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  1. Those sirens were the emergency response vehicles running to where the damage started and such. The ONLY reported injuries (no deaths!!) wee 6 minor ones...all day Sunday people were out as volunteers cleaning things up...many were out today, too! Once that initial rope funnel touched down, in under a minute the entire thing started to join it...within another minute or so it was HUGE! Without the current "stay at home" COVID-19 rules in effect, it would have been a total disaster in most places the tornado hit...5PM on Saturdays NORMALLY has massive amounts of traffic on the main roads and all the restaurants are getting filled to capacity. Luckily the restaurants it destroyed were unoccupied...as was almost all of the mall! This is the first case I know of where the virus epidemic likely actually SAVED LIVES!. Almost no traffic, restaurants closed...mall all but empty, college had shut down and no college kids in town to speak of, etc.! Something kinda interesting is this sign which was damaged as the tornado blew past the Goodwill store about a block or so off of the funnel route. Pic was taken just after dark on Saturday. Read into it what you want, but it sure got MY attention! And thee was something else that got my attention, too! Both of these were on the same street within three blocks of where the tornado originally touched down...Caraway Road! Second pic was taken Sunday morning! Both could easily be seen while driving along Caraway Road, too! Actually...they were just too hard NOT to see!
  2. Well. it has been overcast all day today here, with a few sprinkles and such...yesterday was sunny and clear most of the day...but SATURDAY AFTERNOON, was pretty wild here in Jonesboro, Arkansas beginning around 5 PM! I was not at home at that time since I had to leave to get a filled prescription about a half-hour earlier, which actually ended up being MUCH MORE dangerous than staying home! Here is the gist of what happened right after I picked up my prescription: No chit, there I was: This afternoon, I had just walked outta the Walmart on Highland Avenue in Jonesboro, AR with a prescription re-fill in my hand, when the dang sirens went off all over town, and everybody went running into the store...Since I was already at my car, I looked up into the sky and saw no reason not to get the hell outta that parking lot and go down to the defunct Sears store empty parking lot about a block away so that I had a better view of the sky off in the distance. I needed to see what was coming and find a way to avoid it, SO...So I parked where I had the best view, and lo and behold there was this huge funnel cloud not yet touching the ground but kinda heading towards me...so I thought for a half second..."which way do I have to go to keep from being hit by this monstrosity?" Well, the way it was travelling as it got closer indicated that it would BARELY miss me, but I could always drive around to the other side of the abandoned Sears store and hunker down, if need be. So, I took a sip of my coffee, pulled out my cell phone and thought to myself: "How the hell can I take a video with this thing?" So, LUCKILY I figured that out pretty quickly and took a video just long enough to know that I had better get over to the other side of the building pretty damned fast...which I did. Once I figure out how to get that video outta my cell phone, I will add it to this post. But here is the gist of it all: There was this really big swirling funnel, but it had still not reached the ground, BUT it spawned two smaller funnels relatively close together, one of which DID touch down and created lots of damage about three blocks away from me as the crow flies. I also got to the other side of the building in time to catch the main funnel as it went by ON THE GROUIND in a second video which I will ALSO put heret....along with another video of just SOME of the damage done by it which I saw as I headed home! The tornado, as it wound through far eastern side of Jonesboro caused lots of damage, to include hitting the mall, the airport and many other places including some residential areas on this side of town, Once the tornado went thru the area I was at, I decided not to attempt to go home for awhile so that all the needed emergency vehicles would NOT have me in their way...so I pulled into the Texas Roadhouse steak joint (a stone's throw from where I rode out the storm) and just calmed down for awhile before finally heading home to the apartment, which I figured had not been hit, and it wasn't hit! Praise God for that, and Lord, please do what you can for whomever is injured by this weather during an already trying time for us! If you live in Arkansas, it is likely that you will at least see a tornado at one time or another! It is what it is!😔 Happy to be alive right now, but worried about all of those adversely affected! I have the videos I took of it on my low-tech flip phone, but have not yet figured out how to get them onto my laptop...still working on that...both video files are too large to Bluetooth and will need to be edited while on the phone. The best way to really understand Saturday's e3xcitement in town here is in the video below, which is from a local TV affiliate here in town:
  3. I never said it was the rolling Stones mobile studio, but it WAS two trailers which had to be tied together beside the plant for the installation of those Belles.
