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  1. Many good suggestions here- Cary Audio makes an amp tweaked to match with Klipsch Heritage speakers. SLI-80HS(Heritage Series) Might want to check that out also.
  2. THANK YOU Mike. Another first with Klipsch speakers. Enjoy!
  3. Klipsch Fans that made music and wine..
  4. Great to hear you're safe. And the Klipsch's also. Best of luck in the recovery.
  5. Thank you for all the work done. The new Steam Building is coming along on schedule.
  6. American Made Class A Solid State that is built to last decades delivering hundreds of Class A watts isn't cheap. Try Checking out the refurbished units delivering 200 to 600 Class A watts for value. There are hundreds of reviews by noted professionals on the Krell sound. Worth a listen...
  7. Great gesture! Scott was a key supporter of the Klipsch Museum and great sound. We miss him...
  8. Have asked Forum member Daryl Berk to comment on the pics. Daryl is the Product Manager for CARY AUDIO.
  9. Billy Wright is the President of CARY AUDIO. Billy is explaining the CAD-211 production run they were working on. Monica has been with CARY for 13 years and was showing the "old" schematics. She can assemble these blind folded. Will show more specifics soon.
  10. Thanks for the primer. Why do SET amps test so "differently"?
  11. Looks like the Memberships are up on the Museum website.
  12. Any comments on Conrad Johnson CAV 45 or Cary Audio SLI-80. Have found "good deals" on both.
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