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  1. Better to sell them outright and create one rather than cannibalize them. I am sure that there are folks here that are looking for a KV-3.
  2. I have had these speakers in my bedroom system that rarely ever gets used so I am offering them up for local sale as I don't have the time and resources to pack and ship them. I would like to sell them as a lot for $900. Included would be a pair of 1977 Heresy Decorators finished in gloss black lacquer (I had them refinished since the original finish was rough) with all original components in excellent condition, next up a pair of 1980 Cherry Lacquer Heresy's with all original components with 1" factory risers they do have some veneer flaws and one is missing some sections of edge banding on the front as I acquired them that way but still very presentable overall. Lastly a black Klipsch KV-2 center channel in black all original drivers in excellent condition. For the price of a pair of Cornwalls you could have a five channel speaker system well worth a drive to Vermont. I will post links to the Craigslist ads since it is easier that trying to upload all the pictures to this forum. If any truly interested parties want other more specific photos PM me and I will accomodate you. https://vermont.craigslist.org/ele/d/milton-klipsch-heresy-decorators/6848258733.html https://vermont.craigslist.org/ele/d/milton-klipsch-heresy-1980-cherry/6848259607.html https://vermont.craigslist.org/ele/d/milton-klipsch-kv-2-center-channel/6848260292.html
  3. To think I was offered 4 complete stacks with all the amps to run them for $900 but I had no way to move them or place to store them.
  4. Went and looked at these congrats on your purchase Mark they are in fantastic condition.
  5. Gents, these are right up the road from me but I already have four pair of Heresy's but am interested in them. These are more than likely early 80's models since they have the cast aluminum input plate. I think $375 to $500 or so is more of a fair price range $700 is high even though they are in great shape. I am planning to go up to Williston sometime today and check them out if they are available for viewing. I would use these as Atmos speakers replacing a pair of black cabinet HIP's that I have. These are very heavy and very akward and expensive to ship best to drive and pick them up to maintain the condition that they are in. PM sent.
  6. Same here I am too far away. Shipping would obviously be cost prohibitive. Anyone nearby would be foolish not to pick these up they dig deeper (felt rather than heard) than any Klipsch sub and with pinpoint accuracy due to the servo controlled woofers. I had three but parted with one to get an 18" version. GLWS
  7. I don't suppose you have the original carton and packing material and the remote for these 100lb beasts?
  8. AL5 is the crossover designation and that will be the standard, only choices you will have will be the veneer type that they are finished with. They are still La Scala II's and keep in mind $12K is full retail.
  9. Would it not be easier to swap out the harsh titanium diaphragm in the tweeter and replace it with a phenolic, poly or silk version if they exist. I have never cared for titanium tweeters they sound harsh and spitty to me I was first exposed to them eons ago with MB Quart car components and some of the JBL L series line.
  10. Went through eBay without a bid @ $699 last week.
  11. Attributed to depletion of the global gene pool. :-(
  12. It's a compromise you won't get full extension of the horn without them being snug into corners it effects the bass in the 250Hz region or so. I would not use them hovering in the middle of a room. One of the main reason's I went back to La Scala's.
  13. I think he accidentally added an extra "0" more like $200 per speaker for those poor beaten down Klipsch.
  14. 1960 or earlier model H (early Heresy) the cabinet will be very decorative.
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