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  1. ...they should make a grill order page that people can customize. Not when you order the speaker, that would be a logistical pain in the *** I’m sure. But the option to add different grills to existing speakers would be so cool. vertical fibers - pick a color horizontal fibers - pick a color (maybe limit this one to black, white, silver, or same color? Nah who cares, let people pick) badge - Klipsch block rectangle, Klipsch logo, or script
  2. Those look great! I wish there was a way to order different grills! I would totally get these, an old school black, and a dark green
  3. They’re really dialed in. Though 12 feet apart the vocals just seem to come out of the top of the MAC7200 dead center. Funny enough I had a friend over recently who has a nice Heresy setup and first thing he said was, “Whoa they just disappear.” I would encourage everyone to try them in true corners, crossing in front of listening position 👍
  4. Thanks for looking out! They were removed about 5 mins after photo. Saw some complaints on YouTube about binding posts being loose and this was the check immediately after unboxing in the middle of the room. If they were loose I thought this would prevent me from stabbing through as the fit on the bananas was really tight. Definitely can’t get behind them now to take a picture like this. Just wanted one pic of new speakers and new cables together. Damn, that was a GREAT day!!
  5. I really enjoy my MAC7200 w my Cornwall IVs. Tuner, DAC, MM phono, MC phono, their autoformers and 200 wpc if I ever want to change speakers to something not as sensitive as Klipsch heritage. I would also look at MA352 and MC275 if I were you. *all are under your budget brand new
  6. If you are spending that kind of money might be worth it to you to drive from CO to Nebraska and stop by DTX at 56th and O Streets in Lincoln and demo them. They have all the Heritage stuff (currently Heresy IV and Cornwall IV, but La Scala and Khorn on the way). They currently have the Cornwalls hooked up to a McIntosh MA352.
  7. okay...but it’s kind of weird that it displays as “salbake said”...and I said absolutely none of that. And all of “what I said” is at the discretion of another poster? 🤷‍♂️
  8. Lol did you just quote me and then completely change my quote, and then agree with “me” (yourself)?? That’s weird, man. Doesn’t have to be McIntosh. And some people might disagree w my advice...”best” is pretty subjective. But to my ears, if your heart is set on an integrated paired w heritage, high S/N and low distortion sounds great. The IVs don’t get “dry” “analytical” or “bright” or whatever other adjective people worry about.
  9. The title of this thread describes my stereo, and it is a great combo. Just set a budget and go for highest signal to noise ratio and lowest harmonic distortion you can afford and enjoy. The Heritage stuff is so sensitive, do not sleep on a power conditioner, or a weight/clamp on your turntable. Happy hunting/listening!
  10. haha that’s funny. Not sure if that was an autocorrect, or me being drunk. Either possible...
  11. That’s fair. I had the Cornwall 1s where the IVs are now for about a year and they did sound better than the basement setup haha. Definitely not lugging them back upstairs though. To my ears the ones definitely benefit from being in corners (yes I know, Cornwall, Corner or Wall. I have the Manuel that came with the ones and it says they’re better in corners too).
  12. *Should say MY new gear vs vintage gear. Out of curiosity played an album on my current stereo and same album on previous stereo from 1980. I’m relieved that I didn’t waste money. Was surprised at how much better the new stuff sounded. Night and day difference. Just had the Yamaha CR-1020 professionally cleaned/Re-capped/ brought into spec too.
  13. This too is good advice. Played Flight of the cosmic hippo loud like 10 times.
  14. I listened to them once loud on the first day. Said, “nope.” Left FM radio on at a pretty annoying level for 3 days straight, drove the wife nuts. Fantastic now 🤙. Love them.
  15. That looks like a good time! 🤙
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