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  1. I would not run anything but a Heritage speaker as a center. A compromise would be the Academy. A reference or legend series speaker will stick out like a sore thumb with left to right or right to left pans across the front stage. You center is the most important speaker that all the others are anchored too. I would use a Heresy IV, no less or preferably a third Cornwall I would not compromise. You will thank yourself later. There is no receiver or preamp software or computer algorithm that will correct or alter a speakers timbre. Not going to happen.
  2. The Denon 2900 is a fantastic choice I owned one myself as well as the bigger 5900. That said my all time favorite CD Player for redbook and burned CD's has got to be the DBX DX5 since it has the ability to compress and expand using DAIR (Dynamic Audio Impact Recovery) and trim L +/- and R +/- using the Ambience. These tools are very useful for poorly recorded CD's as well as the newer way oversaturated ones they make these days. They can be had reasonably and have lots of nice usable features. I also use a Nakamichi OMS-7AII which is smooth as silk but lacks the abilities of the DX5.
  3. A meter will not indicate if the tweeter diaphram is damaged only if it is reading "open" non-functional (no resistance). If the coil was damaged but the tweeter is still working although noisy the meter certainly will not have a different ohm reading to indicate that. If anything you should be able to just replace the damaged diaphrams to bring them back up to specification.
  4. I dont think changing capacitors in those relatively new speakers is going to prevent them from being shrill. The Outlaw amp is mid-fi at best and you did not say what you are running for a Source my bet is your issue is upstream and pushing a small speaker to hard.
  5. To my recollection the Jensen P15LL (K-33J) did not have doping on the surround.
  6. Where in the hell did you come up with those numbers? Way too high.
  7. Not leaking just oxidation on the connections. Brush it off with an old toothbrush.
  8. You've got to be kidding or your room just sucked acoustically. My Heritage system would eat a Legend based system alive. When yours starts distorting mine would keep going without a hint of it.
  9. Look at my signature all the speakers and components used are listed.
  10. Actually those would be Heresy II's if you really want to be precise.
  11. Those are newer than 1963 they would have had a vertical orientation, the tweeter would have been the chrome throat screw terminal 16ohm K-77 and they would have most likely had the Jensen P15LL K-33 woofers in them. The crossover network would have also had hand wound bobbinized coils those are most likely from the early 70's era. A close up of the label or the S/N stamped at the upper edge of the rear will tell.
  12. You will certainly not regret it. It is indeed an step up if you think that it isn't you are only fooling yourself. I run a 9.2 all Heritage HT and the level of dynamics and detail are astounding it can run at insane levels without a hint of distortion and on the flip side at low levels with similar detail. The same goes for music as well.
  13. An industrial Heresy is even better since it runs about 102db/1W efficient making it ideal since the efficiency is very close to that of the Belle's. I use two pair in my HT system, one pair as front effects and the other as side surrounds. A standard Heresy is a much better match to the Belle than the Academy.
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