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    What do you say happened here?

    This is a 540 PTO shaft off my tractor. Tractor is an International 1066 with dual shafts. Upper shaft is 1000 rpm, this one is 540. Yesterday, noticed it wasn't working. Started digging into it and found this. Clearly I have to get this fixed...but am scratching my head on how a piece of steel that's around 1.375" (1 3/8) inches thick simply snaps.
  2. Coytee

    What do you say happened here?

    That plate might be the issue (not sure but not ruling anything out yet) Took to a local fabricator and he custom fit it. Supposedly he near walks on water in the local fabrication business... (shrugs shoulders) None the less, I'm keeping open mind that maybe the multiplier wasn't perfectly centered on the shaft. They have a process of mounting. Mount plate. Mount multiplier TO the plate BUT keep bolts loose. Snug bolts down, START PTO (which surprised me) and WITH pto running, tighten all bolts. My understanding is by running pto while tightening helps to center everything.
  3. Coytee

    What do you say happened here?

    I get it...but know this is new to me and i've only used it (as in cutting anything and most of it was grass though I DID knock down some sapplings) My total "cutting" time on this is about 2 hours. I could see snapping a shear pin but snapping the shaft strikes me as a bit violent. If it WAS the sapplings I ran over, then the good news is, I've already circled the perimeter of the farm once so most of them should now be gone and I can cut grass clippings henceforth.
  4. Coytee

    What do you say happened here?

    No clutch on this mower (at least, not one between the mower & tractor). The mower is supposed to have an integral pressure relief valve that will release if you get tied up in something. From what I've read, the mower will audibly sound different when it's doing this. I'll never know, but I'm hoping it's simply something that happened prior in life and just now letting itself be known. Since I have so few hours of actually using the mower (only bought it last fall and spent a couple months getting the shifter fixed so during that time, it certainly wasn't getting any use. I'm just surprised to see something like that snap.... then again, the 1066 is rated at something like 125 HP (don't recall if that's PTO or drawbar, either way, it's a stout machine)
  5. Coytee

    What do you say happened here?

    So what I'm hearing is, I can break the bulb to get to the inside and while it's plugged in, stick my tongue on the leads and all will be fine. Excellent!!! (and Dtel was wondering why things happen to me!)
  6. Coytee

    What do you say happened here?

    So, you mechanical type... think this through with me. PTO is rotating at 540 RPM's. It's connected to a 4x speed multiplier hanging on the PTO so now the speed is 2,160. I'm guessing you have more speed but less power (?) BUT... if you whacked the blades on an immovable object, then the shock from the blades would travel through the mower back to the speed increaser which would be a speed reducer in reverse.... so whacking something would give you 4 times the impact on the PTO verses 1/4 the impact. Reasonable or am I backwards?
  7. Coytee

    What do you say happened here?

    I do sometimes tend to push things. "IF I can cut a 1" sapling with this, how about 2"??? how about a 14" mature walnut tree?!!!" Ok, I'm kidding on the walnut tree. I do however tend to push things and things happen when I go to far. Thing is... I've only got maybe 2 actual hours of mowing time on this thing. I'd hate to think it's that fragile. Besides, the mower has an integral bypass (hydraulic bypass) valve in it for when it gets into something too deep, the bypass opens (is supposed to) and prevent damage to the pump on the mower. I'm still shrugging my shoulders but, I DO like your succinct assessment.... "it broke"
  8. Coytee

    What do you say happened here?

    I don't know. I have not yet pulled the PTO unit from the tractor. I was working on removing the speed increaser (15' hydraulic rotary cutter so it has a VERY heavy speed increaser hanging off the PTO to jump the RPM's from 540 to approximately 2,160. It's a 4X increaser) Was all I could do to lift the speed increaser single handedly....but....I'm persistent and it's off. When I got it off, I saw this hanging on the input side of it where this pulled out of the tractor. That's where I am now. I'm told the PTO unit is also VERY heavy so I need to get some help or create something where I can hang it around my neck like I did with the increaser and use my legs to hoist it. Still working on that part.
  9. Coytee

    What do you say happened here?

    Not being a metalurgist nor engineer (but according to my wife I AM a PITA!!) Anyway, I was thinking that the 3/4 section of it is maybe bad steel and the only thing holding it was the shiny part which sheared recently, therefore is shiny. (Trying to use my McGyver skills)
  10. I guess I get the black thing...but I kind of like the looks of the naked horns...
  11. Coytee

    4 - Sale / Klipsch Jubilees' or KPT-KHJ-LF

    If those are the disclaimers, you freely admit that they've been listened to at loud levels??? I've often seen comments about them never being abused by being turned up too loud, guess that doesn't apply here. Nice job!! and....glws, the bose on top of the MWM's should sound..... interesting.
  12. In days of old, who said "Hmmm... these Klipschorns (Cornwalls, Belle's...) might look good in Rosewood, Macassar Ebony..." or some wild & crazy finish.... "furthermore, those various finishes might match up nicely with these various colors of grill cloth" I get that PWK designed the Khorn but was he the aesthetics artist too, deciding what finishes would be available and what cloth choices would match them? Memory tells me that the customer decided on the wood finish however, it was the factory that had to state what was available. How about today? Is that what Roy gets to do while hiding in his office eating Blueberries & talking about the Bass that got away??
  13. Coytee

    Who / How were finishes decided?

