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  1. screw top La Scala

    Jim, I've several times been asked about the background and purpose of the screw top La Scala. I got mine from Dee the same year that he hosted a gathering in Scott, and know a bit about them, but would like to be able to relate a more complete explanation. Would you enlighten me? SSH
  2. Photos of RF-7 III next to RF-7 II

    Good job, Youthman. Interesting thread. SSH
  3. Dave, I asked Carol to contact the Murphy Arts District. I'm guessing that she didn't. SSH
  4. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Blue Plate is very good, but Duke's has a more complex flavor that I'm willing to spend a little more for. SSH
  5. New Listening Room, and New House

    Congratulations on your new home, Dave! It took a steel splitting maul to bust out some of the walls in my house. They had the same finish as yours, but the cement was solid, with flat, diamond shaped wire in the middle. The owner of a block & brick company poured it. You may find that load-bearing walls are solid. I look forward to your museum opening. SSH
  6. Happy Birthday Deang

    Happy Birthday, Dean! Might you make the Pilgrimage this May? SSH
  7. Again this year, I'll have cigars for sale at the Pilgrimage, with all $ going to the museum. If you want one, you'll need to find and pay me. SSH
  8. Southern Barbeque? Fooled Again

    Same sauce, dtel. The recipe is available online; search "Shack BBQ Sauce". I used Pecan and Apple today. SSH
  9. Thanks, I found it. SSH
  10. Yup, the first time I saw Luther he was moving that cooler full. There are numerous joints online with that name, and I was wondering which one (town)? SSH
  11. Southern Barbeque? Fooled Again

    Now you've pushed me over the edge, Jim. I'm going to go out in the snow and fire-up the smoker. I've been waiting for several days for a complete thaw so I could smoke two racks of pork ribs & one of beef. "Shack" sauce, homemade. SSH
  12. That sausage was stellar. Which "Smokies" or "Smokeys" made it? SSH
  13. Roger, no slight was read into the post. Your message is understood. Travis, the thread idea may help. Many constraints exist while planning this event. Thanks, Christy, for posting some explanation. SSH
  14. Goat Roper was great, seti. Roger, I don't intend this to be a contentious reply, and the attendees to the baker's dozen that you mentioned were integral to its success, but to keep the record straight, they did not "head it up". Your contribution was important the next year, that first year at Rodney's, and no one on that team would downplay your contribution. Remembering that makes your post sting a bit for me, personally (that you feel slighted). I earnestly hope that you can work it out. Perhaps this should have been a PM. SSH
  15. Martinis

    The 12 is very hard to find 'round these parts. SSH