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  1. Pete, Security will be present at Rodney's to insure that it is a closed event. SSH
  2. Christy told me about an item to be sold at the Pilgrimage as a donation to the museum and I asked if it would be appropriate to bring one of my Standard Poodle pups to sell, with half of the $ going to the museum. I told her I'd post and if there is interest, I'll sell one for $400 and donate $200 to the museum. This doesn't cover my investment in him. Black male (I have four) born 2/11/19 with all deworming and first shots. Full-blooded, not registered. Raised in my house with my adult dogs. Temperament is excellent. Expect him to weigh 55 - 60 lbs. when matured. OR...One brown male $450 with $200 donated to the museum. PM me with a phone number for pics. No interest, no bringy puppy. SSH
  3. Beautiful amps. Good luck tracing the hum. SSH
  4. I've recycled the jars from the case-and-a-half that I've eaten so far. This year, I'm going for pickles:) SSH
  5. Which Bonnie Raitt album do you think is best for sonics? SSH
  6. $7500 Canadian is about $4625 U.S. today. Used Heritage is well within your budget. SSH
  7. I've seen several Auburn games, so I believe it. It wasn't even close. SSH
  8. They are stunningly beautiful. Someone will be Happy Happy. SSH
  9. GLWS. I have several models of OPPOs, including an 83. Huge fan, here. Good value. No issues ever. SSH
  10. The SEC semifinal between Tennessee and Kentucky was one of the most exciting games I've ever seen . Tennessee and Auburn at noon to finish. SSH
  11. Yes, fini. You gotta come back, you know. BTW, they changed the name of your convenience store. SSH
  12. That's pretty common. I broke one when I disconnected my original Peach in order to hook up another one that I bought. That whole array of jacks is flimsy. SSH
  13. I didn't expect the JJ Tesla KT88s to make much difference. I was wrong. I like them much better than the EHs. SSH
  14. Yes, but actually 29; my fingers are old. The Telefunkens are far superior to the EHs. I had to listen after 48 hrs of burn-in: Detail, tembre and separation of voice and instruments is delicious. SSH
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