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  1. I have two as well but the remote capable versions I added the 18" version recently. Clean low bass, no boominess whatsoever. Good deal at the asking price.
  2. Nakamichi OMS-7AII, DBX DX5, Yamaha CDX-1100U, Marantz CD-63A are some classic choices. Do not use a Blu-Ray or DVD player to playback redbook CD's they sound crappy it doesn't matter what they cost
  3. K = Klipschorn, B = Cabinet Type (Collar between the HF/MF and the bass bin), WO = Walnut Oil veneer M = 1974 Year Models Value is highly dependent on overall condition, all original parts and components, and location. Hard to say without photos.
  4. The S/N on the horn is not the S/N of the speaker as John indicated. The speaker S/N is 954 and Jim Hunter in the "Ask the Historian" section can look that serial # up and tell you the date. What is the S/N on the other speaker? I see someone wrote the woofer type on the S/N placard and it should have the Stephens Trusonic woofer. I would leave them as is the way they came from the factory.
  5. No, you need a KG 2.5 or other larger X.5 series speaker to match your 5.5's.
  6. Highest efficiency @ 99db/1W and largest HF/MF driver as well 2"
  7. That chart is not quite correct.
  8. A = 1962, B = 1963, C = 1964
  9. They started life as Decorator's and someone added the trim and grill cloth and did a real nice job with it. They were used horizontally judging by the placement of the pie slice logos. "C" is 1964 though and they have the Jensen P15LL woofers.
  10. One last attempt. I will even throw in an Onkyo SR-502 receiver with the lot.
  11. You should spend money on getting your tinnitus under control first.
  12. He already chose a very closely matched center (Heresy III) over the recommended mismatched ones. If you cannot distinguish the differences in timbre' that is fine but don't suggest the incorrect mismatched centers to others. No software or program built into you receiver or preamp is going to change the timbre' of a speaker. Having the correctly matched center speaker which is the most important speaker in a home theater makes all the difference in the world. When it comes to quality I think the Heresy III is equal if not "higher quality" than the mismatched center you are pushing.
  13. It is typically not your system that is necessarily at fault it is the sound engineer that mixed the soundtrack. I have the same issue from time to time and I have three La Scala's up front.
  14. Do yourself a favor and do not mix reference speakers with extended the Heritage line. Use a Heresy minimum and a third Forte III is the best choice.
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