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  1. Ya I’m not buying it. Long legs and blonde hair sound better lol.
  2. Noooooo. What happened to the long legs and blonde hair. No. Lol
  3. lol. No I have not. I apologize kind miss. 😗
  4. Thank you kind sir. Yes it’s one thing I could actually see myself doing as a profession.
  5. Awesome I like to learn this stuff.
  6. I was told the fastest way for a response is live text over the website.
  7. I thought I already said but. I listen to tidal on my computer via optical cord directly plugged into the internet. With a parasound a31 for power amp. And yes using the anthem as of right now for music as well. Sounds beautiful, Since theyRe such high quality speakers tho if the recording isn’t top notch my ears are like ewww. I think I’m gonna get a CD player. Also tidal is lile 27$ over the app so I’m gonna cancel that subscription and get the desktop one, that one is only 20$. Kinda ridiculous how expensive it. Idk if the master quality is worth or not. Gonna have to do some more detailed tests. Thanks for the reply les.
  8. Yep Definitely sounds great on my system thanks for the song suggestions.
  9. I’ve also heard of the lumen d2 which is suppose to be better than cd quality. I wonder if this statement is true. I should do some research on it. And YESSSSSA DUDDDE, I’ve said the exact same thing many times. You hear everything and I love it and also feel very lucky. Even hearing things that weren’t intended to be in the album, like say a bird from outside of a Beethoven song or a pianist breathing too hard Before an intense breakdown, or even bombs going off in the background outside of the building where they were recording the song from songs being recorded during world war 2. Well put kind sir, I concur full heartedly and like to hear someone else say what I’ve been saying to myself and other for years.
  10. What do you mean, if I use my laptop will I not use the Dac in my receiver? And tidal does not allow for using critical listening mode on desktop applications.
  11. O ok Isee. I’m running from computer to receiver via optical cord btw. That’s what I thought I just couldn’t wrap my brain around it at first lol. Thank you kind sir. Ya it would be beneficial to do that with tour phone cause with the tidal phone app you can use critical listening mode but the windows 10 tidal doesn’t have that option. What does critical listening mode do exactly again? Also I am using the anthem mrx720 for receiver and parasound a31 to power my front sound stage. Also wouldn’t you get better quality using tidal or is amazon music stuff you buy and dl?
  12. Ok thank you, didn’t know that. Maybe less is more. Maybe less would help. And with the rf7iii they do have some type of foam behind the drivers and in other places. I wonder what material that is and what purpose it serves. Except he calls it “nores” I’m guessing that’s the same thing?
  13. Ok so what would be the benefits of doing this? So I would do this if I wanted better quality if I was going to be streaming off my phone. Do I have to do it via Bluetooth through my phone or can I use the Chromecast with my computer, and if I use it with my computer would it give me any better music quality? I just don’t get the point of using that, aren’t I already getting that quality using tidal through desktop tidal app. Sorry this is just confusing to me? 😩😢. so like if I wanted to use the thing with my computer or phone would I connect to it wirelessly and then plug the Chromecast thing into my receiver via toslink fiber optic digital cord?
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