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  1. Using Yamaha 801 with Forte III's. Utilized for CDs. SACD, Vinyl. I really like the combo.
  2. I agree. Trust me, I'm very happy Klipsch is still around and coming out with new stuff or trying to improve what they have. Everything in my house is Klipsch, always was and probably always will be. Maybe I just got rubbed a bit the wrong way I guess when they glowed about the III's speaker in the not too distant past and now it comes off a bit like saying "well its just ok now" but this new one is a revelation!" Again, no biggie and I am looking forward to users reviews in the future. While I really enjoy my III's, I'm not so sure the Forte's are a $4500 speaker. Again will have to wait and see how they are received by real owners.
  3. well they are trying to sell a product- so they have to hype the newer version to another level and make the previous version that they not so long ago praised mightily to be just an "ok" speaker now. Don't get me wrong- I've been a Klipsch user for many years but this is marketing. Especially in the Audio world. out with old in with the new. I'll be keeping my Forte III's for a while. I'm not so sure that the newer models are worth $2300 more than what I paid for the Forte IIIs. Have to wait and see what/when the new reviews from regular owners start coming out.
  4. I have my Forte III's in a smaller-to medium sized office along with a smaller surround setup and I think they sound great. I know the room isn't the perfect listening room- but with a bit of room treatments it works well.
  5. outstanding rooms and pictures. everything looks great. Wish I lived closer to check it out. In the meantime still enjoying the heck out of the Forte III's I got from you. Keep on Klipsching!
  6. have you tried cleaning the new vinyl? I usually spin clean all my new vinyl and then before playing give the lp a pass with a carbon fiber brush. After cleaning i also place the vinyl in new sleeves from MOFI. I know all seems a bit extreme-but vinyl is and can be alot of work sometimes.
  7. congrats-you'll really enjoy them for sure. I know I have been enjoying mine for the last 6 moths or so. we love pics😷
  8. interesting- so placing isolation pads on the bottom of speakers improves bass response & clarity according to the article. might have to try this on the cheap then. mine sit on hardwood flooring.
  9. nice setup. be careful of all that sun hitting the left speaker day in and day out. the sun can reak havoc on a speaker finish. destroyed my brothers KG4's.
  10. should sound the same. Its the same speaker. Although the piano black finish seems to encase the speakers nicer I think ( seams on outer top edge). I have a 250f setup in piano black and its a very nice look.
  11. congrats on your new speakers. still enjoying mine and still playing around a bit on exact position. One thing with these speakers- If a recording is mastered well it shines. if not- watch out, very revealing. So far only sacd & cds. haven't taken the vinyl plunge....yet. I'm sure vinyl will sound great too if done right.
  12. thanks everyone for the kind words, glad to see this thread alive again- always like looking at setups, two channel and home theater. So many great ones here. Of course always enjoy your videos youthman. Hoping to get some better and a few more up to date pictures soon. keep them coming!
  13. ok I'll bite.sorry for the lousy phone pics. room is set up for 9.2.6. currently using 7.2.4. screen is stewart Cima scope 133"
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