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  1. Yeah I mean front sides when I posted that. Thanks everyone for all the help, patiently waiting for my receiver to show up to fire this up in my house. I heard it at the sellers house before I bought it and it sounded great and can't beat the price.
  2. Thanks! That actually makes things a lot easier in the room Is the 6th foot height about right?
  3. So I just picked up an older Klipsch system that was in mint condition. Could not believe I got the entire 5.1 speaker set up for $200. The set up is 2 - RF3 II Sides 1 RC3 II center 2 RS3 II Rears 1 KSW-12 Sub I have a Denon AVR-X3100W on its way that should be here Friday. 2 questions. 1. For the 2 RS3 II rears, I am not able to mount them on the wall directly behind the couch as there no wall of place to put a shelve. With a 5.1 set up does it make sense to mount them at about 6 feet on the wall o=r book shelf on each side of the couch. Maybe a foot behind the couch or even with listeners ear? 2. Should the sub sit in the rear of the room behind the couch or front of the room near. With eh sub facing down the bass should be omni directional right? Thanks for the help here
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