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  1. ...when you look down at your di-k and ask, "What the hell is this for?". SSH
  2. Ask them if the crossovers are original. If so, you may need to have them worked over. That wouldn't deter me, but it is a consideration. SSH
  3. WAF should be high with these; they're beautiful. SSH
  4. ssh

    45 amps

    Well, just as with breasts, size in tubes isn't the only distinguisher. We can talk about size, though. SSH
  5. ssh

    45 amps

    On Khorns, a Jeff Korneff 45 amp can sound splendid. I haven't heard one on LaS, but assume they are efficient enough to be a good combination. As most of us know, room size and SPL requirements may render the 45 unacceptable.
  6. I'm only asking because it might represent extreme variations in value to a purchaser. The Telefunkens in my 299A are probably worth 30% of the value of the Scott. SSH
  7. Nice piece. Reasonably priced, I think. GLWS. What tubes are in it? SSH
  8. ssh

    SSH Hope Trip

    Sadly, no. I have two litters of puppies in the house and one momma dog just had surgery on a leg. I haven't spun a record in two weeks, either. I did plant some peppers, though. SSH
  9. Thanks, Schu. SSH
  10. $4000. For pics, see "Lounge", "SSH Road Trip". No dissatisfaction, just seldom used and want to fund Jubs. They will satisfy a "new" buyer. SSH
  11. ssh

    SSH Hope Trip

    These are now for sale to fund Jubs. Cornwall III Special Edition. $4000. Maybe 50-60 hours use. They're upstairs, and the Khorns are downstairs with the tubes and turntable. SSH
  12. ssh

    What I Got Today!

    I got a phone call today. One of my Standard Poodle pups chewed a power supply wire to unrepairable. Yesterday, I ordered two from Sweetwater.com. This morning, Reid at Sweetwater called to chat about my gear, asked if I had any questions, and told me that the order shipped. I thought forum members would be interested in checking out an audio related business that actually talks to its customers. SSH
  13. Seti Most of what I've seen in a tiki bar wasn't as good as it looked, lol.
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