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  1. it's funny... MD has been poking around lately also. Let's pay homage.
  2. measures great... sounds terrible.
  3. it's your mind... you've probably gotten used to the thick sound of a direct radiating woofer configuration and now that you are hearing clean superb bass, you don't like it or you find it lacking for some reason. if you're happy with the Cornwall, then just plug them in and be happy as a clam. if you want a much better midrange and much better harmonic distortion performance, work with the La Scala.
  4. can you isolate it to the driver in that speaker? sometimes, the tweeters can be fragile if over driven although it looks like the integrated amp you are using is only capable of 30 watts
  5. I am not really interested in whether or not some users think that using an array is 'needed'... I can make that determination myself. Setting up an array can take many different forms... stacking being only one of the most very basic. As the question reads as, is there going to be any factory support for it right out of the box without having to use an adapter. some manufacturers do, and some do not. I am getting the notion that Klipsch will not.
  6. I guess I am not the only one that knows who the Badger is...
  7. sounds like Tube Transients...
  8. So that's a NO on having the ability to daisy chain the subs straight from the factory if someone wanted to line array them CB?
  9. You should have used the lead intro song to the soundtrack for the film The Dark Knight... guaranteed that there is sub 20hz content in that song. Can forward. The Heritage 'Dundgen' Subwoofer.
  10. serious question here C.B... from a esthetic or set up stand point, was any thought given to how some folks might want to Line Array (vertical or horizontal) these cabinets?
  11. The incomparable Gaelynn Lea
  12. The wonderful Cuban Eliades Ochoa...
  13. That Dimple is called a Phase Plug... how sure are you that the issue is the speakers and not the source?
  14. LSii grills are DEFINITELY removable OP... Your XO's should look like this AL4... on the bottom
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