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  1. Definetely begin at a suggested weight and very slowly add if you find it's better for your liking. To do otherwise can damage the suspension in the cartridge.
  2. Schu

    FS: OPPO BDP203

    Great unit for some one...
  3. Schu

    2019 LaScala AL-5 ME Edition (Coming Soon)

    Here... let me respond for you, "So start your own speaker company". we all love Klipsch and the way they do things.
  4. Schu

    2019 LaScala AL-5 ME Edition (Coming Soon)

    I'd like to see them 3d printed and finished by hand... or, possibly milled from a solid block of mdf... 😛
  5. Schu


    I've had good experience with IRS negotiations to lower my delinquent/penalties in the past... I found them accommodating and easy to work with. I probably only saved 25%, but every little bit counts.
  6. Schu

    Analysis Interconnects

    From my dac to my headphone amp. The amp is unbalanced and the preamp for my main system is also unbalanced. I want to bypass this preamp and go straight to the headphone amp while not interrupting the normal operation of my main system... my dac will function as a pre when using headpones since it has both connector outputs.
  7. Schu

    Analysis Interconnects

    Mission accomplished... I found my new Interconnects. Vast improvements in the area's where the bjc had been recessed and lacking. I am very happy right now. 24 gauge stranded belden silver plated copper. Blue Jeans mentions capacitance as an issue with HF roll off and this is what I had been experiencing. I had almost nothing above 10k hZ and now the entire spectrum is present.
  8. Schu

    Analysis Interconnects

    I make changes very slowly. I am going to try the rca/rca in place of Blue Jeans Cable interconnects... emphasize try. I am hoping for a little more HF extension/clarity based on construction/composition. The BJC are really good so I can always go back to them if I don't get what I am looking for. The 3.5/rca is to try and bypass my tube preamp for my new tube based headphone amplifier... which is not giving what I want currently. I will run the amplifier directly off my astell&kern DAP, I also got the balanced/rca to try and run the headphone amp directly off my external DAC... that gives me three alternatives.
  9. The best advice is to buy ten amplifiers and try them your self? 👏
  10. Schu

    Analysis Interconnects

    :facepalm: I ordered and just received new cables... Schmitt Custom Audio RCA to XLR at one meter in length with Mogami 2549 mic cable, silver soldered to WBT 0144 Locking RCA to Neutrik Black Gold 3pin female XLR connectros dressed in platinum sleeves.Schmitt Custom Audio Silver 3.5mm Stereo to Furutech RCA using 24 gauge silver plated copper solid core wire spanning 4' 6" in length silver soldered to silver plated 3.5 mm Stereo to Furutech gold plated pure copper RCA's. Schmitt Custom Audio Belden Furutech RCA Interconnects spanning 4' 6" Using Belden silver plated stranded copper, 24 gauge lead and 100% shield dressed platinum sleeves. not one piece was a $100 for a foot and a half...
  11. Really, it's not a matter of love or hate... those other amps are just different. Think of it more as a preference over bad amplification... and you're going to be extremely happy with tubes if you can differentiate the sound. Some folks can not and can be happy with budget solid state playback.
  12. It's an adjustment... so yes, a new needle can cause an unbalance.
  13. Schu

    Heresy II (best method for deeper bass?)

    There's a limitation on ANY speaker based on its design specification... regardless of how much boundary you can toss at it. You can more easily get more bloat than you can frequency... if that's your cup of tea.
  14. Schu

    Analysis Interconnects

    Here you OP... https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/181508-zenwave-d4-single-ended-cables/
  15. Out of those listed... begin at #1 and forget the rest. Wonderful choice on the speakers.
  16. Schu

    Analysis Interconnects

    Hundred bucks for a foot and a half?
  17. Schu

    Psvane 6ca7 tube interesting

    Most come from Grant fidelity, but sometimes I have made purchases directly from Hong kong via eBay. They always deliver. As a matter of fact I just ordered another set... some el34's
  18. Schu

    Critique this 2A3...

    I might take a flyer on these 2a3 mono amps... Critique them for me. Parts seem bargan basement. amps use 2pcs 2A3 power tube ( push pull),1pc EF86 ( in triode connection),1pc ECC82 +1pc GZ32 rectifier.gives out up to 15W output (@ 0.6% THD)
  19. Schu

    Psvane vs Gold Lion KT88

    They're constructed differently... the ones in that photo are the lower level units. I would say, still run them and get used to the sound. These are the natures: Personally, I've never had much luck with gold lion. There are so many variants and knock offs around who know what you are getting.
  20. Schu

    To Pre or not to Pre

    I've been considering it for years. I even contacted craig to see if he could add a stepped resistor attenuator for the nbs. They really are not that expensive.