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  1. Frzninvt

    Klipsch Cornwall Speakers

    The tiny K-701 horn was a dead give away for the III's. The 1981's would not be flush mounted drivers.
  2. Someone is going to be very happy. I love my Heresy HIP's in the Front Effects and Side Surround positions the efficiency and their ability to produce intricate detail at even very low levels is amazing.
  3. Frzninvt

    cornwall 1 grills

    Here is an eBay link to a guy that makes them. A bit pricey but they are brand new frames and all and not available anywhere else. I mentioned to him that the frame looks like it's designed for the Cornwall II but he stated they work for both models. https://www.ebay.com/itm/KLIPSCH-CORNWALL-GRILLS-NEW/382783709843?hash=item591fafe293:g:Dc8AAOSwCuBcYzNt:rk:1:pf:1&frcectupt=true I cannot seem to locate the link that was posted in Garage Sale/Alerts for the person offering grills. I am the person that sent you here from the Facebook page perhaps a Moderator can locate it for you.
  4. Those are not upgrades you performed you just swapped the same network for the same network with different parts and you took the smooth sounding phenolic diaphrams and replaced them with the more harsh (to most people) metal diaphrams. The biggest improvement in the II and III is the addition of the larger and more appropriate 15" rear drone and the tractix midrange horn. That said they are certainly not going to sound $3000 better than what you already have. I owned Forte' I's for many years prior to trading them towards Belle's around 2000 and I consider them to be once of the best balanced speakers that Klipsch has ever produced and I never messed with them. Not sure why people think that they know better than the engineers the created and voiced them.
  5. Hello all, My brother in law just needs the badges to complete his Heresy Slant HI-SM's they are the black with white lettering with mounting holes on either end. I realize they are tough to find but if anyone has a pair that they are willing to part with please let me know and I will put you in contact with him. Thanks
  6. Frzninvt

    Klipsch SW-V Subwoofer fuse / cap replacement

    They are on eBay, just make sure you get the correct type.
  7. Frzninvt

    F/S - Deang's AA's - SOLD

    The T/S specs on the K-34 and K-33 are identical the main difference is the shorter decorator trim ring since they are flush mounted in the Cornwall II.
  8. Frzninvt

    F/S - Deang's AA's - SOLD

    I have the ALK Type B's in my '80 Cornwall's although they are not near as nice as the one's that Russ is offering since his have what looks to be tweeter attenuation and a gorgeous board layout. They made a very nice difference in performance overall and I would not go back to standard Type B's.
  9. Frzninvt

    Heresy I drivers ID

    That is a really old K-55 midrange driver I have not seen many like that over the years. I am reasonably certain it is alnico that pair is from the 60's I cannot make out the letter that is stamped into the wood with the rest of the S/N though.
  10. Frzninvt

    Center channel list?

    You need to get the one that matches your mains anything else won't timbre' match and will be a waste of money.
  11. Frzninvt

    Heresy II (best method for deeper bass?)

    Easiest way is to simply add a subwoofer since they still start dropping about 60Hz regardless of what woofer is used.
  12. Frzninvt

    Heresy I drivers ID

    Yes they are, the woofer is an Electro-Voice EVM-12 made for Klipsch. The cast frame for that woofer may look large but the magnet hidden under the cover is small the surround is usually red. Those are an early set of Heresy's.
  13. Frzninvt

    3x La Scala Needing Love

    AK-4 = Klipschorn network, AL-4 = La Scala Network. The -4 networks were designed to work with the newer Klipsch midrange and tweeter drivers. Too many components in the AK-4 I would stick with a real nice version of the AA network for optimum performance.
  14. Frzninvt

    Anyone knows what HIP's retailed for??

    It was dependent on what version (i.e. regular black cab, blonde lacquered cab, aluminum trim, aluminum trim with fibreglass, etc.) as there were a few varieties but they were certainly far more than standard Heresy's. I lost all my old price sheets in a hard drive crash did you do a forum search?
  15. Frzninvt

    Klipsch vs Cerwin Vega?

    I also had a rare pair of S2's that looked as great as they sounded.