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  1. Where is this speaker supposed to fit in the home offering line and not affect current reference or Heritage products? I respect klipsch for keeping the pro line and home line separate while still allowing Joe public the opertunity to make those pro purchases without a resale or business license.
  2. ^this is what makes me want to try a sit3
  3. Where is the photographic proof?
  4. Schu


    I try not to purchase large items from Amazon where shipping will clearly be an issue because they all use ups/FedEx. That being said, I have purchased (because of pricing) a couple 65" monitors and they have ALL arrive in perfect condition.
  5. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    Wait until you get the opertunity to see it in HDR 4k
  6. Schu

    Palladium set on eBay

    it wasn't that fast... they've been for sale for weeks.
  7. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    Hey... I just hot some 120's also. I have no idea what I am going to do with them because I don't need them, but they were reasonably priced.
  8. What is... I can not read your text on a black background.
  9. 396's are a real performance bargain... if you can deal with direct radiating low frequencies and if you can find a used pair that isn't being sold for what you can buy them as new.
  10. I've seen bass bins sell for <1500... we know what NEW (new design and new driver) 402's sell for... I added a premium on top of that amount and came up with a hypothetical. But once again JJ proved his impetuous nature. If I were to be honest, I think it's probably substantially less than a used pair if factory Jubilees (which is 5000-6000) based solely on usability (room fitment) and waf factor... but ask what you want for them. The best proof will be an open auction with no reserve... you'll find out exactly what they are worth... I bet it will surprise you.
  11. I know someone that would re cone the driver for $200...
  12. when social security calls to check to see if you're deceased...
  13. older horns and drivers... I am thinking about 5.5-6k starting point.
  14. More LSii's... There was someone that had a 5.1 of LSii's and I don't remember him complaining. I use Cornwalls...
  15. When the little blue pill becomes your best friend...
  16. Schu


    Very nice... glad the new owner saved himself a hundred bucks over a shipped new pair.
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