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  1. Probably should have this on the Garage Sale silo of the Forum if it's not already there.
  2. These shipped 5/4/78 to Custom Audio.
  3. We do not have the logbook covering 1964 when these shipped. In late 1963 the driver complement was very consistent: K33J woofer, K55V mid, K77 tweeter, and W6 network. Naturally as "curator", I lean to restoration to stock components. Our 1954 and 1957 "pair" at the Museum's visitors center never cease to amaze.
  4. Good guess! Both shipped to Sunshine Sound 11/24/80.
  5. I am not aware of records on salesmen's samples.
  6. The Chorus II ran from 1990 - 1996. It would have less distorted bass as well.
  7. The size (6X8) does not jive with anything in the Archives so far discovered. PWK was a huge fan of education in general, so it is conceivable that he gave a one-off copy to a school library. Am most anxious to see any evidence on this. BTW, the earliest price sheet in our collection with a LaScala listed is 1966. The price at that time was $470 each.
  8. Cathy, I have emailed you. If that did not come thru, please reach out on this forum. Thanks.
  9. Could be grill designations. Totals by wood would require going thru the paper logbooks line by line.
  10. B = Cornwall. Monster Cable is not.
  11. More likely Cornwall components, but could even be Klipschorn components. The Monster cable on the network (can't read the model) suggests Klipschorn.
  12. This appears to be a DIY mod using Klipsch Industrial handles.
  13. 001's rough guess should be close. This logbook is currently missing from our collection.
  14. Thanks! Please be careful removing the woofer access panel. After this many years, many of the sealing gaskets have turned into glue!
  15. PWK shared his blueprints with many in the beginning. He ceased the practice fairly soon, as most home builders screwed it up. I would guess these to be made between 1946 and 1949. They certainly should be preserved! I'd love to see some pics from the back side. I'd also like to get the name of your grandfather, as there could be correspondence in our files. If you'd rather not post this info on the Forum, you can send it to jim@klipschmuseum.org.
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