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  1. Belles for center channel

    I think the ohm load for each one is actually less than 8 ohms, you may end up with a 3 ohm load when connected in parallel. I'd meter it before connecting it to the amplifier unless it is 2 ohm stable in mono.
  2. SAE two channel setup

    The ADC SS-525X is a nice equalizer if he has the original remote and the analyzer mic it would be a worthwhile component. It was ADC's top of the line. ADC was part of BSR as well as DBX.
  3. Belles for center channel

    Two speakers as a center will create comb filtering which is not a good thing I would revert to a single.
  4. Klipschorn input plate fuseholder cap

    Thanks everyone those look like just what I need.
  5. Klipschorn input plate fuseholder cap

    Yes here it is. It is longer than the standard fuse holder cap.
  6. I need a fuseholder cap for a 1990 Klipschorn I looked online but could not seem to find a similar replacement. Klipsch parts seemed not to know what the heck I was talking about. It seems longer than the standard fuse holder cap. Anyone know where I might be able to source a replacement? Thanks in advance for your help.
  7. Klipschorn 70th anniversary located in CT 99.9% mint

    He had Jensen Imperials in the rear and ran it with McIntosh gear. HornEd ran a 7 channel KLF-30 system with a custom KLF-30 center speaker.
  8. I believe that would be forum member Khorn51 but I don't see him on much anymore.
  9. Could be that the horn gasket is folded over and not allowing it to sit flush.
  10. La Scalla speakers

    An EQ is not going to increase the overall bass frequency response as it is limited by the horn design itself. Without a subwoofer you will be missing the two lower octaves of bass.
  11. Is this a counterfeit speaker?

    HD-BR = Heresy Decorator Birch Raw (Open Face no grill) I believe "P" is 1976 year of manufacture. Series 1
  12. RC 64ii

    The timbre' (pitch) will be different I would stick with the matching center to your mains unless you plan on replacing them.
  13. Review of Cornwall III

    Good to know, glad they did add it.
  14. Review of Cornwall III

    I wish Klipsch would have used the larger K-601 horn from the Cornwall II on the III's instead of the tiny K-701 horn from the Heresy as that certainly must impact the width of the image. The original Cornwall had batting on the inside of the cabinet which certainly prevented any internal resonances and standing waves but chose not to in the Cornwall II and I assume the III.