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  1. Sad sound system please help

    You need to invite him over for a listen-lesson. SSH
  2. New to Forum

    Welcome to the Forum, Tim Sr. The number of forum members who are (or are ex-) musicians is huge. SSH
  3. Real Guitar Legends

    And I would like to thank Jeff Lessard for introducing me to Segovia. Perfect on the 2A3s and Khorns. SSH
  4. What I Got Today!

    On a lighter note, I just heard a new McIntosh CD/SACD player hooked to pappyIII's Khorns. Sweet!! Nice addition, sir. SSH
  5. RIP Tom Petty

    Free Fallin' @ 110db. So long, BROTHER! I just posted on Facebook a pic of his last concert in North Little Rock, AR & one of my walk-in humidor with four of his previous concert's posters on it. This is a total bummer. SSH
  6. New member saying hello...

    Welcome to the forum, Tony. Be sure to keep an eye out for information about the next Pilgrimage to Hope. You'll want to attend, if possible. SSH
  7. Loving this sub

    Awesome! Just don't put any glass on those shelves. SSH

    Happy Birthday Eldon! Have a great playlist. SSH
  9. This is a great buy on surround speakers. I have the 12s & they are awesome. $165 is ridiculous; the rest of the forum must be asleep. SSH
  10. SSH Hope Trip

    Why, thank you Jim. I was wearing a back brace that day; maybe that's the reason. How's the canning going? SSH
  11. HH Scott 299c Sold

    This would be a great introduction to tubes for someone. I love my 299A, which has less power than the 299C. GLWS. SSH
  12. Special Edition Heritage

    They are much more stunning in person, especially if they are playing in your home! SSH
  13. Should I get Tubes or SS?

    The best value for dollar/sound that I have had from an amp is with a Scott 299. I have several amps that I would rate "better", but the Scott does duty with my KP 201s impressively. SSH
  14. SSH Hope Trip

    You're right, Eldon, they have impressive in-your-chest bass. I love my Khorns and LaS, but these will get most of my attention for awhile. Christy said that she thought the Cornwall IIIs were under appreciated, but that must be because folks haven't heard them. Especially at their price point, they are a tremendous bargain. Yes, Travis, as long as someone else is lifting, they are fun to pick up. Your meaning is clear, though, that it is an especially thrilling experience. Please support the museum; it supports us. SSH
  15. SSH Hope Trip

    Thanks, Dave. The Regional Music Heritage Center is on my trip list. Might you post hours of operation/update on progress? BTW, El Dorado is beginning to have an awesome music scene with the opening (Sept. 28-Oct. 1) of the Murphy Arts District. I have tickets to ZZ Top, Train with Natasha Bedingfield, Brad Paisley, The Molly Ringwalds, and The Beach Boys. Smokey Robinson with the South Arkansas Symphony is a free concert on Sunday, October 1. SSH