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  1. ssh

    Peach/pCATS with Telefunkens

    I didn't expect the JJ Tesla KT88s to make much difference. I was wrong. I like them much better than the EHs. SSH
  2. ssh

    Peach/pCATS with Telefunkens

    Yes, but actually 29; my fingers are old. The Telefunkens are far superior to the EHs. I had to listen after 48 hrs of burn-in: Detail, tembre and separation of voice and instruments is delicious. SSH
  3. ssh

    2019 Pilgrimage Tshirts

    I couldn't resist. SSH
  4. ssh

    Juicy Music pCats $2300 obo

    He sold me another Peach. I'm the original owner of the pCATS. SSH
  5. ssh

    Peach/pCATS with Telefunkens

    V2 and V3 on each monoblock SSH
  6. ssh

    Peach/pCATS with Telefunkens

    You'll love the Mullards! No remorse here, lol. The Telefunkens really make it shine. SSH
  7. ssh

    Peach/pCATS with Telefunkens

    So, I ordered a matched quad of JJ Blue Glass KT88s to try in the pCATS after I listen for awhile with just the Telefunkens added. SSH
  8. ssh

    Klipschorns with Fortes?

    In my opinion, probably, unless you just want to alternate them, which I don't understand. I'd certainly use them elsewhere. SSH
  9. Rockhound sold me another Peach, and I replaced the 12AX7 tubes with Telefunkens. My Khorns and I love the change! Thanks to davis419b sending me an email from Mark Deneen, I just ordered a quad of them for the pCATS. I was going to replace the KT88s, but Mark wrote that the improvement was to be had in the drivers, so I'm looking forward to getting a quad of Telefunken smooth plate 12AX7s from Brent Jesse to go in the pCATS. Don is also sending me a copy of the pCAT manual. Thanks, Don; mine is buried in a pile somewhere. SSH
  10. ssh

    Juicy Music pCats $2300 obo

    The Dodd's must be good to keep them instead of the pCats. Anyway, I've just recommended the pCats to another forum member looking for a 299. SSH
  11. ssh

    What's the weather like where you're at?

    Eighty miles from Hope, we are at 40, dropping to 27, with typical Southern humidity adding to the chill. SSH
  12. ssh

    Hotels in Hope AR

    I'm very sorry to hear this, Trey. It's been a good go-to place. I'll probably stay there again this time, though. SSH
  13. ssh

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    You have a PM, Oldtimer. SSH
  14. ssh

    Sold: OPPO UDP203

    Have you used the 103 in any other configuration, so as to isolate it as the problem? I have, and use, five oppos and have not experienced that problem. I'm not suggesting that the unit is not the issue, only that based on my experience, it is not one common to them. SSH