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  1. Frzninvt

    FS - DBX CX-3 Control Amplifier

    Purchased one in Germany for the same price you paid and paired it with the DBX BX-3 amplifier. Great sounding pre-amp with unique options. I used that processor loop for a DBX 120X-DS (used it as an electronic crossover) and ran the BX-3 in 3-channel mode and used the 400 W to power a JBL B-380 subwoofer with Forte' mains. There are rear trims for the output level if recall correctly and provisions for both types of turntable cartridges. It would make a nice 2-channel system.
  2. Crap. I forgot to check the thread. Let me know if it doesn't work out. I'll take them.
  3. The slant monitor used a standard K-22 woofer correct? I am interested but the Herersy pair I would like to use them in have the K-42 woofer. Just wanting to know if this network is the same one used in the Heresy HIP's if so I am interested.
  4. Frzninvt

    Nice restore

    That is a T in the S/N which makes them 1979 versions and not 1969. 1969 would have had vertical horns. He is off by 10 years. $1500 is way high regardless of the veneer they certainly aren't going to sound any different than birch raw.
  5. 1983 would have been most likely the last year for the K-55 in the Heresy, 1984 was the transition year (Heresy 1.5's) and in 1985 the Heresy II came to be.
  6. Frzninvt

    Not khorns

    The woofers and tweeters alone are worth the asking price. Great deal.
  7. Frzninvt

    KPT-684 subwoofer, NEW $795

    With no usable output below 34Hz I would not consider that a subwoofer maybe a pair of large mid-bass drivers.
  8. Oak, painted black and lacquered is not piano finish it needs to have a smooth glossy black finish. Not even close. $1200 for real?
  9. When I bought my original Forte's new in 1988 they were completely encased in thick foam and cardboard outer shells split in two halfs placed in an additional carton. Shame the bean counters have thought that they have trimmed costs by decreasing the packing material used but they are losing in the long run on damaged returns. Save $20 to lose a $100.
  10. Frzninvt

    FS Belle Klipsch modified

    1971 was the first year the Belle was produced so you bet they are old and solid.
  11. Frzninvt

    FS Belle Klipsch modified

    Looks like the tweeter is just wedged in place and not mounted securely.
  12. Frzninvt

    Klipsch Heresy Original

    ML = Mahogany Lacquer. Maple was an "H" for Hard Rock Maple.
  13. Frzninvt

    Titanium diaphragm or not ?

    Not! Unless you are tone deaf or suffer from high frequency hearing loss.
  14. Frzninvt

    1972 Klipsch Heresy Decorators for sale

    In the 70's they used fir hence the nice grain in the wood surface the drivers were mounted that way in the early decorator's I have seen that before.
  15. Frzninvt

    La Scala filter doubt

    Tweeter with round magnet = Alnico