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  1. That is awesome... I wonder how many parts are left
  2. Just the driver or driver lens? I might have interest.
  3. Wow... that's awesome. What was the situation and how did the interaction take place?
  4. has anything even been confirmed about the consumer based Jubilee besides there intent to be produced?
  5. Factory fresh... Not so factory...
  6. Schu


    are you trying to solve a particular issue?
  7. Schu


    parallel or series... you have to be careful. edit, I see you are using preouts with an external amp and want to add another set of speakers and let the receiver power them... I would think it would work since the signal is 'pre'.
  8. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    Ive done the Tube Pre with SS power and it never fails to impress... of course, all fire bottle fits my taste the best
  9. No... each LS is like two Cornwalls placed together face to face. They are the same height though. All the drivers are the same as your CW, but the LS mid range has a much longer and larger horn profile/lens. Where the LS really shines is in the low frequency performance, there is no direct radiating woofer that can match the sound that comes from a folded horn design.
  10. I can't tell what topology those amplifiers are...
  11. I have great hope for specialty and niche theaters, but large chains are going to be challenged going forward imho... in the same manner as malls are being challenged.
  12. offer 1200 and be prepared to move to 1500
  13. Ive already been in contact with a secondary market theater goods reseller... He said it still to early, but feels the wave of used equipment is coming.
  14. H2O is the bi-product of fusion... the world is already four fifths water, why would we want to pollute the world with even more water. We can't get rid of the stuff as it is.
  15. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    Eric... It is UNBELIEVABLE that one man can do all that work. quite impressive to say the least. I cant even change out a leaking PVC pipe in my sprinkler system... not because I dont know how, but because I am to lazy. 😛
  16. Schu

    Air purifiers

    I agree... the air had a freshness to it that was palpable... I liked it, but like I said it got to the old lady so I just leave it off. I just read a little more, there is a newer V2 for my model... not sure what has changed besides the front panel does not have the air cleanliness 'indicator' like mine has. I think I am going to get one more ma-112 unit.
  17. Papa bear has WAY TO MUCH bass... Mama bear has WAY TO LITTLE bass... Baby bear is JUST RIGHT!
  18. Schu

    Air purifiers

  19. Schu

    Air purifiers

    For a place the size of yours, you are going to need more than one unit. I got two for my single story, this big unit for thdd main house and one of the smaller units for my bedroom. (two story is going to need iine upstairs and one down). I wished I had gotten two of the big units because they are way more efficient and they are super quite. The dust gathering is really very good. I would say it cut down about 60%-70% less dust and there are no large particles, just some extremely fine dust. Your mileage may vary, but I have two dogs and a large yard with dirt so my dust problem was extreme before, now it's very manageable. The Anion option actually creates negative ions to attract positive ions... works great, but some say this creates ozone... I could DEFINITELY tell the difference when this feature was on and I liked it, but the wife began suffering from a dry cough she couldn't control... I stopped using it and the cough went away. This feature can be switched on and off.
  20. Schu

    Air purifiers

    I use a system made by Medify... MA-112 (the largest unit they make.. it's a medical grade carbon/hepa m13 and has ion that can be disabled. I am extremey happy with it. It's super quite (although the smaller units make a lot of noise), does a very good job with dust and other pollutants down to 0.1 microns and is a decent looking unit. filters are pricey, but I clean mine once before swapping out for new ones. Made in America. Next to Heresy's... Usually 800-900$ but I think they are on sale right now for 475. .http://medifyair.com
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