand" I give it 4.9 star then I watched the movie / series trailer ... zero star. What an abortion, spelled MOON. Reading other's reviews: The people who never read the book gave the series a few stars. The ones who read the book gave the series a one star. ..just sayn'
  9. Yes, it's one to read. I remember seeing something about the murders years ago. From the book, it's easy to see that the author spent a lot of time gathering information for the book.
  10. Yeah, I talked with him about a bell calliope and steam calliopes. He was into church organs and such.
  11. Several books, can't recommend them all. "Titan" and "Washinton" by Ron Cherow were both well enough written and mostly unbiased. In Cold Blood by Truman Capote A few T. C. Boyle books. Nice rich vocabulary.
  12. Yeah, how quickly he forgot about the Smurfs. 🤪 Well said Neil. Just like those who you mentioned and many others, I miss coming here and being a part of what made this a great forum. Many years of many people exchanging information, ideas, opinions and being helpful to people who buy Klipsch speakers.
  13. The larger mids will sound better on the Ch II. The 301 being front ported make them more placement friendly.
  14. First, I would kill the cats, regardless if you keep the speakers. What speakers are going to replace these?
  15. I took this picture of him in 2013. No doubt lifting wights made it easier to load LaScalas into a Prius, then carry them down stairs when he got home.
  16. He was a happy family man. He mentioned that, after his daughter graduated college, he was thinking about opening a BnB far away from any big city.
  17. Stuffing LaScalas in a Prius was a sight. La scalas are 2'x2'x3' time 2.  They will fit in the back of a Prius V (confirmed 4 times).The first pair was at Colter's he asked what I was driving, I told him. He asked me to pay him before wheeling them out to the car.  They fit with very little room to spare.
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