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  1. TasDom's post in Hunging on a wall R-15M was marked as the answer   
    Pinpoint mounts or similar will work
  2. TasDom's post in amp hook-up was marked as the answer   
    2 RCA cables from the L/R preouts of the Onkyo to the R/L inputs of the Hafler. L/R speakers to the speaker output  terminals of the amp.
    All other speakers direct from the speaker terminals of the Onkyo.

  3. TasDom's post in Model #? was marked as the answer   
    Look like KG 2
  4. TasDom's post in Klipsch Paraphernalia was marked as the answer   
  5. TasDom's post in KP-450B was marked as the answer   
    Had to get inside the LF cab thru the driver to fix 2 nuts that came loose to the grills. Here's a pic of the xo for your archives []
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