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  1. ssh

    Rudy's Recovery Room

    I just saw this thread, but it's great to know you're home again, Rudy. SSH
  2. Pete, The box of Rare Air was a gift from Scott's wife Paula to me after he died. He & I bought cigars together, and that was part of his last order. I told her that he'd want them shared at the Pilgrimage he missed. I thought I told everyone that they were a gift from him; it was an oversite if I didn't tell you. They were a limited production and we got some of the last. I think I got 3 or 4 boxes, but if I have any left, they are hiding in my walk-in humidor along with some other gems. I will, however, bring some tasty ones to the gathering. SSH
  3. They are worth more than half the cost of a pr of Lucchese. I have full quill Ostrich that replaced a pr of Lucchese that my dogs ate. SSH
  4. ssh

    More on.Corona Virus

    One of my tenants has a bread route to stores here. He says they are placing the usual amount as before 19, and they can't get supplied more. He volunteered to drive 3 hrs each way to Tyler TX to get extra, but it's not there to get. Someone is missing a huge opportunity to make some money without gouging. SSH
  5. ssh

    More on.Corona Virus

    ...or one full auto. SSH
  6. Boots- Lucchese & Allen Edmonds (one pr. of Tacovas) Kicks- New Balance Dress & casual shoes- Allen Edmonds
  7. Carl, It may be that KGI withdrew over concerns for their employees'/business' health, and then so did the Museum.The events at Rodney's are fan-driven. SSH
  8. I think he's as confused about nothing as was Laurence Stern. Steinbeck has his place, but it's definitely under Faulkner. SSH
  9. PM sent for all. SSH
  10. I heard them "live" when I was in jr. high school. Very impressive musicians. SSH
  11. ssh

    What I Got Today!

    I've looked at the VPI Signature Prime since it first came out. MSRP is way more than I would spend. I just purchased a cosmetically damaged Rosewood one with a used SoundSmith cartridge from Music Direct on Audiogon. Now I'm looking for a dust cover. SSH
  12. ssh

    Best Wishes

    Recover quickly, Mark; we want you back soon! SSH
  13. You'll need a very big wallet to do that. Not even maybe. SSH
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