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  1. Excellent post, Travis. Thank you very much, sir. SSH
  2. The blacksmith shop will be open, but they won't know until this week whether or not a blade smith will be working the forge. I told them I'd call back. I'll post as soon as I find out. SSH
  3. I'll have a new box of AVO Classic Covers cigars at the auction table. The "box" is a replica of a turntable (made to be used as a cigar ashtray), and the lid is a "record". Buy on the honor system, with ALL $ going to the museum. They are $15 ea. retail- please drop at least $10 in the till. The "box" will be available, too. SSH
  4. Good advice, dtel. I'd advise you to buy all the speaker you can afford, sam66, and not worry about the "small" room. Heritage speakers sound great with Marantz power. SSH
  5. Most of my "downgraded " gear is market-valued at far less than I would sell it for. I will go 4k, since I have a 4k TV, but the 105 is a keeper, too. SSH
  6. Yeah, and Rodney has good help:) SSH
  7. El Dorado Festivals and Events is hiring a production manager. Details are on their website in the Blog section. I have no affiliation, other than a desire to see them succeed in my home town. SSH
  8. He also pretty quickly scaled and jumped the fence at the park the year Wes Jeans played for the Pilgrimage. Dang, it was hot that time. SSH
  9. My Da-Lite simply hooks over a wall-mounted bracket. SSH
  10. ...and Marantz does mate well with Heritage speakers (every day in my house). SSH
  11. You seem normal, to me. SSH
  12. Thanks for posting this, Christie! SSH
  13. Dave Almond is one of my very favorite musicians, and I enjoyed his music again last night in El Dorado. For those who are attending, you're in for a treat! SSH
  14. Great! I'm glad you'll make it again. SSH
  15. The Washington State Park blacksmith shop will be open, but they will not know until that week whether or not one will be working the forge. More to follow when known. SSH