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  1. The cost of all the parts that go into those alone will kill your wallet. Way too many. You would be far better off with an AA network with all top of the line premium parts in it.
  2. Looks like blonde cabinets as well, not that common.
  3. If you mean is the other half of the AK-2 network mounted inside the woofer door then yes. The capacitor values are different from the AK-3 though. The AK-2 uses two Aerovox 70uf capacitors while the AK-3 uses two 50uf capacitors. The coil values remain the same.
  4. Those are incomplete, the other half of them is mounted inside the woofer door you may want to mention that. There is no woofer circuit as they sit.
  5. It does not take much to convert the AK-2 into an AK-3, I did it. You have to replace the two 70uf caps in the woofer circuit with two 50uf's. Change the autoformer from a T5A to a T4A and change the coil I believe to a 5mh but it has been a number or years. I updated all the caps in the network as well while I was at it.
  6. If there is nothing wrong with them and you aren't having any issues leave them alone.
  7. I would run more KLF-C7's as surrounds. Dump the S6's they are not a match anyway they were designed for the Synergy Premiere series (KSP-400, 300).
  8. Those look bad to the bone, killer components.
  9. Just picked up a KV-3 so my KV-2 is up for sale. Excellent condition, all original, working perfectly. I do not have a proper carton or packing material to ship it with so I can only offer to drop it off at a pack and ship for you. Local pickup is preferred.
  10. $1500 - $1750, Crites crossovers add nothing to the value.
  11. No, use another R-15M the KV-2 won't even come close to matching the timbre.'
  12. I love the HIP's so much I purchased two pair and moved the standard Heresy's to the bedroom system. They can easily keep up with the Heritage big boys that they support in the Living Room HT system.
  13. These units are somewhat effective as well.
  14. The K-401 was mated to the K-55M midrange.
  15. Yes that is an EV T-35/Klipsch K-77 in there. The woofer was made by CTS and has a square magnet like the K-33 from the same era. The cone midrange has excellent vocal output and has a sealed back if I remember correctly. Lots of adjustment on the back.
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