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  1. WTB pair of K-43 woofers or equivilent

    Not so, the K-43 did carry the Klipsch logo I have one with it on it and no it does not have a 4" dust cap unless it was possibly reconed.
  2. WTB pair of K-43 woofers or equivilent

    Buy the four complete MCM-1900 stacks ($900) near me and I'll go pull the 8 K-43's, 16 K-55's, 4 10" Cetec mid woofers, and 4 MTM tweeter stacks for you.
  3. Klipsch KG2 Oak Oil - VT - $125

    No but they were used with KG1's, alot more output from the 2's.
  4. Klipsch KG2 Oak Oil - VT - $125

    Let me look into the packing materials required this weekend. Here is a link to my Craigslist ad that has better photos since the forum has 2mb restrictions. https://vermont.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-kg2-2-way-speakers/6326968928.html
  5. Pair of Cornwall II for sale

    Folks, you realize these were the Vertical horn version of the Cornwall II's made in 60's to about '73 or '74. Great to use as a Center speaker since you can lay them on their side and have the horns horizontal to you.
  6. Klipsch KG2 Oak Oil - VT - $125

    They are but I don't have the resources to safely pack them for shipment so they are available locally. Utah is a long way from Vermont. As stated I am open to dropping them at a packer and shipper if the buyer pre-arranges it but you absorb the risk of damage. They really need to be packed in a double-walled carton with solid 1 1/2" Styrofoam on all surfaces with the speakers bubble-wrapped. They are pretty heavy for their size.
  7. 4 Klipsch MCM-1900 Stacks - VT - Up For Grabs!

    Can't believe no one has jumped on this. I am willing to help if need be.
  8. Heresy HWO serial number help

    Overdriving the woofer causing it to snap. I hope you have a rumble/subsonic filter on when using the turntable to minimize excessive cone movement.
  9. Those would make great Atmos speakers sitting on a set of La Scala's! :-)
  10. Easier to just use a Heresy or a vertical Cornwall and maintain the proper timbre' to match your mains.
  11. 4 Klipsch MCM-1900 Stacks - VT - Up For Grabs!

    Unfortunately, I too have decided to pass as well. I just do not have the resources to move and store the system for any period of time after researching the cost of a simple 10' x 10' storage unit here in VT is just nuts. Not to mention having to rent a vehicle and find able bodies to help me move the big bass bins. I thought about selling the additional gear separately but with eBay's fees, the packing and shipping costs and all the flakey buyers on eBay as of late the deal while absolutely fantastic just is not going to work out for me. Anyone wants it here is the link. I am willing to assist in any way that I can. Really nice guy and I am dissapointed that I had to let him down I just could not make it happen as hard as I tried. https://vermont.craigslist.org/ele/d/large-klipsch-sound-system/6311589537.html
  12. 4 Klipsch MCM-1900 Stacks - VT - Up For Grabs!

    Back up for grabs! See first post. BIL could not swing the logistics involved.
  13. MSM, MSSM, MTM on La Scala Bin

    He could not swing the the logistics of getting them to Texas and bowed out. I am just thinking out loud. I don't think the WAF works very well though. $2,595 for each stack in 1980 dollars, so $10,380 worth.
  14. Would it be silly to use a MSM, MSSM, and MTM on my La Scala's in place of the standard drivers. I'll have plenty to play with. Crossover points may be an issue though probably need a custom passive if they don't have them or go active and use three amps. Just thinking crazy.
  15. SVS PB12-NSD need help

    Probably best to pose your question in the Subwoofer forum versus Garage sale for more exposure.