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  1. I've slapped a Heresy atop the Jubilee bass bin before and "actively biamped". Worked totally fine. Took my (already existing biamp lines) and attached one to the Heresy, the other to the Jubilee bass bin. I think (been long time) I fed full signal to the Heresy ..... I may have truncated it where the Jubilee bass bin kicks in. but the reality when I did it was, the active split the signal into a bass signal which went to the bass bin. The other half of the signal want to the 3-way Heresy and I simply allowed the passive in there to do its work, which it did fine. It might not be a perfect situation as the perfect situation might call for active TRI-amping verses biamping..... I think even in their cinema line, don't they have the K510 sitting on top of the K402 with a small crossover there for the two of them yet, the speaker itself is biamped?
  2. Looks like they have something like 6-7 shows. I noticed that Hodgson is on a couple of them....and some other individuals are on a couple of them. Almost like they taped a short show with Hodgson.....but instead of putting all on a disk, they put a single song on a disk and then spread his songs among 3-4 disks.... perhaps to entice you to buy the set. That mixing them up kind of rubs me the wrong way as I'd rather have the continuity of someone's performance. Also, I had to do a wider search and DID find most of these available. I don't know if they're bootlegs, copies, or if Amazon just doesn't have them. Found them at www.discogs.com I see some single tracks I'd probably like to hear.....now the question is, is it worth buying the whole disc for 2-3 tracks?? Hmmm.... don't you owe me a non covid exposed Christmas present??
  3. Hmmm...interesting. So it's not a Supertramp nor Hodgson specific concert.... (I tip my hat to your quick finding!!!)
  4. Sitting at PC doing a bit of work, doodling a bit on my home pc next to work pc. I stumble onto some dude "Classical Composer" who's going to react to Roger Hodgson's Fools Overature, with a symphony. Clicked on it to hear the music. I don't think I've seen this show. VERY difficult for me to listen to what he presents because my download speed restrictions keep chopping it up. I like the symphony with Hodgson.... so tried to find reference to exactly what is he watching. Thus far, I am coming up short. So, putting it to the brain trust.... anyone know or able to figure out what show this is and if it's available on a DVD? I don't care so much for his comments/observations, I'm after the show!
  5. Coytee


    Are all of you isolated at home with covid and bored? Now that I have that out of the way (since I AM isolated at home with the vid, though not bored since I have all of you musings to keep me company) Yeah, it's all about the bread..... and some cinnamon on top.
  6. Thought I'd update this. Wife got through their website, I never could. Good for her. I'm the "computer person" here so a pox on me for her getting it done!! We both tested positive tonight so good on her for INSISTING that I go in for a test. Now I know what we're up against (I think we're both on the upswing from it now) But, this Thursday, I had a seminar to attend. The county next door is having a retirement seminar for their entire school system. Guess who is/was supposed to go there to speak to them. ' Then, Mr., Super-spreader was schedueled to go to the prison in another county and do an onboarding seminar for their new class of prison guards. It dawned on me when this thing started 2-years ago that if I ever did catch it, I could become a shadow spreader... I could catch it somewheree and before I discovered it, could spread it to the next locations I went to. So I'm really glad my wife INSISTED I go get this done. I would NOT have done it on my own, as I feel totally fine. Yeah, sore throat.... small temp but those are VERY typical for me with my other issues. Now, I get to put the foot down and just work from home for a couple days, essentially taking it a bit easy. We (my company) did an excellent pivot when this came out and we are very capable of working remotely, so this won't affect anything for me other than my innate mental make up is to meet people in person. Obviously I need to hold that in check until this is done. Guess who I owe the thanks for the diagnosis? Yep, the sucky web site Walgreens. Still hate their website!!! lol.
  7. I'm audibly laughing at that. Life can be interesting. There are some relationships that nothing more than a "hey" is sufficient. Back in late high school, I had a girlfriend. She asked me once...."do you know one thing I like about you???" I'm waiting to hear how handsome I am.... it didn't happen. Her response was that she felt we can be together over at her house, and she can read a book or knit or something and feel totally comfortable.....that she didn't feel that she had to 'entertain' me the entire time, that we could just be near each other and that was ok......no drama was necessary. Known her since 1977 and we're still good pals today.
