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  1. Always with the receiver hate in here. 😆 Demo’d way more expensive components before buying the MAC7200 Receiver - Solid state separates, tube separates, hybrid integrateds, SS integrateds. The Cornwall IVs definitely aren’t missing their mid-range, I promise. Soundstage is like a freaking 3D hologram. Currently rocking the MoFi Master Tracker moving magnet cartridge. Looking to make the jump to MC with the MoFi Ultra Gold…and then will need to hit one button to switch from MM to MC on my Gimmicky receiver 👍.
  2. That case is sweet! What is it!?
  3. Try 29% less. July 2020. And no, they’re not B stock.
  4. Detailed, clear, expansive, open, huge. Love ‘em! 🤙
  5. Sorry for being a smartass, just playing 😆! I think sometimes people write a well thought-out post on something they’re knowledgeable about, and then 2 weeks to two months later the same or similar topic gets started (which is fine, welcome to anyone new) and the responses get shorter and shorter until it just becomes “IV!” Somewhere in the past I’ve written a few paragraphs about the IVs vs my old ones and I did my best, and also a few paragraphs about the time I AB’d the new Cornwall IVs and the Forte IVs (Forte base more punchy/impactful, Cornwall more open/about the musical note). At least for me, after a few times of writing novellas, it’s like, ‘Hit the search button man!’ (Obviously my opinion on a topic isn’t super important, but sometimes, especially on the Cornwall IVs it seems, there’s a bunch of similar threads with 25 well thought-out posts and then, sure enough, the same thread gets started 6 weeks later).
  6. Here is my upstairs stereo and my downstairs stereo and I’d just like to say, IV, IV, IV, IV, IV, IV, IV, IV, IV, IV, IV, IV, IV, IV….IV.
  7. I’m using a MAC7200 with my CW IVs and love it. Thought I was going with an MC275 but then I started looking at the MAC7200 and it seemed like the most bang for the buck (perhaps an oxymoron with Mc gear) of anything McIntosh makes. If I feel like upgrading my system anytime soon I will swap out the DA1 for the DA2 and I might switch from MM phono cartridge to MC but the MAC7200 will stay! 200 wpc + their autoformers - all you’ll ever need. And local sports radio through the Cornwalls is pretty fun!
  8. I have heard everything in current Klipsch heritage lineup except the Klipschorn AL6. For my ears, the mids and highs were all pretty similar - letting the size of the listening room steer you is not a bad move - sitting in sweet spot should be a great and similarly voiced experience with anything you choose. OR you could listen to them and let your bass preferences guide you. Bass is where I heard the most difference. I will vouch for the Cornwall IVs. I really enjoy them. Good luck on your speaker hunt!
  9. After reading the OP, I would say that person should hear the CW IVs before making a decision. And whatever you go with will be great 👍
  10. Welcome to the forum. I A/B’d them at my dealer’s this year and you can’t make a bad choice. Not a whole lot of difference in the mids and highs. I thought the Forte’s bass was a little punchier, more compact, compared to the Cornwall’s more open, fuller bass. Overall I thought the Cornwalls were a bit more cohesive/disappeared better. They started with the Fortes and everyone was in agreement that they sounded great 👍. Full disclosure I am a biased Cornwall I and Cornwall IV owner 😬 *I was also off center in a giant room full of people, to be fair
  11. Added a Green 24” iMac and had a walnut desk made that will hold more vinyl one day. Behind the chair are 2 vinyl cubbies same size as the others. Desk is same width as console the MAC7200 rests on, and the opening the keyboard rests on is same width as the opening where the furman power conditioner is…so the desk and console are kind of cousins. (Vinyl towers are 1/4 width of center console. desk and console are 4 cubbies wide, center openings are 2 cubbies wide. I think the towers are 7 ft tall, can’t remember). Anywho….Cornwall IV mancave just about complete. The room is an absolute blast and Cornwall IVs should be on your shortlist IMO. They are highly detailed, full, not too bright. Home theater I might add a subwoofer but I find absolutely no need in a two channel setup. Sometimes I add a little base at the receiver controls if I feel like it.
  12. A. This thread is way over my head, but I really enjoyed reading it. B. Are my Cornwall IVs more valuable now as long as I hang onto the manual? “Rare misprint, limited run edition,”…..?? 🧐😜
  13. I think it’s about the most underrated thing McIntosh makes. I’ve heard just about any McIntosh separate you can think of at my dealer’s showroom. (They don’t have the 901s or the 2KWs and I wouldn’t spend that much anyway). If the separates sounded better I would have purchased them. I swear “separates-or-bust” people either sell stereo equipment or already own separates 🤣. That being said, I really want an MP1100, a Transrotor Zet3, and a Kiseki Purple Heart. But I’m not going to do it. I’m about $13K into gear, $2K into cables, and $6K into the speakers. It’s time to stop and enjoy. If it’s considered a bagging groceries until I get a real job type of stereo to audiophiles I’m okay with that. I’d love to hear their system, I suppose. (I bet mine sounds as good or better 😜)
  14. https://www.stereophile.com/content/mcintosh-mac7200-stereo-receiver Mine is almost double that weight. I think it sounds good. My fist next to the autoformer for size comparison. Link to Stereophile magazine review above. 🤷‍♂️
  15. People always hating on receivers 😜. I’ve heard plenty of nice systems with separates and, IMO, my stereo receiver to Cornwall IV system sounds as good or better 🤷‍♂️. It’s just an integrated amp w/a tuner attached
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