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  1. im good, thank you...besides...remember those bose badges i have?!
  2. Wait wait wait..... Can I still object? Ugh....ok..... late again to another party. (or maybe I just never get invited HA!) I think that was a pretty nifty way to do it.
  3. My old R2R is one of the things I've since let go of.....and regretted the most.
  4. its not a speed issue, it is a latency issue
  5. You're fine. I asked to be beaten up with thoughts!
  6. My satellite speed is unencumbered.....UNTIL I hit my data-limit. So I can use 12Gig in one day and I'm slow as molassas the rest of the month or I can piddle like I do and use MAYBE 10Gig over the month. (I don't do any videos, streaming... just stuff like this site & emails) Nothing would be done at their box without their permission of course, AND the knowledge/permission, proper account status with AT&T. I'm not trying to free ride anything. I just see a port that is idle but, it's (let's say 1/4 mile) away, through the woods. If it were in front of my house, I could connect to it.....so I'm wondering why can't I connect THERE (with proper permissions & account status) BUT the ugly part is.....with the cable laying through the woods. I know that has issues....heck....I could probably trench a ditch to bury it through woods if need be (most of the distance anyway)
  7. Back story: I live on a dead end road. I am THE last house. I am on Direct TV for....well....the tv. I also have another satellite for my computer. I think I pay for roughly 12G of data before they throttle my speed down. No need for me to pay for more as the 12G is sufficient for my situation. AT&T brought some fiber optic line down my road....came halfway down, turned uphill to a new "subdivision" (a location that went from two houses to four houses. There are THREE houses here where I live at the end of the road. I work remote from home several days per week. Just got a new Laptop from work AND a new "puck" modem. Something about the size of a cell phone and it uses Verizon for the signal. Cutting to the chase, the Satellite I have for my computer must have a latency issue....I've tried to use it for my work PC and it is GRUELING to use. Way too slow. I tried it because my puck modem is supposed to provide me 2-3 G upload/download speeds. I'm getting .11 upload speed which means it's BRUTAL to use, things time out before it finishes connecting and to be blunt, it's worthless to use at home. I was informed I can use my (work) cell phone as a hotspot. Trying it today..... SLOW as molassas. Living rural has some benefits but speedy internet is NOT one of them. So I'm throwing ideas on the wall. One of them was (I have emailed my boss) telling him that the days I'm on the road having on-site meetings, great. The days I am NOT on site with meetings, would be days I'm working from home but given these issues, I'm essentially out of business at home so I'll either work ON SITE or take the day OFF because it's just a waste of everyone's time to have to reboot twice per meeting to try to get it to work.... (not heard back from him yet, snicker) Well, another idea I have is....the neighborhood down the road that now has fiber optic..... only has four houses. They probably have six or seven fiber optic terminals there. I know the people that are developing it (and living there) have TWO fiber optic connections on their property because they kept a side lot for themselves. Hmmmm.... so.... now I'm getting crafty. What if I went to their idle fiber connection (with their blessings of course), connected or had AT&T connect to it and literally lay the line through the woods, directly to my house. Get the fiber optic to my basement closet where all my stuff is....and go from there. This is a terminal on their property that will never get used by them. Is this idea even possible? I know it's not like laying a 1/2 mile length of Cat-5/6 and I know it's not easily patched by someone like me, should some oaf drive their backhoe over it or shoot it with a cannon.... Still....I'm intrigued on would it work, what kind of cost might one expect, could "I" get it done or would I need AT&T to do it through the woods? (closer to go through woods away from traffic than trenching down road and burying cable) Ok, beat me up with your thoughts.
  8. Yeah. I agree....this is very disheartening. When he popped up, I recall thinking to the effect of "just who is this guy?" Read his stuff....and started to come to the conclusion that "he's one of the good one's" (knowledgable with technical stuff, willing to share it...) and then this. Ugh. Hard to imagine a story that will make sense to make this all good.
  9. Keep in mind that in the world of Klipsch, it tends to simply get better, as you go bigger. So you may as well face the reality and go as large as you can afford up front. Down the road, you will likely want to go bigger anyway so it will be less of a jump
  10. I like your stuff there.... I'm getting the vibe of a pair of Cornwalls.
  11. Coytee


    I've seen these horns before.... something that always intrigued me. If we can call that middle contour a 'mump' then I find it interesting that their mump is in the center and Roy's mumps are in the corners. I'll bet they'll blow dry your hair in short order!