    Or, he'll simply think those guys from TN are a bunch of morons.... maybe flip us the bird as he is wont to do... Seems he's got a reputation for doing things like that at the most inopportune moments...
  14. Coytee

    Beyond the Specs: Klipschorn AK6

    I don't have any audio on my pc so I just clicked through different scenes... Looked like part of it (end?) was done with Roy in their anechoic chamber? As I saw the triangles of the chamber behind him it dawned on me that might have made the video much easier to make since they didn't have any reflections to contend with.
  15. by the way, if those are yours......very very pretty!
  16. They certainly might be as quiet as a church mouse.... I know nothing about them. I do however, know what's going on with the K2's... I'm here to tell you.... you can sit in any seat in the room and they are virtually dead silent. Probably as quiet as your church mouse. Gotta love the variable gain controls! Mine (my gains) are (without actually looking or counting clicks) about 25% of their range so they're dead quiet and have enough power to turn it up.... if you want to get stupid loud (as in really stupid) loud, all you need to do is move the gains and you have more stupidity at your demand.
  17. I’ve used both on mine a dbx bx1 dbx bx3 and currently a dedicated Crown K2 for each one It all worked fine and the DBX amps were more than sufficient
  18. Coytee

    Stirling Engines

    Being one that likes mechanical things.... and likes to disassemble / assemble things... this caught my eye. I saw a reference to it on "How its made" or something like that (TV show). They showed the engine alone....when I looked it up, saw the extras that you can do with it. I'm half tempted to order this as a kit. (I'd not buy the finished version as 99% of the fun is in putting it together) I'd love the assembly process. It would however, probably gather some dust after being built. Looks like you put denatured alcohol in a burner which activates the air pump ("engine"). Kind of cool seeing it work. https://www.boehm-stirling.com/shop/en/index
  19. Coytee

    Stirling Engines

    Yeah, those are the 'engines' that power the ball bearing contraption. Though the one they showed was a single cylinder. I think I even saw a solar powered version???
  20. I once listened to some Wilsons while in Atlanta. Frankly, I was unimpressed. Perhaps I was biased.... I don't know but I usually want to like what I'm listening to and try to keep an open mind. I went to one of those Axpona (sp?) shows while in Florida. I heard a variety of upper & high end speakers there. I didn't lust for a SINGLE one of them as I was leaving....zero, nada. Somewhere I have a thread about that with some pictures. I'll try to find it when I get home. Yeah, I probably have some bias in me.... but when the bias sounds as good as it does, it might be a bit justified.
  21. Coytee

    I Retired Yesterday!

    I probably fall in the camp of I'll fall over one day and die.....and it will happen at work. I went to work today, passed a sign that said the lottery was (something like) $350 million. I had a 2-hour drive to get to my work destination so dawdled a bit in my head what would I do if I won that much?? (never mind that I'd have to buy a ticket first!!) 1. I'd buy the family farm here for a variety of reasons, slap a really nice house on top of the hill (we're on the highest hill in the county) 2. Take the balance, put it into tax-free bonds so I'd have something like $3.3 million per year coming in, free from state and federal income taxes, broken up into monthly payments. 3. Perhaps take a 2-3 week vacation 4. Go back to work Yeah... I'd keep the job & keep showing up every day. (helps when you really enjoy what you do) Which takes me back to..... I'll probably be at work on a Wednesday.....something happens.....end up in a hospital and dying on Thursday. (preferably not this upcoming of course)
  22. Coytee

    I Retired Yesterday!

    Well played sir!
  23. Coytee

    I Retired Yesterday!

    Congrats to you! If you can bottle your secret on how you get to retire and keep your pretty Mrs working full time... Id bet there'd be a bunch here willing to buy a bottle! I spend my time here in TN getting people (state employees) INTO their pension/401K system. Then I spend one day a week at our downtown office, meeting with about 7 people on that one day. Those folks are eyeballing their way out so I get to review their entire situation with them. Sometimes I get to be depressed by how little they've saved (in their 401K) and over the years, have an idea of what kind of struggle might be ahead of them.... then....I hit the other extreme.... just last week, a guy came in. Basically clueless about everything. Years ago, he picked 3-4 different funds in his 401K plan. As it happened, he (in hind sight) picked pretty much four out of four, the highest performers available in his plan.....and he's sitting on $900,000 in his 401K. He had no clue he had amassed that much and was pleasantly surprised. (yeah, those are fun conversations to have) I got to watch him as he almost literally floated out of the office with rays of sunshine beaming all around him.
  24. Coytee

    Moto Guzzi Audace

    Ok, so if you've ever thought that I seem to be behind the times, you now have proof positive!
  25. Coytee

    Seeking advice about 3 channel LaScala setup.

    That's why it's called 2-channel!