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  1. That early it would probably be Lloyd S. McClellan, Paul's first employee.
  2. Worst corrosion I've seen. We just emptied our truck trailer of artifacts for a long-overdue inventory. This stuff has been in there 20+ years in the Arkansas heat (and a little cold). Definitely high humidity! Bottom center in the first pic is the worst. The second pic shows the zinc & yellow chromate plating on the front plate going south. It is actually turning to powder. But yours takes the cake. It's likely due to poor surface prep prior to painting. Your pic of the non-corroded driver looks like a back plate/magnet shift (no longer concentric). Amazing that it has not locked the voice coil!
  3. The Belle ceased production in 2005, 3 years after PWK's passing. It was a business decision resulting from a near-zero demand. I believe the previous year's Belle production was less than 10. Possibly much less than 10.
  4. As PWK would say, "I disagree with the author". That author would be me! I've spent the last hour and a half searching our pricelists and network schematics. The "final word" on networks will require may hours if not days of sifting. What I can say is the following, primarily based on pricelists: 570900 K-500-5000 without a suffix last appears 571101 W2 suffix appears. I believe this is in association with the first use of an autotransformer. 580519 W5 suffix appears. K-77 introduction. 630501 W6 appears. This may account for the change from an SAHF to a K-55. 640601 "1" appears. This likely coincides with the K-400 introduction. 670401 "A" appears. 711001 "AA" appears. Attached are a few clues.
  5. We have evidence that PWK and Belle attended a Bell Labs roadshow demonstration in Houston in the mid-30's. Dr. Perrine of BTL gave the demo. It was after this demo that Belle told Paul he could have the back room for a workshop. The Symposium on Auditory Perspective was referred to by PWK as the "Old Testament" of audio.
  6. Large question! Attached is a "start". Nothing on Pro at this time. Model Chart.xlsx
  7. This will take a little digging. Answers later this week.
  8. LSI "whole": 2662 shipped between 4/11/77 and 12/30/83 LSI-LF: 2184 shipped between 3/15/79 and 12/31/83 LSI-HF: 2202 shipped between 4/12/79 and 12/30/83 Not terribly rare. I have access to no other records.
  9. Polizzio is correct! There will be more elaboration on the Klipsch Museum's website (www.klipschmuseum.org) as well as Facebook in the coming months.
  10. Also see https://www.klipsch.com/heresy-history
  11. We have so far discovered two of these events. One can be seen at https://www.klipsch.com/live-vs-recorded
  12. On the left are Fisher pieces, a radio at top and likely some amps below. On the right is Berlant equipment. He favored the Concertone series. The picture was taken in Feb. 1955. PWK tried everything. In amps it seemed to be Brook, Fisher, RadioCraftsman, Marantz, and McIntosh at different times.
  13. Early on Paul would incorporate a buyer's drivers into a Klipschorn. By 1963 I seriously doubt it . Unfortunately the logbook for this timeframe has been AWOL for many years. Vitavox was the first licensee, and those drivers are definitely high-priced! Congratulations!
  14. These were shipped to Likis Audio 4/19/79.
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