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  1. Hey, thank you! BTW, the issue with CD freq response is resolved now. I actually messed up with the wiring. Had first listen to them simply using a 4th order Linkwitz Riley filters at 475Hz and setting HF/LF levels by ear. Wow, they are so LOUD. Will start tuning them with a mic tomorrow.
  2. Ok, i hooked everything up and CD on the left speaker sounds normal, but this is what i get from the CD on the right speaker: I tried switching channels on the amp and channels on the soundcard. Still get the same sound on both speakers. What could've happened to this CD? I am using FaitalPro HF204.
  3. Yeah, i suppose tuning it will take some time. Hopefully Chris may find some time to give me a few pieces of advice based on measurements. Yes, i am waiting for the TV stand which i ordered in a local wood workshop. They take forever to finish it. It is 3 meters wide and 60cm tall. Speaker stands are made of metal. Will post a pic of the whole setup with stands and furniture in future posts. As for the other furniture - there will be a book shelf on a side wall near the back wall. Currently deciding on putting Leanfusers on the backwall as well. I have 8 of them made out of plywood that i don't use currently, so maybe i'll paint them to better fit the room design and hang on the back wall. Ordered XPS insulation panels of 35kg/m3 density. Will be making 2D diffusers for the ceiling between couch and front wall and Leanfusers for the side wall and front walls near the horns (between each horn flange and TV). Hopefully i'll be able to paint them so they fit the room. Maybe i'll put thick fiberglass panels behind the horns to handle the mid bass reflections. And yes - no elevator in this 4 floor building
  4. Babies are home: Quality of this image is awful, but here are a few more photos of the process and the MEHs. All the walls (vertical and horizontal) have a spongy material that gets squeezed to about 0.2-0.5mm which is used to prevent air leaking. Now, In retrospect i understand that i should have designed the MEH so that i would have a prebuilt box with all the walls tightly glued to each other into which i would submerge the horn with drivers already attached. This would better prevent air leakage. Each speaker weighs about 60 kilos. We had to bring them into my apartment on the 4th floor - it was hell I haven't tested the system yet. Have to bring amplifiers, a soundcard and a PC which would serve as a DSP and the source. So, how do you like the looks? Really excited about the fact that the main part of the project is now finished. How do i tune it?
  5. Chris, I was going to use Leanfuser for my side walls and back wall as shown on the picture a few posts above. It is not very deep (only 7.5cm) and starts working at about 1KHz. Here is a simulation of 7 diffusers put together in an array: Will need to explore QRDude and educate myself on how to design 2D diffusers in this application.
  6. From what i know, it should be made out of material dense enough not to be absorptive or worth 'transparent' in the needed frequency range, rather it should be reflective which is achieved by it being dense. Don't have any calculations on hand. Was going to use some tried and proven designs which are not terribly complicated. Just need to choose the right technology to build them. If i am to cover 50% of the space between listening position and front wall, i'll have to fabricate 12-15 pieces.
  7. Definitely! The question remains, though - which density of XPS is enough to effectively work as a diffuser? Some say that 40Kg/M density will suffice, but i haven't seen proofs.
  8. Oh, i meant making a 2D diffuser out of high density XPS rather than out of wood. A variation of this kind of diffuser:
  9. Since the room i am planning to place the MEHs in is kinda big and has very little furniture in it, i was thinkiong about placing diffusers on the walls. As of now, the room is very echoey. I already have 6 Leanfusers prebuilt and i was contemplating on making 4 more. Here is how i am going to place them: The room is about 6 meters wide and 12 meters long. Ceiling height is about 3.1 meters. Listening position is about 3.5 meters from the front wall. I was also thinking about placing filling a 3x3 meters space on the ceiling that is between listening position and front wall with 2D 60x60cm diffusers in a chess fashion. To make them lighter weight, i was thinking about making them out of XPS of maximum density i could find. Of course, i will put a carpet on the floor. What do you think? This is what can be done relatively easy. Should i expect some nice results?
  10. Frankly, i don't even know what process the guy is using. Based on what he said, basically the workflow if as follows: prime the part to be painted, see if anything sticks out, polish 'bad' regions, prime again and if nothing comes up the part is painted. Just can't wait to hear it! I decided to strengthen the box walls as in the pics:
  11. The project is moving very slowly, as i stated earlier in this topic. Managed to paint and polish all the parts of the first speaker. Here is how the horn part looks: Preparing the horn for painting took a lot of time. The second speaker is still in the making. The guy who works on it promises to have it ready in a week or two. Can't wait to give them a listen! Oh, and i bought a locally made clone of the JLH amp which will be used for HF duties.
  12. I discovered that JLH amp realization can be bought here at an affordable price. Small local company produces them here. I can be sure that it is made of quality parts and indeed pure Class A. With Chinese versions this is a lottery. I remember Chris was writing about appropriate type of amps for horns, but it is too complicated for me to understand if JLH fits the requirement.
  13. BTW, can anyone comment on an idea of using JLH amp for HF? There a few versions of this 10W per channel amp available at Chinese stores that can be bought relatively cheap and have good reviews. For the LF i will be buying something separate. Shooting for about 100W per channel. Or will i need more power to be able to boost some lows as well?
  14. I decided to share 3D files i used with the community. If this helps the community as a whole or any person here individually, i am very glad that i can pay back just this little. Files are available at this link. Most of the info (even file names) are in Russian. But the text part of the instructions are somewhat redundant and nobody really going to have problems understanding which parts goes where. And even then there is Google Translate which can handle the text, i believe. Oh, and I am here and can help with translation as well.
  15. Hey! The project is moving, albeit somewhat slowly. The guy at the carpentry is now gluing the parts together. Brought loudspeakers to him yesterday so that he can he if they fit nicely and do amendments if necessary. Some pics:
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