  8. Backstory: About two years ago, a fellow passed away. He was arguably the closest thing I had to a brother. It was a relationship that if we worked together, 48 hours a day for two years, we made the best of it....but if we didn't see/speak to each other for 5 years, upon reuniting, we'd be up to date within an hour as though those years never happened. I would have been best man at his wedding however, his blood brother got that honor. I had told myself in spring (for the prior 6 years) that I need to invite he and his family down to my neighborhood as I think they'd really enjoy the change of pace. (they live near Indianapolis verses my Greenback, TN) I never got around to making that invitation and he passed away making that invitation now impossible. Current story: Back in 1977'ish, I spent the entire summer working for/with my father in Hilton Head. I was gone so long, a high school buddy wrote in my yearbook to please not "exile" myself for the entire summer again. While I was in Hilton Head, I was more of a resident than tourist. I ended up hanging out at (an Islander) youth center and played a lot of pool. Got to know a younger "kid". I would have been 17, he would have been 15 (or was it 16-14??) He was a sassy dude but I saw "something" in him. I saw his vulnerabilities. My father let me know that HIS father had committed suicide so he was always putting on a bit of a front to act as though everything was ok with him yet, you could see a pain in him. We got to be pool playing pals. He thought he was a shark and was pretty good.... but I could still whoop his hiney if I wanted/needed to so we talked trash and got to be pals. Fast forward from 1977 to 1986 after I'd graduated college, lived in Iowa, Indianapolis (where I met my good friend at the first above) and now, moved to Charleston, SC and THIS is where/when I actually got into the brokerage business. I was at my new job for 2-3 months when a new hire came in one day and sat at desk next to me. There was something a bit familiar about him....he was a bit brash but.... you could see a vulnerability about him. OMG, it was my old pool playing pal, Curtis!!! We instantly clicked and were good pals. I was now 26 and he would have been 24. A year later, I moved from Charleston to Knoxville and entered this stage in my life. I had never forgotten about Curtis, wondered where he and his "attitude" were living... Couple years ago, my dear dear friend Jim passed away and I have a regret for never having actually carried through with what I wanted to do. Curtis pops up in my mind from time to time. Ok, dammit, I am NOT going to have these flashes without dealing with them. I turn to the internet, multiple times. I am a persistent SOB when I need to be. Low & behold, I found him, after 34 years of distance. I called a number this past Friday. "Is this Mr. Curtis?" I asked "mmmm..... yes" came a cautious response "Curtis, what would you say if I told you this was Richard Albright?" (I've got my fingers crossed that he doesn't say "go to heII" lol) He pauses.... I do not expect him to immediately take his memory back to 1986 or much less, 1977.... then he says "Oh My Gosh!!!" We ended up being a couple of Chatty Cathy's for near 90 minutes Did you know that SOB has TWELVE children??!! I sure didn't. Anyway, made my day, he seemed to have enjoyed it and now I've thrown water on that fire of regret for not doing something like that. By the way, I can still hear the vulnerability in his voice. Just a long winded tale to encourage YOU to MAKE that effort, whatever it may be. It was actually difficult finding him but I'm persistent and the reward is well worth it. Turns out he lives near Tyler Texas (I've got no idea how close that is to Hope for example) but I let him know that I've been to Hope in years past and if it happens again, I'll reach out and maybe we can meet up for lunch or something. Kind of tough to do that on the fly when you've got 1,000 miles between you. So it's an encouragement for everyone to actually push the button to make that effort if you've got something/someone on your mind. It made my day and I like to think it made his. It's worth it.
