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  1. You are far better off leaving the timbre' matched center in place otherwise you are taking a step back in performance because that center will stick out like a sore thumb with pans across the front stage.
  2. I will third that recommendation for DeanG but it all depends on your budget. I would listen for awhile first and form your own perceptions chances are you will love them as is.
  3. That is half the crossover the other half resides on the woofer access door. So you will need more than what is pictured to use these networks.
  4. I recently purchased this Heresy HIE crossover but I just honestly don't have a bonifide use for it right now and I need some money for some of my daughter's car repairs. The HIE network is a modififed AA designed to run the Heresy components wide open with zener tweeter protection and is commonly used in the Heresy Industrial Ported (HIP) speakers. They are not very common and reasonably difficult to come by. Great for a center channel Heresy to get more output to match the larger Heritage mains. The K-55V is a swap out from one of my HIP's as they were originally purchased as singles so one came with a solder terminal mid and the other did not. I recently acquired a single solder version and just replaced the push pin version so that both my HIP's match. I will pack and ship these via USPS Priority Mail Large Box. They are in excellent condition with no visible flaws and work perfectly. $110 shipped
  5. My car audio days are certainly behind me but I still had some quality networks sitting around that need a new home. One pair of Orion NT5 networks, one pair of a/d/s 236is networks along with new in the box sealed grills and tweeter mounting sockets, lastly a pair of Eclipse 8993 networks. All in perfect working order. These are great for your car audio projects and can be used with any drivers that you choose. The Orion NT5 was for a 5.25" component set, the a/d/s 236is was a 6.5" component set, and the Eclipse 8993 was for a 6x9 component set. I will pack and ship for actual costs. See link to photos here: https://vermont.craigslist.org/ele/7048875935.html
  6. Still looking to sell this 5.0 set. I am willing to drive a certain distance to meet someone if necessitated. Alot of speakers for the money here I just really need smaller speakers for the bedroom and the Heresy's rarely even get used. Would consider some KG1's, 1.2's, 1.5's, 2.2's or 2.5's as partial trade in addition to any a/d/s mini's like the L200, L210, L300, L310, L400, L10, etc. I would be willing to do the four Heresy's for $800 if need be which is less than what I have invested into them.
  7. Brac, it is a John Albright design that DeanG built for me and it is a great sounding network it is similar to the AA though. You can ask anything you like for them they are yours I supposed I should have asked more for them but they were my rear set and were not getting fully utilized and thought I would offer a great deal for a forum member.
  8. Titanium diaphrams are harsh and shrill they always have been even since the early car audio days with MB Quarts components. If they sound good to you you must obviously have some degree of high frequency hearing loss. I prefer phenolic, textile, silk, poly or other more pliable material.
  9. The NAD enhanced stereo doesn't do much although it does make a difference over standard two-channel, I always prefer all channel stereo utilizing all nine speakers and the subwoofers.
  10. I would upgrade the components and turn them into AK-3's. A T4A autoformer, a 5mh coil, two 50uf caps for the woofer bin and something else been awhile since I did it.
  11. B-2 network in the Cornwall. Well 600Hz for the Midrange I assume and most likely 2500KHz or higher for the tweeter.
  12. The correct timbre matching one to your mains is the correct and obvious choice.
  13. Could be that you had a blown driver and did not realize it. Make sure you are getting output from the tweeters or check them with a multi-meter.
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