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  1. I'm glad I had open studs when I put my stuff together. I have four switches next to door. (dedicated circuit for each one) I have about 21,502,708 outlets.... ok, not really. but I do probably have 40 throughout the room so call it 10 on each 20 amp circuit. All upper outlets are switched, all lower outlets are hot. So I go to my closet of electronics, plug those goodies into the upper outlet however, my satellite receiver and other specific items have full time power. Turn system on? Walk in room, hit four switches and it's on. Done for day or session, turn switches off. I mainly did it this way to simplify things for the wife who thinks this is all very complicated.... now all she has to do when she sees me sleeping on the couch with my mouth drooling and my socks dangling off my feet.....is turn the switches off and everything is off.
  2. I agree with this and believe (understand) the difference to be on verses off axis. If you are staring down the throat, my understanding is they're going to sound very very similar. If you are sitting off to the side, THAT is when you'll notice a difference. I once heard them off axis when at a big shindig at Klipsch in Indy. They had one of each setup in the banquet room (one of the Pilgrimages). They went back/forth. I didn't get up to listen to them straight on since I already had a pair. I wanted to leave room for others. What that unwittingly did for me though was let me hear both of them OFF axis and as I recall, the 402 was more 'muted' because the 510 did NOT control the sound as well so the sound wrapped around the sides of the 510 to radiate to the side or behind the speaker. The 402 controlled the sound much better, so there was less splashing of the sound, so you heard less of it off to the side. Was the first time I ever actually experienced that situation. I understand that Roy engineered them both to 'sound the same' (excepting the reality that the larger horn will control the coverage better).
  3. Lol, did anyone catch "Bob Crates" I still tip my hat to his efforts.
  4. If you are able to obtain a pair of 402's (and obtain an active) that would give you some interesting options. Little doubt in me that you'll like their sound...BUT, you can then move them to your LaScala's and see how they sound on there too. (bypass passive and move active over turning LaScala into 2-way speaker) In my opinion, hearing the K402 atop a LaScala verses a stock Lascala would be similar to listening to a full orchestra on one side verses a toy speaker on the other. (perhaps a bit dramatic but it WILL be a dramatic difference and likely one that you'll be glad you made) THEN, you get to go back and buy even MORE 402's!! (see how we enable around here??)
  5. My Jubilee's were delivered by a white van....
  6. Oh, and don't move it to a plate until it cools. It's pretty fragile while warm and can fall apart as you pull it off the fluted section of the pan. Slide knife around sides, slide knife under it and two hands to pull up thumbs pushing down on flute. If you screw it up, it will still be a tasty mistake.
  7. Here you go.... Give it a try. Can't put too many walnuts in it by the way. I like a mix of some larger pieces (but not "halves" so I break them down a bit) Recipe below is for a SINGLE cake, I always, always always ALWAYS double it. I’ve got 4 fluted pans so I COULD make four at once….but I don’t. Start to finish (make it, bake it, pull it out for cooldown to move to plate…is about three hours) 350º 41 minutes (my oven) If the toothpick comes out slightly moist, that’s perfect. It will finish as it cools 1-Cup Sugar 1 Stick Butter (let soften to room temp) 2 eggs 1-Cup Sour Cream 1 Teaspoon Baking Soda (mix these two items together PRIOR in a side dish, then add to mixing bowl) 2 Teaspoons Vanilla 2 Cups sifted flour less 2 tablespoons (Don’t know why, I stole this recipe from my mother) 1/4 Teaspoon Salt 1-Teaspoon Baking Powder 1 Cup coarsely chopped Walnuts Sugar/Cinnamon mix on top prior to baking. (I use about 3 heaped soup spoonfuls on each cake) Goes into one of those fluted Angle Food pans with the center cone that pulls out.
  8. Isn't there a vaccine for the mumps? Those are very nice looking! You evidently know how to use a hammer!! Not a hammer mark to be seen. Question about a profile view of the tweeter box.... is the back perpendicular to the front or, does it have an angle on it? The picture looks (to me) like it has an angle..... to be blunt, if so, I think that's a nice design touch.
