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  1. RickD, It happened to me @ 120 on an interstate and it took both lanes for me to regain control. When I pulled off to get myself together, my helmet was cracked. SSH
  2. Prioritize. What's more important to you? Is the raised height of the TV "too high" for YOU? Your compromise might not be mine. SSH
  3. Jim's Dope From Hope recently announced that dtel is the recipient of the Scott Yocum Award, given for outstanding service to the museum. Congratulations, dtel! Scott is no doubt smiling on you. SSH
  4. Do you think a few folks might be at work, Schu, lol? SSH
  5. I'm getting eight 2'x4'x2"Microsuade panels from ATSAcoustics. I'll start there, anyway. SSH
  6. Is Roxul or acoustic foam more efficient for H/T use? I'd like to cover with framed posters but am thinking that the glass would negate the absorption. SSH
  7. ssh

    Car Thread

    Yes, it was on TV here. SSH
  8. This reminded me of my most memorable character, though I couldn't say "favorite"- Miss Havasham in Great Expectations. SSH
  9. Segovia. Pick a title (That's not the title of a song or album, lol.). SSH
  10. ssh

    CF-4s - $2700

    Oh my. SSH
  11. Jim's mix is THEBOMB. SSH
  12. ssh

    A/V goals for 2021?

    I'll soon reoccupy the music room in my house next door. The walls have two layers of 1/2" sheetrock covered with two layers of 1/2" commercial soundboard, with carpeting and acoustical ceiling tile. I've been waiting for a roofer for almost six months, and finally, the nail gun is popping in the background. We've had to wait to finish putting down the hardwood floor in the living room and to paint the walls and retile spots in the music room ceiling due to leaks. I still haven't even hooked-up the 396s, 362s and sub that I got about a year ago. I'll use either my 201s or 250s in the center. The Khorns will go over there for two channel. I'm still a couple of months of work away, but a lot less frustrated than I have been. SSH
  13. Welcome to the Forum. It looks like you'll be at home here. SSH
  14. The KMAH will have a "booth" inside the air-conditioned exhibit building, on the stage. Several volunteers will be there to welcome you. SSH
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