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  1. I'd have to date the pics between 1975 and 1978. It was before my time, but after the BS t-shirt came out. I might have met Ed, but don't recall anything specific. I did speak with him on the phone a time or two. I think the guy on the right in the first pic is Jim Parker, sales rep. Gary Gillum appears in 3 pics. The crouching guy in the BS shirt is Curtis Putnam (also RIP). PWK had many R2R's, and was invariably tinkering with them. It is sitting on a rare LB-15, predecessor to the LB-76. I think we have it at Indy. Would love to have hi-rez scans of these for the Archives. jim@klipschmuseum.org.
  2. Could have been an employee, or just a DIY guy. Not factory!
  3. Could have been for an employee, but with Stuttgart (Arkansas) on them, they're more likely for a friend.
  4. The first Heresy made was #101 and used a K-1000 horn in 1957. It was called the Model H. In 1966 the K-700 horn was introduced and the name became H-700. The first logbook notation of this was 1D030 shipped 20 May 1966. Your 1D101 should be the 1000th Heresy made (of any variation).
  5. DoubleJ is likely correct regarding the staples. I cannot find the Only Klipsch brochure in the Archives, and would definitely like to get good scans of both sides! jim@klipschmuseum.org would be the best destination. 1D000 shipped 10 Mar 1966, while 9D99 shipped the day before. 9D75 was the first to ship in 1966 (3 Jan 1966). Since the first Heresy was #101, some math will be required!
  6. Pictures, please. At the top of this post was "k.22 67.7625". FYI, 67 = Eminence (the supplier), and 7625 means 25th week of 1976.
  7. The Archives has many scans regarding this demo, but not the newspaper article you have. Would love to add it to our collection. The event had technical difficulties, but can be claimed to be the first live vs. recorded demo with a full-size symphony. It followed an earlier Gilbert Briggs and Leak demo at Carnegie Hall. Paul was there and scribbled down notes in the margins of the program. Part of that program is attached. Newspaper 561010 Hartfordpdf[1].pdf
  8. These are walnut oiled. The pie-shaped logo was used from the early 60's until the early 70's. I don't have a solid confirmation of the latter date.
  9. Not sure of the entire answer, but jpg for me.
  10. If the woofers are visibly OK and functioning, and the caps are not leaking oil, I would leave them alone.
  11. The 15 does stand for a 15" woofer. Early on a few were built with 12" woofers. Without reviewing 100's of pages of records in detail, it appear at first glance that none were done after about 1963. I've never seen one.
  12. To see previous and current transactions, I would recommend monitoring https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/forum/63-garage-sale/, as well as eBay. We have mid-50's stock Khorns playing in our visitors Center. They always impress, so 1969 should be, at the least, "respectable". Considering that new ones are $18,000, I wouldn't think they should go for less than $2000 each, assuming they are in good condition. But current value is not my forte (pun intended).
  13. 4/9/81 shipped to Harvey Group.
  14. I am not aware of any production quantity records of these, nor PWK being heavily involved in the run. Sorry.
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