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    NAS, Sonos Port, DacMagic Plus, XP4080

    Yamaha BD-1060, XLR Switch, XLR Volume Control, XP4080
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    XP4080, VTA ST-70, Celestion Axi 2050 Driver, Klipsch K-402 Horn, >225Hz
    XP4080, QSC PLX 1104, Klipsch LKP-KHJ-LF Bass Bin, 50Hz-225Hz
    XP4080, Sunfire True Subwoofer MKII, <50Hz

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  1. Nice system, nice price!
  2. Thanks MM, The second one was close it showed the updated phase plug, but the one I saw showed the whole HF drive in exploded view in one of the scenes.
  3. The exploded views of the driver and the bass bin. Also I would assume it had audio to listen to. They weren't playing that.
  4. Hey Chief, Last night there was a new video playing on a loop at the event. it was very interesting, any chance you can get it posted here. I think a lot of members would be interested in seeing it. TIA!
  5. Just got back from the new Jub demo in Minneapolis. First impression is that the bass is more there than in the underground bins. The set was in the middle of the room with no side or backwalls, and the bass was actually a bit bloomy on one song. Top end sounded the same as my set with the AXI drivers. Spoke to the Klipsch rep for a bit, he mentioned that part of the shipping delay is from the veneer supplier shipping only number 1's of the fronts and not 1's and 2's. He also referred to the undergrounds as a "Frankenstein" system. Thought that was a bit odd, but he's a sales guy so... Anyhow, I am still immensely satisfied with my system and may look into horn loaded subs instead of the active Sunfires I use now. That's all from MN for now, some nice T storms are firing, so off to watch for lightning!
  6. VTA ST-70 Built by me in 04/2018 Volume control, capacitor, and yellow sheet mod upgrades. Currently running 8/16 ohm outputs, will change back to 8/4 if requested. Tubes included: 1 new 5AR4, Made in China 1 in use Mullard GZ33, 1 new, both purchased from Upscale Audio 3/2020 4 used Shuguang EL34, from original kit probably 100 hours on them 6 used Electro Harmonix KT-88, some won't bias properly 4 new Electro Harmonix C6A7, purchased at Tube Depot, just installed 3 used RCA 12AU7, 2 in use, 1 has slight hum 1 used Electro Harmonix 12AU7, in use New Auto Bias kit, not installed $1600.00, shipping cost to be added. Shipping from 55373.
  7. Sorry to hear that, some other time then.
  8. Offer is still open to pregame for tomorrow just send me a PM for the address.
  9. Oops, sorry I forgot, I wrote a note to look at it tomorrow morning.
  10. I think I can help, I will check first thing in the morning.
  11. And another. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ram/ele/d/saint-paul-vintage-klipsch-heresy/7469457578.html
  12. They must be growing on trees around here. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ank/ele/d/minneapolis-klipsch-heresy-ii-crites/7476832492.html
  13. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/ele/d/minneapolis-classic-klipsch-heresy/7475774120.html
  14. I am near Rockford. if you or anyone else wants to stop over beforehand and have a listen to my underground Jubes. You're certainly welcome. We could car pool down to the event, I am about 40 min away from the event.
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