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  1. Helpful information, thank you. I'll keep them closer to the height of the front right and left horns which are already ear level.
  2. 5.2.4 setup I have the RP-402S for my surrounds. I have 2 rows of seats. Since the RP-402S have 2 speakers that are pointed at an angle away from each other, I am mounting these between the 2 rows of seats, perfect! My question is how high to mount these? - Dolby installation guide image shows these at or even below ear level! - Most people say to mount these speakers a couple feet above ear level. Which way should I go?
  3. Ok, I am starting down the rabbit hole. At first, I figured I'd have an advantage installing atmos speakers in my ceiling, which I think would be desired over the reflective off the ceiling speakers, especially since I'm installing an acoustic panel ceiling. Also, my understanding of atmos is that the sound coming from these speakers is "environmental", E.g. the sound of rain or thunder from no particular location enveloping you. So I initially thought these did not have to be pointed at the listener. Then I started reading about the importance of pointing ceiling speakers at the listeners, especially the tweeter. I am looking to buy 8" speakers and the ones with a pivoting tweeter are out of my price range. I do have a low ceiling, which I think is important to mention, 7 1/2 ft. The locations in my layout drawing may have to move a bit because I will be competing with ceiling joists. I am looking at purchasing old Klipsch R-1800-C Is it ok to have these in-ceiling atmos speakers down firing in the general locations I have them? Or should I look at speakers that can be mounted to the ceiling and then I can easily point them to the listeners? If I go with the ceiling mount as opposed to the in-ceiling, it does not look like klipsch makes this style, or do they?
  4. @wuzzzer I was mistaken. I was looking at the sale price of the R-820F $250, compared to the original priced R-34C $400
  5. What goes into a center channel speaker that make it almost double the price of a matched front surround speaker? I look at the center speaker compared to the front surround and the cones are smaller, box is smaller.
  6. Thanks for the feedback! @inMotionGraphics Very helpful.
  7. I am looking for advice on Surround speakers based on my floorplan and what I currently have purchased. I currently have: R-820F R-12SW R-34C I am thinking about mounting this above my screen and tilting down rather than below and tilting up. My theory is that the center will reach further back into the room above the screen. Any thoughts? I still need to purchase: Surrounds, I am thinking RP-402S. I do not know what else to get that is wall mounted. I was going to place these at ear level but I read somewhere that surrounds should be a couple feet above ear level. Since the RP-402S are bidirectional, I plan on having them a little further back from the primary front and center seat. Is this the correct position for these? I am price conscious and these RP-402S are pushing me towards the top of my budget. I'm not even sure if these are a good match for the Front R-820F. Are these big enough? Does anyone have other recommendations for on-wall surrounds in this layout? I still need to purchase in-ceiling speakers for atmos setup. I have no idea what to get. Any recommendations?
  8. Thank you everyone for the input, I appreciate it! I am having a lot of fun researching and building a system. I am going to stick with 9 channels. I am leaning towards option: C- 2 side surrounds, 2 rear surrounds in the ceiling, 2 in-ceiling atmos. I really like the action sound coming from the rear (the way I wrote that did not sounded good 🤔) but it does seem to be a rare occasion when sound is sent to those channels, maybe it depends on the movie audio coding? When selection a Receiver, do I have to match the 8 ohms of my speakers to the receiver? The 2 receivers I have specked out so far in the post above are both 4 ohms. People in the know always say do not focus and spend $ on too much receiver Wattage. From what I am reading, Klipsch speakers are efficient. I just want to make sure I get what I paid for out of my speakers. What should the wattage range of a receiver be for my R-820F 150W/600W speakers? My budget for a 9 channel receiver is $1,500 As far as receiver features what are basic must haves and what should I look out for? I will primarily be using this for watching movies, I don't imagine I will use this much for music listening. I will be using ceiling speakers for atmos. I do not need multiple room set ups. I did not have video running through my old receiver. Why would you run video through a receiver, just for turning on/off all components easily? Inputs: HDMI Blu-ray player HDMI Roku I have ethernet cable for the internets but I am guessing I will run that to the Roku and then the Roku HDMI to the receiver? Coaxial TV antenna for local channels Outputs: 9.2 audio channels HDMI to Projector?
  9. How about one of these receivers for the speakers I have? I will be adding a 4K projector
  10. BTW- Why are in-wall and in-ceiling speakers more expensive? I thought they were less $
  11. Oh great, you just confused me more with that dolby site 😜. Seriously though, thanks for the info Univek, it gives me ideas I did not consider before. The back of my theater area is an open room so if I add rear surround, I would have to put them on the ceiling. I used to have a 6.1 mini speaker setup in a previous house and I loved the helicopter, airplane, rain etc. sounds coming from behind. I do not have the budget for 7.2.4 right now. I will only be able to purchase side surrounds and ceiling atmos for now. I am looking for side surround. I was considering 4 side speakers in the future because I will have 2 rows of seats. Maybe 2 Klipsch RP surrounds will be enough for my side surrounds? If you can only choose 1 of the 3 setups, which would you pick? A- 4 side surrounds and 2 ceiling atmos B- 2 side surrounds and 4 ceiling atmos C- 2 side surrounds, 2 rear surrounds in the ceiling, 2 ceiling atmos I have not researched an AV receiver yet. With the following speaker power I have so far, (the sides and ceiling atmos will be the same or lower). What power should I look for in a receiver? One thing I will be gambling on is the amount of speakers I want in the future. 7.2.4 or 7.2.2
  12. Is there not any Reference on-wall or in-wall surround speakers that will work with what I purchased? Is my question confusing?
  13. I am building a home theater room in my basement. I purchased the R-820F, R-34C & R-120SW. I am looking for compatible on-wall or in-wall rear surrounds and in-ceiling atmos speakers. The R-820 home theater system package recommendation on the website includes the R-51M for the rear surround and these are bookshelf, I do not have room for a stand. The R-41SA look like on-top-speaker mount and I have the ability to install in-ceiling, which I thought is the optimal location for atmos speakers. Can anyone recommend on-wall or in-wall rear surrounds and in-ceiling atmos speakers that will work with what I already purchased and is along the same value?
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