  9. Yeah, there are places here you can walk in. It's not about that. It is about "How can we have a website that is politely telling you how they do NOT want to help you" (or at least that's my take on it) I'm not to worried about the illness side of things, we're both fine. If we have an issue, we'll go to the Doc. Have no problem with that. Side comment, on January 5th, I hit my high deductible out of pocket for my health insurance which means 100% of anything for the rest of the year, there is zero (yes, zero) out of pocket. So I/we can go to anyone and not have to think about costs, nor even co-pays (zero is zero costs). I don't want to take their time for what is probably "yeah, you have strep throat" or something like that. In today's age, I'm not sure that I've come across a website that was so annoying as Walgreens' is/was.
  10. I didn't think about that. You may feel free to delete it. I don't think we have covid and it is about their website.
  11. Both wife & I have a mild fever, some aches/pains....she says she can't taste anything (I'm fine in that regard). So she's convinced that we both have the covid. I said if that's the case and this is all it is, then thank God it's done...(that didn't sit well with her heh) Anyway, she wants to do a rapid test and their weekend is booked. She finally found a slot open on Monday at the end of the day. Had to go to their website to create the appointment and this is where I finally said I'll just live with it! (first off, I'm not as convinced as she is that we've been bitten by it) The Walgreens website is HORRIFFIC. Terribly and I mean TERRIBLY slow, clunky. I finally told her it really strikes me as them making it so difficult on someone you get frustrated and go elsewhere.....in other words, they don't WANT you to come there but if you can fight the fight of their registration system, they'll do it. I was trying to make an appointment in the next town over on my phone. phone simply locks up and stops. I have time to walk to my office, jump on THIS computer instead of my phone and get about three screens in while my phone was still thinking about it. I never did get my phone to get to their website and on my desktop, I clicked on 1. Covid 19 Testing Options 2. Schedule free drive-through test 3. It then took me to a menu type screen (copied below). I personally never could find the correct step, the wife finally did it on her phone. Copy/paste of the screen AFTER clicking on #2 above is below. Just an amazingly slow and pathetically designed site it would seem. That alone makes me reconsider even going there any more. (We've got a CVS about 3 blocks further away and one of my medications cost (insurance) around $54,000/year. Kind of stupid to push that recurring business away because of a poor website) Ok, rant is now over, how was your day??!!! Customer Service Offer Details Shipping Returns Product Recalls Fraud Information Payments Contact Us Website Accessibility Site Map Help myWalgreens™ Offers Program Details myWalgreens™ Health Goals myWalgreens™ Credit Card FAQs Terms and Conditions Contact Us Walgreens Stores Find a Store Weekly Ad Savings & Deals Sweepstakes & Promotions Special Email Offers Healthcare Clinic Flu Shots Find Care Photo Blog Paperless Coupons Same Day Pickup & Delivery Walgreens Mobile Walgreens API Accessibility Notice Company Information AARP® Careers Disability Inclusion Diversity & Inclusion Investor Relations Newsroom Walgreens Logos Sell Your Pharmacy Charitable Donations Social Responsibility California Transparency Act Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Affiliate Program Do Not Sell My Personal Information Walgreens Advertising Group AllianceRx Walgreens Prime Home Delivery Pharmacy Specialty Pharmacy Business Solutions Walgreens Boots Alliance
  12. Oh, not at all.....it IS the case and totally true, and now we know why you are a Klipsch fan..... the above caused you to never have a girlfriend, wife nor friends so you just have your speakers to share the....ummm.... aroma.... with. Guess that means no Polynesian blonds with blue eyes for you. Me being the good guy I am will however, stand in for you. Just don't tell the wife which island we're on.
  13. It does however, sort of look like a Code Blue
  14. Did you perhaps, chase him away 10 years ago, were you using deodorant back then? This appears to be a newly created thread so wouldn't that mean it can't be a resurection thread?! Today isn't April 1st, Oh my, where IS Mr. Watson? Welcome back Mr. Duke, if this is you, or would I properly say Mr. Spinner, Sir?. (opening a can of worms to ask.... could someone be playing a joke?) If this IS the real Mr. Spinner Sir, we ought to simply ban him for disappearing and leaving no trace. Forcing us to presume that he was person napped by a bunch of scantily clad polynesian blonds with blue eyes whilest being held on a deserted island as their only male to do with as they please.
