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  1. As has been said, a true gentleman and a class act.
  2. (and WO means oiled Walnut if I recall)
  3. I'm sure I'll butcher the spelling but if they were Macassar Ebony or Ramblin Rosewood..... (or some of the other exotic veneers they used) I wouldn't let the price push me away yet.... but if they are walnut, oak...or one of the (no offense intended) pedestrian finishes.... then I'd be a lot more hesitant on the price.
  4. Coytee

    Zombie cells???

    Maybe Dracula was really on to something
  5. Looks like the listing has ended.... that said, I've got three K2's and they suit my needs just fine. (perhaps a bit of over-kill.... but with the gains turned down all is well)
  6. Coytee

    Zombie cells???

    Now you know. Live long & prosper.
  7. Coytee

    Zombie cells???

    Wife asked me if I'd heard of 'Zombie Cells'......thought she was joking. https://www.healthline.com/health-news/anti-aging-treatment-that-kills-zombie-cells Drug That Removes ‘Zombie’ Cells Could Help You Live Longer Written by Roberta Alexander on January 16, 2019 Researchers say clearing these aging cells from the body can slow down or reverse diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. In a recent trial, a new drug began clearing out “zombie cells” in 30 minutes. Getty Images A new study shows that removing “zombie” cells — also known as senescent (aging or deteriorating) cells — from the body has the potential to slow down or even reverse some major diseases associated with aging. Scientists have long known that an accumulation of senescent cells is linked to conditions such as arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. Despite the potential shown in this recent research, Dr. James Kirkland, a professor of physiology and medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota and senior study author, emphasized that the process isn’t a magic bullet. “It’s a very preliminary study and we should plan other trials,” Dr. Kirkland told Healthline. “The biggest risk factor for most people is still their chronological age.” What the study revealed Think of “zombie” cells as little vacuum cleaners that no longer work efficiently. But because they still work a bit, they’re not cleared out by the body. At the same time, they’re too damaged to carry out their normal functions or repair tissue. So they clog up the works, leading to a gradual deterioration of the body. In previous studies done with animals, removing these cells reversed the aging process and extended life span. The most recent study showed improvements in humans for the first time. The three-week trial with 14 volunteers — all elderly and with pulmonary fibrosis — was intended to investigate the safety of a new drug. The fact that the test subjects were able to walk more quickly, get up from a chair more easily, and scored better in ability tests was an unintended benefit. Specifically, the results showed that after the trial, participants could walk an extra 25 yards during a 6-minute jaunt, and get up from their chairs 2 seconds more quickly. They also scored an extra point on functionality tests, moving from an average of 10 points to 11 points. “This is a glimmer that the drug might actually work. The results were impressive. All 14 people got better in their functional ability,” Kirkland told The Telegraph in England. The new treatment, named DQ, uses a drug called dasatnib, which is already licensed for killing cancer cells in people with leukemia, and the drug quercetin, a common plant pigment found in red wine, onions, green tea, apples, berries, Ginkgo biloba, and St John’s wort. The drug combination began clearing out the “zombie” cells within 30 minutes, and within 24 hours, all senescent cells were gone, the researchers reported. The treatment potential Pulmonary fibrosis is a scarring of the lungs that prevents oxygen moving around the body. It leads to shortness of breath, aching muscles and joints, and severe fatigue. People diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis usually survive only six to eight years after diagnosis. Researchers see the treatment potential here. “The new drug has a hit-and-run effect,” Kirkland said. “It starts working quickly, so it would be ideal to be able to give it just once a month.” The process is much like developing antibiotics, he said. Other scientists also see the potential. “We’ve known for some time that senescent cells accumulate with age and contribute directly to the aging process,” Lorna Harries, PhD, associate professor in molecular genetics at the University of Exeter in England, told Healthline. “However, until now we’ve only been able to assess the effects of drugs that target these cells in culture or animal models.” “We now suspect that many of the diseases of aging share common mechanisms,” she said, “so drugs that target senescent cells or modify their characteristics may represent a new avenue of treatment for other diseases of aging in the future.” “We still have a ways to go before this eventual aim can be realized, but this work represents an important first step,” Dr. Harries said. At this point, scientists are focusing on serious conditions where the risk-benefit analysis is in the person’s favor, Kirkland said. “There will be issues we’ll come across,” he said. “What are the side effects? What’s the right dosage? How frequently do we administer it? Will this lead to treatment for other conditions and eventually to prevention?” Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, expressed optimism but also caution in a recent blog. “Caution is warranted as we learn more about the associated risks and benefits, but it’s safe to say we’ll be hearing a lot more about senolytics in the years ahead,” Dr. Collins wrote.
  8. See what you caused? (my attempt at deflection)
  9. I used to get this for my dirt bike. They looked at me with curious eyes when I showed up (at the very small municipal airport) Not so sure they'd do that today.... (I did it prior to 9-11) Can be amazing how far off stray we are able to pull a thread. Just saying.... (admitting my own guilt)
  10. My kinda guy.... bigger the boom, the better! (ears be damned it would seem)
  11. Ditto Did you smash them with the roll "flat" or "vertical"? I went with vertical.
  12. It's possible that the infrasonic waves..... you know.... assist them when they need it. Mere speculation on my part of course.
  13. I'd take the cover off and then, only touching the actual toggle.... grasp it with two fingers and wiggle things. My experience says that if the toggle wiggles side to side, then it needs the upper/lower screws tightened to the box. I don't think it should wiggle up or down as much as it might wiggle sideways so I'd want to check that out first.
  14. Just to clarify.... when I worked in Florida for those couple years.....the apartment I was in had loose outlets. Tight enough to work but didn't have a crisp grab of a plug... enough to make me wonder about it....and I don't like to wonder about electricity. Plugs are cheap (and I know how to do this) so I bought several outlets and replaced those that were in use. Only cost me a handful of dollars and I got it done one day when I was bored. So even a renter might care
  15. Somehow this subject brings up thoughts of my wife.... (driverless car) Heh...
  16. Coytee

