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  1. My condolences to Michael and the family. Bob was a genuinely good person who was able to make his love his work. SSH
  2. ssh

    It's On

    It's all good. Some of it's hot, too. SSH
  3. No. I'm good for a few lifetimes. SSH
  4. I've had five Oppos; all are still in use. SSH
  5. Well, there's no harm in reading, but a good cigar and a beer does wonders for the spirit, if you believe in spirits, lol. SSH
  6. ...and he didn't have to go farther, lol. Congrats on the response; I hope it works out. You'll love them. SSH
  7. ssh

    Christmas Dinner

    My next-door neighbor has been out of steady work for six months, so I'm cooking for two other broke tenants and him and his two sons...two corned beef briskets with cabbage, a spiral-cut ham, brown rice, Brussel sprouts, Hawaiian rolls with Amish butter, and store-bought cupcakes. I'm already into my ration of Fosters. Merry Christmas!!! SSH
  8. You've enabled me too, Carl. I still haven't hooked up the 2500s. I may use them in a 7.1. SSH
  9. I'll use them with the 362s and a 201 center pushed by the Marantz separates when I reoccupy my music room next door. SSH
  10. I picked up the 396s today. Thanks, Hogfan. SSH
  11. The PM6007 will give you plenty of clean power for Klipsch speakers, even when you move to larger ones. It retails for about $700. SSH
  12. I just started Killing Crazy Horse, the latest from O'Reilly & Dugard. SSH
  13. ssh

    If you are a foodie?

    A friend owned an appliance store where I bought numerous appliances for my rent houses. He made an offer that I couldn't refuse. The vent hood cost three times what my previous range cost, but I made a call to my banker, lol. It's a lifetime investment that someone will enjoy long after I'm gone. SSH
  14. ssh

    If you are a foodie?

    I love to cook. I'm not a great cook, but a prized tool of mine is the Viking range. It pairs well with the Khorns. SSH
  15. ssh

    KPT-904s SOLD

    More like Cornwalls on steriods. SSH
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