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  1. Hello all, It has been quite some time since I have been on this site. I have a coworker, a youngster, that is discovering his love of sound quality and music. He wanted my assistance setting up a system. I am hoping to score one of these old Scotts and have him hook up a pair of Heresy. Anyone by chance have one lying around that can be sold?
  2. Yes, like I said they have been behind a framed cabinet all their lives. They are mint. I will definitely take lots of pics upon his return.
  3. Yeah unfortunately I asked for pics of the labels and fronts and this is what he sent me. He has left the state briefly and I'll take more pics upon his return. Yes, they just need to be dusted. Otherwise, just like they came from the factory.
  4. Hello, A buddy of mine bought these brand new in 1994. He built custom cabinets for them and they have been hidden in these cabinets their entire lives. He has moved out of state and doesn't have a place for them. He is asking $1600. These are factory black lacquered with factory grills. These are located in Little Rock, AR.
  5. Anybody have one hanging around by chance?
  6. Currently they sound EXACTLY like my Jubilees. Neither are hooked up.
  7. The dovetail fits right over the horizontal wood and voila!
  8. The second piece is a triangle for mounting in the corner.
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