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  1. Well I've got the system connectivity pretty well in hand. I am using 2 of the 4080 inputs for the digital sourced inputs and the other 2 for analog inputs. The DacMagic has master volume control for those sources and I added an analog volume control for the others. The analog component detail: A. Yamaha BD-A1060, this in the analog section because the SACD output is only analog. B. Ortofon Black, Technics 1200 MKII, VTA PH16 C. Sony TC-651 RTR D. Open The XLR A/B/C/D switch is a Kramer VS-4X and the volume control is a Palmer PMC1. My outbuilding is divided into 3 sections. The shop, the assembly hall and the upstairs bar. Each area has its own system. With the Xilica I can mix any source to any output if I need to do something other than the hardwired connections shown in the drawing. The Jub system is the main listening area we call the assembly hall. System Layout.pdf
  2. My new KPT-KHJ-LF say 1200 Watts at 8 Ohm on them.
  3. Retiring next week, so I should have some time to think it over and get figured out.
  4. Rsrvrman, Thanks. Islander, I will look into that, thanks. So I started on the recycling of the shipping containers this weekend, that's a lots a cardboard! I thought hard about keeping them, but its too much to store, and I be in a box before they will need to move, so I at least made this out of parts on them.
  5. Got the REW and mic. I've been using them as I learned. I have been using a MiniDSP DDRC 88A with DIRAC. Onc I got the timing and xovers set with the 3 way system and doing the room correction, I found I liked it better with the room correction off. I haven't done any measuring on the Jubs yet, just listening, but I am retiring and winter is coming!
  6. Don't know are you in MN?
  7. Upper middle right of the angled side on the rear. One slightly annoying nit, you can see the internal wires when looking in the upper right mouth section.
  8. I guess it was somewhat of a risk, but after reading all about them on this site and the reputation of Klipsch in general, I wasn't too worried. I did get a huge eyebrow raise from the wife, but once she heard them, she got it. I am sure that will apply to anyone else who hears them as well!
  9. Here is some detail on the LF openings. They are not quite the same as the originals shown above.
  10. I had not heard them. I used the Cornscala build as a lesson in hearing and tuning along with paying attention at live concert venues. I attended Mark Knopfler at the State theatre in Minneapolis last year and have been using that concert as my guide. The sound was outstanding. I bought the concert download as well. I tend to jump in with both feet on these sorts of things. Haven't had too many failures. Plus I probably read every thread on the net before jumping in. Also ChrisA's threads gave me the confidence to go forward knowing he is willing to help if/when needed. I think my favorite part so far are all of the various percussion thwacks that I can hear.
  11. Thanks for adding me. So there are 49 official systems, is that all there are or is that all we know about?
  12. Tom, The top and sides of the cabinet are rounded over. The vertical edge of the veneer is square. The mouths of the cabinet have a slight bend in them. I'll post up some close ups. I'm considering grill cloth to keep dust out, but am unsure how to best go about mounting it.
  13. So far I only have about 4 hours on the system. I am very impressed, the sound stage is amazing. The pics above are from the MLP which is about 15' from them. The sound stage says correct as you move back and forth across it. The main thing I didn't like about the Cornscala set up was it was pretty directional. Bass is no problem for these, I had to knock off a couple of db to tone it down a bit. I intend to listen for awhile and then begin the process of the last 5% using REW to dial them into the room. The factory settings are very good.
  14. So I was finally able to earn the money to purchase a system, called up Cory ant Paducah and placed the order. Many cudos to Cory and Mark, the transaction was simple and the communication excellent. 2 weeks or so later, the UPS truck pulls up and drops 2 very large pallets at the end of the driveway. Fortunately my skid steer came with forks, so it was easy to move them into the shop. My neighbor and fellow Klipsch audio nut and wood worker came over on a Saturday morning and we modified the counter tops in the shop to accommodate the Jubilees. After about 3 hours of measuring(twice), cutting, fastening, and cleaning up the room was ready. So how do a couple of 60 year old guys unbox and move 250 lb LF cabinets? Well, you open the box, hold the flaps open, roll it on its side and then to the top leaving the packaging in place. Pull off the box and there is the speaker on its feet on the packing(the speakers are placed in the box upside down). I happen to have large long plastic furniture glides, so we put them under the cabinet and pulled/pushed the cabinets in to place. The placed the horns on top and cabled them up, the cables were already there. Then some quick reconfiguration to get the Xilica 4080 DSP (pre programmed thankfully) connected to the rest of the components in the head end.
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