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  1. A March Pilgrimage is a good idea, but as has been posted, some constraints excluded March this year. Many of us feel like the gathering is a Pilgrimage because it takes us to Hope. Several years ago, when I asked folks to meet in Hope, we called it a gathering because Klipsch wasn't sponsoring it. It's nice to have a Pilgrimage again. SSH
  2. ssh


    I'm bringing mild, medium, and spicy ones this year. SSH
  3. The one in El Do is promoted as being haunted. The restoration is phase two of the Murphy Arts District. SSH
  4. ssh


    I'm remembering him in a toast right now. It is very good vodka. SSH
  5. The Rialto theatre in El Dorado, Arkansas is being remodeled as a part of the Murphy Arts District, but I hope they continue to use Klipsch, as they have in the Griffin and Amphitheatre venues. SSH
  6. ssh

    Pilgrimage News?

    Retirement is worth working for, Christy! SSH
  7. ssh

    Pilgrimage News?

    It's nice to be a non-planner, Dave. Her combo was stellar and I hope they are at MAD sometime. The Southern Food & Wine Festival with Jason Isbell & Richard Thompson is at MAD this weekend. Charlie Crockett plays tonight at the restaurant (on the houses' Klipsch system). SSH
  8. Come to the Pilgrimage in May and hear them all. SSH
  9. ssh

    New chapter in my life

    Me, too. SSH
  10. ssh

    New chapter in my life

    I'm just thankful that I don't have to wait for a bell to ring in order to pee! SSH
  11. ssh

    Vinyl Sale

    wolfgangs has a 50% off sale on a long list of vinyl. I'm just sayin'. SSH
  12. ssh


    Twenty-five years ago, I kept three or four glass carboys brewing constantly, dispensing from a tap on a spare refrigerator with four, five gallon kegs. It's been ten years since my last batch, and I've had the bug again, now that I'm retired. I keep getting sidetracked with other interests, though. I just ordered a Sig P320 Carry in .357sig. SSH
  13. ssh


    Ditto my Facebook post. SSH
  14. Good deal, wuzzer. I paid $100 for mine and still think it was a bargain. SSH
  15. ssh

    screw top La Scala

    Jim, I've several times been asked about the background and purpose of the screw top La Scala. I got mine from Dee the same year that he hosted a gathering in Scott, and know a bit about them, but would like to be able to relate a more complete explanation. Would you enlighten me? SSH