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  1. something like an anti-voice-coil slamming shock absorber?? LOL!
  2. "conforms to Dolby...yadda yadda, yadda"...is just a marketing gimmick. You pay a certain amount to Dolby and you get the right to use another marketing gimmick...same goes for "THX-certified", among maybe a million others that are "pay for usage" marketing gimmicks. I remember when everybody was looking for "digital-ready" speakers after CDs came out...a number of speaker companies used that "digital-ready" marketing gimmick in packaging and marketing...because the vast majority of consumers actually BELIEVED it made a difference...I mean...C'MON!!...what comes out of the wires to the speakers is already an analog electrical signal! GEEZ!!
  3. Now you've done it...just made me drop a stitch! Where are the moderators when you need one??
  4. I have no prejudices...I hate everybody equally, regardless of sex, race, color, country of origin, sexual preference, creed, or audio equipment/brand preferences. BUT, I hate everybody equally WITH A SMILE ON MY FACE. That's called DIPLOMACY! NOW...that being said...just WHICH FORUM MEMBER was it who said H/K 430 twin-powered receivers are ANTIQUATED JUNK??
  5. Check out other stall walls in different locations you tend to frequent, I'm sure it will eventually show on ONE of those walls...LOL!
  6. Welcome to the forum summs 100! Maybe you can learn something from us and realize that calling us idiots is a real slap in the face for those of us who have striven to improve ourselves thru all the stages of audiofools. Yes, there are STILL a few idiots around, but SOME of us have moved up the ladder while in here and have achieved audio imbecile status and a SELECT few have even made it into the lower regions of audio Morons. So, stick around and improve your OWN audiofool status by listening and learning, and improve your status somewhat. First lesson for your status improvement: WHY use 250 watts "to blow your windows out" when all it takes is 25 watts or less to blow YOUR NEIGHBORS' windows out along with your own?? First lesson learned is that EFFICIENCY in loudspeakers means that you can produce far MORE decibels of sound pressure using LESS wattage to produce those decibels. IOW you just get better GAS MILEAGE with efficient speakers. It is akin to picking up and elephant with one's pinky finger! OK, you have been upgraded in knowledge, and your IQ will improve if you stick around long enough. Soon you may be upgraded from idiot status, yourself! Think about going ALL THE WAY to audiofool MORON status! Everybody should have REACHABLE GOALS! Your next lesson SHOULD BE learning what audio reproduction ACCURACY is all about! Stay tuned!
  7. Quite a few of the "shredders" consider THEMSELVES "artists"...but "artist" is a relative term now-a-days, according to who is using it. MOST ALL the recordings of Hendrix sux ...not just most of the LIVE recordings. Hendrix insisted on his OWN BRAND of excellence in the studio, and it ended up breaking up "the EXPERIENCE"...but IMHO, he could have tried harder to have CLEAN studio recordings, since very few of them actually ARE clean...with the "cleanest" being All Along the Watchtower, IMHO. Don't get me wrong, I have always loved Hendrix, clean recordings or not...but I am honest about what I hear when listening to the recordings...and what he could have used the most in the studio was a "producer" who was also a technical recording ENGINEER, like Bill Szymczyk, who could have really done something miraculous in the studio for Hendrix to improve what eventually ended up being mixed down to the two tape tracks to produce what we hear by Hendrix on vinyl. Maybe if Hendrix had lived longer, something like that would have happened for him. As things stand, I firmly believe the world got short-changed on what remains as his legacy, because IMHO his legacy was still in its formative infancy when he left this world. When I was a Sophomore in high school (1968-1969), I played bass in a three-piece local band (guitar, bass & drums), and we had a really great young guitarist leading us. Among the 30 or so songs we played at "street dances" (rope off part of an empty parking lot of a store that allowed us to steal its electricity and play and HOPEFULLY some of the kids would actually PAY to hear us and dance...LOL!), two of our favorite tunes in our "repertoire" were Jimi Hendrix hit singles: "Fire" (great for dancing!), and "Hey Joe" (which we slowed down a bit more for "grinding music"), with a healthy mix of other hits in those days...Cream, Grassroots, etc. I always thought it was Sooooo FUNNY to see couples romantically slow-dancing to "Hey Joe", the lyrics of which are about "shooting a gal who done ya wrong"!!! But the crowd loved it for that use! And it was so easy to play...simple bass lines which changed up pretty-much however you wanted them to...like blues are SUPPOSED to do! Our guitarist had ONE guitar, but that was all he really needed for almost anything we could play: a Gretsch "Chet Atkins" model...and MAN!!...could he play that thing!