  4. There have been lots of changes to Heresy speakers over the years, some of which most people don''t even realize happened because the changes were just announced in the DOPE FROM HOPE papers, if announced at all!
  5. OK, Chief, is that your equivalent of a blank stare into space until a fish takes your bait?...or did you just forget to write: "It sounds OK"?😁
  6. Lots of things don't make sense in this world.
  7. I left Klipsch in October of 1983. Our professional stuff was called our "Industrial line"..."PRO" came along years after I left. The Industrial models were all built outta the same Georgia-Pacific "void-free" birch plywood we used for the decoratotrs and later the birch raw units while3 I worked there from 76-83. Of course this also applies to all of the industrial line while I was there, INCLUDING the MCM 1900 system components: MTM, MSM, MSSM, and MWM. We used quite a bit of approximately 1/2" thick baltic birch on the K-horn bass bin construction, though...with the finely-veneered panels for the K-horn being poplar-lumber-core plywood. I can only speak about what was used while I was there. We had lots of the approximately 3/4" Baltic birch, and constantly tried to find uses for it in cabinets, but it seems that nothing we came up with while I was there was conducive to use in regular construction, mostly due to the types of construction fasteners we used: finish nails and staples would either fold or not drive up completely so those ideas got scrapped ! That's what happens when you buy a huge amount of something like Baltic birch, in various thicknesses and sheet sizes because you are "getting a great deal" on it, but nobody can figure out how to utilize the thick sheets of it while using the standard product-construction methods at the time!. It is what it was! Klipsch tende3d to be at odds with Georgia-Pacific due to the constant price-raising of their void-free plywoods we used, and the problems the seemed to be having with quality control during those years. They were looking for something else so that they didn't have to constantly haggle with GP over quality control and rising costs!
  8. I was working there when that happened, but not sure JRH was working there, yet ,at that time. A pair of Belles were installed as studio monitors, mounted up high and upside-down, angled downwards to some extent, and toed-in to some extent. The mobile studio arrived as two separate units, they were aligned and put together, and the installation took about one entire work day. The mobile studio units were already temporarily at the plant, in the loading areas in front of the plant itself, waiting for us when we arrived for work that day, whereupon they were told where to park them and put them together. I'm sure that a number of pics were taken, but have no idea who has them, if none were archived...maybe Gary Gillum? As far as I know that was the only time that any mobile recording studio ever had Belles mounted inside at the plant, itself. from July 1976 thru October 1983, while I was an employee, anyway. There were a few weeks that I was on temporary voluntary lay-off one year, though!
  9. NEW BALANCE...PERIOD! If hunting, or in the boonies, Matterhorns...PERIOD! Ever since the late 1980's! When weather is HOT and I'm on my motorcycle, I wear panama-soled jungle boots, otherwise, Matterhorns! Once my ride for the day is finished, either Matterhorns OR New Balance...depending on where I end up at on the ride.
  10. The problem is a combination of all the extra cross-grain cuts involved with so many plys involved in Baltic birch PLUS the extra layers of hardened glue for all of those plys...generates extreme heat And dulls the edges at the same time...it is one thing to be a hobbyist builder, quite another to have to do production runs of parts....production runs is the key to the issue which is seldom noticed much by the hobbyist builders who don't NEED to make runs of many pallets of parts for what few they build. Remember: Klipsch doesn't lay their own veneers, the MDF is veneered at its source. So, if they used veneered Baltic Birch, then it would ALSO have to be veneered at its source....and shjpped to Klipsch in pre-veneered and edge-banded matching pairs panels, and THAT would be EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE...plus addressing the quality controls at the source would be almost impossible! I mean that would be GENUINE "global out-sourcing" for those panels! Look at it this way...how many times have you ACTUALLY gotten baltic birch sheets that were even square at the corners, yourself? Think about that for quality control of pre-veneered Baltic birch panels at the source....make sense? Thern add in the issue which Baltic birch has ALWAYS HAD, thickness of the sheets being spot-on...good luck with that! Even within the same bundle the thickness can vary quite a bit, which will be evident to the eye when building mitered joint boxes!