  9. Man, I relate to your situation. Had a neighbor (machinest) come to my home several times. Create/weld a frame together to try to remove a kingpin from my backhoe. Used (my) welder, let me borrow some of his tools.... When done....waited for a bill.....never came. I asked him what I owed up to that point (I did NOT want to get a bill a month later for thousands of dollars which would not have surprised me) HIs response....."Meh....pay me what you think it's worth" That really put the screws to me..... what "I" think it's worth and what HE thinks it's worth could be on two planets..... I asked my neighbor (they are very good friends) my neighbor said "Meh.... he likes you and he enjoys helping you....you bring him different challenges than his typical situation and he likes doing that, he's probably doing it for free" Hmmmm...... Still Flummuxed. I showed up at this guy's place one day, while he was busy, handed him an envelop..... had 15 $100's in it. We continued to do other projects....he's never asked for a dime. I've stuffed another $500 in his pocket. At the SAME time he (a widower) has received a (home made) cinnamon coffee cake on multiple occasions. Today, I consider him a friend and am (finally) comfortable that he's enjoying the challenge and companionship.......and the cinnamon coffee cakes that I make for him (and others). I really detest hearing those words "pay what you think it's worth"....... ugh.
  10. I think that would have been Ralph Bagge. He told Roy he wasn't getting enough 'tinkle' out of his speakers (gotta love them Brits) I looked at it while I was there (didn't look at back of driver) but I noticed there was a 'tube' between the driver and the mouth of horn. Mine weren't like that so I knew something was odd..... turned out he had the wrong driver and Roy had a new / correct pair sent.
  11. Is this too far in the weeds? Wouldn't the vanes create some comb filtering issues? I suppose the answer has to be no but it just strikes me that you have a number of side by side 'sources' and (on some level at least?) it could lead to that. How far off base am I (since my technical prowess is only quasi-exceptional)
  12. I'd bet that you could leave part of the passive alone and let the passive deal with the tweeter/midrange and biamp from the woofer to the passive (verses triamp). Triamping might be the best of the best, but I've always understood the biggest offender is between the woofer/midrange. (shrugs shoulders)
  13. Ironic in that.... isn't there a riser for the LaScala that creates MORE volume in there....and here we're talking about adding a 3/4" piece of plywood that in absolute terms, would further reduce the volume in there?? (I realize it won't matter, I just see some irony there, presuming I understand the physics correctly)
  14. Being a very curious type, I recently asked @Chief bonehead how the diffuser (right name?) for the driver on the new Jubilee mounted.... He very clearly explained that there is an old invention they used..... and they went on with screws/bolts. I was gobsmacked!
  15. I discovered that too, when I mis-wired things and ended up in that lane. I couldn't for the life of me figure out why my volume control (on the preamp) didn't change the level..... oops.
  16. My brother/sister in law are here visiting (escaping the hurricane that just ravaged New Orleans, waiting for their power to return).... Their cat (black by the way) is staying in our mud room... has escaped. Would that qualify for being out of the bag?
  17. When I was 18, I meandered into a stereo store with a buddy. Saw these strange looking speakers with no woofers visible (Khorns). Heard them and was floored. I knew however, that they wouldn't be too practical for a teenager to take off to college. I pointed at "those" (LaScalas) so I could hear them. He played them. We were very much wow'ed.... but I had a nagging thought in the back of my head, for a speaker THAT big, shouldn't it have more bass output??? Looking over at the Salesman, he was laughing his hiney off at us. You see....on top of the LaScalas were some Heresy's. He turned them on and it was hard to discern what was playing so we thought it was the speaker we wanted to hear. He then turned the LaScala on and we were appropriately wow'ed again. I'm guessing he pulled that stunt and sold Heresy's like hotcakes..... I recall leaving the store with my pal, patted the LaScala on top and told my friend "one day...." and I bought a pair the following year. (1979 and still have them)
  18. Well....I should have poked around before asking. https://www.parts-express.com/Blast-Box-200-Watt-Portable-Bluetooth-Speaker-Kit-300-7162 Don't know anything about it....no radio that I can see (maybe her phone would bluetooth radio??) Anyway, tough to beat that price I'd have to think?
