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  1. ssh

    Juicy Music Peach Pre - SOLD

    Seller and pre are both top-notch. Someone's going to be very happy. SSH
  2. ssh

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    I love it! I should have done this years ago. I'm sorry you didn't get what you wanted out of it. SSH
  3. ssh

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Red Rose Speedway on the platter.
  4. ssh

    College football 2018

    It would be worse if three of the best four teams were from the same conference. Most of the playoff teams would not be in if they had to play in the SEC. SSH
  5. ssh

    College football 2018

    Georgia may be one of the two best. SSH
  6. ssh

    Eye Opening Experience

    A friend and I traded motorcycles during an afternoon ride in the late 80s. He rode my BMW K75s and I rode his Suzuki 1100 that he had turbocharged. It was an eye-opening experience, exhilarating, frightening, and unforgettable. I was quite happy to ride the Beemer again. SSH
  7. ssh

    Juicy Music pCats price reduced

    I wish I had the cash to buy another pair. These are stellar amps. Perfect for Klipsch speakers. SSH
  8. ssh

    What's on your Black Friday list for 2018?

    Two boxes of cigars, two cashmere sweaters, and Red Rose Speedway on vinyl. SSH
  9. ssh

    What I Got Today!

    Was that the year that we donated to the tornado relief? SSH
  10. ssh

    Lung cancer

    I'm glad you can still post. You might check out Arkansas Traveler databases. Every state has one online; that's Arkansas'. There's more than twenty days of info and literature there. SSH
  11. ssh

    Shingles vaccine...

    I'd gladly pay $1100 to not have contracted Shingles. Probably anyone who has had it would. It's significant on the pain scale. SSH
  12. ssh

    No Whining Wine

    An El Dorado hometown family has a Cali winery, Presqu'ile. I like them all. SSH
  13. ssh

    Advice for Beginners....

    Several of us on the forum use Mark's gear. My Khorns are usually powered with a Peach pre and a pCAT amp. The first time I saw Dean, at Dee's, he was soldering on a Peach backplate. SSH
  14. ssh

    Happy Birthday Carl

    Happy Birthday, Carl. You've had a few since out "baker's dozen" gathering. I'm glad you're still shaking! SSH
  15. ssh

    Oldtimer's hot sauces

    I've been dipping Jim's green beans into a combination of Oldtimer's yellow sauce and Ranch dressing. It's pretty good. SSH