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  1. I do own the RP-8000 as of about Three weeks ago. I have seen many mods for better than stock crossovers ( for other speakers) . Hasnt anybody done mods on these speakers(RF-82ii) ? a few people have spoke of the tweeter being a little Harsh , so was hoping for some aleady tried mods or upgrade kits.
  2. Hello everyone, I recently upgrade my Rf-82ii to the Rp-8000f. I would very much like to upgrade the Rf-82ii's internals . Do any crossover kits exist or schematics?. Would love to replace the horn tweeter with something like the Rp8000's. The horn tweeter on my Rf-82ii is a bit brash and I can hear it breaking up on certain music passages (not high volume). I live out of the U.S and speakers are Heavily Taxed as well as the shipping ,so to relegate them to the attic is painful. Any suggestion would greatly be appreciated. Ps. The stock Xovers do seem a bit wimpy in comparison to what you guys put together on here.
  3. Room size is about 21' x 25' . Listening preferences are all over the place ,same goes for volume. I would say at the moment my AVR is the weak link its a Yamahaha HTR-6150 rated at 100 wpc. Do not understand this Watts equation thing . How can people run speakers rated at 150+ Watts with amps at 1-5wpc and my receiver runs at 100wpc and isnt all that loud. I know I missing something and is irritating me because how else do I tell the power ability of an amp. My current speakers are 90db should I not get a noticeable increase in volume with the REF series as there all about 6-7db higher?
  4. the 62-II or the 82's not the 82-II or is that what you meant. . Can you tell me if theres a noticeable difference between the newer II's or is it the standard manufacturers new model time Klipsch Reference Series RF62 $349.00 Klipsch RF-62 II $449.00 Klipsch Reference Series RF-82 $475.00 Klipsch Reference Series RF-82 II $599.00
  5. Hello Everyone, Was hoping for twp pieces of information. Firstly ,on other speaker manufacturer forums they keep referring to this specific type of sound generated by the Tractix horns, mostly negative. they dont say its bad just words like "not my cup of tea"etc. Never much about the other mid/bass drivers. Is this just a "My speaker manufacturer is better than your speaker manufacturer " type of thing or is there a type of sound which is different that is generated by the Tractix. I have a very hard time believing that Klipsch would use a component that sounded strange throughout a large section of their lines and for so long. Second part Rf-82 or Rf-62 II. I will being buying three pairs of floor standing two for HT setups and one at a latter date for 2ch. If any one has opinions on these that I have narrowed it down too ,please tell me what you think. klipsch Rf-82 or RF-62 II, Polk RTiA7 ,KEF iQ90BL. Unfortunately cant demo any because of certain situation ,so buying these on the reviews and help of others
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