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  1. TTT - where the shown Pelican case is how will be shipped (which is how I shipped for refurb') and included with the purchase. Also found the receipt copy too. Thank you! Best Regards, Rick
  2. Hi Mark - looks like a shipping estimate via FedEx or UPS, from Phoenix to Indianapolis is around $90. Thanks!
  3. Hi Mark - sorry for late response and let me check on the shipping. I am not recalling the cost for shipping to Moon Audio/PaulH, but do recall wasn't anything crazy - back to you tomorrow (Tuesday). Thanks! Best Regards, Rick
  4. seems like decent deal no affiliation... https://phoenix.craigslist.org/wvl/ele/d/litchfield-park-klipsch-cornwall/7647929785.html
  5. Greetings All - moving in different direction for my garage setup, so want to see if any forum interest in an awesome Kenny amplifier. I picked the amp up about 5 years ago & had full monty refurbish summer 2019 by Moon Audio/PaulH. Not only the inside components, he really cleaned up the faceplate as well. This rocks and I can say that I've never had to turn this thing past 10 O'clock position (have run Forte II and KP-3002). The only functional challenge is the 2 Filters (Subsonic &. High) needing a thorough cleaning as sometimes need to toggle one of them on/off to for getting both channels to play (otherwise only 1 channel outputs). I thought about messing around with myself, however I thought otherwise for messing with the insides. I also have an old school Kenny tuner too if there is any desire in a similar period tuner - love that weighted dial, spinning it never gets old. I can use it in my next setup, however am not against an offer if someone wants an old-school setup. My plan is for shipping in a nice Pelican case w/ instrument packing foam which I used when sending to Moon Audio/PaulH. I'm asking $750 + split the shipping, which is obviously less than I have into it - however want to find it a good home & does need the filter button cleanings. I will post other photo's shortly and please let me know if any questions or details needed - thank you for your consideration! Best Regards, Rick Chandler, AZ
  6. Thanks guys for the feedback - from searching on this model, looks like they have less than robust amp - but hey for $20, I think can be a good learning experience with potential payoff should I actually get it working. Also being in Chandler AZ - Edwards Electronics is nearby Mesa should I really want to invest in this - but I don't think so for this particular model. I will reach out to the seller to see if can make this happen. Thanks again!! Aloha, Rick
  7. Greetings to the experts - does anyone recognize what Klipsch model this is? Guessing only one active. I'm thinking maybe a good little project to see if can get this working again - would end up as my garage subwoofer. Greatly appreciate any thoughts as what this & in your opinion, worthwhile as a little project? Thank you very much! https://tucson.craigslist.org/ele/d/tucson-klipsch-two-12-inch-subwoofer/7635417776.html Best Regards, Rick
  8. Oh lordy - I'm in adjacent city and spectacular price and cherry.......
  9. And they're gone.... i get weak in the knees for Mahogany...
  10. I have a pair of KSM-12 sitting underneath my home office desk - have the 12" woofers, not the big boy 15" like these - have an accompanying 12" sub and well, sure it's overkill for desktop setup but that's how I roll 😀 BTW - these are LOUD!!
  11. Greetings @swdealmaker - apologies as I have been out of pocket & now back online! I'd be happy to loan you the Academy to try out - say for a week or so (I haven't yet put these up on local CL), would that work for you? That Sunfire amp sounds like some serious firepower!! Please PM me and we can work something out, sounds like we're super close location wise. Best Regards, Rick
  12. Thanks all for title correction - is of course Walnut Oil! My brain must have been thinking 'oak' and my fingers typed it out - corrected now & my bad!!
  13. @tigerwoodKhorns sorry - no upcoming travel plans ;( Hope you guys are fairing better temperature-wise than PHX, with humidity feels more like Houston nowadays!!
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