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  1. NOLA maple Heresy

    Not Maple more than likely birch raw.
  2. Belle Review

    I consider the Klipsch Forte' to be one of the best balanced speakers Klipsch has ever produced and owned a pair for over 12 years before going to the true Heritage line of speakers. I have owned a couple of pairs of Belle's but switched to Klipschorn's and La Scala's but feel your assessment is not fair since they were not in their original factory configuration (they are not Belle's anymore with all the changes). Sonicaps (sonicrap) are cheap and not a worthy replacement for a good quality paper in oil capacitor, also the K-77M has a different timbre' than the C120. Maybe try an unmolested pair and see if there are any differences in the overall tonal response. Also I did not see what you were using as a source. Remember your system is only as good as your weakest link. If you were listening to streamed MP3 files I can certainly understand why they would sound like crap.
  3. Home cinema with Heritage Line ?

    You wil love it and it will sound fantastic either way you go.
  4. Some of Yamaha's offerings have been historically bright with Klipsch speakers.
  5. Pairing RC-64iii with RF-7ii

    A receiver is not going to alter a speaker's timbre', seriously.
  6. WTB MWM single bin splits

    Yes, they were.
  7. WTB MWM single bin splits

    A guy in Maine bought four complete stacks here in VT last year and did offer them briefly in Garage Sale just before winter with all the amplifiers to run them as well. Link:
  8. ALK or Crites B3 for Cornwall

    Bob's is an emulated stock replacement, Al's was a total redesign of the network filter.
  9. Single Khorn

    Q-Man who used to frequent the forums did. He made a shelf and oriented the bass bin sideways and mounted the horns on another shelf above the bin. He ran Klipschorn mains, Klipschorn center, La Scala front effects and Jensen Imperial rears all off Mac Power.
  10. Pairing RC-64iii with RF-7ii

    Why would you want to add a mis-matched center. Should be able to pick up the matching center at a better price.
  11. SC 1 Center channel, upgrade?

    The closest matching center for the KG4 will be the KG 2, 2.2, or 2.5. I would use another KG4 if you can work it in. The KV series are designed to match the Epic speaker line CF-1, 2, 3, and 4.
  12. RC-52 and Heresy

    Nothing that will match and fit in that small space. Academy would be too big as well as the KG 2.2 or 2.5. I would place a Heresy on the floor tilted upward rather than use a mis-matched center.
  13. LSI woofers - K43 or?

    I have seen those woofers with the little cap in the dust cover in Cornwall's and they are K-33's not K-43's. That said the number of pleats in the surround look like those on a K-43. I have never seen a K-43 with a square magnet though. Most likely early K-33's.
  14. Big Technics amp

    Gorgeous classic amp. They made them so stylish in that era.
  15. 1984 Cornwall with Plastic Mids?

    That was at the transition point to the 1985-1990 Cornwall II so some units got the composite horn same as the Heresy. Those are like Cornwall 1.5's.