  15. Ignore the grinder, right. I can hear Christi now.... "ELDONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN, those things are GRINDING ON MY NERVES, turn those off and turn the PRETTY ones on..." Ok, I know she likes them, I just had to get that off my chest. K33-K43, wasn't the K33 the "driver of choice" when they were designed, but they were burning the drivers up (cranking it too loud) so they started populating them with the K43? Or am I confusing that change with bypassing the fuse and per Hunter, "using the $100 K?3 driver as a fuse to protect your $4 fuse element"
  16. But... Have you yet met the redhead version? Omg, something to behold... Then you have the blond or brunette versions...
  17. Had a tree fall across some power lines around 1:00 yesterday. Power didn't come back on until something like 7:00. I only have the last 90 minutes of the televised game recorded...BUT looked ahead on the menu to find that they were going to replay the game at something like 3:00 A.M. so I recorded it. I actually woke up so watched the replay. The replay was edited and all the chit/chat or useless plays were edited out in favor of the meaningful stuff. The replay was 2-hours long. It was a fun game to watch with (in my mind) a good ending. Much like today (warning: Pro Football comment) when the Bengals played KC) Just wow game. I was totally expecting KC to get the ball back with a point deficit and 3 seconds on the clock....just enough time for Mahomes to throw a bomb and win it. However, in atypical Bengal style, it was a a very good game.
  18. OH, and I think it's either 50" or maybe 55" diagonal. I wouldn't mind something larger.
  19. I have a Sony brand Model #??? Years ago, call it 15 years.... I bought what I thought at the time was the top of the line Sony. Had great picture, yada yada... One of the "thingy's" in there went out. I think it might have been called a light blocker or something? It had three as I recall and was considered a design flaw.....so I was sent a new TV and got the one I have now (which has NEVER had as nice of picture as the original, I'm sure they sent a lower tier unit since it was free) Works fine and my genuine priority is better sound verses better visuals (as long as they're acceptable, which they are.... but then, so is the sound!!) What I currently have is however, nowhere on par with what I see at stores. (then again, their sound is not on par with mine!)
  20. Been out of the TV market for over 10 years. Frankly, I am STILL not 'actively' in the market.....but am now getting curious (so it may be getting near time) Wondering what a larger screen in basement would do for me. Was at a Best Buy prior to Christmas and did a walk by glance of the screens. All I have to say is NICE!! My left/right width restriction is roughly 62 inches (can go more but want to leave room for cat to get past TV on way to his door in the window....so this might change) I think this ballparks me into a 71/72 inch diagonal (not a huge issue yet at this point) When I was at the store, I saw various topologies.....OLED, QLED, LED. I don't know if that was all of them or if I even recall them correctly. So the engine of my question is, what type of screen is considered the best? Set cost aside for this part of the conversation..... Then of course I am going to wonder what kind of cost impact the nicest one has compared to the 2nd place finisher. Or is there an agreed upon first place type? Is it one of those "Well, it depends on what is higher on your priority" kind of thing? Educate me! Side question, I don't have a 4K signal. Is there a benefit in getting a 4K or better screen or is it paying for something that won't be functional since the signal isn't there? On Direct TV, can one get the same quality picture that they're showing on their displays?
  21. Heh, yep. I agree and get a kick out of seeing the old threads AND (just as importantly) get a kick out of seeing the old names. We have for example, both Daddy Dee and Old Buckster on this thread. Always nice hearing from them. RIP.
  22. I'll stand corrected. He might have simply shortened the story for the non technicals like me that were there and simply said "so I called them back and gave them the specs...." and left out the detailed part where it was slightly different. (shrugs shoulders) My wife reminds me hourly that I said something wrong.
  23. lol, welp.... as I said, I'm not high on the technical stuff lol. 👍
  24. (and yes, I'm aware he's passed on so asking him directly, might have to wait)
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