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  1. Sucks to be me! Ohio isn't too bad where I am. Only got 4 inches so I left the blower in the garage. Could have played but it looked like too much work. Thinking it will melt down before it gets serious. Places in southern Ohio got 10-11 inches. Have fun out there.
  2. Nothing like hitting the crib @ 530AM and waking up @ 130PM today. This has gotta change! lol Day 3 of it... Ugh!
  3. Tweeked the sub a bit the other evening w/the encouragement of @ClaudeJ1. I'm sure he's laffin at me right now. lol I'm surviving but going a bit off task for today. I've been sorting lp's. Then it happened. Yup, kept seeing all this stuff I liked but haven't really heard in a while. Yea, you been there! THIS is CRAZY nuts now in here! 😂 Russ Ballard? Miami Vice would have been an epic fail w/out his work so there's that! Found a lil Jeff Beck promo that sounded just killer! Great LP! Released in 1969 by EC, Ric Grech, Steve Winwood and Ginger Baker? Yup, their only studio lp which is showing the US cover. I'm lost in here sports fans! 😂 ALL your fault @ClaudeJ1 😂 Gonna be slippin this one in next so heading to the couch a happy boy! Sure I'm gonna bump it up just a bit more 😂 Just think I could have gained all kinds of points with separate posts. hahaha pfffffft! Just easier for ya to scroll on down this way!
  4. Change up for a bit... Pulling new stuff I buried in w/the old and what do I find? Yup, cookin with gas now! Great old album! Miami Vice would have been an epic fail w/o him. hahaha
  5. Threw on Bowies "Blackstar" lp first since the lp is bass heavy anyway. Freaking amazing how things tightened up. Fills the room in an entirely different way now. Not overpowering but diggin deeper. The vibrations on my coffee table don't lie. hahaha Soundstage has blossomed and it's killer. Still can't believe I found it for $150. Just nuts. Now to find an auction w/some tube Mc gear on the cheap. That won't even happen but maybe.
  6. Alright you two! JLP & Sanborn it is! Talked to @ClaudeJ1a couple times lately bout this sub. First call was how's it sounding, play w/the EQ on it yet, a couple "I told ya so's" from the resident "bass man" here. Me thinks he's skoolin me... 😂 He was such a tease so Friday evening I decided to see if I could blow things up. 😂 Holy crap what a difference! Got to bed about 4 then again about 4 this morning. Yea, I'm workin night shift now thanks to him. 😂 Incredible sound stage and it's diggin deep in an entirely different way! Atta boy Claude!
  7. Youngest lives in Phoenix and that place is nuts. 5 days out there was enough for me. 75-80 everywhere, lines for everything everywhere. I wanted the back seat but sucked it up like a real man in the front seat. Buckled up & helmet on watching all the scenery go flying by. I was glad to get back to Duckburg!
  8. Dave1291

    What I Got Today!

    @HPower I also have both of the new ones and lots more of his stuff like others. They do sound great though. I also have a TD-160 as a backup table. Couple hours South of Cleveland so could swim the lake next summer. lol New Market is a great area of Toronto. Beautiful city and great people. Shot the Indy Cars up there about 10 times and it was always a fun time. A bunch of us that spin hang in the Vinyl Record Spinning thread. Slip in sometime and put your feet up. Lotsa great guys in here! Me? I'm the blacksheep of the family! 😂 Bring your A game! 😂
  9. Neutral corners is a good idea. Been a long time since Duke's been in here I understand so there's that. Just a heads up before someone locks the thread. The Mods have enough to do. Just my thoughts cause I'm in the Roper Doper! 😂 😂 😂 😀
  10. Lucked out again didn't ya. Experiments??? Say it ain't so! While she's nappin and you out in the doghouse???
  11. Scares me... Could be interesting. Kittens, ironing sarongs, workin in the kitchen, stackin wood, maybe a run to do some fishin... Somethings going on for sure. 😂
  12. Got the groove George? Let it out now and show us how you really feel.
  13. Dave1291

    What I Got Today!

    Looks great and I KNOW how that Neil Young lp must sound now.! Enjoy!
  14. K, it's been 22 minutes since you posted that. I KNOW she's movin so what you doin? 😂
  15. TYVM! 😂 Stick w/me and I'll set you free! 😂 😂
  16. @dirtmudd Neal Morse Band with Mike Portnoy on drums cancelled the Canadian side of their tour and picked up a couple stops in NY and Pittsburgh in mid-Feb before the Cleveland show on the 15th. Check their site for more info. Cheap seats now ($60). Check them out on youtube. If your interested.
  17. You're right. I have the one you have too. I was thinking of one of their others. A newer remaster lp. I'll dig and come up with it for you. I gave everyone in here a heads up though so it's in here somewhere. I'll dig it.. (Puts it on his "To Do" list)
  18. You could be onto something Mike! 😂 You all down South are funny. Yea, I get it, you don't have any help w/snow removal equipment. I know Mike and the rest of the gaggle of snowbirds up here just snicker when we watch the fake/unfake news and watch you all sliding all over the place. Sad. Why don't you just stay home and wait on the heat from ole Sol? It hits here I "might" get the blower fired up otherwise I'm grounded! lol
  19. Do you have a side 4? I don't. At least I think that's the lp of theirs.
  20. Funny, haven't heard that in forever! Yup, that's him! lol
  21. Site pre-sale is sold out but calling for a release on Jan. 28th. I'm jumpin! lol Just another day in the life I guess. She's hot? Yea, and she knows it BUT he just made her day. Prolly sitting on her dias out by the pool @ his place now! hahaha
  22. I never knew he stuttered. Kinda does sound like an echo though...
  23. Things just seem to happen in the music business. Lil back story her name is Valerie and Dion was watching her just dancing alone between the tables in a bar one night in South Florida. He said he HAD to write a song about her, which he did on the ride home. Then asked Mark Knopfler to join him on the song. His new album "Stomping Ground" dropped recently. Yes, that is her in the video. Might wanna check the list of artists on that new album of his too. Enjoy!
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