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  1. I did the live stream on Nugs. The 2 nights were great. Friday got a bit slow with some different acts. It seemed to me that when they switched bands, every other one had low sound levels, was it that way live on site?
  2. The PE Corners are an exact match except for one detail. They do not have the relief slot at each end for the corner edging to slide into to cover the edge. So you will need to cut the edging square and to exact length. I am restoring a pair of KP-320's and a pair of KP-480's and will not replace the edging just the corners. They were painted white and I am taking them back to black. Haven't found a good way to remove the white paint easily and completely. I also ordered the PE 262-318 handles, they are a match as well.
  3. LTusler

    The Cola Wars

    For you drinkers, have a look at http://getdrunknotfat.com/ it list calories, carb and ABV for everything you can think of.
  4. i just bid them up to $300 and there is a higher bid. I don't need them that bad.
  5. "We recommend hiring a professional electrician" A licensed pro would not install this as power wire.
  6. Never tried a analog preamp in the system, I guess one could call the MiniDSP a digital preamp. Godataloss if you haven't already, I would recommend you read ChrisA's DSP posts here in the community. It may help you decide which way to go regarding a DSP for your system.
  7. I would like one of those signs.
  8. I will take it, sent you a PM!
  9. Yup, I am thinking of going in the same direction. My amps are a VTA ST-70, a QSC 300 and a Sunfire MKII sub.
  10. Since I went fully active, I have not used the room correction in the 88A. I have just used REW and found my crossovers and PEQ's, put those into the 88A and am running with that. The nice thing with the 88A is that there are different configurations you can store and run to compare setups with. If you haven't purchased a product yet, you may want to wait until they announce more products that run the 2.0 version of the DIRAC. Be sure you read and understand the product application notes for the various products. It is not alway immediately obvious how they work.
  11. My system is Source, DAC, MiniDSP 88A, Tube Amp for HS, SS amp for LF. The DSP is the volume control. Running in a 4 way active with a powered sub. Turntable pre is connected directly to 2 of the 88A inputs and controlled by the mixer in the 88A.
  12. Ran across these. https://tubedepot.com/products/nos-western-electric-engraved-base-300b-black-plate-late-1930-s-matched-pair
  13. We got up to -3 today from -30 this morning.
  14. Look up the Good Eats show on the subject.
  15. Not to thread crap, but can someone tell me where or how to purchase Jubes? I am going to retire in a year and I need to get my budget set. TIA!
  16. Maybe the Xovers need to be re-capped?
  17. Not sure if this helps but I run a VTA ST-70, and the recommended bias voltage on pin 5 is .400 VDC, the tubes will last longer. But YMMV.
  18. Its not the cabinet, its the horns and bass driver. You can read up on the intent on ctriesspeakers.com
  19. Thanks. I bought her current CD, it has some of the same songs we heard, so that will help too.
  20. I haven't had enough alone time with to say yet. I went to see Claire Lynch in Minneapolis on Tuesday. Very small venue, looks like it was set up for about 120 people, and was about half full. She has an excellent stand up bass player, so I tried to burn the excellent sound into my brain and will test it against my system this weekend.
  21. Thanks for the tube tips! The link to your speakers is broken. I would be interested in more information on your inspired Belle's. My Cornscalla D's are a bit inspired as well.
  22. The Hersey's have Crites tweeters and caps. The room is 24x30, I had them set up in one corner about 7' apart and 10' from the MLP for testing. I thought the sound stage was nice with good bass response, I am not a big bass head. I went with the stock set EL34's. Since I'm a tube virgin, I wanted an upgrade path. The base is polished SS, looks nice, but be careful it scratches pretty easily. I just moved it to the main system listed above, sounds nice so far on the Cornscalla's. Putting on Van the Man, No Plan B.....
  23. Here is a review of my process: The kit, I came very well packaged in one box. Very quick shipping Everything was well labeled and all of the electric components were in separate zip lock bags. The instructions were about 10 pages plus a couple pages depending on the options you choose. A high resolution color photo and color diagram of the point to point wiring are included. Mechanical assembly, Pretty straight forward. Have good lighting and a clean counter space about 3' wide and 2' deep. A lazy Susan would be helpful. If you're right handed place the soldering station on your right and the solder on the left. Do not attempt to out think the directions! Follow them to the letter and in order, it will all make sense in the end. There are many short small screws and nuts. Pick a direction to face all of the screw slots. Some pre-soldering is done to make things easier in later steps. Chuck wire pairs in a variable speed drill to twist, go slow and keep some backward tension as it twists. Electrical assembly, Wide tip soldering iron for most of the point to point wiring works well, a small pencil tip for the circuit board is required. Load the resistors and caps by the instructions and bag, DOUBLE check your part orientation and part location and the solder and flush cut excess. When using an auto stripper on the supplied 20 ga. wire, bend the pieces in half to avoid pulling the wire sheath as it strips. Route and bend the point to point wiring so that it lays in place before soldering. Don't know if it matters, but I wore a cotton glove when inserting the tubes. Start up, Again follow the instructions. I did have 2 wiring errors and 1 missed solder connection. I ordered the attenuator kit, so for start up I just plugged in a CD player and a pair of speakers then started playing music. I've been running it for a couple hours each day and cooling it down to heat cycle it before putting the bottom on just to make sure everything stays in place, I will recheck the screws and then button it up and insert into my main system. The bias lowers as the amp heats up, so I adjust it after 5 min of power up, then just before power down, the variance gets smaller each time. Conclusion, Its my first tube amp, I am in love. Main system, NAS all FLAC, AT LP120 Modded Ortofon Blue, Sirius Internet> Sonos Connect> Cambridge DAC Magic Plus> MiniDSP DDRC88BM> VTA ST70> Cornscalla Type D
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