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  1. My 1980 Belle's were stamped and thank goodness as the labels were gone. Probably an oversight.
  2. These would make great Atmos speakers setting on top of Klipschorn or La Scala mains.
  3. Efficiency and volume level.
  4. Love them so much I use two pair in my HT. One plain pair and one pair in battle dress and they can easily keep up with the La Scala's in the front and the intricate detail in the back is amazing.
  5. My old Klipschorn's really gained in value. Those are DHA-2 networks that Dean made for me I originally had them in my Belle rears.
  6. All that horsepower up front and tiny speakers in the back = thunder and lightning. Only thing that might remotely match is KG1's since they are sealed and can be placed on a shelf. Shame you can't make at least Heresy's work back there.
  7. Those KP-600's make those look tiny! 😲
  8. 8 ohms is the nominal impedance but impedance will swing over the frequency range.
  9. Not a fan of Ti either I find them sizzly and harsh compared to phenolic or silk or other hybrid type diaphrams.
  10. What are you presently running for mains? The center speaker is the most important one so you want to make sure it matches the timbre' of your main speakers. If you plan on going newer or the reference line it is time for the KV-3 to go. It was voiced to match the Epic series CF-3's.
  11. As I suspected they have the 16ohm chrome throat screw terminal K-77's in them. They also have the hand wound bobinized coils in the crossover networks like my '62 Cornwalls. Very clean internals.
  12. Why not find a nice used pair of Quartet's or Forte's as they are the next step up from the KG-4. Reference line will have a totally different sound than what you are used to. Seeing as you are already using a mis-mash system I suppose updating to a matching reference line trio in the front would be an improvement.
  13. The correct timbre matched one.
  14. John, these may even have the older chrome throat, screw on terminal 16 ohm K-77's in them like my 1962 Cornwall's. How incredible that the paperwork is still stapled to the back with the exception of some water marks on the top they are in beautiful condition for being close to 60 years old. Pictures of the internals will be the definitive proof. Yes to the K-1000 midrange horn.
  15. Very early pair pre-alpha characters in the S/N would lead me to believe 1961 as well do they have clear retangular badges with Klipsch on them at the top or bottom center held on with brad nails?
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