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  1. My man cave consists of a 7.2.2 Atmos set up currently using (2) R-820F, R-34C, (2) R-41SA front Atmos, (2) RS-42ll side surrounds, (2) R-51M rear surrounds and (2) R-120SW. Running the show is an Integra DRX 7.1, Emotiva XPA-DR3, Custom Emotiva 8 Channel (eight-4-2s), Xbox 1x, Panamax MR4300, all rack mounted in a RED ATOM 27U enclosed rack with a variety of cooling by AC Infinity and finally vision supplied by a Sony XBR 75X800G. I did just acquire a set of RF 7's. I am refinishing the cabinets in the Cherry color they came in and am looking at getting a matching Center Channel. Once I finish them this speaker set up will shift. I will add pictures when I am home and can add them via cell. I love all the different set-ups, gives me so many ideas for my other house. As I said my set up is legit Man-Cave. But it RIPS!!
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