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  1. 73 and sunny in South AR. The pork butt is marinating to be smoked tomorrow and consumed during the AR basketball game Saturday. Go Hogs!!! SSH
  2. ssh


    I, too, can read Shiva. $1800 is, in my opinion, prideful. SSH
  3. ssh


    ...a bit prideful, I'd say. SSH
  4. Welcome to the Forum. Most of us will recommend what we use. You might consider an integrated tube amp such as the Scott 299 series. SSH
  5. Henry Scott Yocum Memorial Amplifier Build SSH
  6. If smart people didn't do stupid things our libraries would be far less interesting. SSH
  7. Woofers and Tweeters, try Out of the Dust by K. Hesse. SSH
  8. ssh

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday!! SSH
  9. I was lucky years ago to buy Jeff Lessard's 2A3 monoblock amps that he built for himself. Cobalt transformers. AVVT tubes before they were gone. I still have a pr of AVVTs that were the last from Jacs to use for backups. I'm happy with this combo. I've tried six other 2A3s and none are as satisfying as the AVVTs to me. SSH
  10. ssh

    College Football 2021

    Jim needs to watch some more SEC games, lol. SSH
  11. ssh

    Most overrated?

    Now that the finalists in the championship game are decided, who do you think are the most overrated teams? I think the most is ND. I'd love to see them play ( in the middle of the pack) in the SEC...or some other great team of another conference. SSH
  12. JBCODD I have a family of Salamanders that regularly visits the glass doors of my front porch-lots of fun watching them. Sometimes 8-10. SSH
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