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  1. ...in the land of the partially free. SSH
  2. In a gun fight, he'd be dead before he got his thumb set in his belt loop. What a waste of bullets. SSH
  3. I booked with the hotel. They don't charge you when you book. When I cancelled, there was no problem. Super 8 has gone out of their way to be accommodating since the first revival of the gathering. SSH
  4. ...hearing the tinkling of silverware in the background of Jazz at the Pawnshop (Khorns). SSH
  5. Since we didn't have a TV in the early 50s, I looked at a lot of test screens accross the street from our house waiting for programming to come on. I do remember our first color TV. My dad got it for Christmas, said he'd rented it for the holidays, then told us Christmas morning that it was ours. SSH
  6. ssh

    RIP Justin Townes Earl

    He was scheduled to play at MAD in El Dorado. It is sad. SSH
  7. I made pepper jelly using a 7 Pot Brain strain batch of peppers. They were harvested while green. After filling jars, I gave a neighbor some of the "scrapings". The next day, I asked him how he liked it. He replied, "It was OK." I didn't ask for a clarification. It wasn't killer hot, to me. SSH
  8. He's not always a "same day" shipper, and add slow mail. I've purchased from him several times. Product is always as advertised or better. SSH
  9. I won't be much help, Joe, since I recently sucommed to my desire for some 362s and a 215. I think the last audio gear that I resisted was a pair of Tenor monoblocks, and I wish I'd bought them. I need amps just as much as I need speakers, but the lust must some day be satisfied. Now, wasn't that helpful? SSH
  10. I'm pretty happy with the distance, lol. I'm picking them up in September. SSH
  11. I'm wondering if he's offshore, lol. SSH
  12. Quality is usually expensive. My sister-in-law does high-dollar upholstery work. I can't afford her. SSH
  13. 1966 powder blue Mustang convertible-289, white pony interior, console, power top, spoke hubcaps 1967 Meyers Manx-blue metal flake, custom top, side curtains and interior, engine mods Dan Wesson .357 pistol pack- stainless VRH SSH
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