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  1. You set them on top of the La Scala angled upward silly.
  2. Indeed both K-43's the magnet was a dead give away.
  3. Yes, highly likely they are the forum deemed Cornwall 1.5's. They would have the K-33 woofer, K57K midrange with K-601 horn, K-77M tweeters and the B-3 crossover network.
  4. Try an ADC DD-4AX unit I used one for my front effects speakers to dial them in.
  5. Added all that bracing is reducing the internal cabinet volume which is not a good thing.
  6. I brought back a boatload of gear that I bought at either the Ramstein AB BX or the Vogelweh PX and the Audio Photo Club at Ramstein. I bought my JBL B-380 subwoofer and BX-63A crossover from the Mainz-Kastel Army post they had a three story building with a large number of the manufacturer's represented and a music store on the bottom floor. I talked them into selling me the floor model B-380 since they did not have one in stock and they threw in a brand new set of grills for it that JBL sent to me directly. I was like a kid in a candy store they also did tent sales in the summer and offered discounted returned gear at the BX's as well. It took awhile to save up money to get the stuff I wanted. I came back with a DBX CX-3 Preamp, BX-3 Power Amplifier, TX-3 Tuner, DBX 3BX-III Range Expander, DBX 120X Subharmonic Synthesizer/Crossover, Denon DP-62L Turntable, Teac R-999X Cassette Deck, Yamaha CDX-1110U CD Player, Yamaha DSP-1 Sound Field Processor and matching MX-35 amplifier (I bought four a/d/s L200C's to use with it when I got back). The JBL B-380 Subwoofer and BX-63A crossover network, and Klipsch Forte's that made an incredible combo and the BX-3 could be run in 3 channel mode 400W for the sub and 125W for the Forte's. I lived in an apartment off base for most of my stint I did have the system in my dorm room and everyone on the floor had some sort of system and it got competitive. I started with Heresy's, moved to Cerwin Vega D-8's. Tried Polk Audio SDA-2's, RTA-12C's, and a pair of Bose 601 III's, and finally the Klipsch Forte's. You could order out of the overseas AAFES catalog up to like 30 days after you got back to the states so I bought a DBX 14/10 Computer Equalizer and a 5BX-DS 5 Band Digital Range Controller and had them shipped to me. I used the Heresy's in my 1977 Mercedes 240D with a Nakamichi TD-700 tape deck, Alpine 3015 equalizer and a Carver M240 amplifier it rocked! Really good times in Germany I loved it.
  7. I bought a pair of Heresy's and Forte's while stationed in Ramstein, GE in the late 80's and both pair came home with me. It was some of the best times to get lots of top notch gear at the BX's, PX's and Audio Photo clubs over there.
  8. I see you have some ADS 400C's which are some of my favorite mini speakers of all time. I built my daughter a 7.1 system using L300E and L300C's with a KV-2 center. Keep me in mind if you choose to part with the 400C's if the price is right for me. Love the Onkyo stack, just awesome!
  9. I have hit 120db + but with nine Klipsch Heritage speakers, lots of power and trio of subwoofers it was not to difficult. I don't listen that loud but wanted to see what it was capable of.
  10. Why butcher a Belle why not trade it for a La Scala and be done with it. If you are going to use a different horn there are FAR better choices than the K-401 out there. Happy hacking!
  11. Why in the world would you do that? The horn will stick way out the back and you will need to modify the crossover to account for the different frequency cutoff. Don't you think PWK knew what he was doing?
  12. Folks used to use these for the noise that could not be cleaned off.
  13. The little ones look like chile' pequin peppers (bird's eye peppers) I brought seeds from South, Texas and grew some up here in the great white North. I bring the plant insude during the witner months and take it back out in the spring. I thought is was a goner this past year as it got scale and after treating it with warm water/soap solution three times only to have it come back I cut off every limb and leaf but it bounced back! I love the flavor they have. Also a fan of serranos.
  14. The woofers don't appear to be original the K-34 had a shorter decorator lip that sat flush to the motor board those look like K-33's.
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