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  1. As far as I know, there were never any LaScala speakers shipped from the factory with horizontal bracing in the bass bin. I DO KNOW, that PWK tested the horizontal bracing out, but it never went into production...likely due to the extreme cost of hand-fitting each brace. Lots of owners have added the bracing of one form or another to their own, though.
  2. Old-school designers of speakers for use in a home environment generally had ONE MAIN GOAL, which was to work towards having a single point emission of the sound which also met or exceeded a performance with a flat frequency response throughout the frequency-range of human hearing. This has still not been achieved. The closest any speaker designer has come is with a two-way design. That is why PWK wanted to come out with a two-way that could perform as well as his three-way Klipschorn….and the Jubilee was born out of that desire and his final speaker design actually outperforms the Klipschorn...AS A TWO-WAY design! The simple importance of a speaker unit which is a one-way design rests on it's not relying on a listening distance past the point of separate drivers of multi-way designs finally "blending together" to JUST APPEAR as if it is a single source. It is a goal which has not been achieved for an in-home speaker design...YET! There is a downside to this single-point goal to some extent. What "soundstage" which people with good stereo hearing "hear" from multiple points of origin in multi-way speaker designs, tends to be more open in many cases...but that is really just a perception, and not a reality. Here is why: The ONLY way to REALLY achieve hearing RECORDED music in its REAL SOUNDSTAGE would be to have each instrument involved recorded on a separate track, to be played by a separate speaker for each track, WITH those speakers in an array identical to how all those instruments were actually laid out when they played together...provided they DID actually play together! This is simply impossible to do for all music, without having to constantly add or subtract speakers and rearrange them for each thing played. So, the very best you can do is to have some kind of compromise going on...and the SIMPLEST compromise is the three-speaker stereo array...for stereo listening, to provide a perception of a soundstage. UNFORTUNATELY, the recording engineers who are mixing-down and blending tracks have a lot to do with the perceptions of a "soundstage" a listener "hears". Here is an analogy for ya...everybody has somebody they know in their family who has a one or more secret ingredients or special techniques to make their version of a recipe which they have prepared taste different (BETTER!?!) than somebody else's version...so goes it with studio recording engineers. And therefore, so goes it with recordings.
  3. HDBRbuilder


    The best of the Russian watches (normally the top military-issued ones) generally had Swiss-made movements in them.
  4. I think I'll have one or more Konig Ludwig Weissbiers before calling it a night...even DTEL likes this bier!
  5. Just a little historical note on the Empire Troubadour 598 turntable: When I first started working at Klipsch in 1976, the turntable used in the listening/demo room over in the office building was the 598, even though, the 698 had already started being marketed where I had been overseas a month or so earlier. I'll never forget PWK walking into that room with a number of us "new employees" there to listen, as he turned on the system, letting everything "warm-up" for the demo...and jokester guy that he was, rolled the volume control up with nobody noticing. He leaned over, lifted the Empire 598 dust cover and swiped his finger across the stylus to remove the "dust bunny" from it, as the EXTREMELY LOUD sound of that coming outta the K-horns shocked everyone in the room! Then, PWK slyly said with a large grin "The first thing to do is clean your needle and get any dust knocked off of the woofer cones!"😉
  6. You're on a real roll today, aren't you? Again, you misunderstand and feel statements of a general nature are directed at YOU??
  7. What I wrote was never directed at YOU...just a general statement.
  8. Since Chief Bonehead actually has a "Van Dyke" beard, and NOT a "goatee"...was it really Him? Either way, I can just see Roy's mind working and him thinking: "Now I have yet another option for another clandestine forum moniker: Guy with glasses and goatee...lemme see if the forum will take that for a moniker...hmmmm...maybe goatee and glasses guy?....or maybe...."
  9. He's even older that I am....so I can just read his books, since the memory of most people over 70 years old requires keeping the books they write close at hand to check on what they are saying...just reading the book would probably be EASIER....and much quicker! IMHO! 😉
  10. Keep in mind that if the hotel conference/listening room is directly UNDER or ADJACENT to adjoining sleeping rooms, we will be severely limited to the volume speakers are played at and how late we can be doing it. That should be a major decision-point.
  11. BTW, exactly WHICH HOTEL is "the hotel", anyway? We all need to make reservations pretty soon...I can only do a drunken low-crawl to my room for certain short distances, ya'know??
  12. It is just the Brit POLITICIANS who are confused....since the PEOPLE HAVE ALREADY MADE A DECISION which those politicians just DO NOT WANT TO ABIDE BY! Just goes to show that politicians are the PROBLEM, and NOT the SOLUTION, IMHO! A quick study of U.S. History would have shown that politicians should never be trusted to represent the people in just "joining a club which they can never leave"...I'm from the South, which had to learn that the hard way!!...Now, back to the subject matter...😉
  13. ABSOLUTELY NOBODY IN HISTORY can beat the Brit cal .303 Lee-Enfield rifles model designations in confusing anybody...I think they INVENTED confusing designations, even to the point of RE-DESIGNATING specific models more than once!! The Brits even have Harley-Davidson's "alphabet soup" model designations beat hands-down!!
  14. An auditorium would be an "OVERKILL environment" for a comparison for speakers NOT designed as stage speakers, IMHO....but the interior size of the Education Center might be much more suited...even though the ceiling is extremely high and the brick walls will most likely be overkill in reflections during the comparisons...I'll be down there at least a day early, though and we can see if that will work better or worse. I'll just bring an old H/K 430 and some speaker wire with me to play around with while checking things out for that....using my laptop for music downloads for testing out the environment comparison.
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