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  1. Mine, on a 20' pole, flies every day in my front yard. SSH
  2. It's a shame that Chaucer didn't complete all of the tales that he had planned. When I taught, I tried to point out the life-influences exhibited in an author's writing; Chaucer was one of my favorites to teach and an easy one to link his experience to his stories. SSH
  3. My mom was one of the Okies shipped to California because my grandfather couldn't feed her. My senior English students read Out of the Dust and I gave her a copy to read. One of the comments she made to me was, "I always wondered why Grandma turned the plates face down." SSH
  4. That's mostly what I grow. They are delicious but they don't last (store) long after being picked. SSH
  5. ssh

    Bingo Night

    She's the daughter of a friend. Lots of on-stage experience. Don't let that innocent face fool you, she will steal a scene in a heartbeat, lol. SSH
  6. ssh

    Bingo Night

    I'm not sure about your question, Travis, but she and I have worked together at our arts center since the 1960s. Neither of us knew that the other had the part until the day before the first shoot. It was a very pleasant surprise. The scenes with her on the phone, and flowers at the front door were shot at my mother's house. SSH
  7. ssh

    Bingo Night

    I received no compensation. That's standard for many independent films. SSH
  8. ssh

    Bingo Night

    Brooklyn is very talented. This was to have been her graduation project from college, but the time limit was 5 min. She made another one in its' place and sent this one to festivals all over the world. Alex Jefferey shot the film. Check out his The Bespoke Tailoring of Mister Bellamy. It's a beautiful film that won the $50,000 first prize at the Louisiana Film Festival a few years ago. I helped produce his Aria For Albrights in 2017. Laura Bretan had the lead. The judges at the festival told Alex, "If you hadn't dubbed in a 30yo opera singers voice for the girl you would have placed higher." "That was her voice, Alex responded; She was the inspiration for the film." He's just finished his first full feature. SSH
  9. ssh

    Bingo Night

    Oh yes. The mud was from an oilfield rig and it never did wash out (I later found out that they added paint to darken it). SSH
  10. ssh

    Bingo Night

    Thanks, guys. It was fun, but freezing that second day with the trolley. Only stage theatre now, Seadog. SSH
  11. ssh

    Bingo Night

    I had a leading part in a short independent film called Bingo Night. It's now on YouTube. Maybe the young lady who directed it will get a few cents if you watch it. No, I don't. I think it's seven minutes long, but it has won prizes at a few film festivals. SSH
  12. Conflict of Wills, Choice and Consequence, Foibles, Critics of Society, and Know Thyself. I liken the "themes" to a string threaded through a necklace of pearls.
  13. ssh

    Covid19 redux

    My ex brother-in-law was cutting 1/2" steel plate with a torch, when a remnant fell into his jeans. His scar is about two feet long. His co workers said that he was the best dancer in the company. SSH
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