    NFL 2021

    I suppose you know Roger lives in Bluffton? (my mother was from Piqua and I grew up in Hamilton)
  17. Coytee

    NFL 2021

    I'm hoping so. Part of me feels bad saying that (the human part, if I have any of that in me) but the Bengal's fan in me says good riddance.
  18. Coytee

    NFL 2021

    It WAS a fun game to watch! Growing up a Bengals fan, I root for them. There are a number of Bengal fans who don't want to see Cleveland do anything. I personally am rooting for them to go as far as they can. Why not?! It's those other two teams that I'd like to see beaten & humiliated. One down (hahahahahahahahahahaha…...inhale.....hahahahahahahahahahaha…..snort....hahahahahahahahahqaha) and one to go. I started out rooting for the Big Ben (prior to his signing with the Steelers)…..as he grew up in my fathers hometown (Findlay, Ohio) AND he went to my Alma-Mater (Miami of Ohio) and got them ranked something as high as #3-5 in the country (and little ole Miami of Ohio is NEVER going to be a ranked powerhouse nationally...… yet, there it was) It was funny and amazing watching defenders swarm on him like six year old children trying to tackle their 6'4" father... he simply slung them off and made his throws. Unfortunately, he carried a lot of that ability forward to the pros. Signed with Steelers and that was that. I recorded that game and saved it.....I might want to watch it again in the summertime just for kicks & grins.
  19. 15 years ago, I had a single LaScala shipped to me. He double boxed it.... if I recall, I think I paid $200. I think that was for just the shipping (but it's been a while)
  20. What do I get for a third/forth violation? (forth was intentional)
  21. Sounds like this crowd is about ready & primed to rush the Capital.... Everyone should take a breath and give someone you love a hug and or, pet the dog.
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