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  1. Rarity is high, but performance is compromised. A collector might want to keep it as is, but it is also possible to update it to near-current performance, albeit at a fairly steep cost.
  2. This is a Klipschorn Junior, likely mid- to early 50's. The Cobraflex was used as a cost reduction in anticipation that the buyer would eventually upgrade. The coil formers (wooden discs) are likely to have dates penciled in.
  3. X codes shipped in 1982. Paper logbook entries end a few thousand Heresy's before this one, so "late 1982" is the best I can do.
  4. 3811 is one of 10 HISM's shipped to PMA Engineering on 10/27/82.
  5. Sorry Double d. It's too new for me! The Klipsch website might have some history...........
  6. Need to see some serial numbers.
  7. I knew this day would come! We do not have the shipping logbook for this timeframe. It came up missing when Engineering moved from Hope to Indianapolis in 2002. What I do have is a "cabinet shop" logbook that offers very little detail, other than the date they left the cabinet department. In this case we see December 27th as the date for both.
  8. It appears from the logbook that they were keeping track of pairs with a letter. 677 and 678 have the "F" designation. 673 and 674 have a "D" designation. Yep, 675 and 676 have an "E". All were shipped Sept. 5, 1975. My guess is that yours are not perfectly grain-matched.
  9. Logbook says September 18, 1963. Of note, only one pair was shipped in August! Musta been leaning heavily on Belle's teaching salary!
  10. Could be. I was looking at price lists, and 1985 had Heresy, where 1986 had Heresy II.
  11. 1986 was the first year for the Heresy II (as we think we know it). Actually there was a Heresy 2 way back when the K-1000 horn was replaced with the K-700 in the early 60's. Everyone forgot, so the II was used "again".
  12. The letter-codes began in 1963 with "A". Heresy's and Cornwall's were so new that the SN's took a four character format. Specifically 6A03 and 3A09 respectively. Interestingly the 6A03 Heresy follows 603, while the 3A09 Cornwall follows 308. Wild times in the logbooks!
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