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  1. Thank you everyone for the input, I appreciate it! I am having a lot of fun researching and building a system. I am going to stick with 9 channels. I am leaning towards option: C- 2 side surrounds, 2 rear surrounds in the ceiling, 2 in-ceiling atmos. I really like the action sound coming from the rear (the way I wrote that did not sounded good 🤔) but it does seem to be a rare occasion when sound is sent to those channels, maybe it depends on the movie audio coding? When selection a Receiver, do I have to match the 8 ohms of my speakers to the receiver? The 2 receivers I have specked out so far in the post above are both 4 ohms. People in the know always say do not focus and spend $ on too much receiver Wattage. From what I am reading, Klipsch speakers are efficient. I just want to make sure I get what I paid for out of my speakers. What should the wattage range of a receiver be for my R-820F 150W/600W speakers? My budget for a 9 channel receiver is $1,500 As far as receiver features what are basic must haves and what should I look out for? I will primarily be using this for watching movies, I don't imagine I will use this much for music listening. I will be using ceiling speakers for atmos. I do not need multiple room set ups. I did not have video running through my old receiver. Why would you run video through a receiver, just for turning on/off all components easily? Inputs: HDMI Blu-ray player HDMI Roku I have ethernet cable for the internets but I am guessing I will run that to the Roku and then the Roku HDMI to the receiver? Coaxial TV antenna for local channels Outputs: 9.2 audio channels HDMI to Projector?
  2. How about one of these receivers for the speakers I have? I will be adding a 4K projector
  3. BTW- Why are in-wall and in-ceiling speakers more expensive? I thought they were less $
  4. Oh great, you just confused me more with that dolby site 😜. Seriously though, thanks for the info Univek, it gives me ideas I did not consider before. The back of my theater area is an open room so if I add rear surround, I would have to put them on the ceiling. I used to have a 6.1 mini speaker setup in a previous house and I loved the helicopter, airplane, rain etc. sounds coming from behind. I do not have the budget for 7.2.4 right now. I will only be able to purchase side surrounds and ceiling atmos for now. I am looking for side surround. I was considering 4 side speakers in the future because I will have 2 rows of seats. Maybe 2 Klipsch RP surrounds will be enough for my side surrounds? If you can only choose 1 of the 3 setups, which would you pick? A- 4 side surrounds and 2 ceiling atmos B- 2 side surrounds and 4 ceiling atmos C- 2 side surrounds, 2 rear surrounds in the ceiling, 2 ceiling atmos I have not researched an AV receiver yet. With the following speaker power I have so far, (the sides and ceiling atmos will be the same or lower). What power should I look for in a receiver? One thing I will be gambling on is the amount of speakers I want in the future. 7.2.4 or 7.2.2
  5. Is there not any Reference on-wall or in-wall surround speakers that will work with what I purchased? Is my question confusing?
  6. I am building a home theater room in my basement. I purchased the R-820F, R-34C & R-120SW. I am looking for compatible on-wall or in-wall rear surrounds and in-ceiling atmos speakers. The R-820 home theater system package recommendation on the website includes the R-51M for the rear surround and these are bookshelf, I do not have room for a stand. The R-41SA look like on-top-speaker mount and I have the ability to install in-ceiling, which I thought is the optimal location for atmos speakers. Can anyone recommend on-wall or in-wall rear surrounds and in-ceiling atmos speakers that will work with what I already purchased and is along the same value?
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