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  1. ssh

    Greatest Orchesteral Works of All Time

    Another $300 bites the dust. SSH
  2. ssh

    Happy Birthday Dave!

    Cheers, Dave! SSH
  3. ssh

    Greatest Orchesteral Works of All Time

    And down the rabbit hole...What is the "best" recording of each? SSH
  4. ssh

    Industrial Las 4 Sale

    Bump for a good buy on LaS. SSH.
  5. ssh

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    I just got a copy of John McLaughlin, Al Di Meola & Paco De Lucia/ Passion... I should have asked the price when I ordered it: $99.99. It is, however, outstanding. SSH
  6. ssh

    Industrial Las 4 Sale

    Yup. I don't know about you guys, but I looked younger then. SSH
  7. ssh

    Industrial Las 4 Sale

    The Farmhouse was a really good spot for gathering, too. SSH
  8. ssh

    Henry Scott Yocum Memorial Amplifier Build

    I'm looking forward to pics, Matt, and I'll make sure that his family sees this. SSH
  9. ssh

    Industrial Las 4 Sale

    They sounded great with my JFL 2A3s a few years ago at Hope. Beautiful restoration, too. Man, that hotel room was crowded; there were guys out in the hall. SSH
  10. ssh

    Store Bought Barbecue Sauce

    "Craig's" sauce is excellent. The restaurant is in Devall's Bluff. SSH
  11. ssh

    So, now I need a TT

    Joe over-packed the TT, and all is well. I setup the Kenwood and listened a bit today. Yes, I knew that it would make me wish that I'd done this years-enough-ago to have a huge collection of LPs. Thanks for the "extras", Joe. SSH
  12. ssh

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    What source do you recommend for buying vinyl? SSH
  13. ssh

    KP600, KHJ/KPT402, KWO for sale.

    $ ?
  14. ssh

    So, now I need a TT

    I have a Kenwood with a Shure 15 and phono amp coming from joessportster. SSH
  15. I've held out for decades, but I'm going back into vinyl, and I need used TT suggestions in the $800-$1k range. A few hundred for a no-brainer improvement would be acceptable. SSH