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  1. Very nice... but so far away. Very good price and a great solution for someone that wants a center channel for a 5.1 jubilee/Klipschorn system (me), or a mono 78rpm system (also me).
  2. Schu

    Alan White

    Godspeed AW... he's brought me pleasure all these many years.
  3. was the neo mags enough to hold very secure or are the glued bolts a better option? also... are the ID's straight cut or did you manage to angle cut them to match the horn flare?
  4. so... who got the 1502's?
  5. lock it up please... and I'm the crazy one. 😁 😛
  6. we can help you if you word your question more concisely. welcome to the forum.
  7. Feel free to enlarge for full effect...
  8. There are, or were a couple 2" driver options for the Klipschorn HF from a few years back... sourcing one of those would be awesome if 402 doesn't work for someone.
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