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  1. Klipsch overstates the sensitivity of its speakers. For example, the RP-280FA is rated at 98 dB but was measured to be 93 dB. You can read about that here: https://www.avsforum.com/forum/89-speakers/2980840-klipsch-rf-7-iii-speakers-review-3.html#post56552642 The RF-7 III is rated at 100 dB. If we subtract 5 dB from that spec, the continuous SPL with the 250 watt continuous rating is about 119 dB. With the 1000 watt peak rating, we get 125 dB. This is at 1 meter.
  2. I am referring to the rated SPL capabilities from 1 meter (how most speakers are measured/spec'd out). Also, I am talking about one RF-7 III, not the combined output of two or more along with subwoofers.
  3. What is the max continuous SPL and the max peak SPL of the RF-7 III?
  4. What's everyone's opinion on the picture quality of the better projectors vs. the better/best TVs today? Do you feel you give up some level of picture quality by getting a projector for the sake of a larger image vs. a TV? Or do you feel the better projectors can match the picture quality of the best TVs?
  5. Too close? If I am not mistaken, the ports are only used for the low frequencies. If I crossover the RF-7 IIIs at 80 Hz will there be any issue if they are only about 3" from the front wall?
  6. @Youthman, What happened to your two videos comparing the RF-7 III to the RF-7 II with Deang mods?
  7. Or are they only sold at MSRP because they are new? Referring to buying from a Klipsch dealer and not online.
  8. Thanks for the offer but I'm still planning things out at this stage and not really ready to buy anything just yet.
  9. I have a small room that is roughly 12 ft long x 11 ft wide x 9.5 ft high. The front wall will be completely taken up by the front speakers and the large TV (and the AV cabinet under the TV). One side wall has a large glass sliding door that leads to a small balcony and the other side wall has a large built-in closet. I cannot block or put anything along the two side walls. That leaves only the rear wall. I am thinking of putting two subwoofers near the two rear corners with the seating about 3-4 ft in front of the rear wall. Will this give me good bass coverage or am I doomed in this room?
  10. If I have the KI-396-SMA-II for front left and right along with the KI-398-RGL for the center, what Klipsch Pro speakers should I use for the side and back surrounds? For the ceiling speakers (for Atmos/DTS:X) I'm thinking of the KPT-801 as it comes with the C-bracket for mounting to a concrete ceiling. If you were to ask me, I'd probably get the KI-102-SMA-II for the side and back surrounds over the KI-262-SMA-II and KI-272-SMA-II because it has a 90 degree horizontal and vertical coverage. The KI-262-SMA-II and KI-272-SMA-II have a much tighter 40 degree horizontal and 60 degree vertical coverage which might not preferable for surround speakers. Any comments/opinions will be appreciated.
  11. @MetropolisLakeOutfitters I remember you stating that the KI-396-SMA-II was much(?) better than the RF-7 II. What about when compared to the RF-7 III? Is it still better than the new RF-7 III?
  12. Thanks. But doesn't Dolby recommend monopoles for the surround speakers with Atmos?
  13. Hey, Any more feedback on the speakers? What were you using prior to these? What amp are you using to power them? Looking forward to your review.
  14. I have a small room and I am planning a 7.1.4 setup. Since the side surround speakers will be pretty close to the seating while the back surrounds will be roughly 3-4 ft behind the seating, will it be okay if I get the RP-250S for both the side surrounds and the back surrounds? I thought about the RP-160M for both the sides and backs but read that the sound may be too directional at close distances. The RP-250S will help diffuse the sound which will be a plus when you are close to the speakers. Any thoughts?
  15. They look awesome. Eagerly await your impressions.
  16. Thanks. By the way, will the KPT-801 be the best option for Atmos/DTS:X ceiling speakers if I need on-ceiling speakers rather than in-ceiling? I've read that the AW-650 (which has a similar form factor to the KPT-801) does not sound too good (but is okay for its intended outdoor usage). Is there anything better for on-ceiling Atmos/DTS:X speakers than the KPT-801? The rest of the setup will be RF-7 III for mains, RC-64 III for center, and RP-250S for side and back surrounds.
  17. Thanks. You stated "for now". Does that mean something is planned in the pipeline?
  18. Back when I purchased my current speakers (2002), it seemed that many people where into good audio. You would see home theater demo setups at electronics stores and whatnot. Now, people either listen through their built-in TV speakers or, at most, have a soundbar. I also don't see home theater setup demos at regular electronics stores either. What happened?
  19. Can the C-bracket that comes with the KPT-801 be used to mount the speaker to a concrete ceiling or will I need a special/different C-bracket for that? If the supplied C-bracket can be used to mount the speaker to a concrete ceiling, will I just need to drill holes in the ceiling, insert some concrete anchors, and screw-in the C-bracket to the ceiling?
  20. No, I haven't heard them but have heard absolutely raving reviews/impressions of them. I've done quite a bit of research on them as well. But I do own its baby brother (JBL LSR305 monitors + JBL LSR310S subwoofer) for my 2.1 setup for my desktop computer. The LSR305 sounds damn amazing considering what I paid for them. Plus, the imaging is phenomenal. The sound sounds "holographic" sometimes due to the incredible imaging. I can only imagine what the real deal (the M2) sounds like.
  21. Is there any minimum listening distance requirement with the RF-7 III? With the layout of my room, I might be only about 5.5 ft from them.
  22. Actually, in the summer, it is usually very humid outside. Edit: I'll try to get pics.
  23. My room is not damp (or at least doesn't seem/feel like it) and in the summer the A/C is on 24/7. In the winter, the A/C is off but the room temperature is the same as during the summer with the A/C on. It happens both during the summer and winter. What could be the cause? It seems every few weeks to a month, mold slowly starts growing on my speakers and SubMersive. I wipe it off and everything is good as new. However, I haven't wiped off the mold in several months now and if I wipe is off now, there are "mold stains" where the mold was growing. Not sure if there is a way to get the stains off. Note that the mold grows on the non-veneered front baffle face of the RF-7s and RC-7. I don't really notice it on the veneer that is on the sides, back, and top of the speakers. This is the only room in the house that has this mold issue.
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