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  1. 100%... any change, INCLUDING SPEAKERS, would be a gamble in my humble O. what I am fearful of is a sideways movement while incurring significant costs. YES, I know a Jubilee is a better speaker. YES, I know controlling the pattern in a small room is better with a larger horn. However I just think, at this moment, that a Jubilee is unusable horsepower for me in a room 25x40. I listen mainly around 75db-85db when I get spirited and the LSii's/VRD's are just magnificent. Superb imaging, great transients and magical dimensionality. I am quite sure someday I will make the move to Jubilee's... I just hope there will be a set of old design bass bin available new. I WOULD however entertain a folded horn heritage subwoofer that isn't the size of a small Volkswagen at a price point up to $3500+/- My 5.1 could use some work... so there I am about 70% happy. I could use another la Scala and a 5 channel class D separate.
  2. nice! Ive never been a fan of gold lions... but that's just me.
  3. I use all... headphones, earbuds and floor standers. WHATEVER the technical reasons are, no one cares, the floor standing speakers are by far the best, and I am closer to the top with headphones than I am with floor standing speakers. I love them all.
  4. I think those have been for sale for a while...I remember seeing those from Denver before. they look pretty decent even if a little dried out.
  5. I would definitely consider starlink and youtubeTV if I were you.
  6. Schu


    can you eat bass?
  7. Schu

    Gas bait and switch

    gas is so cheap right now... I don't really care to even pay attention. that being said, the old lady works for Kroger, so she gets a decent percentage off at the pump on fills up... I don't out smith's/kroger fuel in my car.
  8. I have a real soft spot for this film... I love it.
  9. Samsung S21 Ultra has an amazing camera!
  10. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    s21 Ultra... what am amazing camera attached to this phone.
  11. I bought my original LSiis years ago on the secondary market for 2500 shipped. I think these have a long way to go before they sell.
  12. is this an exercise in economics?
  13. It then becomes a write off... win win
  14. Dennis will talk to you on the tele... he's very personable and open.
  15. I don't listen to Elon as an assessor or BTC valuation... he's merely an adopter, and a REALLY late one at that. if there is ANY take away from that statement is that BTC is in 'Discovery" mode... and no one (including wall street genius') have any idea of where it is going. The ONLY thing that can be gleaned is a theoretical price based on market capitalization and it's fixed supply. this means, as it displaces assets that are currently more valuable that it (google, silver, apple, gold etc), it is relatively easy to calculate it's coin price with certainty. I am fairly certain that if it displaces gold at 11trillion dollars, A Bitcoin will have a value of at least $1,000,000 each. Another thing owning Bitcoin does for companies that keep it on their books is it is accretive to their bottom line... case in point. Teslas purchase of 1% of it's reserves added nearly a billion dollars to it's bottom line over this last month... that value is MORE THAN Tesla has ever made since it's inception as a company... IN LESS THAN A MONTH
  16. it does so by insulating currency from centralized debasement. your statement is only a truism if seen thru the eyes of a dollar correlation. Intellectually, you need to let go of legacy systems in order to grasp new monetary ideas.
  17. listen to it and make that determination... I think I will fire up the 5.1 this very evening.
  18. so you're say'in there's a chance!
  19. Elon is not visionary in this instance... cryptocurrency. don't look to him for leadership.
  20. more FUD... as individuals, one needs to make that assessment themselves. it's not up to you (or me) to make that call. FWIW... today the total crypto market capitalization is OVER 1.7 trillion dollars... just late last year it was not even 700 billion dollars in valuation. this space (thread) is better used for informational disbursement and learning... NOT for anti-trust issues.
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