  12. I'm not sure when, but somewhere around 2006 ?? I bought two pair of Custom 3 IEM's. I use them in reasonably difficult circumstances so I knew I'd need a replacement. Well, the first pair probably lasted 12 years or more before the wiring snapped (actually, I don't specifically recall what happened as they've been gone for while). So I then pulled out my new, unopened second pair and didn't miss a beat. They had an oily feel about them because they were so old, some deterioration of their outer portion had occured. It went away as they got some use and handled. At this time, I searched to buy another pair or two and seems they don't make them (never did like the kinky wire on them). So I bought a couple pair of the "stick" type.....I forget their model number. Still, the sticks are sitting in their pouches and I'm still using the second Custom 3 units. Until yesterday. I pulled one out of ear (which was also located under a pair of over-ear hearing protection muffs). When I pulled it out, I immediately knew something was amiss. Looked at unit and the ear piece was missing....implying the ear part was still in my ear. Fortunately I was correct AND it was in the outer ear where I could easily grasp it. I immediately presumed these just turned to junk... went about my business with the left unit in, then later on, to keep it from dangling inside my shirt, I put the right ear back in without the seal. I left that in my pocket. When done, got inside and looked at it and it appears the seal slips onto a stem and it appears that stem must glue in there as it slides into what I'll call a socket. Hmmm.... so these might now be able to be fixed! I don't much care for the stick units when I'm wearing my ear muffs as I always feel the muffs are pressing them into my head. These stay out of the way much better. None the less.... now I get to go see what glues I've got on hand to see if one seems appropriate for this. I must say, I wear these most weekends while working about the house, on my tractor, backhoe, using chainsaw....anything. Any time I'm going to have my ear muffs on, I'll grab these. As much as I don't care for the kinky wire (which now has a BUNCH of frays where I've snipped the strands to relieve the pressure as the inner rubber part bulges out), they've really held up to my abuse. and now to find a dab of glue.
  13. Yeah, it's been done. They COULD make it easier by having a master on/off and then individual switches. I think I have them all turned off.
  14. Do they have to be the same color or, can you vary the color to fine tune the final reality?
  15. this place is awesome. to all of you goats trying to help him out......even if Hunter is flipping the bird at someone today.
  16. or just stop by and ask for Roy.....ahhhh never mind, he's probably out fishing, besides, he's banned from the factory, something about someone finding a bass inside a speaker
  17. Schu makes a good point in my opinion. I'm going to guess you've never heard any version of the Jubilee? To use a car analogy..... imagine driving a Ferrari down the road. You realize the car is capable of going 200 MPH sustained speed..... and you also find that for your in-town purposes of using it (going to store to buy a loaf of bread) you get nervous if you go over 70 (while in town).... Well... if this is the case, then the fact it can do 200 mph is a bit moot, no? These things will force you out of the room if you get stupid with the volume control. They will have you way out of the room, before they run out of steam. (go ahead & ask me about the time I had mine playing LOUD upstairs while I was downstairs with over-ear hearing protection on as I was framing in basement BUT wanted to hear some "background" music.... suddenly CD's changed and next CD was WAY hotter than the first one and the volume went VIOLENTLY loud.... I raced upstairs to turn down before something blew and as I raced across room (hearing protection still on thankfully) I took my eyes to the meters on my McIntosh 2102 (which was powering the K402/K69 driver) and the meters were PEGGED to the right, suggesting it was doing at/near 100 watts on the K402 alone. The dbx BX-1 amp had no meters) NO WAY do I want to be in that room with them at that level yet, they weren't complaining.
  18. I'd venture to say the answer is yes.
  19. So, you don't recall if you are or are not? This could be illustrative.
  20. Outstanding!!! I did get a kick out of the first picture. Almost looks like a picture of your daughters playhouse with toy speakers in it (the way they fill the room). It's easy to see how someone might say/think they're too big for the room......until you hear them.
  21. I apologize, but I had to smile at that comment.
  22. I log into facebook (notice small case f) once in a blue moon. I'm now getting ALERTS whenever someone posts their grandchild is having a 2nd birthday or where they went to eat. This is suggesting to me that fb is running in the background so they can alert me and of course, draw me back. Bluntly, this is very annoying to me....and one reason why I go there so infrequently. Anyone know how I can genuinely shut fb down so that when I close it, it is OFF without any background monitoring of what perhaps I'm having for lunch? When it's on, I get they're watching me. When it's off, I also get that they are probably watching me.... but just shut the heck up and stop bothering me when I close the program. How can I do this?
  23. A bit of a rhetorical question... Can those who have the Undergrounders...... look lovingly at the new Heritage Jubilee sort of as a grandchild? Yeah, creepy.....I know. Still...just wondering, for a friend of course. I'm looking forward to many pictures and commentary....so I'll go hang that door or paint the room for a 6th time as I wait. (yeah, sixth, don't ask.....the wife didn't like the shade of color the first five times)
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