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  1. Frzninvt

    KG4 - Tweeters used Ferrofluid?

    It is only for heat dissipation no impact on sound quality.
  2. Frzninvt

    Wanted RB-75’s. Maybe RB-5’s

    This guy is selling some reference items that may or may not interest you. https://vermont.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-rc-7-center-channel/6771479746.html
  3. Frzninvt

    Model H serial number history

    They were most likely built prior to '62 or else they would have had an "A" in the S/N.
  4. Frzninvt

    Cornwall history

    The codes won't help him as that practice stopped in 1983. If they are 1983 or older the year is expressed as an alpha character in the S/N and they will have the S/N stamped in the top edge in the rear of the speaker. If they are 1985 models the S/N will start with "85" and the drivers he listed makes them what the forum calls Cornwall 1.5's since they are right before the transition to the Cornwall II in 1986. They will have K-33 woofers and most likely B-3 crossover networks.
  5. Frzninvt

    Dang. These DC area Cornwalls are Pretty.

    Asking too much though.
  6. Frzninvt

    All New Klipschorn

    All new my eye. More like slightly updated. Without being able to use the adjacent walls as an extension of the bass horn they certainly aren't going to dig as deep frequency wise regardless of what the specs say. I'll keep my old fashioned ones thank you very much.
  7. Frzninvt

    New Belles !!!

    The HIE network (designed for the Heresy Industrial Ported (HIP)) is essentially a modified AA. That said it runs all the drivers full tilt. You either need to sell them or modify them to an AA network for best performance. The HIE networks will be an easy sell in the Garage Sale area.
  8. They would sound even better spaced further apart than the 5 feet or so that you have them in now.
  9. Frzninvt

    Klipsch C-BR 20T731

    C-BR = Cornwall Birch Raw
  10. Frzninvt

    Lookin' for a single La Scala

    I have a trio of La Scala's up front and have had a Klipschorn/La Scala/Klipschorn set up as well. I prefer the lightning fast dynamics of the La Scala over the Klipschorn and I have plenty of subwoofers to take care of the lower registers. You will love it!
  11. Frzninvt

    Khorns Barn find Ohio

    Nice Mahogany finish.
  12. Frzninvt

    Single Klipsch pro Heresy? $125

    A pair of those would make stellar Atmos speakers sitting on top of my La Scala's! :-) I don't see a port on that one must be an HI-SM. I have two pair of the standard HIP's one in the aluminum battle dress and the other in the standard ported cabinet.
  13. Frzninvt

    R115sw vs rsw15

    No it will just add more boom. Neither are capable of much output below 25Hz plus the amp will inevitably will crap out on the R115SW.
  14. Frzninvt

    R-120SW or R-10SWi

    The bigger the better.
  15. Frzninvt

    Professional La Scala

    Place a WTB ad in the Garage Sale section. I was able to located Heresy HIP input plates that way that are essentially unobtainable otherwise. As Russ stated eBay is another place to look.