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  1. Klipsch wasn't consistent mine are painted in the center under the midrange.
  2. Five hours from me but I already have two pair. Nice looking pair though.
  3. Sonicaps, yuck. You could have done better from Parts Express as they have numerous options I would have at least gone Kimber Kaps or some of the better Dayton's. The caps Dean recommends while pricey are worth it in the long run unless you like strident mids and highs.
  4. Hell of a deal I wonder if he will ship.
  5. I believe Dean built me an AA network using the Jensen PIO's for my center La Scala the main cap was almost as big as a beer can. I found them too laid back for my liking and had him build another one with Auricap Theta's instead which I preferred. The network was stunning to look at though, he has a photo on his Facebook page somewhere. I also had him build a Type B pair for my 1962 Cornwall pair with Jensen PIO's they sounded great and I sold them with the networks.
  6. Could be trans-shipped grey market speakers. Dealer most likely removed original S/N so they could not be traced back to him if caught Klipsch would have suspended him.
  7. Heresy, minimum. Cornwall or better recommended. I use Cornwall's and Heresy HIP's.
  8. The servo unit is mounted under the dust cap in the woofer most commonly and connects to the amplifier with a connector. It would need to be recalibrated most likely.
  9. Your right John, what was I thinking! Edited The information came from Trey Cannon when he was quizzed by Dean a number of years ago at a pilgrimage.
  10. The will be slightly off balance since the K-55M's are about 1.5db more efficient than the K-55V's unless the changed the auto-former tap or added resistance in the network to compensate for the increased efficiency.
  11. Just a badge, internals are the same nice little speakers that sound great and are sealed so you can place them anywhere.
  12. EV most likely made the woofers. No. Newer Heresy versions will sound better and take more power that woofer is wimpy. No. H-700 is just the cutoff frequency of the horn.
  13. Mid-bass woofers you could easily do better with $500.
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