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  1. Hi Guys - thanks for the advice on the solder, where I will take a review on. Then also just for the record - I did speak with Jim @ JEMPerformance last month (referenced back on Page 1, near the bottom) and apparently these higher voltage/capacitance passives are problematic to source. Hence why I went this particular route, obviously the preferred route would be some factory direct cap's. Thanks again - greatly appreciated!
  2. Hi Guys - first, would like to say that I had no idea to the passions generated from this thread! I learned from what I could follow and all the conversation speaks to that passion. So just to followup on the network repair - so last weekend the cap's were replaced on one board w/ the severed connection & the second board remains original. My intention is just for a little 'side by side' comparison to see if my 'aged' hearing could substantiate any difference. After one week of cycling multiple CDs - I can report that the replaced cap' board speaker sounds a bit more bright/harsh than the other speaker. Granted this is in my garage and my 57 year old ears likely ain't what they used to be - but I can definitely say there is a slight difference. Honestly I'd prefer something really inbetween the 2 - where sometimes the brighter sound works for some songs and other times comes off as harsh. It's only been a week and I'll continue to play away with this - maybe swap back 2 of the original cap's (the 27 and 5.6) to see what happens (since these are the 2 cap's for the HF speaker). Will keep you posted and thanks again for the direct feedback & various conversations! Best Regards, Rick
  3. OK - after digesting the feedback and what I've learned, I have this strategy: will get a 2x capacitor set from Parts Connexion: Solen Capacitor 24.0uF 400Vdc PB Series + Solen Capacitor 27.0uF 400Vdc PB Series+ Mundorf Capacitor 5.60uF 250Vdc MCap Classic (MKP) since I have 1 working crossover - I will replace the entire capacitor set on the inoperable crossover direct compare both speakers (1 original cap's & 1 retrofit cap's) while running through my old school Kenny KA-9100 amp w/ various music CDs I think there is some 'burn in' time for new capacitors - so will have to let this go on for some several weeks before... if any notable acoustic differences - decide which speaker is most pleasant and then either (a) replace the Klipsch caps' on the working crossover or (b) reinstall the original Klipsh 5.6uF and 27uf cap's on the remaining crossover, leaving the Solen 24.0uF capacitor (as original Klipsch cap lead is toast) BTW - I also encountered for capacitor sourcing Percy Audio: https://www.percyaudio.com/Catalog.pdf Maybe not the most eloquent but that pretty much seems to be the situation at hand. Will come back and report on how this turns out - thank you again to the forum guidance and recommendations. Wish everyone a great holiday and 2022!! Best Regards, Rick
  4. Hi All - hope all is well with everyone! In the spirit of providing updates to what is now starting to have some drama - spoke today with Jim @ JEM. Very pleasant conversation where I learned that KP-3002 Professional speakers apparently have some Klipsch spec'd capacitors that are hard to source. We discussed tackling this from another angle - where paralleling some available Klipsch capacitors to achieve a desired capacitance (e.g. 2x 13uF + 1x 1uF = 27uF). Then for the 5.6uF Klipsch capacitor - sounds like that one is super hard to source or create via paralleling. The good news is that at least have a ton of room on the crossover board/inside the speakers should go the paralleling route. Obviously would be desirable to simply drop in a single Klipsch capacitor, where certainly there are other non-Klipsch choices out there - but understand there is sonic impact, which given the nature of now these KP-3002 speakers are used may not be a big deal - dunno. I have these in my garage, so not being used as or in any sort of "acoustic accuracy" setup. I am thinking to contact Klipsch directly but then again, if Jim/JEM can't get these - then I figure they don't have either. Pondering on this one - greatly appreciate any thoughts/guidance. Thanks very much!
  5. Thanks Randy - I will follow-up firstly with JEM Performance and see what they have to offer. Aloha, Rick
  6. Thanks guys and @Blvdre, appreciate those other sites and looks like Parts Connexion will be the way I go for new capacitors. Thanks again & happy holidays!
  7. Hi All - happy Saturday and thanks for all the guidance! So after swapping the horns and still having the the HF horn "intermittancy" - I swapped the crossover boards, where when using the known "good board" in the problem speaker - the problem went away. So - problem seems to lie with the crossover board and upon taking a closer inspection - can see something peculiar with the 27uF capacitor. One of the connector leads was 'broken' and also noted some sort of cheesy solder there - see pics below. I have no idea what is going on there & what would necessitate such a "repair". So - at this point, I will be placing an order with PartsExpress for some new capacitors (replace all 3 on both boards). If anyone has recommendations for other source for capacitors, greatly appreciate that. That should solve the issue and I'll be rocking soon - thanks again to this forum!! Aloha, Rick
  8. Thank guys for the quick guidance - I will try these tactics tomorrow & report back. Starting with the easiest first - swap the HF drivers. Thanks again!!
  9. Hello All - reaching out to the forum wisdom regarding a peculiar situation with a KP-3002 speaker. I recently picked up a used pair for garage usage and connected to my rebuilt Kenwood KA-9100 amp (via 1/4" mono plug). One speaker plays perfectly fine - yeah! The other has intermittent high frequency horn sound (say 80% time no sound) that when is outputting sound - sounds 'scratchy' and with diminished volume. Time to troubleshoot - here is what i have done: have swapped amp-to-speaker cables, no change removed & checked HF fuse, no apparent open or burnt fuse Ohm'd the original HF diaphragm and find 20-ish Ohms & for good measure, happened to have a spare diaphragm and swapped out, no change removed the woofer and while inside, visibly looked over connection wires from 1/4" plug to crossover board to high frequency horn, nothing obviously loose or open connections I'm scratching my head on this and would greatly appreciate any forum ideas. as a check to bypass the speaker plugs section - how about a simple direct wire the amp channel L/R into the crossover L/R? perhaps some flaky crossover passive component (everything is original by visual inspection)? or ???? Thank you very much for your time & feedback!! Best Regards, Rick
  10. Hi All - this is really close to me and I'm tempted, albeit the unit has a replacement active 12" woofer (seller has the original). Feedback from the seller when I asked about the original woofer is "the original driver started making a clanking sound and most likely needs to be reconed". I also asked about the make/model on the replacement 12" woofer but no response provided. I already have a RSW 12 and am a big fan of these, so am tempted (I am mechanically inclined, so not afraid to get my hands dirty) - any feedback, guidance from the experts here are greatly appreciated! https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/ele/d/gilbert-klipsch-rsw-12/7404059743.html
  11. TTT for some gorgeous speakers and shout out from Chandler, GLWYS!!
  12. No affiliation - look very clean and like the cane type grills https://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/ele/d/mesa-klipsch-cornwalls/7244678119.html
  13. Yes - in the ever pleasing mahogany finish - according to the description "Klipsch klf 30 in excellent condition the finish is mahogany " . My brother lives just on the other side in Kansas, got me thinking - but then again, I'm in Phoenix area and how to get them here.... 😆
  14. Oh my, the beloved Mahogany finish - be still my beating heart....
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