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  1. @AndreG. common thread is Mike Porntoy on drums. Zero better today imo. He plays in quite a few different groups like The Winery Dogs and others. Research him and you'll understand it a bit more. He can roll with ANYone at ANYtime and does. Check him out on this clip with the Dogs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5Sv2ceDCe0 and this old one!
  2. That on a good day or bad day? 😂
  3. @AndreG. think I've got about all of them. Pretty darn amazing sittin back listening to them. They go places. lol
  4. @AndreG. atta boy! Step outside that box!
  5. Dave1291

    What I Got Today!

    Looking good @Invidiosulus!
  6. Yup, sure did. Took another dive and the judges gave me a 9.8! That darn French judge got me again but who really cares as long as it sounds great to me!
  7. Teasin the neighbors today! In a Silent Way is a studio album by American jazz trumpeter, composer, and bandleader Miles Davis, released on July 30, 1969, on Columbia Records. Produced by Teo Macero, the album was recorded in one session date on February 18, 1969, at CBS 30th Street Studio in New York City. Macero edited and arranged Davis's recordings from the session to produce the album. Marking the beginning of his "electric" period, In a Silent Way has been regarded by music writers as Davis's first fusion recording, following a stylistic shift toward the genre in his previous records and live performances. Ahhhhmaaazing! It's a ride and a half!
  8. This kid the real deal or what? The 2nd Heisman hype has already begun. Even though it was a scary game this kid CAN produce!
  9. College football top 25 schedule, scores for Week 5 Friday, Sept. 29 No. 19 Oregon State 21, No. 10 Utah 7 Saturday, Sept. 30 No. 1 Georgia 27, Auburn 20 No. 2 Michigan 45, Nebraska 7 No. 3 Texas 40, No. 24 Kansas 14 No. 6 Penn State 41, Northwestern 13 No. 7 Washington 31, Arizona 24 No. 8 USC 48, Colorado 41 No. 9 Oregon 42, Stanford 6 No. 11 Notre Dame 21, No. 17 Duke 14 No. 12 Alabama 40, Mississippi State 17 No. 20 Ole Miss 55, No. 13 LSU 49 No. 14 Oklahoma 50, Iowa State 20 No. 21 Tennessee 41, South Carolina 20 Kentucky 33, No. 22 Florida 14 No. 23 Missouri 38, Vanderbilt 21 No. 25 Fresno State 27, Nevada 9 College football top 25 rankings for Week 5 AP poll RANK SCHOOL POINTS RECORD PREVIOUS 1 Georgia (55) 1562 4-0 1 2 Michigan (1) 1445 4-0 2 3 Texas (2) 1401 4-0 3 4 Ohio State (1) 1370 4-0 6 5 Florida State (3) 1351 4-0 4 6 Penn State 1244 4-0 7 7 Washington (1) 1228 4-0 8 8 USC 1169 4-0 5 9 Oregon 1076 4-0 10 10 Utah 981 4-0 11 11 Notre Dame 904 3-1 9 12 Alabama 862 3-1 13 13 LSU 813 3-1 12 14 Oklahoma 716 4-0 16 15 North Carolina 659 4-0 17 16 Washington State 652 4-0 21 17 Duke 648 4-0 18 18 Miami (FL) 523 4-0 20 19 Oregon State 366 3-1 14 20 Ole Miss 349 3-1 15 21 Tennessee 260 3-1 23 22 Florida 235 3-1 25 23 Missouri 197 4-0 NR 24 Kansas 132 4-0 NR 25 Fresno State 64 4-0 NR Others receiving votes: Kansas St. 57, Kentucky 41, Colorado 32, Louisville 32, UCLA 28, Maryland 20, TCU 17, Tulane 11, Syracuse 8, Wisconsin 6, Air Force 6, Clemson 5, Texas A&M 5.
  10. Yea, caught part of that one yesterday. I spent the day channel surfin just nosin. Was a big win for them, which always helps the program. Nice to see them stepping up in football instead of hoops. lol Wait, then there's Duke outta no where hangin w/Notre Dame? Crazy!
