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  1. Those are what the forum typically refers to as Cornwall 1.5's since they transitioned to the second version of the Cornwall II in '86. They will have the K-601 composite horn lens and the K-57K midrange driver and the B-3 networks if I am not mistaken along with the K-77M tweeter.
  2. Miller & Kreisel, they made nice subwoofers usually with an active driver and a passive.
  3. Burlington, VT area, leaves are starting to change great time to take a ride and see some beautiful colors.
  4. Still for sale I need to make some room and they are rarely if ever used which is a shame.
  5. These do not come around often and certainly not complete with the calibrated mic, user manual and original double boxes. 2/3 Octave in the lower bands and no noise at all I have owned many of them over the years. It will be gone soon guaranteed so if you want one of the best equalizers ever made. Act fast! https://www.ebay.com/itm/DBX-14-10-Computerized-Equalizer-Analyzer/154095044952?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  6. My brother in law has a pair of Cornwall 1's in birch with cane grills but I am not sure if he wants to sell them. He is in Laredo, TX. Check Craigslist there is always Klipsch for sale in TX.
  7. I can't believe those sold for $1150, I guess my stock went up in the four pairs that I own.
  8. You will have to alter your crossover network to use them they are not a drop in replacement.
  9. Frzninvt


    $100 - $125 typically it varies though.
  10. Just replace the diaphram or have it replaced it is cheaper and easier. That way you keep the original.
  11. ALK does not offer a Type B network better to just update the one you have with premium components.
  12. Klipsch will make them for you if you are willing to spend the $$$$ just ask Cory.
  13. The woofer was intentionally offset. The pooling liquid is most likely from heat over the years causing it to run down and pool there it was to protect the pleats from decaying. Looks like someone tried to widen the tweeter and midrange hole as they typically left the factory square cut. Those are made of fir plywood they were the bargain basement version Cornwall.
  14. Priced too high, that is Klipschorn money regardless of condition.
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