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  1. Lol. Totally depends as you suggested. However, here is where your room configuration (width and depth as well as wall vs open space) comes in on having direct vs wide dispersion speakers (like rs-3) come in. Generally speaking, direct is preferred for object based surround like ATMOS but it is accepted to have bipole if there are placement constraints. Therefore, I’d say to place your direct firing speaker where it’d match the Dolby guide and use the rs-3 for where you cannot. Move around and have fun . ATMOS has some nice test/demo tracks you can try. I like the leaf and amaze as they are short and sweet to highlight the surround and overhead. You can see which configuration gives you more seamless panning.
  2. Anytime, ya, as long as you don't drill holes etc, bookshelf are easy to move with stand. : ) As you can see in the guide, your side surround would move directly to the side, vs slightly behind when you go from 5.2.2 to 7.2.2. I do think the RS-3 would be more suited for side surround given its bi-pole / wide dispersion profile. Especially given your room is long? (assume 20 is long and 14 is width). Either case, you can play around based on how they can be placed, and if there is open area etc. The Polk Audio would be more direct. Make sure you run the Audyssey calibration after you placement.
  3. I’d suggest to start with what you have first. Which would be the 5.2.2. You can either mount the rp-500sa or use as up firing mode to make it even easier to try. dolby has the speaker guide here you can also use for planning 5.2.2 or any configuration beyond. https://www.dolby.com/us/en/technologies/dolby-atmos/dolby-atmos-home-theater-installation-guidelines.pdf Follow the suggested speaker locations as much as you can. Except the subwoofers, for that, if you haven’t, google up subwoofer crawl and follow the process to find optimal (and allowable based on room configuration) location for them for optimal bass output and feel. enjoy the journey! Kevin
  4. Can see just slightly ahead the top screw for the plate wasn’t screwed all the way in. Mounted with the top screw of the plate.
  5. RP-600m spec: (H x W x D) 15.69” x 7.95” x 11.85” RP-500SA spec:(H x W x D) 7.39” x 6.81” x 11.16” Based on W x D can see RP-500SA is smaller than 600m. References: https://www.klipsch.ca/products/rp-600m-bookshelf-speaker https://www.klipsch.ca/products/rp-500sa-dolby-atmos-elevation-surround-speaker#product-specs
  6. According to Dolby speaker placement guide (https://www.dolby.com/us/en/technologies/dolby-atmos/dolby-atmos-home-theater-installation-guidelines.pdf), you can use front and rear heights. (vs. overhead). They have a drawing for the 7.1.6 (with front and rear height in addition to top middle overhead) you can use for guideline of placement. I think using RP-500SA mounted in front and rear walls is better than mounting them on the ceiling as that's what they're designed for. May not have as much dispersion as a ceiling mounted speaker have.
  7. Given you have two rows of seating, additional height may be appreciated. I think ultimately, it boils down to your room's dimension and how the additional front wide or height placement matches the suggested Dolby placement guide (https://www.dolby.com/us/en/technologies/dolby-atmos/dolby-atmos-home-theater-installation-guidelines.pdf). I attached the 9.1.6 placement guide as it shows both suggested front wide as well as ceiling placements. However, if you already have 4 ceiling speakers, there is only really once more place to goto .6, that'd be the centre height (add to the front and real height) which may require more work. Hence I was suggesting to see how the front wide placement may work for you. Klipsch Atmos (assume you're speaking of RP-500SA) won't really be good for front wides IMO. Because front wides should be at similar/same level as your LCR. Whereas the RP-500SA is either for up-firing or mounted on the ceiling as height. And you want the front wide to be about 70-50 degrees. I'd agree that if you have the receiver, a good way to try out is with the R-41s you already have. But sounds like you'd have to get the Denon 8500 first which is not a small investment. I'm also not sure how the RS-62 would mingle with front wide as RS-62 is bipole. I guess it'd be more position dependent. (i.e. row 1 vs row 2 in your case) I guess as it is for all of us, this is not really a need but a want. : ) Either case, you already have a great system!
  8. That 75” looks like a 40” next to those Jubilee! Nice!
  9. I recently went from 7.1.4 to 9.1.4 and really enjoy the added front wides. I find it provided more surround integration from the front stage to the sides. I was worried the front wide would take away from the front stage but looks like what’s played on the wide are more of the ambient tracks. i think ultimately it depends on the shape of your room if front wide is better than 2 more ceiling as top centres. If you have multiple rows of seating and the room is long then I think addition of top center will help. If you have a single row, I think it’d be worth trying front wides first.
  10. Looking at Dolby speaker placement guide for 5.1.2, it shows the surround slightly behind the seating position. https://www.dolby.com/us/en/guide/speaker-setup-guides/5.1.2-overhead-speaker-setup-guide.html Given the bipole nature of rp-502s, I think having speaker behind on the side would be fine. Given there is height speakers, suggest to mount rp-502s at ear height.
  11. Good catch. The screen is acoustically transparent so by spec it loses 3.09 db. (https://elitescreens.com/front/front/productdetail/product/281) There is the lower section of the screen going across the LS woofers but given its lower frequency it didn't appear to have much effect even by REW measurements. I was going to raise all three LS but part of me wanted to build out the Jubscala. : )
  12. Long time lurker, thought I'd post my HT 2.0 inspired by @Youthman's 3 La Scala and movable screen. : ) I was going to build the custom screen but ended up getting an Elite Screen BF deal and made the frame move like what @Diver_Ron at avsforum had. All worked out. The recent update: Sound: 3 La Scala (had RF42ii and RC64 iii), and jumped to 9.1.4 by adding the 2 RP-600m as front wides. Screen: Moved to Elite Screens 120" 16:9 (from 106") and build out the larger screen - so I could fit the La Scalas behind - talk about an excuse for update! Equipment: AVR: Denon x8500H Projector: BenQ: HT3550 Screen: Elite Screens acoustically transparent 1080P3 120" 16:9 LCR: Klipsch La Scala (with Crites 4500 crossover and CT120) Front Wides: Klipsch RP-600m Surrounds (side and rear): Yamaha NW-IW470 Heights (front and rear): Yamaha NS-IW280C Subwoofer: Power Sound Audio (PSA) V1510DF What's next? Perhaps update the surround in walls to 5800... and adding another PSA subwoofer.
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    Great seller and great gear! GLWS! Picked up a RC64 iii from him on my last road trip, smooth transaction and communication. I think I need a bigger car for next trip! lol
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