  11. For myself, I have always wanted an SL 110 or SL 1100 Technics Direct drive turntable, and highly recommend them provided they have been tested and maintained properly...they were the top of the line in their day from Technics and can often be picked up for around a grand today...which is MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE than the current top of the line Direct drive from Technics, which IMHO doesn't really justify its price considering it doesn't have any really appreciable significance in performance over the old 1100 model! The new top of the line is now the SL-1000R, at an MSRP of 18 grand!! GEEZ!! And you still have to buy MORE stuff before using it!
  12. I still have and use the Technics SL-1300 I bought new in 1975. One of the best 250 buck purchases of new audio equipment I ever made! ACTUALLY everything I bought in 1975 is still used except for one of the two SoundCraftsman 2012-A equalizers which I sold decades ago (at a profit!), and the speakers, also sold decades ago for exactly what I paid for them all! TEAC A-2340-R reel deck DBX II model 124 Noise reduction unit (for the reel deck) SoundCraftsman 2012-A equalizer Technics RS-676-AUS cassette deck H/K 900+ quad receiver
  13. SIMPLE ANSWER IS production costs would be higher due to the wood costs AND the cutting tool costs. Density and glues used in Baltic birch wear out cutting tool edges rapidly, and require replacing them much more often! More labor cost is required (for replacing saw blades and router bits), in addition to the costs of quickly worn out cutting edges on cutting tools. BUT I STILL PREFER BALTIC BIRCH OVER MDF!
  14. Klipsch went to MDF box panels DURING the production of the Heresy II, not at the BEGINNING of production. The term "box panels" refers to the finely-veneered panels which are the panels used for the box top and bottom and both sides. I left Klipsch prior to the introduction of the Heresy II, so I cannot give an exact time frame when this occurred. But we already knew what was in the eventual plans for the Heresy II speaker's construction. I own a pair of Heresy II's made in 1998, and their "box panels" are MDF. The two pics above show that the move to MDF had not yet occurred when this particular box was built because it is obvious to me that its box panels were finely-veneered poplar lumber-core plywood. Klipsch eventually also went to MDF panels for the motor-boards. The easiest way to tell with a glance if the motor-boards are MDF or not is to just note whether wood screws are used to attach the drivers and horns or whether they are attached with machine screws. Wood screws just don't do well in MDF panels, so machine screws into some kind of threaded metal receptical, such as T-nuts, inserts, or edge-clips are required to secure the drivers and horn lenses to the motor-board. Make sense? The reason wood screws DO NOT work well with MDF is due to what happens when the wood screws are installed...as the wood screws go into the pre-drilled pilot holes, the MDF swells outwards towards the screws as they are installed, which makes a good tight seal of the horn flanges and/or the woofer frame nearly impossible...add to that the fact that MDF has piss-poor wood screw holding ability! Finding out that all of the drivers have come loose during shipping to dealers is not a good thing!
  15. I'll admit that the media has overdone this thing, mostly in order to affect the voting public here! But think about things right now in the USA: we are in the middle of College Spring-break time when many folks travel home to be with loved ones, including grand-parents. Whatever they already have or pick-up during this time will spread to the middle-aged and the old-aged, and in-turn spread among those in those age groups. I figure that in about three or four weeks from NOW, the results of THAT spreading will show itself in the elderly populations. Then a few weeks afterwards, what those college kids bring back to campuses will start to kick in! Keep in mind, many college kids work in restaurants in those college towns! So it snow-balls into the older populations in those areas. We will likey see another surge once the spring semesters end! This is just one of the ways it will spread, though! I figure that the final major upswing of cases in the USA will begin to end around the mid-summer...and it will level out then drop off. UNFORTUNATELY we will have lost a sizable percentage of our elderly in the process...ESPECIALLY those who are already weakened by a number of other health issues! This has the potential to change the age demographics in our country!
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