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  1. If you use Heresy III woofers in a Heresy II you have to make changes to the crossover. The impedance is different. They will sound boomy if you don't.
  2. Will do, I just ordered the SL last night.
  3. I installed Cinemag CM1254 transformers inside of my phono preamp and adjustable input impedance so I can vary the load the trannys see. Never tried a Denon 103. Had a Denon 301MKii, it was a little more detailed than the Hana EL but the Hana has better bass. So I thought I would go for the shibata if I can come up with the coins. I was laid off in January and went into semi-retirement working part time so I have to think ahead to upgrade.
  4. I bought this Hana EL 2 months ago and have between 60 and 70 hours on it. I like the Hana sound and decided to go for the Shibata version (SL). I can trade it in for about the same price and they will re-sell it for $375 so I figured I would try to sell it here if anyone was interested in one they can save a few bucks. If no one wants it I will just trade it in. I have more pics, message me if interested. PayPal only. $300 shipped with insurance in the lower 48 USA.
  5. I said that here a couple of years ago in response to a similar post, I said different not better or worse and was seriously flamed by "tube experts" here that said changing the rectifier tube cannot change the sound....
  6. I am cleaning out some of my stuff I don't use so here are two cartridges: Audio Technica AT120E, the cartridge has about 300-400 hours on it. The stylus has about 100. I used it with an AT150mlx stylus (sold) the rest of the time. $55 shipped in the lower 48. Shure M97xe the cartridge and stylus have about 200 hours on them. $45 shipped in the lower 48. PayPal. Both worked fine the last time I used them. Both will be packed securely and shipped with their original boxes. prices are firm. If the same person takes both the price is $90 shipped. Thanks David
  7. Yes they are complete and ready to go.
  8. For sale a pair of KG4 crossovers. They are out of a pair that I used to own. The capacitors have been updated. The 3uf and 8uf with Solen FastCaps and the 33uf with a bipolar electrolytic, I think it is Bendix but not certain. The mounting cups are NOT included, just what you see in the pix. $40 (PayPal) shipped in the lower 48. Thanks
  9. So were these 4 rectifiers of a different type? Some were some weren't. If all were the same type and you measured 4 widely different voltages from them I'd be careful of your tube source... you should be able to take a dozen of the same type rectifier tubes from different manufacturers and not see a major difference in the B+ I didn't say widely or major in describing the voltage difference My point was that changing rectifiers can (and does in my experience) change the sound.
  10. I have a Hagerman Cornet 2 that uses tube rectification. I have used 4 different rectifier tubes and they all make it sound a little different. A lot of people claim that if it is not in the signal chain it does not affect the sound, that is baloney. Everything affects the sound, particularly with tubes because small changes in voltages such as bias will change the sound. Different rectifiers will usually have a different voltage drop, which affects the B+, which can affect the sound. The B+ was different with every rectifier that I used. I was a licensed electronic tech in the tube days of the 70s, so I have a decent understanding of what is going on but I don't claim to be an expert.
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