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  1. Prior to the Belle, PWK used a WALNUT LaScala as a center. I have it.
  2. 28W186 shipped to Canada on 6/22/81. 29X610 shipped to AAFES (overseas military) on 6/28/82. Both as LSBR's.
  3. It could have used a separate mono amp, but many of the tube amps of the day could be "jury-rigged" to provide a summed channel.
  4. Got me to doing some research! Nov. 18, 1961 the W5 was changed to W6 with the 5 mH choke changing to 2.5 mH. In early 1964 all designations were changed to reflect TYPE_____ (fill in the blank). "1" was for Khorn & LaScala. "2" for Cornwall, Shorthorn 12", and Model H as a center "3" for Shorthorn 15" "4" for Model H "5" adopted later in 1964 for Khorn and LaScala Then on Oct. 9, 1964, EV tweeters were found to be variable in output. 1R was for 3dB low tweeters, 1Q for 6dB, and 1S for 9 dB! On Oct. 1, 1965, they discontinued the use of the L2 choke, so a further suffix was added. 1RB and so on. Whew!
  5. 28X733 was shipped 2/23/82. The AL network was introduced in late 82, so these should have had a Type AA. That would have been accompanied by the K-55-V squawker.
  6. American Studios does not seem to be postable even at 283K. Probably need someone to answer this before I can add it.
  7. I believe this pic has one of the trailers. Former VP of Sales, Don Peterson, is in the center. Another installation was with American Studios, also pictured in my next response.
  8. I need to talk to this guy!! Strange that they would have used a Type A crossover in 1972, however, the serial numbers indicate 1970! Updating to current with the advent of the AK6 K-horn has become more challenging (and expensive). You may want to update "only part way". A lot to be considered. jim@klipschmuseum.org
  9. Congratulations! You have the 74th Khorn. While the coil was wound in March of 49, #174 did not ship until 2/27/1950. There is little info (discovered so far) on these early crossovers. The coils were wound on a home-made winder that we have in our collection.
  10. The shipping logbook for these serial numbers was lost many years ago. I agree that the wood is almost certainly walnut. It is likely that they were not stained, but even if they were, the exact same stain on another wood species (birch) would not look the same. Color matching one species with another will nearly always require custom blending, and even then, don't expect perfection.
  11. There is no special notation in the logbook. If they have a clear finish, it is EXTREMELY likely that it was done after shipping. That would also suggest that the quarter round was added at that time. You'll note that the velcro placement avoided the logo. This suggests that they were added later. I don't want to call anyone a liar, but there is no evidence that they left the factory with grills. There have been a few decorators leave the factory with grills, but this one shows no sign of it.
  12. Yes, 9P303 thru 9P306 all left the factory painted black on June 15, 1976. I agree that the grills are aftermarket.
  13. I can't help you. Value is always a matter of supply and demand. In this case the supply is low (good), but the demand is near impossible to establish without some historical prices realized.
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