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  1. Remarkably Bright Creatures I told one of my female teacher buddies that it's written the way females talk. Highly imaginative and entertaining. SSH
  2. These work well way above their price point. I have two Peaches. I did upgrade tubes to Telefunken. SSH
  3. It sounds like they are not as advertised. At the price you paid, they should be. I'd take them back, if possible. SSH
  4. I use KP-396s for mains, KP-362s for rears, and KP-201s at center front and center rear. I also have a pr of KP-2500s that would work well as centers. SSH
  5. You might enjoy the movie Capote. Harper Lee helped him research for In Cold Blood. Dill, in To Kill a Mockingbird was based on Harper's childhood friend Truman Capote. SSH
  6. I hope you can recommend In Cold Blood. To me, it's an almost perfectly written book that started a "new" genre. SSH
  7. Well, I've had them both, and speak for my ears only. SSH
  8. IMO, the Marantz mates better with Klipsch than the Pioneer. My ears think so and have for many years. Yes, it will be a significant change. SSH
  9. ssh


    Nice. I really like my Blue Jeans cables. Someone will be happy with these. SSH
  10. When Jeff Lessard sold me the JFL2A3, he said, "It's the last amp you'll have unless you get a Tenor." It's not the last, but I still have it, and I'd love to have a Tenor. SSH
  11. One of my ex-wife's bridesmaids went into the porn business. I still have a LaserDisc of her performing on a disc that is stuck in the player. SSH
  12. Some of us are still here. I got a Variac Monday to bring up my JFL 2A3s. I'm taking no chances with the AVVT 2A3 tubes. SSH
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