  8. IMHO, Jimi Hendrix, himself, was not a GREAT guitarist...INNOVATIVE, yes...and he deserves THAT credit...but GREAT?? Just look at how many REALLY GREAT guitarists there were around prior to Jimi's death...Chet Atkins and Les Paul (himself), to name JUST TWO of them! And that is just in ONE genre of great guitarists, not even including any of the truly great CLASSICAL guitarists who were around at the time. There are VERY FEW of Jimi's studio recordings with REALLY CLEAN picking going on in them...and more often than not, the quality of the studio recordings left much to be desired...especially in the mix-down end of things. IMHO, the studio is MOST OFTEN the place where the BEST recordings SHOULD come from, simply because there are more options to do things correctly in the studio, AND more options to lay down additional tracks to be included into the final stereo mix. There are exceptions to this. For instance, Savoy Brown...a band that ALWAYS sounded better "live" in concerts than what they laid down in the studio, IMHO! Some performers absorb crowd energy and it shows when they are playing live. Jimi Hendrix was one of those performers, too! Unfortunately we have been left with very few live well-recorded performances of really great quality by Hendrix...his life was just cut too short....too soon...in his performing years to have had enough well-recorded material of his "live" performances. Of those which DO exist, Band of Gypsys is IMHO the best.
  9. Even if they have a lacquered finish, if they are Cherry veneer, they will, over time, darken to eventually become a reddish-dark-maroon color. It is the nature of cherry with its high sugar content and high iron content to do so. The same goes for sugar maple (often called hard-rock maple), to include its grain variants such as birds-eye maple. Ever seen anything stained "antique cherry"??...or "antique maple"?? You don't have to stain it in order for it to eventually become that color on its own. As any oxygen gets into its fibers, it begins to darken...just think of "RUST-color"...because the high-iron content is oxidizing (RUSTING).
  10. 1975-era H/K 930 twin-powered receiver...has great tuner, too! Get one, get it refurbished (if needed), and never look back. Its CONSERVATIVELY-rated 45 WPC will surprise you! Your Cornwalls will LOVE IT!
  11. If there was an issue with a mitered Cornwall or Heresy, they were usually painted black and shipped. as black finished speakers. Some of the issues for walnut-veneered speakers were: 1. Seam where two walnut veneer strips met could be off a bit or the "points" of the book-match of the strips were not "meeting" at that seam. 2. There could be a tiny "gap" between two veneer strips somewhere along the seam line. 3. Walnut "live wood" (which is very blonde!) was part of one or more veneer strips. (you coud never get that "live wood" to stain properly...too "pithy". Live wood is also commonly called sapwood, because it is the nutrient layer between the bark and the heartwood...carried nutrients and water back and forth from leaves to roots. On Black Walnut, it is very light colored about the color of fresh-from-the-cow cream. 4. Dents in the veneer which could not be brought up with water and an iron (putty them sand them and shoot it black!). 5. Singles...meaning something happened to one cabinet of a designated pair. 6. Lost "chips" from the mitered edges which would have needed to be puttied instead of replacing the missing chip. 7. Poorly aligned mitered edges...which caused part or all of one panel's miter to be too "proud" instead of coming to a perfect toe...and the sanders could not "make it right" without ending up with underlayment showing. This was MOST OFTEN caused by either new inexperienced builders or even more-so by severely bowed panels that actually ended up with "bowed" mitered edges due to the difficulty of getting them clamped flat when running them through the table saw for mitering the edges. So, you did NOT want bowed miter edges...and you built it up knowing that it would need to "go black" and put a piece of tape on it to let the sanders know about it. There are lots more reasons mitered boxes "went black"...but you can get an idea of why from the above. Also, we would get speakers back from dealers with damaged corners..."from shipping"...and take some cardboard, tape up a form for the corner, get rid of the damaged corner wood, drill into what was left of it so that the resin had something to "anchor to", attach the cardboard form, and pour up some fiberglass resin or other stuff ...sand it all flush...shoot it black...and DONATE it to a local church or tax-exempt organization. The company could write it off the books at full retail price as a charitable donation. There was a time when almost every little church in a 50+ mile radius had Klipsch speakers in it...eventually many of the small middle-of-nowhere country churches started getting broken-into when nobody was around and most of the time the only thing missing were the speakers! Go figure! Apparently, even crooks love Klipsch speakers!
