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  1. ssh


    Nice. I really like my Blue Jeans cables. Someone will be happy with these. SSH
  2. When Jeff Lessard sold me the JFL2A3, he said, "It's the last amp you'll have unless you get a Tenor." It's not the last, but I still have it, and I'd love to have a Tenor. SSH
  3. One of my ex-wife's bridesmaids went into the porn business. I still have a LaserDisc of her performing on a disc that is stuck in the player. SSH
  4. Some of us are still here. I got a Variac Monday to bring up my JFL 2A3s. I'm taking no chances with the AVVT 2A3 tubes. SSH
  5. I had a friend who was sponsored by Martin-Richard Leo Johnson. He played the whole guitar, not just the strings-amazing musician. SSH
  6. Thanks for the explanation, Mark. My jargon isn't very audiophile. SSH
  7. Changed a tube section to ss, I think. The seller called it an "upgrade", lol. Mostly well, thanks. SSH
  8. Welcome back, Mark. I'm still using my pCats and Peach, but I bought another Peach that you "modified" that I more often use. SSH
  9. You're right, Rich, which is why many people observe and are prepared...always. SSH
  10. I had a flat tire on I20, at night, about half a mile from the state police station in Bossier City, LA. The door was open and the interior light was on. You could see that I had a full rack of clothes over the back seat. A Lincoln occupied four times slammed on the breaks and stopped 20 yards in front of me. A man walked back to my car in an overcoat with his hands in his pockets. I left the holster in plain view on the driver's seat. He asked me, "Hey, man you got any water?" I had a .45 in hand behind the bad tire as I took it off. I looked up at him and said, "No, water is not what I have." He knew he was vulnerable and walked back to his car. I have no doubt that he would have shot me other than seeing that I had a bigger gun than he had. I would have killed him rather than be killed. SSH
  11. I'd have shot them both. No remorse. A little twitch of a finger. SSH
  12. Often referred to as "screw tops", I believe they were associated with the Hammond Organ Company. Most probably survive without the amp intact. I have a pr that I got from Daddy Dee. My guess would be in the $1000 to $1400 range if everything still works. SSH
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