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  1. ToolShedAmps

    Final Voicing With the Reference HP-3's

    Thanks Mike!
  2. This just in........... and final voicing with the Klipsch Reference HP-3's.... https://twitteringmachines.com/review-toolshed-amps-darling-head-amp/ Cheers! Matt.
  3. ToolShedAmps

    Western Electric and Belden 8402 wire

    Jeff........ my customers listen with their ear-holes, not their eye-holes, and you know what they say about the other-holes, like cowboy hats, everyone has one. For the life of me I can't figure out how to find enough room in my amp chassis for that 8 AWG wire, or the 18 Million Watt-capable coupling caps. But come to think of it, I suppose I could VASTLY improve this build if I wrap the whole amp in silver and claim bandwidth is DC to Light. Matt.
  4. ToolShedAmps

    Western Electric and Belden 8402 wire

    Oops! Almost forgot the "gut-shot"........ And, YES, those are massive, Magnequest output transformers.
  5. ToolShedAmps

    Western Electric and Belden 8402 wire

    Ahh............... ya, I might know a thing or three about 2-Stage, Zero-Feedback, PTP-Wired, 2a3 Output, Single-Ended, DHT Amplifiers.......... Matt.
  6. ToolShedAmps

    Western Electric and Belden 8402 wire

    Mr. Medwin, would you be so kind to enlighten us with a few pics and verbiage of YOUR amplifiers to which you speak?
  7. ToolShedAmps

    Western Electric and Belden 8402 wire

    Now if I could buy output transformers wound with 8 AWG, I'd be in business!
  8. ToolShedAmps

    Forte III and not exactly a newbie

    I might as well chime-in, although the Forte III is a mighty fine speaker (slightly smoother through the mid-range than the Cornwall III, IMHO) they require careful setup to get the passive radiator to work properly..... you CANNOT push them up against a wall. Additionally, they simply cannot compete with the Cornwall if you consider a "life-sized" rendering of instruments on the sound-stage important. They play "bigger", there's something about a 15" woofer that a 12" (even with passive radiator) just can't quite match. As for the Chorus (either I or II's, I have owned both) despite their sensitivity, they are a far more difficult load to drive with tubes than the Cornwall. And of course with the same placement requirements as the Forte' (I, II, or III's). That said, if the poster purchases either, he'll be grinning from ear to ear. Matt.
  9. ToolShedAmps

    Forte III and not exactly a newbie

    Go with the Cornwall III's, I absolutely LOVE mine and they pair incredibly well with valves.
  10. ToolShedAmps

    Lenard Audio?

    Hmm....... much has been written by men without ears......
  11. ToolShedAmps

    5z3pal rectifier tube

    In most cases, the difference you hear will be due to a change in the operating point/s of the amplifier/pre-amplifier with a rectifier change as the amount of voltage dropped by different rectifier types varies.
  12. ToolShedAmps

    Critique this 2A3...

    Yep, the GZ37's are going for over $100 each now, luckily decent 5U4g's are still to be had for half that. You might want to try the JJ 2a3/40's when budget allows, they are very well made and sound very nice. Matt.
  13. ToolShedAmps

    Critique this 2A3...

    Agreed! His build-quality is second to none, I've got a couple pair to get started.... Check this out, solid brass channel frames! Absolutely massive! I'm so excited and feel honored to be given the opportunity to use his transformers in my Euphoria 2a3/45 amplifier.
  14. ToolShedAmps

    Critique this 2A3...

    Wow! NICE, GZ37's! Give my friend George a call @ www.tubesusa.com/ELtubes.html for a pair of EML Mesh-2a3's
  15. ToolShedAmps

    Critique this 2A3...

    Check this out.... no tube sockets sandwiched between transformers.... also, new development, now available with Magnequest output transformers.....