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  1. I own a 6L6 amp built by Lance Cochrane as well. I bought mine about five years ago. I really enjoy listening to music through it. I give it the summer off when its warm outside. But when fall rolls around, I swap it back into my system. The thought that comes to mind when I play the first song is "This thing sounds pretty good!". Mark
  2. I have enjoyed reading about how you guys are using these AMT drivers. They must sound really good. I wonder what the life expectancy for one of these AMT drivers will be? Do they gradually "wear out" and/or degrade in sound? Or should they normally outlast the buyer? How well do they work in various environment conditions? Does low humidity or high humidity affect them? How about high/low temperatures? Hopefully one day ESS will add some speaker wire binding posts to the back instead of having those wires that can be accidentally pulled out. Mark
  3. Well, that was my first post, so that's pretty new. Thanks for the welcome. Mark
  4. It is interesting that John Atkinson of Stereophile ended his written up measurements of the Klipschorn by wondering what a fully DSP-corrected, tri-amplified version of the Klipschorn would sound like: https://www.stereophile.com/content/klipsch-klipschorn-ak6-loudspeaker-measurements Apparently it can sound pretty good. Mark
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