  12. The first commercial sale of LaScalas, VERY EARLY ON...was FOR USE OUTSIDE! Actually, the speaker was still in DEVELOPMENT, when that sale occurred! Winthrop Rockefeller was running for Governor of Arkansas, and wanted a Klipsch speaker which could sit atop a flat trailer outside as he "stumped the state" at local Bar-B-Ques and such around the state. He wanted something that would work as a PA speaker system for both his own speeches and the live bands (generally country or bluegrass in those days!) which would be playing from a large flat-bed trailer being used as a "stage" at the events. I am not sure exactly sure which year he first wanted the speakers, but it was likely as early as 1964 for his first (unsuccessful) run for Governor, or in 1966 when he ran and won the governorship of Arkansas. So, his purchase was the first...and what he got from Klipsch were LaScalas (maybe not the final version, though!)...and they were used for outside performances and speeches. LaScalas always sound great outside! Maybe because that particular usage was a major PART of the "design parameters" in the LaScala development phases????
  13. What model are they????
  14. 16 hours ago, STEVIEQ said: "I recently picked up a decent pair of 1980s/1990s vintage La Scala on Craigslist. One tweeter was blown and requires a diaphragm/coil replacement (no biggie), and the 3/4" plywood finish is very ugly, but the pair of speakers is otherwise in very good shape. It comes with AA crossovers. Everything about the speakers is nice - except for the sound coming out of the 15" woofers. It has good treble and very strong and rich mid range, but the sub-400 Hz frequencies coming out of the 15" woofers are just exceedingly muddy and boomy. The muddy echos are highly irritating. The muddiness must be because of cabinet resonance on the 3/4" plywood. What can I do to eliminate the resonance? I am thinking of applying 12"x12" marble or granite tiles to the interior and exterior surfaces of the woofer box to stiffen the walls to eliminate resonance, but the tiles would add a whole lot of weight. Are there other solutions I can try?" _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Now, I am saying: FIRST THINGS FIRST! The cabinet resonances have nothing (or little!) to do with "muddiness" in the bass bin. The bass bin side panel stiffness issue is primarily associated with the MOUTH end of the bass bin's side panels (meaning they need stiffening MORE from the center of each panel FORWARD, simply because the rear cabinet joinery GENERALLY suffices for the center-rearward stiffness of the side panels!) The stiffness issue PRIMARILY affects the MEASURED response curve of the bass bin...and you MAY HEAR the difference (especially at higher volumes!) ...but... "Muddiness" is more than likely a separate issue, or a COMBINATION of separate issues, which are easily addressed, as follows: If the LaScala bass bin woofers are K33 models and are actually functioning OK, but just "sound muddy", or MUFFLED...then it is HIGHLY LIKELY primarily a "filth accumulation" issue. CLEAN OUT THE BASS BIN! Your speakers are OLD, and there is NOTHING to keep the accrual of "DUST BUNNIES" and other stuff (such as mouse or rat nests, to include dead mice or rats!) from cluttering up the horn-pathway from the face of the woofer cone all the way through the compression slot on rear of the doghouse and into the first flares (to the left and right past the "splitter" on the speaker rear panel just to the rear of the compression slot!) of the "bifurcated bass horn lens. SOOOOOOO.....Flip the speakers upside-down. Take a permanent marker and draw an arrow towards the front on the bottom panel, which is removable...and label it with the serial number of the speaker. Do this for both bottom panels PRIOR TO removing them. This will make re-attachment of that bottom panel (woofer door cover!) go MUCH EASIER when you get ready to put them back on the bottom of the speakers...trust me on this! Remove the bottom panels (woofer door covers!) using a HAND screwdriver (and when replacing them use a HAND SCREWDRIVER, while applying PRESSURE to the panel...that way you won't "Strip-out" the threads the original screws made into the wood of the speaker bottom!)