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  1. Not upgrades, lateral move at best. Update would be a better term. GLWS
  2. No it wouldn't it is a total tonal mismatch, what the hell you talkin bout Willis!
  3. Just use a third F III and stop playing around it is the only way to assure absolute cohesiveness across the front three. Just make it happen and stop making excuses. You will thank yourself later. I run three La Scala's at LCR and I made it work because I wanted a seamless front stage.
  4. Why not just use a single Heresy III and be done with it. It will actually be cheaper in the long run than trying to purchase individual parts.
  5. Heresy minimum, do not use a reference speaker it will stick out like a sore thumb and not timbre' match at all. A Heresy HIP is a prefect choice because it matches the efficiency of the Belle and will be able to keep up. Just put up a wanted to buy ad for a single or turn a standard one into an HIP with an HIE crossover network and a Klipsch K-42 or equivalent woofer and rear porting. See Claude's Super Heresy thread.
  6. Not a fan of the cheap Sonicaps. If you are going to change out caps I would definately take Dean's advice as he has tried a very large number of different capacitors over the years and the AudioCap Theta's are superior ask me how I know. Heresy's are easy two 2uf caps and a coil. I would replace the coil with a better one while you are at it
  7. This is what I have been preaching for years there is nothing like three identical matching speakers across the front. The knuckleheads that post recommending total mismatched speakers all the time drives me nuts and tells me that they dont know &*it. I even stepped down from Klipschorn's so I could have three matching La Scala's up front.
  8. I love the networks! Big fan of high quality components. The MF/HF section is going to be top notch.
  9. Frzninvt

    Lascala II

    Good price for LS II's even with the minor flaws. Obviousily not a Klipsch afficiando since he thinks the finish is vinyl.
  10. A guy from the Facebook Klipsch Owner's group won them and will be picking them up on Thursday I will see if I can get him to provide some photos. I want to see what woofers they have in them the EV 15WK's or the Jensen P15LL's. I also want to know the size hole cut in the front for the woofer it was 10" or 12" to kind of load the woofer some due to the rear porting. These were the decendents of the Shorthorn's.
  11. If you really want to hear a difference use higher quality film and foils not Sonicaps or Dayton's. AuriCap Theta's, Jantzen or really good Paper in Oil (PIO) check Parts Express and replace the main coil with an Erse coil as well. Better components will yield better results.
  12. Looking for when Cornwall either S/N 269 & 270 or 268 & 269 left the factory. I guy that I know just purchased the pair off eBay after I alerted him to their rarity. They are in beautiful shape, the walnut finish and cane grill work look amazing for being 60 years old. They were located in and around Eugene, OR presently. Thanks Jim!
  13. Hard to say they are rare enough that there are little or no other pairs of these out there so much so that very few people have even seen a pair this old much less heard them. They certainly won't sound bad and are very unique collector's pieces and in stunning condition for their age.
  14. Crites gaskets are intended to be used with the Heritage based horn lenses (K-700, K-600, K-500, K-400, K-401) and not the KLF series that is why they are not the same thickness.
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