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  1. No affiliation - look very clean and like the cane type grills https://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/ele/d/mesa-klipsch-cornwalls/7244678119.html
  2. Yes - in the ever pleasing mahogany finish - according to the description "Klipsch klf 30 in excellent condition the finish is mahogany " . My brother lives just on the other side in Kansas, got me thinking - but then again, I'm in Phoenix area and how to get them here.... 😆
  3. Oh my, the beloved Mahogany finish - be still my beating heart....
  4. seems in great shape & priced reasonably & beloved Cherry finish https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/ele/d/gilbert-vintage-speakers-klipsch-cf-2/7122664347.html no affiliation
  5. Congrat's and well bought! As a relatively new CF3 owner - I feel comfortable saying you won't be disappointed , these are a whole lotta speakers (especially for the money). Be sure to eat your Wheaties before heading out as these bad boys are HEAVY!!!
  6. Interesting pairing here and something don't see everyday (at least not me) - no affiliation Cherry CF2s & all receipts - what looks like stashed away in storage locker as well.... https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/ele/d/phoenix-mcintosh-4275-receiver-klipsch/7076543616.html
  7. Funny - right after Dave's, I snooze I lose!
  8. Hmmm - thinking this could mate with my oldie but goodie Yamaha DSP-A1 via its external decoder inputs , put those nice Yammie amps back to good use. I don't watch 4K or have any 4K sources - so this setup should work out I think. Greatly appreciate any feedback/confirmation on this setup validity - I don't mean to step in the way of any immediate buyers, potential buyer here. Thanks very much! Best Regards, Rick
  9. no affiliation - if I didn't recently pick up some CF3s, these would be hard to pass up for the price.... https://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/ele/d/camp-verde-klipsch-klf-20-speakers/7046240520.html
  10. Super, looks like they sold quickly - hello from fellow Chandler Klipsch fan!!
  11. Rather oddly of all places, Chandler has pretty decent semiconductor setup and MicroChip is a larger firm (fabs & support folks), with Intel the biggest (fabs & support folks). I spent 10 years at Intel and now with a German semiconductor firm Infineon - has supporting folks here (no MFG) where pretty much everyone is an alumni from Intel, Motorola, NXP, ONSemi, Amkor, and others. I developed an allergy to snow and enjoy Phoenix area, folks say it gets hot here in summer but (a) it's a dry heat and (b) you don't have to shovel sunshine
  12. Gotta chime in on this one - a UMR '86 graduate and not often you see Rolla MO come up. I was in a fraternity (Theta Xi) and my first roommate had Klipsch HIPs in our room (ahem), with a Kenwood amp (I think a KA-8100) - rock & roll!! Then another brother contributed to KMNR and he had a pair of LaScala's in his room used for mobile gigs. So, long story short - that is where my Klipsch addiction started. Fond memories of that place, we studied hard & partied hard!!
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