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  1. Pro records are sparse. I do not have date of manufacture on KP and newer products.
  2. I am not completely clear on this, but I think the B2T was used with the very brief appearance of the K-55-G (essentially a ceramic magnet version of the Atlas Alnico K-55-V). Changing a network without using the designed-for driver is "at your own risk". However, I suspect the K-55-G is a pretty rare duck.
  3. John's recollection is the same as mine.
  4. 1766 & 1767 LF's shipped to Ideal Acoustics on 12/11/80. 1977 & 1978 HF's shipped to Ideal Acoustics on 3/3/81. No idea why the delay. Speculating, it could have been a driver "supply chain" issue! Also, no idea on "Sixth Series".
  5. I had a hand in both, particularly on the driver side.
  6. I don't believe this has been done with any accuracy. It would be a pretty big project that is not currently "in my cards". And "my cards" only go to the early eighties! Beyond that it is all Klipsch Group.
  7. I'm not sure of the date when side access was changed to top access. However, I do believe top access was very short-lived.
  8. These are probably 1964. They had not shipped per the 1963 logbook. Logbooks from 1964 thru mid-1976 came up "missing" about 25 years ago. KDFR stands for Klipschorn / Decorator (open face HF) / Fir / Raw. Good job revitalizing these!
  9. Without substantial combing of the logbooks, one was shipped to Rodgers as early as 1976. At least 100 in sequence were shipped to them in 1978. I have not seen one with woofer access at the top.
  10. These were shipped to Flanner & Hafsoos on 12/3/81.
  11. The Klipsch Museum does not have access to the more recent years' serial numbers. I doubt that Klipsch has retained these. All I can say is that the RF7 debuted in 2001, and ran until 2006.
  12. 1030 shipped Jan. 27, 1961 with no woofer. 1090 shipped Aug. 20, 1962 with a K-33-J woofer. Both had K-55's, K-77's, and W5-33 networks. My GUESS is that the buyer of 1030 already had the 1959 woofer in the pic.
  13. Khorn #13 (Baldwin-built woofer) sent to Consumers' Research for the first review in 1948. Not quite the same geometry on the front vertical edges.
  14. #513 shipped on Sept. 30, 1953 to Geo. C. Lessig. It was a raw utility model (K-357-U2) with Stephens 103 LX2 woofer, University SAHF mid, and University 4401 tweeter.
  15. These are not CF's. I believe they are part of Klipsch's first THX home system.
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