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  1. You'll need a very big wallet to do that. Not even maybe. SSH
  2. I have two, and love them. GLWS. SSH
  3. You're welcome to come back tomorrow and bring her with you, lol. Sometime, you really should see the venue where Pam works. SSH
  4. It was good to meet Rooster42, and good for a friend to pass along some KLF 30s today. I hope he'll make the Pilgrimage-he fits right in with us. SSH
  5. Not Texarkana, El Dorado. I don't know the series; there are no tags on them and I haven't seen them. A friend is selling them. I asked two people to post pics last week, but neither has. SSH
  6. I'm listing these for a friend, and have no financial interest in the sale. Both pairs were said to be employee purchases. CF4 series 2 $1150/pr. Light Oak. KLF 30s $1100/pr. Satin Black. 71730 Pics to follow.
  7. And some of us are looking forward to attending both!!! SSH
  8. ssh

    CF4 info

    Thanks for the info. Since I have 16 Klipsch speakers already, I'm not buying these. They'll soon be posted in the garage sale section, along with a pr. of CF 3s. The info is for the seller. SSH
  9. What series are these? S/N 041594766 & 7. Employee purchase. SSH
  10. I'll decide what to bring after the list has settled. SSH
  11. I've been a little swamped with some family stuff, but today I got my house-sitter reserved for that weekend. What would go well with Jim's pickles? SSH
  12. I can tell you what happens when property is undervalued and destroyed in a fire. SSH
  13. ssh

    Oppo BDP 83 -SOLD

    Nice machine; nice price. GLWS> SSH
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