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  1. I purchased the 1974 Cornwalls mentioned earlier! They have sequential serial numbers and look to be in excellent playing condition albeit with a few scratches in the cabinetry and pulls in the grilles. in examining them for the first time I find the speaker layout within the cabinet is unlike anything I have seen in any forum or pictures regardless of series. The woofers are offset in a lower corner and there is a decal on the rear of the cabinet showing 2 different “UP” positions. The woofer and other drivers can be seen in the attached pictures. Any information someone can provide would be helpful.
  2. As already mentioned, I am looking for a fair value to pay the estate of a dear friend who passed away and purchased these speakers new. He became paraplegic about the same time he bought them. He had Siamese cats as companions and I am helping to clear out his apartment. Thanks for any and all comments. Attached are pictures as size allows.
  3. Thank you Budman. How many pictures are needed and are specific areas important? I will ask the estate if they will take some. What is the availability of suitable parts if necessary?
  4. As noted in a previous post, the estate for a deceased friend has asked if I would like to purchase his 1974 pair of Cornwall speakers. Questions for the day are what is a fair price? Physically the speakers are in good condition with a few minor “dings” around the perimeter. Over the years, cats may have used the grills to scratch or pee on. Second question is are factory spare or upgraded parts readily available?
  5. Thank you for the prompt response! Do I ask new questions in this string are start with a new post? Thank you again.
  6. I am new to this group but have been a follower/owner of Klipsch products for many years. A dear friend passed away last year his estate and asked if I was interested in purchasing his pair of Cornwall speakers. Attached are pictures of the serial numbers with the signatures of the employees who inspected and tested them at the factory. is someone able to tell me the model and date of manufacture with this information?
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