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  1. Without seeing a schematic that is a little difficult to answer. You may find that some tube brands will have more of an effect in one area than another. The preamp you have will benefit from having good quality tubes in either position. Some people think that a tube in a cathode follower position is not that important sonically, but it is. In general gain stage tubes are more susceptible to problems that non-gain stages, but again it is very circuit dependent. The only way to answer your question definitively is for you to experiment. I would pick one side and give it a go, then later swap the left and right to see the difference, if any.
  2. Very likely, he had those big bass bins but did have a habit of REALLY cranking and turning the bass up. He kept a supply of replacement drivers in stock. This is what he had for sale when I bought them. He drilled holes in the bottom and hung them upside down from the ceiling.
  3. I was able to slip my phone in there and get a pic.
  4. The suspense is killing me so I am opening it up, stay tuned....
  5. When i posted these pix I had already closed the dog houses. I did a re-wire and noticed the woofers, the one that was not marked on the back i did not have to remove to solder new wires on, so I didn't. The other I had to take out, and of course it is a replacement as indicated by the R on the magnet. It looks to me like someone did some work on the dust cap (see photo) maybe the voice coil was replaced?? This pic is of the K-43. I bought these from a skating rink (5 years ago) that went out of business and I know the guy replaced blown drivers from time to time. Considering the application I would have thought that they would be K-43 but who knows. This is going to bug the crap out of me until I open them up again. They are so heavy I have a very hard time flipping them over.
  6. Sorry, I really can't get any better pix right now.
  7. I bought the 1981 La Scalas about 5 years ago. I knew one had a woofer replaced. You can see in the photo it is a K-43E. The other speaker's woofer does not have a model number on it. Is it a K-43E also, or a K-33E? Thanks, David
  8. Price change to $110 shipped in the continental US.
  9. In perfect condition, I have used it off and on for a couple of years. KAB model TD-1200 the trough, paddle and allen wrench are included. I have a large bottle of generic 60,000 CST silicone that I will include if the buyer wants it. I am putting a Jelco arm on my 1200 so I no longer need it. $130 shipped with insurance in the continental US. PayPal only. Thanks, David
  10. If you use Heresy III woofers in a Heresy II you have to make changes to the crossover. The impedance is different. They will sound boomy if you don't.
  11. Will do, I just ordered the SL last night.
  12. I installed Cinemag CM1254 transformers inside of my phono preamp and adjustable input impedance so I can vary the load the trannys see. Never tried a Denon 103. Had a Denon 301MKii, it was a little more detailed than the Hana EL but the Hana has better bass. So I thought I would go for the shibata if I can come up with the coins. I was laid off in January and went into semi-retirement working part time so I have to think ahead to upgrade.
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