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  1. Easier to change it to an AK-3 Network. You have to remove the T5A autoformers and replace them with T4A's, change the coil value from 4mh to 5mh (IIRC) and replace the two 70uf Aerovox Caps in the woofer circuit inside the access door with two 50uf caps. They won't sound bad but the AK-3 is better. The networks are not easy to change on these as they are in two pieces (1 Part in the Top Hat and the other inside the woofer access panel) and everything is soldered together. No terminal strips.
  2. They are sitting in my bedroom system essentially unused. I sent you a PM so you can send me your email address and I can provide you better photos. These essentially sit unused in my bedroom which is a shame so I figured I would sell them to someone that would get some regular use out of them. All original components and networks unmolested and in perfect working order as I take care of my stuff. I used to have them in my main home theater but replaced them with two sets of Heresy HIP's as I came across them over the years.
  3. I am not a fan of sound sprayers at all even moreso if those are the only speakers in the rear. Ideally more Heresy's in the rear if you can't pull that off I would go Academy, KG-3, KG-2, KG-2.2, KG-2.5, KG-1, KG-1.2, KG-1.5 or something from the pro line as TasDom suggested.
  4. Still for sale! A bargain at $1000 for all five speakers and definately worth a drive. I also have an older Onkyo TX-DS989 Top of the line receiver (Circa 2001) 130W X 7, a pair of KG1's in Oak Oil, and a KSW-50 subwoofer that I would throw into the deal for a total of $1200 out the door.
  5. Yep Randy is right the aluminum trim is not OEM. $1K is pretty steep though.
  6. Offer $2500 work from there.
  7. I would say the Academy, KG 2.5, KG 2.2, and KV-3 and in that order while not a perfect match they work well and sound good. I use a KG 2.2 in between some '77 Heresy Decorators in my bedroom system and it blends reasonbly well for all intensive purposes. Also have Heresy rears and KG-1 side surrounds in the room. Obviously a third Heresy is truly the best choice if you have ever had three identical matching speakers up front you know what a difference it makes.
  8. No they won't be. These are designed for the big three Klipschorn, Belle, and La Scala. The Cornwall network is different.
  9. For the pre-cut perfect fit gaskets you can go to crites website or eBay as I believe he sells them there as well.
  10. Unless any of the caps are leaking you really aren't going to gain anything unless you invest in some really high end networks. I would get some Caigs DeOxit and loosen up all the spade terminals on the crossover network give them a spray and retighten all of them. Make sure crossover board is mounted tight on the side on the cabinet. Unscrew each of the K-55's and replace the rubber gasket that is inside the horn lens at the bottom of the threads. That is about it. Really easy doesn't cost much other than the Caigs and some of your time.
  11. Specs are no indication of a speakers timbre' your best option is another Forte III if you can't pull that off next choice would be a Heresy III. Nothing from the pro line or reference line is going to blend well at all.
  12. It depends do you have Heritage or Extended Heritage up front, something from the KG line perhaps then the 3.5's are the best choice. If your L C R are reference then I would use a reference speaker in that position.
  13. I used Morel MW-166's a 6" woofer with an fs of 43Hz and 3" voice coils. Used my own 2-way passive networks with Polk Audio MM-3000 tweeters. Are you looking for separates or coxial? Some JL Audio and Alpine Type-R components are good. Morel, Focal, Clif Designs if you really want top notch.
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