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  1. JRH

    My S8 Powered Sub woofer

    Wish I could help, but they are "too new" for my database!
  2. JRH

    1950s khorns

    #1030 was shipped to Dr. Wynsen of Columbus, OH on May 4, 1956. Dealer was Custom Electronics of Dayton. It is mahogany and the original components were Stephens 103LX2 woofer, University SAHF squawker (on a K-5-J horn), and University 4401 tweeter. The upgrade included the HF baffle for mounting the K-400 horn.
  3. Paul's first metal horn was the K-1000 used in the Rebels, Shorthorns, and early Heresy's and Cornwalls. This would have been 1950 +/- a year. We have his wooden pattern on display. Paul liked to get his hands dirty, and did virtually all of the pattern making and first-off moldings himself. In the case of the K-400, he first built one from sheet metal and covered it with "tar". It is also on display. I believe it was the K-700 that was plagiarized from one he pulled out of John Eargle's trash can when he worked at Jensen. Otherwise it was all him thru the K-260.
  4. JRH

    Model H serial number history

    BTW, Lloyd McClellan was Paul's first employee, and Portus Gilley was in the next 6.
  5. JRH

    Model H serial number history

    Hi Michael. These shipped 9 March 1962. Original components were K-22 woofer, K55V squawker on K-1000 horn, and K77 tweeter.
  6. JRH

    I need your help

    Shipped Feb. 12, 1961 and was probably the first in the new style (w/o cloth on the sides).
  7. Joe Holland performed at the Pilgrimage 2 years ago. I also did an extensive video interview with Mr. Holland. Quite a life! When PWK recorded Joe Holland in Shreveport, LA, Elvis Presley was walking out of the studio.
  8. JRH

    La Scala crossover

    "Better" is a dangerous adjective. Crossovers integrate the bandwidths of the specific drivers/horns. The evolution of the A series accompanied the changes in the midrange driver. The crossover was essentially trying "to keep up".
  9. Efficiency is the right answer (isn't it always). The K-79 is running full-bore in the Cornwall. It would have had to be stepped up for the K-horn / LaScala, and that would have resulted in a power handling issue.
  10. They are indeed rare. At least several left-right pairs were made as special orders. This pair shipped to the Music Box in Wellesley Mass.
  11. JRH

    Transparent Klipschorn

    Sorry HDBR, but only one was made. Check it out at https://www.klipsch.com/plexiglas-khorn.
  12. Sorry, but the "hysterian" does not know the serial number when the problem was resolved. I do not remember the C7 showing the problem.
  13. JRH

    Cornwall mfg year?

    Small correction: The "original" Cornwall II was when the K-600 horn replaced the K-1000.
  14. The first Khorn (X-3) had a Jensen A-12 woofer and a WE 555 HF. I'm sure many substitutions were made over the years. The next 12 made by Baldwin (1947) had WE 713 A's for HF, and at least one had a JBL woofer. From 1948 on Stephens was a standard woofer. Bob Stephens was a personal friend. Some units used the drivers that the customer supplied! Stephens, Electro Voice and Jensen were the main players in the 50's. JohnA is correct that Vitavox was the first licensee of the Klipschorn, and PWK did not to my knowledge ever sell a product with Vitavox drivers, unless possibly supplied by the customer.
  15. JRH

    K-horn Serial Number Question

    The historian making a cameo appearance: Another answer may be that the dealer was not paying attention.