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    Main System: Klipschorns (Trachorns, JBL 2404H Tweeters, ALK Universals, Cast Frame Woofs), Mcintosh 7150 Amplifier, Adcom GFP750 preamp (Nelson Pass Design) OPPO 105 Disc Spinner (Also used For Music Server DAC) Mac Mini Music server Running Roon Software, VPI Scout Turntabe (SDS Speed Control, 300RPM Motor Upgrade, Dynavector 10x5),
    Home Theater Stuff Associated With Main System: Lascala Center(Fastrac Wood Midhorn AA Crossover with updated caps driven by Parasound Amplifier. KPT-12VB Side Surrounds Driven by QSC RMX2450 Amplifier. KPT 1201 Rear Surrounds Driven By QSC RMX2450 Amplifier. 2 Danley Sound Labs DTS10 Subwoofers Driven By QSC RMX5050 Amplifier. Integra 9.8 Pre/Processor. Mitsubishi 1080p Projector shining on 135" Wide Scope Screen.

    Bar/Game Room System: Klipsch Forte 2s(ALK Crossovers) Driven by Rotel RB991 Amplifier. JBL B460Clone Subwoofer Driven By Carver TFM45 Amplifier With JBL Bx63a Electonic Crossover. System Is Run From Main System Preamp.

    Garage System: 1974 Cornwalls Driven By QSC RMX1450 Amplifier run From Main System Preamp.

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  1. I just saw the for sale thread has pics and is still searchable. The one posted for sale was in quite a bit better shape than the one I refinished. There is quite a bit of bondo in the black one.
  2. Yes I sold one. I thought about painting it to match the other, For about half a second.
  3. Only pic I can find of the speaker pre paint job
  4. Looked bad. Previous owner had done a real bad job. Really stubborn varnish and a lot of chips in the plywood. Had old stapled factory grills. Emron paint. Many hours into it. I would not do it again. Easier to work overtime and buy new Lascalla 2s
  5. I run a Oppo 105 into a fully analog Parasound P7 seven channel preamp. The video is run HDMI to the projector. The sound is noticeably better than any pre/pro I have ever tried. I will never go back. I think if more people would try the approach it could catch on.
  6. I will consider trade for very minty oil oak Academy or possibly 2" mid horn stuff
  7. Ive sat on it for many years now. I refinished the rougher of the pair for my center. I thought someday I might want to finish this one and have a pair but that is not going to happen and the last thing I need or want at this point is more speakers. I am not in a hurry but I am going to sale it eventually. if eventually I have to ship I will, I just want to see if it can simply be carried away for now.
  8. Speaker functions perfectly
  9. I am going to keep the Laser badge so keep that in mind. It is a 1978 model but the mid driver has been swapped out for a later M model if that maters. Crossover is AA with caps replaced with Crites kit.
  10. I have a single lascala I want to sale. It is in the Salt Lake valley. For now I do not want to go to the trouble of shipping so local sale only for now. $450.00
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