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  1. Weller 12 is very hard to find, and one of my favorites. SSH
  2. I used to be a "jobber" for Eye Brand, and I use them often, but they are heavy, and although I recommend their pocket and sheath knives, I like the Wusthof kitchen knives better and the Wusthof Le Cordon Bleu best. I probably have forty very good-to-superb kitchen knives, including a Shun Damascus chef knife. SSH
  3. It's amazing to see the history unfold with new finds and acquisitions. SSH
  4. I own a pair of screw top LaS that I bought from Dee when he lived in Scott. SSH
  5. One that I recommend that you listen to is a Scott 299. SSH
  6. I'd like to buy some of those peppers, too. Maybe we should have a Forum Market next year. SSH
  7. Yeah!!!!! I actually ate a jar while driving home from Hope. Well, I ate the contents of the jar, then soaked tomatoes in the juice. SSH
  8. I've mentioned before, a wealthy friend's wife surprised him on his 50th birthday with Little Feat playing at the party... His favorite band. SSH
  9. They still are, Rockhound, every day! SSH
  10. is the new Murphy Arts District website. Check it out-They're using Klipsch. If you're within driving distance, come hear some good music! If you like tear-it-up piano playing, Jason D Williams is playing a free concert (7:00 PM) that has been moved to the Municipal Auditorium in case of rain . Jason played the soundtrack for the Jerry Lee Lewis movie. SSH
  11. My sentiments exactly, Carl. This is a stellar deal. GLWS. SSH
  12. Nice article, Dave, and thanks for the clarification, Christy. All of the forum get-togethers have been fun, but it's great to have the support of KGI that has taken us to another level! See you next year!!! SSH
  13. I have several times posted information about the $100 million Arts & Entertainment District being constructed in my home town, eighty miles from Hope. Klipsch is in the main venue, and an article on the El Dorado Festivals & Events website might interest forum members. Go to the Blog, then "Searching for that Sound". I hope some of you will come hear for yourselves. SSH
  14. A great deal of variety will be heard in 'the Klipsch sound". Reference and Heritage, for example, have very different sounds. Audition, audition, audition is as true as location, location, location. SSH