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  1. I'm guilty of bumping the thread and bringing it back to life. I ended up here after going down a google rabbit hole after recently acquiring my Cornwalls and saw that you may have built mine so I quoted you. Didn't know it was going to start a wood vs MDF fight 😆🤷‍♂️. And I'm just going to assume you built mine since it seems most likely and it can't be proven otherwise, due to Frances' excellent sanding haha.
  2. Looks like ol’ Frances puttied and sanded over you 😕
  3. Dang they say “F” was he/she any good?! And am I correct on the year? First set of Cornwalls for me so definitely ignorant. The copyrights on the brochures/speakers say 1980 but the instructions and foldout say “Cornwall II”...? I’m the second owner, they’re nearly mint. I’m thrilled with them. The depth and height of the sound stage...I definitely catch myself smiling while listening! (Also looks like someone wrote a “1” on back of speaker to say “Cornwall I” 🤷‍♂️
  4. 1980! Think they’ll honor the 5 year warranty if I fill out the card and send it in? 😎
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