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  1. your wasting your time over there Crites will ship you new woofers in like 3 days
  2. you could always buy a new set and sell the other one you have Crites Speakers has the best service and shipping on the planet call Michael and ask him which ones will be the best fit for your speakers https://critesspeakers.com/prices-other_stuff.html
  3. hey Google, who makes caps that say TI on them. asking for a friend
  4. i found one that says type 1R on it
  5. let me know what you find out about the correct crossover for this time period. i might have one you can have
  6. serial numbers are stamped in to the wood on the back top section
  7. get it rebuilt by Bill Flannery https://www.flannerysvintageaudio.com/
  8. that klipsch badge is from 1979
  9. its part of the balancing network
  10. FYI, 96 out of 100 members on the forum use Sonicaps so that ought to tell you which ones people like and the Crites company customer service is 100% better than anyone else
  11. you can figure $500 for the rebuild plus $300 roundtrip shipping is what i paid Bill to do mine years ago. ohio to washington i'm glad i did it because it was a solid 10 in condition when i bought it
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