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  1. Yes. The original tweeters are in my possession. Good point, thanks.
  2. I purchased this pair from a dealer in 2009. I have upgraded the tweeters with Crites CT-125's. Also a pair of glass tops are included. In excellent condition. They have had light use. Shipping boxes and manuals included. $4500.00.
  3. I feel like I played in the game, WHEW! GO PACK!!!
  4. Hi Igor: I have a pair of LaScala II's and thought of perhaps replacing the cossovers just as you have. I haven't done that yet, but what I have done is replace the stock tweeters with the Crites CT-125 models. They are much more impressive physically than the stock tweets, and sound is much sweeter. It's easy to replace them, so if you want to tinker, maybe start here. I love these speakers, by the way!
  5. As far as between the speaker and stand you can do spikes, or a rope caulk material sometimes sold under the name "Mortite" at your hardware store. Just make a small circle shape and put one under each of the corners.
  6. I'll sing the praises of HK. I've been driving my HT system with a lil' PA-5800 5-channel amp for years now. Never let's me down. Popped the top off yesterday and blew it out, should be good for a few more. I love the trigger function that allows me to turn it on with a touch of the system remote. Made in the good old USA.
  7. Sounds like a worthy upgrade, I should consider the same for mine?
  8. "Let's Stick Together" is one of my fave Ferry discs, Chris Spedding plays killer axe on it.
  9. If this is gonna turn into a "my tractor" thing, I have to give props to mine. A 1965 John Deere 110 that I use on a regular basis. That is when the grass eventually starts to grow here in the "Dairyland".
  10. I own a Crown DC300 from the 70's that has been a fine piece of equipment. 150 wpc., and built like a tank. No fan, but it doesn't run particularly hot.
  11. Beautiful setup, B.S. Couldn't help but notice the four shady characters in the poster...........How does their stuff sound through the system?
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