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  1. Too far for me, but I did make the Celebration of Life in Louisiana. I was 19. My best recollection is that it was HOT. SSH
  2. Nice snag! They are great speakers-one of my favorites. SSH
  3. If everything works, this is a stellar deal. SSH
  4. Is the Signature worth the extra money? SSH
  5. Wow, I've never heard an 88 that I (personally) thought sounded as good as the AVVT 2A3s. I've had more than several 88s in my pCATS and do enjoy them very much. I've posted that the AVVTs are almost like unicorns, now. My second pr was the last that Jacs had, and has never been used. Thanks for the post, Jeff. I suspect that this was a very red, red-letter day. SSH
  6. It's good to see updates on some of the old posts. SSH
  7. I get new vinyl from Elusive Disc; Discogs, the forum Garage Sale, Vinyl Discoveries on Facebook and a local store for used. SSH
  8. They were still available 5 minutes ago. SSH
  9. He'd just figure a way to circumvent them. When he says "My house rocks.", he means it literally. SSH
  10. The restaurant at Old Washington Historic State Park has a really good lunch. SSH
  11. I "grew up in a tennis family". In the late '60s, not all high school coaches were fluent in tennis. My dad and I were playing on one of our city courts when a man, a coach, began to measure the net on the adjacent court. Dad had been an advisor in the resurfacing of the courts and was a strong voice in their maintenance. He asked the man why he was measuring and told him the specifications of the net. "We're going to put up new nets," the man replied. "That's great, I've been asking for new nets for several months." "We're putting up chain link." "Why would you do that?" "It lasts longer." "Then, why don't you put up a brick wall?" Two weeks later, new nets arrived. They were not chain link. SSH
  12. A great deal of my decision making is distilled from reading poets, novelists, and playwrights who, in my opinion, have captured and shared the repetitive nature of humanity throughout history. To each, his/her own, I guess. SSH
  13. I'm about to start Thornton Wilder's The Eighth Day. I'm not sure why, except that it was on a shelf of my "have not reads". SSH
  14. Chris A, I had Mortimer Adler's book on a shelf in my English classroom. A student with a puzzled look asked, "Don't you know how to read a book?" I simply replied, "Yes, I do". SSH
  15. ...when you look down at your di-k and ask, "What the hell is this for?". SSH
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