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  1. Looking for a decent tube tester. Something long term.
  2. Schu

    New toy thanks to youthmans contest

    Very nice... I remember I started many years ago with an onkyo 806 and was happy because it could play loudly... then as I learned, I found that unit was a really poor excuse for what my personal vision was. Glad you're on your way
  3. Schu

    WTB: NOSValves NBS preamp

    If I had a pair of Jubilees, I wouldn't need an NBS
  4. Schu

    WTB/WTT NBS pre

    Hey... twice in one month
  5. Schu

    Weight of the soul

    Does the soul have mass... Is time long, or is it wide... what's the difference.
  6. Schu

    Echo in voice - Need help

    If your processing... timing/distance might be off in the avr/processor. Check that and do rudimentary physical measurements and massage the results audibly (If you don't have a way to measure/rew)
  7. Schu

    Walnut tweeter lenses

    Has there been any discussion on decoupling the tweeter from the cabinet and how the distance decoupled affects sound? If 7" is good, is 14" better? Reflections from the speaker tops?
  8. Schu

    Decware CSP2+ PRICE DROP

  9. Schu

    Decware CSP2+ PRICE DROP

  10. Me to... I want a pair of 17's... in espresso.
  11. Schu

    Looking for nice separates...thoughts please

    You guys know what the model number is for those n core ati?
  12. Schu

    psvane tubes not what i ordered

    I've purchased, returned and was refunded an extra set of el34ph tubes to hong kong in less than a month...
  13. Is The modern musical trends really creating bad music? Think differently, and the answer is... not really.
  14. Completely inappropriate for his talk...
  15. Schu

    The MicroZOTL MZ3 is a one-watt Speaker Amp!

    3700 bucks? Lots of alternatives at that price point. I do love Khozomo resistor attenuators though. Any photos of the guts?
  16. Duelund Graphite Silver Resistor The Duelund CAST resistor and the Duelund Silver/Carbon resistor. Thus far the resistor has been regarded as a necessary evil, something that was needed out of necessity but scorn for its negative impact on the fidelity of the signal. This has changed with the introduction of the Duelund Coherent Audio Resistors. When designing these components the task was that the voicecoil of the speaker and the resistor be viewed as a whole rather than two separate entities. The Duelund CAST proces applied to the top of the line resistor makes it an extraordinary component completely without peers. The result is a resistor which seemingly has no sound of its own and it allows the drivers to perform at their very best. Our "humble" opinion is that our resistors are the best "bang for the buck" upgrade available. Simply replace your resistors for unparalled transparency and dynamic ability. Standard sizes 0,47 ohm - 50 ohm other values available on request. Nominal power handling 10w unless otherwise specified.
  17. Take the time to watch it... maybe you'll learn something
  18. Schu

    KT-88 vs 6550

    Yet you digress...
  19. Very nice... worth the investment. Mass. Is a long way away for me, otherwise I might be inclined to add those to my home. Don't wait if you're on the fence.
  20. Schu

    Klipschorn - 2 empty cabinets for sale

  21. Schu

    KT-88 vs 6550

    In dennis' own hand..