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  1. It's all good to me too. I just had to stir the pot a bit. We're just starting the second half of the B1G season. Lotsa ballin left. 😂
  2. MAYBE by the time it gets here my table might be up... hahaha Had to
  3. Dave1291

    The Other Discs

    ^^^^^^^^ that new release of his is in the old oppo and has been since last nite. You stalkin me brother??? Better get it cause it's great!
  4. I HAD at least two copies of that. NOW I have ZERO. Trust me I'm looking and praying it'll come out as a re-master SOON. Then I'll have 3-4 of them. Grrrrr...
  5. Everything that's wrong w/college football??? 😂
  6. Bruce, he just got that new amp yanno. No, he doesn't need new speakers! Well maybe 😂
  7. I'm going bat sh*t crazy here with no turntable! FWIW... STOP laffin! 😂
  8. 👁️‍🗨️ Just say no! 😂
  9. Joe had a lotta whims too! hahahaha
  10. So by "theory" when Iowa loses to a 3-2 Purdue, they should only fall to 6th, right? I mean that's the treatment Alabama gets. 😂 LSU will jump into #5 and Auburn #6...Bucks drop to #7? 😂 Had to have some fun w/that again... The flag plant truly sucked. It's not about that at all. RESPECT the field PERIOD. Whether it's your home field or the opponent's.
  11. GLWS! They're nice for that price.
  12. Finally jumped into Brad Thor's "Black Ice" but now the weather's changing w/rain and temps in the low to mid-70's. Since I enjoy sitting outside who knows when it'll be done. Won't be long though
  13. Oh yea, Barry Gordy's gaggle... Yea, knew 'em all. 2.5 hour drive north to Detroit and 2.5 hours back EVERY Sunday afternoon. Rarely did I miss a trip. Parents thought I had a girlfriend. hahahaha Had to scrounge gas money, pay to get in and steal the car. Always the "where ya been" questions when I got home. 😂 😎
  14. Ya got lucky @ Syracuse last nite.
  15. No need to be bored on bye-week...
  16. Yanno this is all some good "therapy" for all of us. Funny as heck throwin ;em up and wondering what DJune is gonn a gleen from it all. Even if she doesn't do a thing with any of it we've still got memories. What do these kids know anyway??? Could have a sleeper though! 😂 😂 😂
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