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  1. If you still have questions....I may be able to help.
  2. When doing the spec for cinema, We used them as ceiling speakers....Not an issue if you use a correct mount. I use KPT-1200M for my ATMOS tops.
  3. I use mine in the Mill room....Has to get over the SPL of the mill....I will get a pic later.
  4. Sorry Guys I have been MIA for some time now. From memory, There were a few P Parts hid around. Reach out to Jeremey McWilliams in customer service. He will be about the only one left there that may have a clue where they may be. There was no other speaker line that had that driver. Klipsch sold off much of the old stock parts to Simply Speakers (I think) If they have one listed, it may be a stock part. That's My 2db Good luck.
  5. REW can only test SPL at a 2.7sec time laps...You had better be outside or in a VERY big room no to get the ROOM in the curve... This is because it is a ROOM EQ WIZARD...Not a speaker measuring tool.
  6. 1006891 AW/CA650T Tweeter w Horn OUT OF STOCK... ETA Late May / early June.
  7. Omni mount used to make one...No idea any longer.
  8. Looks like I jumped the gun as well. I misread and thus misunderstood what was said. Klipsch does have the K-77-F. and the diaph kit for that driver. Roy jumped the gun here...the F IV kit is not in the system and can not be ordered yet. It has a part and a price, but not ready for prim time.
  9. What that *** hat has done is attempt to measure a speaker and he did it wrong in order to sku the curve so he could "fix it". If he may have a clue about speakers, as he is able to test, "fix" and test again in a different way to get the results he wants. I have the "golden standard" curves of every speaker he has "tested" and NONE of them test like he shows them testing. PWK handed out little yellow buttons for this....BULLSHIT!
  10. You need to use a 4 Ohm resistor in place of the woofer to see the VT of the net... Dean is right, you have VC and filter.
  11. The "go build your own speaker co." was something Paul said while tossing me out of his house...I just used it. THIS IS FROM THE MOUTH OF TREY CANNON....NOT KLIPSCH!
  12. Henry, I understand what is can be...I spent a LOT of time on here in the past. I am one of the most passionate about the product. Paul was a friend...it's personal. He cussed me and tossed me out of his house over a question I relayed from a member. He ask about changing one of PWK's speakers. It was a "change" that Paul had worked on 30y before. As a good engineer, he went down that road. Found it to be not worth the effort and moved on. By asking, it was an insult to Paul. Like we didn't think him enough of a engineer to have checked such a thing. " %##$%$#^%$^ I spent 60 years making that speaker what it is and I don't need some %#%^#$%^$#^%$*$ yahoo trying to putz around with it. Get ^%#^%$E^&%$^$^$^&$^%$^&%$^$%^$ out. Thanks to Mrs. K, the messenger was just bruised and I got a fine meal. Paul and I were closer after that. He knew I would take up that "fight". I used to like this place...but once my BS meter was pegged, I had to get out for a while. I have seen things change over the years and without Roy and a FEW others.....we wouldn't be having this convo... There is a lot of history and info on here. It wouldn't be lost...I just worry about it becoming a "hangnail".... I am just an albatross here... I fly in, crap on things and fly out. Don't mind me.
  13. I work at Klipsch...and I stopped hanging out here due to the down right stupid things in here...Folks acting like 3y old's getting their feeling hurt over someones else using a word they didn't like. I have been on here for 22 years. There has been serious talk of taking it all down. The employees that do come here are doing so as a volunteer. Taking time out of their day to keep this place going. With out them, this place would not be here. WE get SO TIRED of the SAME thing OVER AND OVER...."we know better than a 75y old co. and the trained engineers that design the product, Do this to your speaker and hear it get better" Go build your own damn speaker company and leave ours alone. Many of the post on here just prove the point that it is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than opening your mouth and proving it. I have "stepped in it" a few times and gave bad data...I try hard to correct that and own up to my mistakes. The drama here is just TOO MUCH. Some bonehead sent customer service a mail bitching about Roy calling him bonehead and Roy being the Chief Bonehead...( I say butthead, but that is just me). Bitching about a guy that has been here for almost 40 years won't change much....Something tells me they like having him around. Once he gives up, my guess is this place will be gone. Proceed with caution... PS: I have NO power to change a thing, I just see the writing on the walls...
  14. The Cheif BUTThead is the kind of dude you call when you need a friend. He is mine and I call on him from time to time. I have learned more from Roy than most anyone else in audio. We started our friendship in a car listening to audio systems as judges. I talked a lot, he listened....a bit later he hired me to work in the lab. That was 23y ago. I miss working with him, but am glad he is no longer my boss. The butthead.
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