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  1. It took eight days. I wasn't prepared for how big they actually are. That said, I have them toed in just a little and the sweet spot is almost as wide as my room. I eq"d the bass a little and wow a perfect speaker. I have diverse tastes in music. The three albums I use to show off the system are Willie Nelson "Stardust", Glen Miller "The Hits" and Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, "Ella and Louis". Try those three and see what you think. If they get better after break-in, I can't wait. Thank you all for your help.
  2. I have ordered them. Hope they arrive on Tuesday.
  3. I have 8000fs now. Big jump to Cornwalls. I have a Rega p8 turntable and ART9xi cartridge, with a 1978 Pioneer SX1280 receiver.
  4. Would you buy Cornwall.IVs without hearing them first?
  5. I read the old posts about room size. Is there anything different between the cornwall iis and cornwall ivs?
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