...they are screwed onto the bottom panel of the speaker's actual bass bin bottom, itself! Because of the age of your LaScalas, you may have to pry the door panels off once ALL the screws are removed because the "gasket" material will probably have them stiuck on through deterioration of that gasket material. If you need to replace the gasket prior to reassembly then be sure to scrape off all of the old gasket prior to installing new gasket material! Once you have removed them both of the panels, unhook the connecting wires to the woofer. If the wires are soldered to the woofer tab, don't break the solder to do this. There will be UNSOLDERED connectors to make this happen for you where the woofer wires connect to a terminal at the top of the inside of the doghouse assembly. Now remove the woofers, themselves. Be sure that they are ACTUALLY K33 woofers! Your speakers are used and they may NOT have K33 woofers in them anymore! I bought a used pair once which had Peavey Black Widows in them...which are worth more than the K33 woofers but do NOT perform as well in the LaScala Bass Bin! Your woofer cones may be damaged or (BEST CASE SENARIO) the front of the woofer cones will HIGHLY LIKELY be covered in years of built-up filth and crud. Use a gently SOFT paint brush to gently remove al the crud and such from the front of the woofer cones. You can also used compressed air AT LOW PRESSURES! Now...take the speakers OUTSIDE or somewhere else so that you can take some compressed air and shooting it through the compression slot in the doghouse, blow out all the trash, dust bunnies, dead mice, mouse houses, etc. TRUST ME...you don't want to be doing this INSIDE THE HOUSE! ALSO, use that soft paint brush to "whisk" out any accumulations in the left and right initial bass horn flares...you can do this by reaching your hand holding that SMALL brush through the compression slot inside the doghouse assembly...and finish it up by facing the front of the doghouse assembly and reaching around to the back of it on each side of the doghouse, up into the mouth of that initial horn flare behind each side of the doghouse, Once you get all the crud loosened up, then blow more compressed air through the compression slot to each side. If the woofers are actually K33 models, and are in good condition AFTER cleaning them...put everything back together...and enjoy them...the "muddiness" you described should be HISTORY!...at least down to around 45 hz or so...the lower limit ( it rolls off severely around 45 hz!) of the LaScala bass horn lens, itself! If the woofers are NOT K33 models, then replace them WITH K33 models! THEN put everything back together! If the woofers are functioning ok, then the CLUTTER is the MAIN issue...BUT....whiie you are into everything, disconnect all the screw-down connections, clean them off (to include the screws!) Birchwood-Casey"Gunscrubber" (solvent-grade ether under pressure) works well...just squirt a bit on a Q-tip and watch it clean the "connection crud" right off! Once the connections are cleaned and shiny (it may take more than the gunscrubber to make the "shiny" thing happen, so use one of those scotch-brite green pads for that part), take a q-tip with a tiny dab of dielectric grease on it and LIGHTLY apply the dielectric grease to the CLEAN connections and screws and re-attach the connections, then wipe off any excess dielectric grease which squeezed out. It is easiest to actually remove one pair of connections at a time while doing this and saves time trying to "figure out what goes where" when re-connecting everything back up. DIELECTRIC GREASE IS YOUR FRIEND! You can find it at any automotive parts store! One small tube will last for years on various applications...to include your car battery terminal connections (do that twice a year, once in the late fall and once in the late spring!)....you will be surprised how much longer your battery will last (providing it doesn't run down for other reasons than bad terminal connections!)...and it saves your alternator diodes from going out pre-maturely! Most alternators nowadays have to be replaced because the "sealed-inside" diodes have gone out way before the rest of the alternator is actually worn out!. You can thank me later! Dalwhinnie 15 year-old single malt makes a great "thank you"!
  15. Look on ebay for those parts...lots of Heresys have gotten gutted for parts which are sold on ebay.