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  1. Budman's post in Question about removing Cornwall grills was marked as the answer   
    your grill cloth will NOT come off. it looks to be in good condition.
    you could easily take off the moulding and remove the cloth and then make or buy some grill boards and put on new cloth
    what i mean is you don't have removable grills
    my 74's are not removable
  2. Budman's post in Klipsch items to sell was marked as the answer   
    welcome to the forum. are they still in AZ if their close to me i'm interested in the LaScalas only
    as far as uploading pictures you can only post one picture at a time. you have to respond to the post. hit the options tab. hit the add/update tab.hit browse. get your pictures. scroll to the far right and hit the save tab. hit the post tab
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