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  1. To all forum members who have not recently attended a gathering at Hope: You must attend in order to catch some of the many "inside jokes" in this and other threads. There are reasons to attend other than to try Carl's Martinis. SSH
  2. Thanks for posting this, eth2. I also shared on Facebook. Each of us needs some kind of help sometime. SSH
  3. Arkansas, traveling less than 80 miles: "Eighty miles from Hope; Eight feet from Klipsch". SSH
  4. Uber $, if you find them. Yes, the JACS repair is what I'm going to do, and I hope it's the last bottle I need. SSH
  5. Same pr, seti. I just don't want to lose one, so I'm anteing the bucks to fix them. My backup pr is the last pr JACS had. SSH
  6. 1812 Overture Dark Side or the Moon Jazz at the Pawn Shop Take your pick of tracks. SSH
  7. I think some forum members don't realize the scope of the effect of the gatherings at Rodney's. On a primal level, you'll probably eat fifty bucks of food before you crash Friday night, Saturday morning, or when you do, especially if you're privy to Carl's Martinis, or premium bourbon brought by your newly-found good buddy who happens to use the amp you do, or who tries to convince you to. And No, you don't have to drink to associate. For some of us, it just makes the sun shine brighter and the night cloak us a little closer. If you're on the fence, jump on over; We'd like to meet/see you there. You'll hear some really good music on some really good Klipsch speakers. And I read somewhere about some giveaways... SSH
  8. That's some expensive stuff when the "small order fee" and shipping is added. About $70. I hope it works. SSH
  9. Thanks, dirtmud. I don't see the glue in the pricelist. I'll email them. SSH
  10. Thanks for the response, EMRR. Do I understand correctly that I should simply encircle the glass with sealant where it meets the base? Several years ago, as backups, I bought the last pr JACS had, and have not used them thinking that they need to be powered up with a Variac (which I don't have). SSH
  11. I have a pr of AVVT 2A3s that have wobbly glass (I can wiggle it a little) where the glass meets the base. They sound OK, but do they need repair, and if so, who would do that? SSH
  12. Off and flat on the crossover on the Scott 299A...always. SSH
  13. I'll be there, and am passing the thread on to some in El Do who are currently acquiring LARGE new Klipsch systems! SSH
  14. It's nice to see a reference to JFL. I'm still enjoying the 2A3 that I bought from him. SSH