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  1. Fellas life is full of choices. I would say there’s plenty of info out there on the time this takes to receive your order, if you choose not to wait ok if you choose to wait ok if you choose to change your mind and cancel your order ok but the only person you have to ***** at is your self for making your choice leave The guy alone
  2. Finally received mine today.Had little hope but maybe it’s going to be a good year!
  3. Checking to see if any extra were purchased buy the klipsch museum?My shipping info says mine is still in Birmingham Alabama. I could make a donation to the museum If they have 1 for sale. I have little hope for mine arriving.Thanks for any information
  4. Woe is me still haven’t received my Dope from Hope. USUP tracking says it’s still in Birmingham AL,been there since November 27. anyone else still waiting?
  5. Yup museums use it for everything metals paintings etc. glad I could help
  6. Still got hope but no love or dope yet here in middle illinois
  7. Renaissance wax a little goes a long way. Look it up you will be impressed.
  8. Thanks all who worked hard on this project just ordered mine
  9. Check out renaissance wax works great .
  10. Birch wood Casey tru oil it’s sold as a gun stock refinishing oil .look it up you can use as few or many Coates as you want to get your desired finish.I refinished my 1985 fortes last winter and they turned out beautiful.For further protection you can use renaissance wax look it up used in museums on many things for protection.
  11. Ann Wilson stairway to heaven. yup that’s it
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