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  1. no affiliation - if I didn't recently pick up some CF3s, these would be hard to pass up for the price.... https://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/ele/d/camp-verde-klipsch-klf-20-speakers/7046240520.html
  2. Super, looks like they sold quickly - hello from fellow Chandler Klipsch fan!!
  3. Rather oddly of all places, Chandler has pretty decent semiconductor setup and MicroChip is a larger firm (fabs & support folks), with Intel the biggest (fabs & support folks). I spent 10 years at Intel and now with a German semiconductor firm Infineon - has supporting folks here (no MFG) where pretty much everyone is an alumni from Intel, Motorola, NXP, ONSemi, Amkor, and others. I developed an allergy to snow and enjoy Phoenix area, folks say it gets hot here in summer but (a) it's a dry heat and (b) you don't have to shovel sunshine
  4. Gotta chime in on this one - a UMR '86 graduate and not often you see Rolla MO come up. I was in a fraternity (Theta Xi) and my first roommate had Klipsch HIPs in our room (ahem), with a Kenwood amp (I think a KA-8100) - rock & roll!! Then another brother contributed to KMNR and he had a pair of LaScala's in his room used for mobile gigs. So, long story short - that is where my Klipsch addiction started. Fond memories of that place, we studied hard & partied hard!!
  5. Hi All - greetings from still summer like Phoenix, where needing to thin the herd (recently picked up some CF-3s). Up for consideration here before putting on local CL is a nice Forte 1 pair in WO finish and consecutive SNs. I have refreshed the crossovers with Crites capacitors and also updated to Crites Ti tweeter diaphrams (one went bad, have the other good one if desired). I also have the risers, although the corner plastic pieces need to be reglued in (I didn't use the risers). Pictures below - cabs have some marks here & there - I have a couple close ups on biggest issues. On the top of one cab, can see a couple slight cup/can water stain - can notice it at certain angles (not obnoxious stains). I'm asking a little less than what I have in them, that's OK as I'd be tickled if they could go to a forum member. Given their size and my inability to package, have this as local sale only - I'm in Phoenix area so if somebody in AZ, we could probably work something out. Please let me know if any questions or information needed - thanks for looking!
  6. no affiliation Beautiful set of Heresy's here in birchwood for sale. Serial numbers off by one. All original, unmolested condition. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/cph/ele/d/maricopa-vintage-klipsch-heresy-ii/6993257569.html
  7. no affiliation Klipsch Chorus II Hi-Fi speakers. Consecutive serial numbers. I believe this pair was manufactured in 1996. As far as I know these are stock and have not had anything replaced. They are fully functional and sound great. Cosmetically I would grade them a 6/10. The finish has nicks and some scrapes. A little black touch up paint would help a lot. One of the passive woofers on the back has a bump in the center, see pics. This doesn't affect the sound. The speakers are available to demo. Serious buyers can contact me to set up a time. I am NOT currently taking offers on these. NO trades. Cash only. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/cph/ele/d/phoenix-klipsch-chorus-ii-hi-fi/6993587694.html
  8. There's somebody here in Phoenix that has 2.5 for $75 - not exactly sure of differences. Thinking can't go too wrong for $75.... https://phoenix.craigslist.org/cph/mob/d/phoenix-klipsch-kg-25-book-shelf/6984940011.html
  9. I like the cover over the label, keeping it nice and sharp - haven’t seen that before.
  10. GLWS - I see the Zebra CD and I have that one - if a CD could get worn out from play, that would be mine 😀 Love that band but rarely see them played on any commercial broadcasts - now I have these songs floating in my head!
  11. no affiliation - listed at $799 https://phoenix.craigslist.org/cph/ele/d/flagstaff-klipsch-cornwall-ii/6968957963.html “A very nice set of Klipsch Cornwall II loudspeakers in original condition in walnut veneer cabinets. These are the sought after versions with the factory upgraded crossovers and are of course, very efficient, making lower powered amplification sound more accurate through the horn -loaded high and mid- frequency drivers and well constructed low frequency woofer. These are in nice shape with nice original grill covers and insignia and they have not been abused as I am an adult audiophile and drove these with a specially made boutique low powered amp.”
  12. No problem and did you see the Klipsch Cornwall II (walnut veneer cabinets) just posted on Craigslist Flagstaff? I’ll post a listing in Alerts with a link.
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