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  1. She looks like she might have rolled a few:) SSH
  2. minermark, I'm not selling anything. If you aren't interested in a MSRP $440 box of good Dominican cigars for $40, I'm good with that. Some Cubans do live up to the reputation, and if I could be smoking one of those, I'd be just as happy as I am now, smoking a Euforia Belicoso Gigante. SSH
  3. CIGAR BARGAIN ALERT: If you enjoy a medium-bodied Dominican/Connecticut, check out Best Cigar Prices clearance 90% off boxes of 1492 Heritage- $40. If you don't find this price, PM me & I'll forward the email. I've just ordered three more boxes for the walk-in humidor. SSH
  4. From amps, across the floor (baseboard), up a corner, across the ceiling molding, down a corner, across the floor, and out to the Khorns I bought it at an electrical supply store in El Dorado. Take a piece of your wire with you so you're certain that it will fit as it's bent at corners. SSH
  5. DubPlate I used commercial wire conduit. My Standard Poodles kept chewing my wires. SSH
  6. Thank you, Pappy III, for your kindness and generosity in donating to the Khorn Corps in my name. I tried for several years to convince Pappy III to join the forum and attend the Pilgrimage, since he's been a longtime Klipsch owner and enthusiast. I knew he'd enjoy being here and there. When I thanked him by phone this morning, I told him that I felt a little like I had brought a new member to church who already feels at home. The Pilgrimage sort of changes you that way. Thanks again, Pappy III. SSH
  7. Well, y'all have stepped up before! SSH
  8. Congrats, AHall, & Great post! SSH
  9. "Eighty miles from Hope; eight feet from Klipsch". This is The Best watermelon area. No salt, thank you. SSH
  10. That looks to be a nice cigar yard. SSH
  11. While reading fiction may not please one, it should be apparent by its effect on others that it is not "useless". Mortimer Adler's book, "How to Read a Book" might be a "useful" non-fiction read for someone who thinks that fiction is "useless". This is neither a flippant recommendation, nor a scathing one. The book is a guide for enhancing the "usefulness" of books of all kinds. SSH
  12. Thank you, Dave. I'm sending a check for $110 to them. SSH
  13. You're very welcome, Jim. I wore the T yesterday and my next door best friend neighbor cigar smoker was jealous. SSH
  14. I have half of a jar left. They are delicious. SSH
  15. The humor in this is that it looks normal to most of us. SSH