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  1. Dealer in Lincoln, NE also. DTX Digital Theater Experts. Heritage dealer. They have Cornwall IVs and others on display to demo. B&W, McIntosh, Sonus Faber dealer too. Bought a few McIntosh pieces from them. Great guys.
  2. Did. No regrets. Did own a pair of older ones before. Do it!
  3. Just my 2 cents, and I’m no expert by any means, but .5% Total Harmonic Distortion seems really high for a modern $10K amp right? Only bring it up bc the KHorn AK6 is famous for high efficiency, low distortion. Maybe that amount is imperceptible, like I said, not an expert - and definitely not trying to rain on your parade. Online I saw both 1% and .1% given as numbers you’d want to stay below, if anyone reading this can explain THD I’d love to read it. Yamaha makes a $3K and an $8K integrated that looks similar to that technics, both at .07% THD that both get great reviews. McIntosh makes a few in your budget at .005% THD. Lots of others too. The Technics definitely seems like they put a lot of thought and tech into it. Just seemed like the THD spec is an outlier compared to most modern amps. I very well could be an idiot bringing up something that’s irrelevant. Let us know if you get a chance to hear one. Good luck on your hunt.
  4. https://apos.audio/products/fiio-bta30-pro? I just ordered this, Thanks for the inspiration. Using my $99 receiver to stream seems silly when I have it sitting next to a Yamaha CR-1020...so now I won't!
  5. @OO1 are you able to tell my mid-range from the pics or should I have gotten one from the other side of the driver? 🤦‍♂️😆
  6. Cool and interesting! Thank you for taking the time to respond!
  7. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/sony-2-ch-stereo-receiver-with-bluetooth-black/6187501.p?skuId=6187501 I run my old Cornwalls with this when I want Bluetooth in the basement and it’s great. Got it for $99 on Black Friday a few years ago. Looks similar to the Yamaha you posted.
  8. MAC 7200 I wanted to buy 1 simple piece and be finished. 200 wpc with the autoformers is all I’ll ever need (the Autoformers were worth it to me from the McIntosh “signature sound” perspective, but something quad-balanced was over my budget). And the DAC is modular to upgrade with the times. The DA2 is actually tempting with its HDMI ARC, but I think first I would go from my current MM cartridge (no complaints its great) to a slightly nicer MC cartridge before upgrading the DAC. Currently running the DA1 and MoFi MasterTracker cart and just can’t justify the upgrade, they sound nice.
  9. Also, Klipsch HP3 with Dragonfly Cobalt DAC if the Heritage headphones count
  10. amp/internal DAC - McIntosh MAC7200 Receiver speakers - Cornwall IV
  11. Always with the receiver hate in here. 😆 Demo’d way more expensive components before buying the MAC7200 Receiver - Solid state separates, tube separates, hybrid integrateds, SS integrateds. The Cornwall IVs definitely aren’t missing their mid-range, I promise. Soundstage is like a freaking 3D hologram. Currently rocking the MoFi Master Tracker moving magnet cartridge. Looking to make the jump to MC with the MoFi Ultra Gold…and then will need to hit one button to switch from MM to MC on my Gimmicky receiver 👍.
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