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  1. Youthman's post in Forum challenge is so difficult that I had to call tech support was marked as the answer   
    Hi Mike, sorry for the troubles registering for the forum. The forum was redesigned about a year ago. I'll reach out to Chad who set it up and have him look into it.
  2. Youthman's post in Help with K-horns was marked as the answer   
    Roger, it looks like his preamp has xovers for bass and for treble (not sure I've seen one for treble before).  I've never owned khorns so I'll let others make suggestions.  THX recommends starting at 80Hz for bass.  I have my LaScalas set at 60Hz.

  3. Youthman's post in New RP-280F System Can't Post Photos was marked as the answer   
    This is the first time I've tried to add a "Gallery" to a post.  Here's how I did it.
    I went to Gallery, click "Upload" at the top right.  Create New Gallery...give it a name.  I then added one image (don't forget to hit Upload".  You will see it is now attached.  Then do the same for the remaining photos.
    Once the gallery was created, I came to your post, clicked on the "My Media" and chose "Gallery Album".  
    Looks like you can also do the same and instead of choosing "Gallery Album", you can choose individual images by choosing "Gallery Images"

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