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  1. HDBRbuilder

    Klipsch HBR 80T873 and 874

    I left Klipsch in September of 1983.
  2. HDBRbuilder

    La Scala LF build

    See the attachments:
  3. HDBRbuilder

    La Scala LF build

    You mean the "wing" assemblies (term used at the plant), which are not diverting anything, since they are the first flares of the bifurcated horn lens. The easiest way to cut the angles on them is to build a jig that clamps to the rear fence of a miter-saw.
  4. HDBRbuilder

    Please respect John McCain and his legacy

    No matter what you think of someone while they are still alive, everybody deserves to RIP when that time comes....RIP Senator McCain! Prayers and blessings to your grieving family members and friends!
  5. HDBRbuilder

    Vintage Telefunken Stereo Console

    Be sure to install a whisper fan for your Yamaha Receiver in order to draw air over its heat sinks....heat kills equipment. So, it was just a mono receiver, or is it that the CONSOLE is just mono??
  6. You'll love what those old H/K "X30" units do for LaScala speakers!
  7. HDBRbuilder

    Vintage Telefunken Stereo Console

    I have (had?) a set of plans for a folded-horn, down-firing (sub) woofer which MIGHT actually be able to fit into Emile's console lower section, but would likely need to be built into it. It would require that an opening be cut into the bottom panel of the console body for the down-firing part of the cabinet. This horn woofer is designed to actually BE a console-like body on legs to allow for its down-and-forward firing from beneath the console body. It is also designed to have a pair of satellite speakers(for the upper ranges of frequencies) either atop it or to either side of it....with maybe a television atop it. It is an interesting design, which bifurcates and then comes back together for its final downward-and-forward horn lens flare...with a "V"-shaped reflector between the bottom panel of the console body and the floor, itself. I have no idea how it actually will perform, but it is fired by an 8" cone speaker pushing through a compression slot just prior to its horn lens pathway bifurcating. I will try to find those plans, but I fear they are on a thumb drive at home, and I will need to go thru them ALL to find those plans.
  8. HDBRbuilder

    Vintage Telefunken Stereo Console

    Telefunken were very highly regarded, especially for their tubes...the German-made Telefunken-branded tubes have been pretty hard to come by for a number of years since the labor-cost of producing them pretty much gave that market over to former USSR and Warsaw Pact nations, and of course, China. NOS Telefunken tubes pop up here and there.
  9. HDBRbuilder

    Vintage Telefunken Stereo Console

    If it is Grundig, you may just want to keep it, especially if you are planning to use highly efficient speakers...the same can be said for Blaupunkt. Both of these brands were VERY highly-regarded, and still are. My older brother bought a Grundig console system on his last duty tour in Germany in the early 1970's....it still sounds great! Grundig was using Thorens turntables in their consoles when he bought his.
  10. HDBRbuilder

