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  1. You need to stick with a timbre' matched trio. Changing the center will gain you nothing and send your system backwards.
  2. Yes, three La Scala's here as well. As stated makes a great TV stand as well.
  3. There was a pair like them for sale here sometime ago located in Arkansas. Might have been Funkyhambone selling them. Not a very common veneer but rather unintersting grain pattern. Nothing to get too excited about. Now bring on the Brazilian Rosewood Lacquer Stained, Macassar Ebony or Rambling Rose 1 or 2, and Tigerwood and then the excitement begins.
  4. Why mess with success? The original Jensen P15LL K-33's in my '62 Cornwalls say otherwise they are still going strong. The pansy material in the metal cones damages far more easily. How many dented, damaged or flexed cerametallic woofers have you seen on eBay? I have never seen a paper cone have that issue.
  5. At $2500 probably not. Unfortunately you can get two pairs of standard Cornwalls for that price. If you want higher power handling swap in a K-43 woofer.
  6. If they were built later in 1980 they will have the desirable K-55V's with the solder terminals and dual phase plug.
  7. Yes a 3347 would be an LSI (Industrial La Scala) with a cast aluminum input plate most likely.
  8. I seriously doubt you could tell the difference in a blind listening test between the two.
  9. Hello Dave, fellow Vermonter here. Welcome to the forum! Let me know if you need any assistance as I am well versed in all things Klipsch. I have owned all of the Heritage line and still possess a good majority of them so I am very familiar. Would love to see more photos of your Shorthorns. SWR-15 = Shorthorn Walnut Raw, 15" woofer which could be a Stevens Tru-sonic 103LX or EV 15WK, possibly a K-1000 midrange horn with a K-55 driver and the chrome throat screw terminal 16 ohm K-77 (EV T-35), or they may have University drivers. There should be a card stapled to the right of the tag you have pictured showing the handwritten driver complement typically.
  10. Check the Garage Sale Greg was selling a very nice pair not to long ago.
  11. I had a beautiful pair of 1968 Mahogany Vertical Cornwalls, very nice finish.
  12. There was a member on here a number of years ago that made a pair of scaled down Klipschorn's and Belle's and they were rather nicely done. I don't recall his name but I think he sold a pair to a forum member. There were photos as well not sure if they are archived on the old forum or not. They guy was a very good master cabinet maker.
  13. They bill you 10% now and that includes shipping costs no more selling for me.
  14. ALK Universal for Klipschorn, La Scala, and Belle.
  15. It was gone before we made a move. I knew it was a deal but I did not have use for them. I have too much gear already. I picked up a nice Onkyo TX-DS989 Receiver and a Toshiba SD-9200 DVD/CD player not too long ago from them for like $100.
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