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  1. I just call my issue a "Bad case of run-around"...ya'know? As a guy ages, he tends to (more often than not!) end up in a situation where his butt cheeks start to head towards his "love handles' at a trot, gathering them up at a dead gallop and dragging them along with them to finally meet up at his belly button area, whereupon they end up in a head-on collision, then the entire mass tends to "homestead" in, over, behind, and around that belly button for the remainder of the lifespan. That's my story and I'm-a'stickin' to it!
  2. Just wondered, but since I have more hanging over my belt up front than sagging UNDER my belt in the back...it seems like I always end up with "tucking in the T-shirt" issues...so I ordered the "tall" sizes for MYSELF in the hope that they will solve this problem for me, even though I was actually HOPING to see something like "Belled sizes" as a selection on the order info...or maybe "extra Wide" or something like that. I have lost weight but still need to lose more...but I have noticed that my legs and arms get thinner, but the BELLY kinda still remains the same...must be a geriatric age issue or something...since I can see no reason why my 6 iced honeybuns a day could possibly have anything to do with it!
  3. I ordered some the other day and noted in the order that I will pick them up at the Gathering...also sent you a PM on the order, Christie.
  4. It appears the prices he has posted are in CANADIAN dollars.
  5. Keep in mind that he stated "in my area"...which means he can do a local pickup instead of needing to pay for shipping...or needing to drive a long way to get them...Shipping can run another 100 bucks to way more than that...and...driving a long distance to get them can be as costly or more than the shipping costs. Also, "in my area" means that he can go look at them/listen to them prior to the purchase commitment. Sometimes it is just BETTER all the way around to suck up the extra item-cost of a local purchase item than it is to wait for a lower price elsewhere.
  6. It's just a home-build that somebody is trying to pass off as a Klipsch speaker because it has some Klipsch components within the cabinet.
  7. You can also cut a piece of Birch Plywood to the dimensions of the bottom of your Heresy cabinet, but add 1.5 inches to those dimensions. Put some 3/4 inch trim of some kind around the top perimeter of the panel to keep the speakers from sliding off of it...stain/finish the panel...attach the riser TO the bottom of panel, then set the speaker on the panel...the trim will hold the speaker in place...UNLESS you opt for too severe of a slant on the slant risers. There are various ways to do this ending in the same result.
  8. It may well be a scam, and they DO look like junk to me, but they have nothing even resembling anything Klipsch...and their brand name and logos look nothing like Klipsch ever used, so as for being any kind of infringement on Klipsch copyrights, OR patented items of Klipsch...nothing there at all. They are likely made in China (as are a number of Klipsch products and components!) but I see no evidence they are trying to squeeze on the Klipsch name at all...and that is why I posted on this thread to begin with. I stand by what I previously wrote.
  9. Have you ever run across Voni or Paul Glaves while riding in West Texas? Voni would be on a RED BMW, Red leathers, red helmet...she has more than one red Beemer, though...K75, R1100RS, etc. They retired to the Terlingua area a few years back.
  10. They also market in North America (Canada and USA).
  11. Kirsch is a Berlin, Germany company with quite a line of items...I have seen nothing to allude to them being a knock-off of the Klipsch brand in any form or fashion.
  12. Ever hear Melanie Safka's rendition of James Taylor's "Carolina in My Mind"...from her "Candles in the Rain" album (1970)?
  13. Not even gonna ask...."Red LABIAL"?? Just gonna guess it is made in a separate "container" in the same ROOM as the bathtub gin is made in...
  14. I still donlt remember anything between sitting in a chair and waking up in my bed the next morning...LOL! Red Breast is so much better than Powers is...Powers is what I consider a "designer" whiskey...but Red Breast is classic traditional Irish...Dangerously smooth, though! I prefer traditional Scotch and Irish over all the "Designer" ones that most tout...simply because I actually LIKE those whiskeys, and have no need to suck down ones flavored with various types of aging barrels. Don't get me wrong...I like those, too...but way too many folks ONLY like those designer whiskeys, and shy away from the "traditional tastes" of whiskeys! Brits have long used American oak barrels to age their whiskeys in...and quite often re-used Americna oak barrels which had already been used to age American whiskeys...simply because they had them on hand. One must keep in mind that English Oak has been in short supply for a couple of centuries or more due to over-cutting...so coopers there generally had to rely on imported oak to make barrels from for aging the Brit whiskeys. They would ship a barrel of whiskey over to America, where it would be re-purposed for aging American whiskey OR Caribbean Rum...which would be shipped in the barrel back to Great Britain, consumed, then the barrels would be re-purposed there for aging Brit Whiskey...but traditional whiskeys used only NEW oak barrels WHENEVER POSSIBLE....used barrels are cheaper, and impart flavor to the whiskey from whatever was in the barrel previously. Not saying I like whiskey that much...but it is what it is!
  15. We live in the midrange! That being said, here are a FEW of my "go-to" selections for testing speakers (and the upstream components!): Joni Mitchell...too many to name...concentrate on her EARLIEST stuff from her earliest albums...simply because her voice along with her guitar and/or piano skills are easier to digest with the simplest of arrangements (her arrangements GENERALLY became more complex from the very beginning, stage-by-stage, album-by-album...she had a magical extended voice range...as she got older her chain-smoking addiction began to take its toll on her range. Selections from the following albums work best for me: Clouds (1969), Ladies of the Canyon (1970), Blue (1971), For the Roses (1972), Court and Spark (1974), The Hissing of Summer Lawns (1975). Some people are not "into" her singing style, but I am! Kenny Loggins with Jim Messina "Sittin' In" album: Don't laugh, but..."House at Pooh Corner"....extremely CLEAN recording with a variety of musical instruments involved. Maria Muldaur:(1973). Although her biggest hit is on this album (Midnight at the Oasis), the album has quite a variety of song-types on it...to include Dixieland jazz, blues, and Classic Country selections. Wade through it because there are some really great testing songs in there! She is unique in the way she can belt-out almost anything, in her sultry-voiced manner. There are also a wide variety of instrument types used throughout the album. Another clean recording! Bonnie Raitt: With this gal, you get a DOUBLE WHAMMY! She KNOWS HOW to put FEELING into her vocals...PLUS she is one of the greatest slide guitar players in the business...EVER!! There are a number of albums to pull from...and keep in mind that she has "sessioned-with" most every bluesman alive (some are not alive ANYMORE!)...so there is a wealth of good old blues involved in her plethora of recordings! Again, her stuff is generally recorded quite "cleanly"! Lynyrd Skynard: Second Helping album...too much on it not to be on the list! Duane Allman Anthology Album...includes his work with Allman Brothers Band...and quite a lot of the session stuff he did with Motown greats, such as Aretha Franklin, and others! DO NOT LET THIS ONE SLIP YOU BY! By now you should have figured out that I just LOVE slide guitar! Clean guitar picking?? Pink Floyd "Money" from "Dark Side of the Moon" Album; Alvin Lee picking cleanly on "I'd Love to Change the World" from Ten Years After's "A Space in TIme" album; Pretty much ANYTHING by Chet Atkins! (Not many people have a guitar model named after them!); I won't even get into Led Zep's stuff...too much there! There are literally hundreds of other ones....but this outta do for now!