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  1. ssh

    The Million Dollar Quartet

    Keep buying Powerball tickets, Carl. SSH
  2. ssh

    The Million Dollar Quartet

    The play has good reviews and is coming to the Murphy Arts District here in November, so I bought an album from the actual recording (Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash). My personal opinion is that it belongs on my "worst" list. I'm looking forward to the musical play. SSH
  3. ssh

    New set up

    I'd ask the previous owner. SSH
  4. ssh

    Oppo Hanging up Their Hat

    I got the 205 because I've enjoyed the performance of Oppos for a dozen or so years, and it is the pinnacle of their manufacturing. I got it "now" because this was a last chance. I have four, and the all still "work". Pretty well, too. SSH
  5. Player. I posted "Is it the DACs?" Wednesday in the "Lounge". SSH
  6. ssh

    Oppo Hanging up Their Hat

    dtel, check out a YouTube video that shows the 205 interior compared to the 203. SSH
  7. ssh

    Is it the DACs?

    HDMI (music only). It was a quick hook-up. I know that the analog outs are supposed to be better; I'm not there yet. SSH
  8. ssh

    Is it the DACs?

    I just unplugged an OPPO BDP-105 and replaced it with a BDP-205. The 205 is by far superior. Is this due to the improvement in DACs? SSH
  9. ssh

    U. S. Open - 2018

    As an ex-tennis player, I understand joshnich's recommendation, Jeff. You might improve faster dropping down a level. My opinion, however, is that if you're enjoying 4.0, and that's your purpose, then have-at-it. Unfortunately, three rotator cuff surgeries on my right shoulder took me out of playing. SSH
  10. ssh

    Death & Eternity

    Here. SSH
  11. ssh

    Christy and dtel are about to get wet...

    I left Gulf Breeze a couple of days early; driving nine + hours in a deluge is too taxing on me at my age. SSH
  12. ssh

    Let the tomato insanity begin!!

    My tomato plants succumbed to the South Arkansas heat weeks ago, but my pepper plants are coming alive again. SSH
  13. ssh

    RF 3 set for sale

    Maybe we can play poker sometime. I'd love to have a game at the next Pilgrimage. (M.A. English language and literature, emphasis in Romantic poetry, 28 years teaching and now retired). SSH
  14. ssh

    RF 3 set for sale

    Westcoastdrums, If you're invested in the stock market now and not making money you'd better change brokers or strategies. This is no political statement at all, whatsoever. SSH