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A Visit with Chief Bonehead and The Jubilee

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A couple of weeks ago Roy invited about a dozen Underground* Jube owners to come to Hope and listen to the all new, soon to be released Heritage, The Jubilee as part of a very limited size** Chief Bonehead Education Class to benefit the Klipsch Museum of Audio History.


This thread is for those attendees to post their thoughts, impressions, and photos and to answer any questions that may pop up from other Forum members about this new speaker system. 


The thread will automatically unlock on Nov. 1, 12:01 a.m. Central time.


* "Underground Jube" is the official name dubbed by Roy to refer to the KHJ-LF/402 Combo that was available from 2006 until the Spring of 2021 where it was officially discontinued.


** A small, very limited size, was necessary due to Covid restrictions and concerns.

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The only change I would make would have made about the weekend was comments about the Jubilee would have been after the stereo demonstration. I believe opinions shaped up after the stereo demo. I would say this must be what they felt like when the Klipschorn first came out. The Jubilee is indeed state of the art in horn design. The range, cohesion, extension, and clarity was amazing. PWK is smiling. The tracks I played I knew by heart and I heard things new.






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Pictures just can’t begin to show how beautiful the “Jubilee” is in person. This pair was the first production pair made in Walnut and assembled by Roy for verification of all details before the 75th Jubilee production was to begin.


The quality of the Fit and Finish of the cabinets were awesome.

The K402 is painted inside and outside and is a beautiful grey.  Roy said they painted approximately 20 horns before they got it to their satisfaction…!!!












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This is Roy’s new phase plug extension for the K693 HF Driver that extends the control of the polars to approximately 19kHz when used with the K402 HF Horn. 

The improvement in imaging has to experienced to fully appreciate the advancement this offers.


I believe their is also a patent application for the design.






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