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  1. I built a VTA ST-70 and am running it on the horns of a Cornscala D set up. No pre, just a MiniDSP DDRC88A as a DSP, it has a volume control. Sounds very good. Just placed an order for Jubes, and will be using it to drive the horns on them.
  2. I've built and enjoy a ST-70 and a PH-16.
  3. http://www.tubes4hifi.com/home.html Sells kit that you can assemble or have assembled. Not sure if they match the equipment you mention in the first post, but are a well regarded option. I get immense satisfaction out of building and tube rolling with mine.
  4. Have you considered building your own VTA ST-70?
  5. The listening portion is going well. I really like the sound. Haven't had time to do any measuring though.
  6. I installed them last night. So far I hear more of the room in some recordings and cymbals, tambourine, and brushes are clearer. Not sure if they need some break in time or not. I will start some measuring with REW this weekend. Here is my system as its connected today: WD My Cloud EX4, Internet, Sirius/XM >Sonos Connect, Coax > Cambridge DacMagic Plus, Analog >MiniDSP DDRC 88BM Technics 1200MKII w/Ortofon Black, Sony TC-651, Dennon DVD3910, Analog >MiniDSP DDRC 88BM MiniDSP DDRC 88BM > VTA ST-70, KT-88 >Eminence N314X-8 >Faital Pro LTH142, XO 800 LR12db MiniDSP DDRC 88BM > Sunfire 2 Channel, Voltage Source >Crites CW1526CF, XO 120/800 LR12db MiniDSP DDRC 88BM > QSC PLX1104 >Klipsch KP480, XO 120 LR12db
  7. Just ordered a pair today to replace the Faital Pro HF140 drivers on my Cornscala D's. It will be interesting to see if there is more "air" up there.
  8. Reverse sear method works well inside as well.
  9. I have a Tube Cube 7. Its a great little amp.
  10. Try searching the net for a fiber ST connector to Toslink. ST was one of the the first generations of fiber connector. Are you sure the BNC isn't a coax connection?
  11. I did the live stream on Nugs. The 2 nights were great. Friday got a bit slow with some different acts. It seemed to me that when they switched bands, every other one had low sound levels, was it that way live on site?
  12. The PE Corners are an exact match except for one detail. They do not have the relief slot at each end for the corner edging to slide into to cover the edge. So you will need to cut the edging square and to exact length. I am restoring a pair of KP-320's and a pair of KP-480's and will not replace the edging just the corners. They were painted white and I am taking them back to black. Haven't found a good way to remove the white paint easily and completely. I also ordered the PE 262-318 handles, they are a match as well.
  13. LTusler

    The Cola Wars

    For you drinkers, have a look at http://getdrunknotfat.com/ it list calories, carb and ABV for everything you can think of.
  14. i just bid them up to $300 and there is a higher bid. I don't need them that bad.
  15. "We recommend hiring a professional electrician" A licensed pro would not install this as power wire.
  16. Never tried a analog preamp in the system, I guess one could call the MiniDSP a digital preamp. Godataloss if you haven't already, I would recommend you read ChrisA's DSP posts here in the community. It may help you decide which way to go regarding a DSP for your system.
  17. I would like one of those signs.
  18. I will take it, sent you a PM!
  19. Yup, I am thinking of going in the same direction. My amps are a VTA ST-70, a QSC 300 and a Sunfire MKII sub.
  20. Since I went fully active, I have not used the room correction in the 88A. I have just used REW and found my crossovers and PEQ's, put those into the 88A and am running with that. The nice thing with the 88A is that there are different configurations you can store and run to compare setups with. If you haven't purchased a product yet, you may want to wait until they announce more products that run the 2.0 version of the DIRAC. Be sure you read and understand the product application notes for the various products. It is not alway immediately obvious how they work.
  21. My system is Source, DAC, MiniDSP 88A, Tube Amp for HS, SS amp for LF. The DSP is the volume control. Running in a 4 way active with a powered sub. Turntable pre is connected directly to 2 of the 88A inputs and controlled by the mixer in the 88A.
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