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  1. Pretty sure this was made by Robert Wyatt, known to most as "Bois D'arc". He is responsible for the Klipsch Garden adjacent to the old RR station in Hope.
  2. Too new for me! Sorry.
  3. The original K-72 was a Heppner-built unit with a square horn (K-72-H). Shortly K&A expanded their in-house driver building to include tweeters and mids, particularly those formerly made at Heppner. The K-72-K was K&A's first tweeter to build, and it debuted with the round plastic horn.
  4. Production numbers per year would be quite a project, and in the mid 80's when records went digital, the data is incomplete and unrecoverable. Maybe someday it will "come to the top".
  5. JRH

    Tangent 40

    $379 each. Sorry for the delay. I really don't do the private message thing.
  6. Very strange beast. I consulted with Gary Gillum (the "g2" in Kg2), and neither of us remember anything like this. It is conceivable that Klipsch Sales had a clandestine (as far as Engineering goes) "pilot run" done overseas...........
  7. Coytee, I'll try to keep the bird at bay (for the moment). In the early days PWK was in charge of all aspects including finishes and veneers. However, he did solicit opinions from staff, dealers, and friends. Early 1950's veneers primarily included mahogany, walnut, prima vera, and raw gum! W/o an exhaustive deep dive into the logbooks (a royal PITA) it seems that oak did not surface until the late 60's. The promotion of "exotics" came well after the employment of Bob Moers in 1961 as the "marketing brains" behind the "technical genius". Obviously one-offs occurred from the beginning. One could send in a Western Electric 555 to be incorporated into their Klipschorn!
  8. The K-33-P and K-33-E were used interchangably for several years in the mid 70's. P for CTS Paducah, KY, and E for Eminence. If the woofer sounds good, I'd just apply a little "Elmer's glue" and rock on.
  9. Without a lot of research, Karlson3 is at least "very close"!
  10. 16 ohms is irrelevant. Advertising ratings have changed over the years. The K-horn used to be rated at 16 ohms, but it had a 4 ohm DCR woofer even then. If the caps are not leaking oil, they are likely fine. I'd run them as they are, but have a little discretion on the volume control!
  11. Sorry, but they are "too new" for my database! Klipsch customer service might be able to help.
  12. JohnA is correct. The labels are not available.
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