    Vintage Telefunken Stereo Console

    What is the brand name on the radio/receiver?
  11. HDBRbuilder

    Decoding Heresy II serials

    Not too sure about that, myself....because I left Klipsch in late September 1983, and they were still using poplar lumber-core veneered panels for the finely-veneered K-horn, Belle, Cornwall, and Heresy speakers and didn't go to birch veneered MDF panels for the birch speakers until a year or so after they started using MDF core panels on the finely-veneered speakers....production changes don't just start/end on a particular calendar year Dec 31st or Jan 1st....and with Klipsch, nothing is, or ever has been, written in stone! They didn't even go over to MDF core for finely veneered speakers as standard production until sometime well after I left, because that was still a "work in progress" WHEN I left....and they had quite a few pallets of birch plywood parts poplar lumber-core parts and and panels which would BECOME parts to use up when I left...more than enough to carry them over to well past the beginning of 1984. Just saying....it is what it WAS! Not only that, but the morning I left Klipsch for good, there were enough HBR cabinets waiting to get into and thru the sanding room to last until late December 1983 shipping dates, at least! We started the "Christmas rush" production as early as June-July in those days and it ran until the end of the fourth quarter...because that heavy workload was for Christmas orders and the orders to REPLACE dealer stock that was sold by dealers during that Christmas period...and those speakers had to arrive at the dealers BY Christmas to go into their inventory for post-Christmas sales into at least beginning-to-mid March of the following year. Just figure this: 20 Birch Heresy speaker cabinets to a pallet, waiting to be sanded...with about 40-60+ pallets loaded like that just outside the sanding room door....that's 800-1200+ birch Heresy cabinets waiting to get sanded...2 sanders working birch Heresys on average....maybe getting 8 sanded per day each, when they were not pulled for walnut Heresys or LaScalas, or whatever....that's 100-150 days of work...in LATE SEPTEMBER...divided by 2...do the math....with UNDER 70 WORK DAYS left in the year. The Afternoon before I left I was out of room to put "ready to sand" birch Heresy cabinets....into rows, of 6 pallets deep and 8-10 pallets across...so I was over routing pallets of parts on the overhead pin router, which what I would have been doing until I had, either more room to put more pallets, or some pallets of Cornwall cabinet parts show up to build....but I clocked-in, while being harassed by my foreman that last morning, and clocked back out immediately afterwards...grabbed whatever was MINE and left the plant for good. Keep in mind that even the sanders and builders got pulled to box-up speakers in the shipping department in order to get the trucks and empty trailers loaded quickly when they arrived....so that cut into the time available for building and sanding, too! Going on a tour of the plant to see production today, and seeing what kind of frantic fast-paced building/production was going on at the plant in the 1970's and 80's are very different worlds from each other. Just ask anybody who was there during that time-frame.
  12. HDBRbuilder

    Decoding Heresy II serials

    If the H II's were early ones, then the serial numbers SHOULD BE stamped into the rear edge of the top panels. Once they moved over completely to MDF-core panels they probably stopped doing that right afterwards, because the stamping-in of serial numbers into those rear edges would buckle the MDF outwards....causing the outer veneer to buckle-upwards near where the stamping was being done.
  13. HDBRbuilder

    Loss of bass R-112SW

    Time to blow out all the dust bunnies and such which have gotten into the cabinet thru the port, maybe? Or maybe the plate amp is overheating, or just going out on you? Another thing is that its amp heat sinks can "crud" up and not dissipate heat as designed, then you have to clean them...to allow it to dissipate heat better before it goes into "SAVE THYSELF" mode.
  14. HDBRbuilder

    Woodworkers - need help with accent wall finish

    Get a keyhole router bit and hang it to screw heads of screws that have been secured to the wall's studs. The keyhole will be on the back side and nothing will show. How many keyholes will it take?? It all depends on how heavy that panel is. I've used several techniques to hang things so that no fasteners or evidence of fasteners are seen...and no plugs to cover the heads of fasteners, either. Also, how snug you will have it to the wall is dependent upon how far out from the wall the screw-heads are prior to mounting the panel.
  15. HDBRbuilder

    La Scala resonance problem

    Thicker walls were never really needed because if the front edges flex then you only REALLY need to stiffen those front edges up to eliminate the flex at that area, since the joints stiffen up the rest of the bass bin. There a re a number of ways to stiffen up the front edges of the bass horn...just adding a 2-3" strip of something like Baltic birch or solid hardwood COULD solve it, even though it might not be aesthetically pleasing. Thicker material for the top and bottom of the bass bin is just there to make it aesthetically more pleasing since the LaScala II has thicker sides added top solve most of that issue...If you ever meet Roy Delgado, just ask him what "Mike" said about the all-thread thing...he outta get a good laugh out of that...Mike worked with Roy for over a decade, developing the Jubilee and getting the development of the LaScala II rolling..."Mike" was the worker bee, or one of them. "Mike" could care less about aesthetics...he likes simple solutions.