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  1. The Washington State Park blacksmith shop will be open, but they will not know until that week whether or not one will be working the forge. More to follow when known. SSH
  2. Some Master Blade Smiths work and teach classes at the forge in Old Washington. Contact them for a schedule if interested. If they know a tour bus will be there, we might be able to insure that someone's working. I'll contact them if I can get an approximate time from Christy (?), or a confirmation that it's been done. SSH
  3. I'll edit this to add items, but to start it: 2 pr Monster "M" speaker cables, attached (bolted) to make one pr. One end is "bare" to use with Khorns. SSH
  4. The powers who are have given me permission to setup an auction (at the Pilgrimage) to benefit the museum. You may donate items and receive a confirmation of the purchase price to use for a tax deduction. All $ goes to the non-profit. I'll provide details as they are determined with approval from the museum board or a representative member. Please post in this thread brief descriptions of items you are willing to provide. Please post opinions about logistics. Please bring "extra" $ with you to the Pilgrimage. * This is not a "For Sale" thread, so be your honorable selves and promote this worthy cause. SSH
  5. OPPO If you start at the bottom, the only reason you'll probably move up is your curiosity fever. I have four, now. SSH
  6. He's built a great business. The more smart people there, the better. I'm not trying to keep some from being there, though. SSH
  7. Michael, I believe that to do for today for tomorrow is a healthy mindset. I knew when to quit (a lucrative sales job in Dallas) and I knew that I wanted most to study, learn, and teach. For two years, I had little income after returning to college for an education certificate. I retired after 28 years of mostly enjoying that career. For me, the money-loss was an investment in myself. SSH
  8. I'm remotely helping you both, with a little Steve Earle, KP-201s, a cigar, Jack & a smoker full of pork. A friend of mine (Scott) is joining the forum today & will be at Hope- longtime Klipsch & Mac enthusiast. The fever is spreading! SSH
  9. Happy Birthday, Roy! SSH
  10. Very reliable, in my experience...Listening to KP-201s sourced by one now. You can find a much better deal, though, and no. SSH
  11. This thread reminds me of the "old" Forum. Most of us could get a rise at least every few days about a post. Lively and impassioned discourse is a symptom of health here, in my opinion. It's the sort of passion that draws us to Hope. I hope to see you all there this year. It's our heritage. SSH
  12. Mine was 1495 less shipping & not accepted. SSH
  13. Thanks, richieb, I sent him an offer. I have a Peach & pCATS; this would be a nice addition. SSH
  14. Post to the "Garage Sale" section. Include a price and pictures and your location. I love my 201s, and so has everyone who has heard them. Which sub is in use? GLWS. SSH
  15. To all forum members who have not recently attended a gathering at Hope: You must attend in order to catch some of the many "inside jokes" in this and other threads. There are reasons to attend other than to try Carl's Martinis. SSH