  11. @grasshopper let that freezer do it's job you'll polish it off in no time. You're wife will be back to the grind in no time and you can crank it up. Just don't touch her piles of stuff laying around while she's rollin. How do they do that anyway? They know exactly where and what's in every pile when it comes time for grade cards. 😂
  12. Whew, just finished up the LSU/Ole Miss game. Maybe Lou Holtz was talking about Brian Kelley last Saturday night? Great watch for sure. Things are starting to heat up in the NCAA. USC took out Colorado, Texas, Georgia, Penn State, michigan, and who ever else. I'll drop the scores in the morning. I'm chill.
  13. Both of you are spot on! Wild out there today!
  14. This dropped yesterday if your' interested. Mines on the way!
  15. Looking great around here this week then dropping into the 60's the folllowing week. Then the fun starts. Sherwood Forest and leaves out the ying yang. They'll miss me when I'm gond. As if! 😂
  16. ESPN comes up w/some good stuff on occasion.
  17. So sorry to hear that Bill. So many times people make bad choices in life, which hurt family and friends down the road. Hope your wife is holding up well and now that things have been resolved it gets better for you all. Always hard to to lose family no matter what the conditions. My condolences to you and the family.
  18. Slipped out to the local High School a couple weeks ago to pick up my free "old guy" annual athletic pass so I could save 5$ a ticket to watch the grands play volleyball & football. Met with the librarian and dropped off the first Klipsch book I got for the school at the same time. Funny watching her reaction as she opened it. "WOW, this is NOTHING like I thought it was gonna be," were the first words out of her mouth. She just kept turning pages and inside I was laffin my rear off. Before it was over she had two secretaries, the principal and a couple other teachers huddled up shaking their heads. I told them the speakers Klipsch built were the same way. Done RIGHT! Then I shared my story about the "Dope From Hope" booklet and how it resonated with me. Then they all wanted to know how they sounded so I took 'em to "skool." The end result was she was gonna nose to see if she could find anything but not to expect much because of the "Dope" in the title. Said it prolly got purged because of that or wear and tear on the original over the years. That and a couple of the teachers said they were gonna give 'em a listen. I just laffed and said to hit the gold card and forget about it. End result was it was gonna be a reference book only and she was gonna keep a close eye on it with the kids. That came after I told her my oldest daughter said they'd trash it and not to donate it. So someday I'm gonna slip down to the library for an update. Kids are kids but they all have one thing in common just like we did, they love music! Payin it forward and sharin the love is always a good thing!
  19. Housing is crazy even around here. I'm seeing houses I know selling for outta site prices. I must be missing something. It's like everything doubled in price. Time to start looking at other avenues eliminating wood but it's high too. Wild.
  20. Got a lil pile laying here I've gotta jump on soon. Then the go somewhere. lol I don't even wanna start putting this stuff away. The way I've got it figured maybe @JohnJ will show up before the snow flies and I could dump it on him. Doubtful but maybe. Sure hope he finds a place soon. Those places down his way are sold in days not weeks. Just crazy.
  21. Without a pic it didn't happen. You look like a Kashi cereal kinda guy to me!
  22. Yea, had the entire right side of the garage sittin in the driveway yesterday. Talk about a hoot? I paced myself well spending time sittin and thunkin HOW I could get it all back in to make it easier to get out and use. Factor in my hoarding? WHY did I have a stack of about 25 empty cardboard lp boxes? Even found a new golf umbrella! I put it by my golf bag, which hasn't moved in 20 years. Crazy! 😂 Rolled out at 11 today totally drained and thought it was Thursday. 😂💪 Just take it easy with that 2nd wifey Bill. No hip thrusts when ur slow dancin. You know how those Bronx wimmen respond. @Tarheel always two-sides to every coin bud. I'm sure that poor dog got his SBD's (silent but deadly's) outta Duke! What's new your way?
  23. Texas got a heck of a QB from Ohio State thru that transfer portal. @oldtimer is pretty much spot on w/his analysis @Travis In Austin. They'll start changing things up in a couple weeks. Kinda funny today. Lou Holtz stood by his statement about Ohio State being soft. Weakest team I've seen in years yet loaded with talent.. I still say they're gonna lose at least 2 and maybe three games this year. The NFL raped the O-line last fall, the QB1 hasn't gelled imo and it's trouble in river city. It's just WHEN it's gonna hit imo. Maybe Holtz is just tweeking OSU to become better? Who knows? TBH Lou has ALWAYS been respected by OSU. i'VE heard his speak several times, the last being about 4 years ago at a fundraiser/auction. I actually found it hard to believe he said what he said yet he did.
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