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  1. ToolShedAmps

    5z3pal rectifier tube

    In most cases, the difference you hear will be due to a change in the operating point/s of the amplifier/pre-amplifier with a rectifier change as the amount of voltage dropped by different rectifier types varies.
  2. ToolShedAmps

    Critique this 2A3...

    Yep, the GZ37's are going for over $100 each now, luckily decent 5U4g's are still to be had for half that. You might want to try the JJ 2a3/40's when budget allows, they are very well made and sound very nice. Matt.
  3. ToolShedAmps

    Critique this 2A3...

    Agreed! His build-quality is second to none, I've got a couple pair to get started.... Check this out, solid brass channel frames! Absolutely massive! I'm so excited and feel honored to be given the opportunity to use his transformers in my Euphoria 2a3/45 amplifier.
  4. ToolShedAmps

    Critique this 2A3...

    Wow! NICE, GZ37's! Give my friend George a call @ www.tubesusa.com/ELtubes.html for a pair of EML Mesh-2a3's
  5. ToolShedAmps

    Critique this 2A3...

    Check this out.... no tube sockets sandwiched between transformers.... also, new development, now available with Magnequest output transformers.....
  6. ToolShedAmps

    Henry Scott Yocum Memorial Amplifier Build

    Thanks Steve, let me know what you think. Merry Christmas.
  7. ToolShedAmps

    Henry Scott Yocum Memorial Amplifier Build

    Thank you very much. Merry Christmas!
  8. ToolShedAmps

    Henry Scott Yocum Memorial Amplifier Build

    Thanks Mike! The Yocum family should have it either today or Monday at the latest. Perhaps they will listen to some holiday music through it. Thanks for following along.. Cheers All! Matt.
  9. ToolShedAmps

    Henry Scott Yocum Memorial Amplifier Build

    Here are a couple of pictures of the finished amplifier.........
  10. ToolShedAmps

    Henry Scott Yocum Memorial Amplifier Build

    Top-side of the amp prior to wiring and installing the front and rear plates. The last photo's I'll post will be the ones I take today after the bottom plate is installed (post burn-in) in preparation for shipping this evening. I've really enjoyed my time listening to this amplifier during burn-in and can say without reservation that my Cornwall's have never sounded so good. At least until the next one burns-in.....
  11. ToolShedAmps

    Henry Scott Yocum Memorial Amplifier Build

    Here is the plate (gut-shot) mounted in the wood base...... as you can see, enough room to work but not much else. ToolShed Amplifiers are only as large as they have to be. I've designed the amplifier to have the coupling capacitors easily accessible should customers feel the need to "roll" those too....
  12. ToolShedAmps

    Henry Scott Yocum Memorial Amplifier Build

    Without boring y'all with the details, here is the completed circuit. With the top-plate finished, it can be installed in it's wood base.
  13. ToolShedAmps

    Henry Scott Yocum Memorial Amplifier Build

    As much wiring is completed as possible prior to building the "turret-board" that is suspended above the front section of the amplifier. This turret board is where all of the circuit connections are made to the devices that are soldered to the tube sockets. I build mine out of 1/8" fiberglass board and individually "swage" each turret using a press I built for this purpose. Doing this rather than buying "tag strips" or pre-made turret boards allows me to design the layout and connection points EXACTLY where I want them with no waste. A pic of the board layout I developed for Scott's amp (and all Euphoria 2a3's coming up) will be attached to the next post...... this one is yelling at me about max file size... As I sit here typing, I'm amazed at the SQ of this amplifier.... another bonus, although I designed this amplifier to maximize the sound quality of the 2a3 output tube (my favorite operating points using a 5K primary OT), by dropping in a 5R4GY rectifier, this amp is perfectly safe for use with the "45" output tube. It sounds glorious on this last day of burn-in driving my Cornwall 3's with a very, very old pair of engraved-base Philco 45's.