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  1. I guess this is why Cory wrapped each pallet in 3/4" plywood when he shipped my Jubilee system. I have the base Xilica settings files. PM me your email and I will send them to you. If you get to keep them, looks like they could be epoxied back together.
  2. If you need to make some, I could get you detailed pics and dimensions.
  3. If anyone wants them, I can help with pickup, packing and shipping.
  4. Done deal for Z, 691's will be on the way to him tomorrow!
  5. When people ask me why the Jubilee's are so big I respond with the old muscle car adage, there is no replacement for displacement.
  6. My Jubilee's are almost a year old now. In the beginning I listened to them with the out of the box setting on the Xilica 4080. They sounded great! About 4 months in I got generous support from ChrisA here and utilized REW and tuned them to my listening room. This took them to another level. Another month or so and I added dual Sunfire subs to get the bottom lowered since I don't have them corner loaded. Leveled up again. Then a month or so ago I installed a pair of the Celestion AXi 2050 drivers and did another round of tuning with ChrisA. I am very satisfied with the system and feel very fortunate that I was able to pull the trigger when I did. I think its great that Roy and Klipsch continue to improve the heritage line and have placed the new Jubilee's at the top. It seems the pricing may be the result of the estimation of the value these bring to the high end market. I do know that if mine were priced in that neighborhood, I would not have them. I am at about 11k all in on mine and am OK with that, I don't think the bang for the buck can be beat at that price assuming you like horn based systems.
  7. I've got a pair of K-691's in the Garage Sale section.
  8. About 2 years ago I bought this Sony TC-651 from a local gentleman who was beginning to downsize a bit. It came with 53 BASF tapes with needle drops of classic rock form the 60's and 70's recorded at 3 3/4. All tapes are numbered and documented in a 3 ring binder. The guy said he was stationed in Okinawa during the Viet Nam war and has had them ever since. I also got some tape splicing supplies and head cleaner. The deck works and sounds great! He placed an ad on CL on Saturday night, it was very basic and just mentioned the deck and tapes, not much other info. I called and made arraignments to go get it first thing Sunday morning. I had no idea what was on the tapes until I returned home and started looking at the binder. Its an amazing collection and they are all VG+ recordings. Best $150.00 audio buy ever!
  9. I fed the crossover with a 2 channel QSC amp. No Lpad. I believe the drivers in the Crites Type D 2 way were 16 ohm horn and 8 ohm woofer. Its on their website.
  10. Ouch! https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/ele/d/osseo-rare-vintage-klipsch-heresy/7338047499.html
  11. Thanks for the comments!
  12. One pair of K691 drivers. 9 months old. Only driven by a little old tube amp on days ending with a y. 😁 Asking $500.00 includes fees, packing and shipping to CONUS.
  13. When you're ready, PM me and you can come out and see a Xilica 8040 in action.
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