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    Technics sl 1900, Mcintosh ma 5100, 2x klipsch heresy 1 and 2x klipsch heresy 2 special edition, cd player Marantz CD6007.

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  1. Hello everybody! A a new ownwer of two pair of heresy, I refinish the one made of plywood. Very proud of my job! Have a good evening every one! They are stain black and put some oil on it 3 coat, polishing between coat. . Also a picture of the finishing oil. a very good product, easy to apply.
  2. This question is to the historian , I bought recently a pair of heresy 2 I will send pictures of the sticker of the back of the cabinet. Would love to know everything that's got to do about those. Very few info on the net. Tank you Sorry for my English.
  3. Do you know they were destin to what country. I have read it was for exportation...
  4. This album was the first that I bought as a kid!!!😅 still remember the lirics!!!
  5. I have stain the plywood and varnish it... The plywood does not absorb the stains as regularly...but still so far I'm happy with the result. Next steps... the base...
  6. Even though they sound good no rubbing, no rattle.
  7. No I don't have the grill for these speakers
  8. The other pair I got today! Beautiful... Now next week...witch one is next 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  9. Ladies and gentlemen... As I said earlier this week I bought a pair of heresy 1978(that's What the seller sais). Tomorrow morning I'm going to buye a heresy II special edition Paul klipsch. They are black, with a grill and stands. Can't wait to see the difference those two! Any comments about the special edition Paul Klipsch ? Sorry for my English, I speak French. By the way you are really a bunch of cool guys!! Love to read what you know about klipsch speakers!
  10. No I don't, pretty clean for a 1978! I wish to make a stand for it, what would be the angle?
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