  19. My wife has a "Job Rocker Plus". Pictured here is what it looks like however, hers is black. https://www.ionaudio.com/jobrockerplus Brother in law had it on roof couple years ago when he was redoing a window.... fortunately, the Job Rocker fell from the roof as opposed to brother in law falling! Still works (rugged little bugger!!) but it seems the battery won't hold a charge. Got to looking to simply replace it. Bought a Milwaukee at HD (I already had the 18v batteries). The Job Rocker has maybe a 10" woofer with whizzer cone and a tweeter off to the side (I don't know that the tweeter is operational or just to fool you) The Milwaukee unit has something like TWO woofers, but they are maybe 4-5 inch. On doing a side by side, the Rocker had a fuller bottom end but the Milwaukee had a better midrange/top end BUT sounded pretty thin in comparison. The Job Rocker actually sounds pretty decent.....so this got me thinking. Forget about cost for a moment. I know that EV makes a 12" (I think) driver with a coaxial tweeter hanging in the center of the woofer. I'm debating on building a box....mounting something similar to the EV (or something that would work in a portable box and that design hits several check boxes.....BUT, I've never knowingly heard one. That said, I've generally liked EV stuff) So I'm looking for some ideas on designing and populating a Coytee-Rocker. I can make the box. I'm thinking on stealing the guts from the Job Rocker but I'm game to buy a new amp. Hopefully one that can be used with an internal battery. Dual power like this. I'm thinking if I steal the guts, I'll keep the radio (she'd want that for sure) and input jacks. I've got no idea what size box that EV coaxial would requre...so I'm open to any ideas. Right now I'm just throwing some thoughts on the wall to see if something sticks. I think it would be pretty cool to do something like this. Her Job Rocker does NOT have a CD player....so if I could add a CD or DVD player, all the better! MUST be portable and fairly easy to carry by a weenie like me or a stud like my wife! Thoughts?? Idle thoughts, perhaps over kill....perhaps not easily doable. I'm thinking of getting some 3/4" BB plywood and dovetailing the sides of the box for integral strength plus anything else suggested. (I've never dovetailed plywood but don't think I see any issue)
  20. Nice stuff! Gateway drug indeed! (they are not to be underestimated.....) when are you going to audition a pair of MWM's???
  21. I guess I might have. Years ago, I had some glass shelving. This glass was a full inch thick, maybe 12" deep and maybe 36" in length. I was hurting for space to put things so, had several of these shelves. Putting them side by side (24" depth) I bridged them from the LaScalas to (I forget) something in the middle being used for the tv stand. I now had extra real estate space to put the electronics and now had natural space under them to put the LP's and tapes for my RTR. I think I still have several of those shelves. Been carrying them around for probably 30/35 years. VERY nice shelving but so big/thick/strong, you really need a built in situation to use them. Heavy boogers. Nice thing, they can help in a pinch if you need some ramps to raise your car, tractor or industrial backhoe
  22. If you find yourself in town and the timing works out.... there are a handful of nice places to go. Some of my favorites, in no specific order: 1. I don't even know the name, but a mexican place next to the highway (I-75 north/south) 2. Pizza joint in west Knoxville 3. Comfort type food (excellent fried chicken if that's your bag) in downtown Knoxville....more of a lunch place than dinner (closes early) 4. Calhouns, nice local bbq type place 5. Couple other odds/ends. We even have the required McDonalds if you really must have their fries with ketchup.
  23. You could catch a flight to Knoxville and I'd be happy to treat you to the local McDonalds...
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