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  1. i think he is getting commission on them little yellow pieces of carpenter pencil caps
  2. sorry wife and mother in law ( 88 ) just left the house 4 buds - 4 margarits in 10 mins
  3. i'm putting together a list of songs for my Puffin delivery next week #1 Zep's going to california from how the west was won live album #2 Clapton Unplugged will be here tomorrow #3 Stones - living in a ghost town - can't you hear me knocking #4 Dire Straits - #5 Doors #6 Traffic - low spark
  4. H-00 stands for Heresy Oak Oil serial number 655034 is actually 65 S 034 and the S means your speakers were built in 1978 Heresy Oak Oil
  5. Budman

    A/V goals for 2021?

    just sent an email off to Parks Audio to ask a question about their Puffin phono preamp. got an answer within the hour from the owner Shannon Parks. how cool is that
  6. 10130 posts hurry and get the next one in so you can win that toaster
  7. what a waste of time you spend on this forum
  8. most annoying on the forum trying to win that toaster or the big hat
  9. your goal is to post something on every topic. its getting a little out a hand
  10. he's got a friend now that post new topics
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