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  1. Another thought: RP-400M or RP-402s for that placement?
  2. Hello everybody, my rear Speaker (Klipsch Rp-400m) arrived and i put them on my speaker stands behind the Couch. But than i remembered, my plan was to place a round basstrap in the left corner. Now i have three options: Wallmount the speakers (but then they would be a little closer to the wall and need to be around 15cm higher. Now they are at about 94cm height. The round Basstrap is 1m) put a basstrap on both sides and place the speaker on them (the right one wouldnt be as effective, because no corner there) move the speaker forward, to the side of the listening position, so that i can place the basstrap behind. (i think even now there is not enough space between listening position and speaker and then there would be less) (the canvas for the naked wall are already on the way) What do you think? Thanks in Advance
  3. Another Update: With my Subwoofer (and the not ideal placement...) there is not much difference between the 600m and 500m. I even think the 500m are a little bit clearer. So i will sell the 600m again and geht the 400m for rears and save up for the 500c
  4. Well... i came across some 600m and tried the new Placement. The TV is not in the middle of the two speakers, but almost in the middle of the couch. And i think the stereo "triangle" is pretty good? I am not sure the 600m make a big difference to the 500m but the new placement definitely does! All of a sudden there is real stereo
  5. @willland Thanks for your answer! On the right are the Windows and the heater 😕 Besides that, the couch is about 2,52m and the room only 3,5m
  6. Hello Everybody! i´d like to ask if you think its worth changing the placing of my speakers. The photo is taken from the middle spot of my couch. (i know, the setup is quiet horrible, but the space is very limited ^^) The changings are marked red. - buy wallmounts for my speakers - wallmount the front speakers at the LS marked circles - move the tv 18cm to the left - place the AVR on the Sideboard Speakers: Klipsch RP-500m Sub: SVS SB2000 AVR: Denon X3500 (the litte stand the tv is placed on: i build it to place a RP-500C in it, in the future. For rears i´d like to use the 400m) if i would do that, the left speaker would be around 74cm away from the tv and the right speaker about 60-65cm. The (at least i think) advantages : - TV would be almost in the middle from the middlespot of the couch - the "stereo stage" would be mouch wider - the AVR gets air - i could use the third drawer again disadvantages: - TV would not be in the middle from the two front speakers - the Speakers would be to close to the wall? What do you think? Would be thankful for any advice :) If it worked that way, i almost thought about upgrading to 600m , but i think they definitely need more space, right? ^^ ...and sorry for my bad english. +.+
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