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  1. Not aware of such. Could possibly be a counterfeit.
  2. 397 and 398 shipped 23 Aug 1962. The logbook does not indicate destination. It appears that the drivers are original, or at least "as shipped". The logbook reflects a change in nomenclature from SP12B to K-22 in October of 1960. Likely the same driver with the addition of a Klipsch label. The component price lists also begin to refer to "K-22" in 1960. When the Heresy came out in late 1957, the K-ortho-12 compliment of drivers was in place for some Shorthorns. These were likely brought into Heresy service initially.
  3. 35R847 shipped 2/17/77 to Audio International in Germany. The woofer is an "unauthorized" replacement, and the tweeter is a newer "authorized" replacement.
  4. Sorry, but that logbook has been AWOL for years. I have never seen one with two HF's. The HF cabinets may not be stock. Do they both contain the same components?
  5. MEL stands for Macassar Ebony Lacquer.
  6. Serial numbers are too new. Record keeping went south with the advent of computers!
  7. These are 2 of 4 shipped to Spain on 5/20/80. They must have never seen "professional" use, as they look to be pristine!
  8. Virtually all LaScalas prior to the current version are birch plywood. Some were stained.
  9. The Archives has not yet revealed a lot on Klipsch kits. The Rebel series was the first to involve kits. Attached is possibly the first magazine ad for a Shorthorn kit.
  10. Amazing what can be "created" Mr. Potato Head style!
  11. Probably should have this on the Garage Sale silo of the Forum if it's not already there.
  12. These shipped 5/4/78 to Custom Audio.
  13. We do not have the logbook covering 1964 when these shipped. In late 1963 the driver complement was very consistent: K33J woofer, K55V mid, K77 tweeter, and W6 network. Naturally as "curator", I lean to restoration to stock components. Our 1954 and 1957 "pair" at the Museum's visitors center never cease to amaze.
  14. Good guess! Both shipped to Sunshine Sound 11/24/80.
  15. I am not aware of records on salesmen's samples.
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