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  1. They will work great...We have used them in small cinemas....and homes. remember the depth...they are deeper than most home in ceiling speakers. OH...Roy D engineered them.
  3. It does not...It has a special HF unit made from the R-2650-CSM... 2 0.75in. poly tw. I think that unit has a limited life time warranty. I will look through my junk to see if i can find one...BUT you are up for a hell of a fight to get that unit out. Everything is glued and screwed in that speaker. The "snot" they glue with is nasty good. If I had seen this last week, I just tossed a cabinet with the TW unit in it.... IF you blew the tweeter, then you must have been using a small amp and driving the snot out of it...too much power ALWAYS blew the woofer and or the TW caps. I never blew a TW in power testing. Power for speakers are like your car...you need more power at hand than you use at all times...You drive up to about 70-80 mph...your car has a good bit of power left at that point...you run that car at red line and it won't last long...the same with amps and speakers.
  4. Jill DID build a new room for her horns...Before she took them home. Yes, we get good pricing and MANY of us have product. Some, just view it as a job...Most have quite a passion for audio. You won't get banned...just corrected. This story is TRUE.
  5. I think the plant can still build them....Call to check.
  6. OK...not sure what they did...you do not have a picture of the 3000 series. they have IMG cones that are copper in color. you have pictures of the new CS-16C II. It started life a few years back as the R-1650-C. Great little entry level speaker. They have been updated to have the magnet grills and new plastic trim. In version II they went to a new vendor of parts and changed the drivers a little...just to get a little more from it. https://www.klipsch.com/custom-install/in-ceiling/custom-series
  7. CHANGE OF PLANS Looks like Gayle will be coming and I will be dragging Stan along with us. Stan is my right hand man. He works with me in the pro system design dept. specking gear into locations all over the world. ...He is a BOSE guy....so do with that what you will.
  8. Trey Cannon


    trey.cannon@klipsch.com 317-294-3239 9-5 EST ⚰️
  9. Trey Cannon


    I have to find it. Our house is a storage location right now. Our stuff, Kids stuff, Mom's stuff.... a little birdy gave me your address.
  10. I plan on being there...at this point, just me... My real name is Trey Cannon...well kind a
  11. Sorry....lots of things happening and I haven't been on here. It was the up keep. Not as clean as it had been. paint and wall paper coming off the walls in the room. IF they have changed the beds, it was for the worse. Has to be the cheapest thing you can buy. Didn't make it for the food. Dirt/black stuff in the ice. sticky carpets. And on this trip, no handicap bathrooms.
  12. I was just at the super 8 2 weeks ago...it is going down hill fast...we spent 1 night and moved to the Hampton. We wont stay at S8 again.
  13. Dolby-Atmos-Home-Theater-Installation-Guidelines 2017.pdf
  14. W.D.S.T Klipsch Wide Dispersion Surround Technology surround speakers take a different approach to surround coverage than dipole and bipole surrounds. A Dipole models place drivers out of polarity to create a null on one axis of the speaker. It is popular to sit in the null, thus the loudest sounds come from indirect radiation from the speaker. A dipole, used in this manner creates a diffuse and non-localized rear sound field. 1) Some drawbacks to dipole surrounds include that the rear sound field is not confined to the rear. As much radiation is radiated forward as rearward. 2) A dipole also depends on other surfaces in the room to reflect the sound to the listener. 3) A dipole can only create a diffuse rear sound field. 4) Finally, a dipole is very inefficient at low frequencies, as the out of phase bass cancels. B Bipole models place drivers on several faces, with the idea that the radiation is equal in all directions, like a point source. 1) The problem is that the drivers interact, and actually radiate sound very erratically, with a different frequency response in each direction. 2) The sound field created is not coherent and as a result is not very realistic. C) Klipsch WDST surrounds are very much like a professional concert array. The high frequencies, made directional by the horn, are arrayed at the proper angles to provide even coverage, or with the same frequency response in all directions. The single woofer is crossed over where it is omni directional, thus creating a system that truly radiates sound equally in all directions. 1) WDST models provide balanced direct and reverberant sound field to listeners. Since the response is the same in all directions, the reverberant sound filed reaching the listeners from other directions, is balanced spectrally with the direct sound, creating a coherent, realistic rear sound field.
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