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  1. Welcome to the forum. I A/B’d them at my dealer’s this year and you can’t make a bad choice. Not a whole lot of difference in the mids and highs. I thought the Forte’s bass was a little punchier, more compact, compared to the Cornwall’s more open, fuller bass. Overall I thought the Cornwalls were a bit more cohesive/disappeared better. They started with the Fortes and everyone was in agreement that they sounded great 👍. Full disclosure I am a biased Cornwall I and Cornwall IV owner 😬 *I was also off center in a giant room full of people, to be fair
  2. Added a Green 24” iMac and had a walnut desk made that will hold more vinyl one day. Behind the chair are 2 vinyl cubbies same size as the others. Desk is same width as console the MAC7200 rests on, and the opening the keyboard rests on is same width as the opening where the furman power conditioner is…so the desk and console are kind of cousins. (Vinyl towers are 1/4 width of center console. desk and console are 4 cubbies wide, center openings are 2 cubbies wide. I think the towers are 7 ft tall, can’t remember). Anywho….Cornwall IV mancave just about complete. The room is an absolute blast and Cornwall IVs should be on your shortlist IMO. They are highly detailed, full, not too bright. Home theater I might add a subwoofer but I find absolutely no need in a two channel setup. Sometimes I add a little base at the receiver controls if I feel like it.
  3. A. This thread is way over my head, but I really enjoyed reading it. B. Are my Cornwall IVs more valuable now as long as I hang onto the manual? “Rare misprint, limited run edition,”…..?? 🧐😜
  4. I think it’s about the most underrated thing McIntosh makes. I’ve heard just about any McIntosh separate you can think of at my dealer’s showroom. (They don’t have the 901s or the 2KWs and I wouldn’t spend that much anyway). If the separates sounded better I would have purchased them. I swear “separates-or-bust” people either sell stereo equipment or already own separates 🤣. That being said, I really want an MP1100, a Transrotor Zet3, and a Kiseki Purple Heart. But I’m not going to do it. I’m about $13K into gear, $2K into cables, and $6K into the speakers. It’s time to stop and enjoy. If it’s considered a bagging groceries until I get a real job type of stereo to audiophiles I’m okay with that. I’d love to hear their system, I suppose. (I bet mine sounds as good or better 😜)
  5. https://www.stereophile.com/content/mcintosh-mac7200-stereo-receiver Mine is almost double that weight. I think it sounds good. My fist next to the autoformer for size comparison. Link to Stereophile magazine review above. 🤷‍♂️
  6. People always hating on receivers 😜. I’ve heard plenty of nice systems with separates and, IMO, my stereo receiver to Cornwall IV system sounds as good or better 🤷‍♂️. It’s just an integrated amp w/a tuner attached
  7. Upscale Audio is how i purchased these walnuts. They’re ridiculously good. Buy em!
  8. This Yamaha CR-1020 is the heart of my vintage Cornwall setup. I am the second owner. I took it into a local stereo shop last year to have some white LEDs installed since the bulbs had burned out. They also brought it into spec and gave it a good cleaning. I love the sound and the looks...and also the sharp, heavy clicks the switches and dials make haha! Even the volume and tuner knobs have a heavy, satisfying feel to them when you turn them. Good times!
  9. I accept any ridicule, but I love them and they sound amazing 😜 *yes I removed the metal coupler that comes attached to the speaker terminals after bi-wiring, just snapped a quick pic
  10. I’d love to see and read about your Klipsch setups! I think they’re all fantastic. I smile at how passionate you guys/gals are about your systems. We’re all the same in a way, price doesn’t matter, the music does, post it! Share it! $50 - $1,000,000 all fantastic. Klipsch Cornwall IV walnut McIntosh MAC 7200 stereo receiver McIntosh MB50 streamer MoFi UltraDeck turntable w MasterTracker cartridge Furman Elite 15 PFI power conditioner Cardas Clear Cygnus cables McIntosh RS200 (other room, not pictured) McIntosh RS100 (X2) (other room not pictured)
  11. Beautiful! What’s in the center? Heresy on its side?
  12. Let’s see the side pics! And tell us about your system? Looks awesome! PS is there a “show us your system” thread? I love looking at other people’s setups and reading the descriptions. Fifty bucks - 1 million bucks doesn’t matter, I think everyone’s system is special - would love to see them.
  13. My dealer has Black CW IVs and Cherry Heresy’s. Both look great. I think black looks good in a theater or if your rack/stand and gear is all black and silver. I remember having to ask the dealer if the heresy’s were cherry or walnut so not a gigantic difference unless they’re next to each other IMO. You can’t make a bad choice. All good looking, don’t overthink it. If your rack/entertainment center is wood, pick the closest color. If black, go black. You’re gonna love your CW IVs, happy listening 🤙
  14. Thank you. I honestly haven’t looked at the sides in about a year, so thanks for giving me an excuse. Just noticed the other side is even better on both of them. “Waterfall” matches better. 👍.
