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    Large K-79 Tweeter Horn Lens Road Show

    Ok so this sound like a fit for me . Forte 1 upgraded to titanium diaphragms rebuilt x overs both from bob.Sound so much better but lookin for something more.currently running Yamaha R7 receiver bought at the same time I purchased the speakers 1985.All thoughts and suggestions welcome.Never have or had an opportunity to try tubes so thoughts on that also. Thanks let’s here it
  2. Jive talkin

    Forte 1 tweeters

    Thanks moray as I use your info and pan down the forum I see Dave has developed a new tweeter drop in based on the k79 that I believe will drop right in to my forte1 speakers.I am waiting to get a response from him and if his answer is agreeable I will take the plunge.
  3. Jive talkin

    Forte 1 tweeters

    I am trying to find k75k tweeters. I want an additional pair so I can just swap them out with different diaphragms as opposed to having to change just the diaphragms. Why you ask cause that’s what we do sometimes to scratch that itch
  4. Jive talkin

    Forte crossover upgrade

    Changed the diaphragms in my tweeters to titanium’s from Crites sound a little bold. Question is has anyone tried the diaphragms from s s audio? Or contrary to what I read will the titanium ease up a bit? Oh forte 1 speakers
  5. Jive talkin

    Forte crossover upgrade

    Thanks billyBob I have a little time now to devote to my listening again and I know I will learn a lot from all the great people here.
  6. Jive talkin

    Forte crossover upgrade

    Wow just tryin to be happy again with my speakers and a lot of negativity.Maybe I joined the wrong forum.But no I won’t let a bunch of negative old turds discourage me so there.
  7. Jive talkin

    Forte crossover upgrade

    Finally did it to my original purchase1985 fortes. Its a long story and we can get into later but all I have to say is thanks to you all here and that magician named BOB CRITES . Brings me back to 1985 wow