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  1. Oldest daughter and my 2 grands totally flipped out about a year ago when I dug into a cabinet here and presented them with "mom's" old Nintendo 64 systemm complete with all lthe games. Guess it was a pleasant change from playing "Fortnite" on their Xbox systems. Too funny watching all of the reactions at ones. I was, "WOW, Dad you kept that for me?" To "Man this is gonna be soooo cool, you even have Mario and Paperboy. What are the rest of them?" Guess she didn't see them for about a week then told me she was playing against them. Too funny.
  2. Actually, I'll be tickled to get one! $525 is a bit much for 3. Could have a twofer Tuesday or a BOGO though 😂 I'm sure things will be done properly though when it comes to sales.
  3. Lawd have mercy! My buddy's on a brush trimmin in the ceiling listenin to some old Joe Walsh on Oppo. Where's my brush you ask? Still calling my name. Rolled out early and decided today would be the day the long front planter was gonna happen. 6 bags of "enriched" garden soil & 3 flats of flowers went down. Yes, I'm now almost domesticated. Guess I'll go get a brush movin.
  4. If I get 3 copies I'll hook you up with a library card. Somehow I think you'll get one though! 😂
  5. So she gets to go everywhere??? 😂
  6. Great day today! Didn't paint a bit! hahahaha! Too many other fires to put out! Tomorrow it is! 😂
  7. I'm sure you were on top of it! Prolly pristine outside now. Winter's right around the corner so I'm sure you'll be throwin the tunes on soon. Around here it's just,:"meh" another day. Gotta few errands to run then I've got to get the paint brush wet and get back to work on the hallways. Have I ever told you how much fun it is painting 6 doors? Even w/a cigar roller it's a pita! Couple coats and back brushing w/all the lil crap to hit on each one? Time to throw a cd on the Oppo and go I guess. Already trying to figure out how long I can spend running the errands before I start. 😂
  8. Plenty of gas here yet big oil raised the prices by .30 a gallon. We're not even associated w/that pipeline. Guess it is what it is. 😂
  9. Kicked back today and just jammed. A few. Hope everyone is fine.
  10. Sucks to be you eating like that all the time! I couldn't handle it. 😂
  11. Bottled water? Camping and hiking? A bladder works better than toting bottles for a morning or afternoon hike in a National Park or other places. The costs in Nat'l Parks just for trash is insane. Plastic water bottles? Think about it. Nestle's will never get another dime from me for anything they have branded. Yes, even choccy chips and candy bars. They owe the United States & individual states millions for spring water they've "stolen" since their contracts ran out. Yup, drag it thru the courts forever and continue to make millions from those buying it. The American way I guess. Just my .02 worth. Bottoms up! https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/oct/29/the-fight-over-water-how-nestle-dries-up-us-creeks-to-sell-water-in-plastic-bottles
  12. Hopefully things will work out better this year. I guess tomato plants are out of the question along with most other things we throw in the ground around here.
  13. Kinda like looking in your rear view mirror. "Things may appear closer than they really are"
  14. It's ok you two. May I ask how this all came about without any other's catchin on in here? 😂
  15. @billybob Bolin??? Impressive! He can crank it! Poor @oldtimer always takin the heat... 😂 5 inches of rain here yesterday. Had a fish pond in the back yard. 60 today maybe then going back up later in the week. 5 inches is nuts around here.
  16. Yup a day ahead Full Fange. Yours is over and it's today here. Nice selection too. I'm sure she enjoyed.
  17. Ditto to that. Man that's a lot of crawfish!
  18. Just in case you're bored with life and needing an update from the Chinese Rocket's return to earth.. What's 22 ton's and 130' tall? Sheesh!
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