  15. I agree on Qobuz being awesome, but have not tried tidal. Have tried, Spotify, Qobuz, and Amazon HD. Amazon and Qobuz currently sound better than Spotify, but I enjoy using Spotify so much more than either that I only kept Spotify. Main reason being Spotify Connect. App on my McIntosh streamer sucks when it tries to Qobuz or Amazon HD. I am so damn excited for “Spotify HiFi” to come out later this year. Will finally have best of both worlds.
  16. I would love that haha! Heresys on stands in the room next door, and LaScalas and “the Fives” (on stands, straddling an 85” LG) in the main open lobby/room. In the theater they had Star Wars going and it was rocking the place (they said they were going to have to figure out the drywall rattle - the joys of moving locations!). I poked my head in and saw a Tri-meter McIntosh amp but was very dark so no idea on speakers/subs. The Fortes really were impressive, vocals as good as any in the room. Pic makes the room look smaller than it is. Definitely wasn’t fair to the Fortes for me to be 25-30’ away and 4’ off center. I wish I could have A/Bd the SF and the BW. My experience went SF-Forte-CW-BW, so by the time we got to the BW my impression of the SF was gone. The BW 803 D3s had best bass and tweeter in the room...but they just don’t do it for me. Not sure how to explain it but almost too perfect and dry. My “favorite” would have come down to the CW or the SF, but with the Forte demo between them, I couldn’t A/B them either. This was my first time hearing Sonus Faber, I was very impressed with the sound and they were gorgeous. Each rack had a B&W Formation Audio streamer on it being used as the source. ($700, lil silver box top right in main rack). It sounded great and I fully acknowledge that I fan boy’d/overpaid for my McIntosh MB50 streamer. This one sounds just as good for 1/3 the price. I have some powered wireless Mac speakers in other rooms that MB50 plays nicely with so no regrets, whatever 🤷‍♂️.
  17. Both great, can’t go wrong with either. The Fortes definitely had me smiling, they were great. Then they switched to the Cornwalls and they were greater, as they should be for the cost. The fortes were awesome but you could kind of separate the base, the mid, and the tweeter if you wanted to (I think this has a lot to do with the room being gigantic and I was at the back and slightly off center. I do NOT think this would be an issue in a home setting). The Cornwalls were everything that was great about the Fortes but more of it. Fuller? More present? Just a wall of music? I don’t know how to explain it. Seemed like the Cornwalls were doing their thing effortlessly. Most noticeably in the bass. They played the same song and the bass on the Forte couldn’t do what the Cornwall bass did. I never, ever listen that loud at home...but in that setting it was like listening to a punchy sub in a car for the Forte...but then with the Cornwall it sounded like an actual instrument (bass guitar) but was fuller, louder, and hit just as hard. Biggest difference was bass. Room was pretty crowded and huge, -my guess is, if I were to sit in the sweet spot of the fortes in smaller room it would have been closer. Like I said, BOTH great. *also not fair bc the Cornwalls had better placement in room that size, IMO. Sonus Fabers and the $17K B&Ws were pretty amazing too, and hooked to some better gear. Tonight was the soft opening of the bigger DTX in Lincoln, NE, and pics are from just one room of many. Great place if you’re ever near. They have all klipsch heritage except the Klipschorns - which I want to hear! Happy listening and like I said, cannot go wrong with either the Forte or the Cornwall. *sorry pic of Klipsch stuff isn’t better! Was taken during the B&W demo...people to the left of me, same room, didn’t want to jump in the middle of demo for pics to the left haha
  18. Step 1: Buy Klipsch Heritage Step 2: Put in corners of room. (This will make them toe in). (Like poster above, they cross in front of me. It’s the best I have found with them. They’re about 12 ft apart but the vocals seem to come from center of amp). Step 3: Enjoy “The Winter of Mixed Drinks” by Frightened Rabbit tonight. Cornwall IVs, MAC 7200, MoFi UltraDeck w MasterTracker cartridge, Cardas Cygnus Cables, and Zipline Brewing’s Milk Stout. Cheers 🍻
  19. Still love ‘em. Streaming a high-resolution showcase playlist through Qobuz tonight at 24Bit-196kHz. Cornwall IVs are amazing. If they don’t make you smile, you have them setup wrong! Happy listening to you all! 🍻
  20. ...they should make a grill order page that people can customize. Not when you order the speaker, that would be a logistical pain in the *** I’m sure. But the option to add different grills to existing speakers would be so cool. vertical fibers - pick a color horizontal fibers - pick a color (maybe limit this one to black, white, silver, or same color? Nah who cares, let people pick) badge - Klipsch block rectangle, Klipsch logo, or script
  21. Those look great! I wish there was a way to order different grills! I would totally get these, an old school black, and a dark green
  22. They’re really dialed in. Though 12 feet apart the vocals just seem to come out of the top of the MAC7200 dead center. Funny enough I had a friend over recently who has a nice Heresy setup and first thing he said was, “Whoa they just disappear.” I would encourage everyone to try them in true corners, crossing in front of listening position 👍
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