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  1. I doubt that a dorm room was involved. I have heard him talk about his mother's console Edison record player being corner-placed to good effect. Also, I believe a fellow student at Stanford (Madison R. Jones did a thesis on speaker cones) suggested to him that all speakers sound better in a corner. This was 1932-1934. Paul said that he paid more attention to that thesis than his own.
  2. The Cornwall debuted in 1959 with a K-1000 mid horn. In 1963 the K-600 replaced it and resulted in the Cornwall II. [There were vertical and horizontal versions of both.] In 1981 the company's collective memory did not recall this update, as the "II" had dropped out of use years earlier. So then came the NEXT Cornwall II. Virtually the same scenario occurred with the Heresy!
  3. Klipsch's history pages have been "dropping off" for some time. These were penned by me prior to my departure in 2015. The LaScala did not get a very lengthy write-up. I can add that the Grateful Dead's LaScala's recently were on eBay. Also the first group I am aware of to use them live was Peter, Paul, and Mary. Below (if I can get this thing to paste) is all that I know of that used to be on the site other than some pics: The History of the La Scala Out of the Corner Named after the Teatro alla Scala in Italy, the original La Scala® was unveiled in 1963. Cosmetically improved over the years, the La Scala provides Klipschorn-like performance from a smaller cabinet that does not require corner location. Paul W. Klipsch offered it to Arkansas gubernatorial candidate Winthrop Rockefeller to use as a public address speaker, and he did use one on a train car during a subsequent campaign.
  4. PWK was certainly human, and did make a mistake or two. He was quick to say "That was another great idea that didn't work!" The cone dome was one of them. We still have the tooling for the cone-shaped diaphragm that may go on display some day with another mistake. That was the choice of chemistry used for the very early K-5 horn series. They became brittle and basically cracked and fell apart. Sherman Fairchild's chemists put him back on track!
  5. 16U875 and 6 shipped to Audio Associates, Inc. on 7/21/1980.
  6. I agree. This potentially delicate collaboration is on our radar.
  7. 25U688 was shipped 11/20/1980 to Nejec, Inc.
  8. 25U688 was shipped 11/20/1980 to Nejec, Inc.
  9. If there are no hammer-stamped numbers, it will be very difficult to date them. The AA was introduced in 1971. However, they have the Monster cable wiring. This did not occur until sometime in the 80's. They have been updated at some point.
  10. The serial numbers on drivers and horns were not documented to my knowledge. Without a bass bin number (that could also be hammer-stamped into the wood) I would guess late 50's.
  11. These shipped 2/4/75. They are a "mis-matched pair", as both are designated "R" for right. Unfortunately, some dealers were not always careful to get the grain-matched pairs sold as pairs.
  12. 21T174 shipped 8/10/79 to Stereo Systems, Inc. I would not change the oil-filled caps unless they are leaking oil (or if you measure them to be off-spec). DF is very low.
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