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  1. derrickdj1's post in RP-280F System Crossover HELP was marked as the answer   
    The THX recommendations are for sealed speakers.  Although 80 Hz is commonly recommended, two things to consider:
    1.) Set the xo 10-15 above the weakest speaker, example:
    surround 58 Hz to 24kHz
    mains 32 Hz to 25kHz
    center 58 Hz to 25kHz
    sub 18 Hz to 125 Hz
    XO range 58 Hz to 125 Hz
    2.) If a FR graph is done and there is a peak at 75 for example then setting the mains lower, 50-60 may get rid of the peak when running the system with a sub and speakers set to small
    Note: defeat the sub XO by turning it all the way up or off.  The problem with voices coming from the sub has not been my experience with MCACC.
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