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  1. Thanks all for title correction - is of course Walnut Oil! My brain must have been thinking 'oak' and my fingers typed it out - corrected now & my bad!!
  2. TTT - will keep it here for another week before CL - thanks!
  3. @tigerwoodKhorns sorry - no upcoming travel plans ;( Hope you guys are fairing better temperature-wise than PHX, with humidity feels more like Houston nowadays!!
  4. Hi All - greetings from hot hot Phoenix! Time to clean out space & thin the herd, where would love to find a home for these with a forum member. Up for consideration is a Forte II pair w/ risers & a Academy ; both in Walnut Oil finish. These are certainly not pristine, but also not that worked over either. Some pertinents: both Forte IIs have Crites capacitor replacements & titanium diaphragms if memory serves, pretty sure I also re-gasketed the various speakers/horns consecutive serial numbers some small corner nicks here & there ; overall cab' shapes fairly decent (I hope to be conservative in my grading) the riser inside corner plastic pieces are separated and all are included - figure new owner can reglue them at their discretion ; I didn't use the risers I didn't touch the Academy innards, I can certainly remove the backside crossover to inspect if requested the Academy is missing the badge For forum members - asking $750 for the Forte IIs and $150 for Academy : bundle deal $850. This is probably what I have in these or even a little less -should be a fair deal for both parties. I am located in Phoenix AZ area and can deliver within a "reasonable" distance - everyone knows how heavy these are, so local only - no shipments unless somebody arranges on their end (e.g. UShip or something similar). Honestly, I don't want any shipping responsibility as I would feel totally bad should something go awry. Will post other photo's in subsequent messages - let me know if there is something specific you'd like to see. Thank you very much for your time & consideration! Aloha, Rick
  5. Dang it - egging me on!! These look to be in super condition and mahogany.....
  6. Oh yes - my bad, I meant to say my desire for the 3-way versions!
  7. In the beloved Mahogany, so wish these were the 10" or 12" woofers - would be in my car driving down now!! no affiliation https://tucson.craigslist.org/ele/d/tucson-klipsch-standing-speakers/7513869664.html
  8. Oh boy - lordy what a smokin' deal....
  9. FWIW - my K-48-K that I pulled from one of my KP-3002s had identical screw-ins & the other one had push connectors (thinking due to different OEM suppliers?).
  10. And not surprisingly - showing SOLD...
  11. Hi - I might have the answer for your K-48-K, where long story short on my KP-3001 crossover refurbishments (drama on another thread) - I replaced one K-48-K with a Kappa 15-C. Thus I have a K-48-K sitting in the Emminence 15C shipping box all by its lonesome self. To help your journey (I am enjoying as others) - I would be glad to offer you my spare K-48-K gratis if you would pay shipping from ZIP 85248 (Phoenix area). I have to head out the door right now and can take some pics later today if you are interested. Aloha, Rick
  12. By any chance you find a source for the "Klipsch Professional" badges for these - I would love to get a couple for my KP-3002s. Good luck on the capacitor search - I learned the Professional series have pretty beefy cap's that aren't easy to source Klipsch OEM replacements (at last for mine). Looks like a fun project & then later enjoy - rock on!! Aloha, Rick
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