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  1. I'm having great success with the JBL SDP-55. I think they're 8k compatible now since I've bought mine
  2. Bump for some great stuff. I may entertain reasonable offers. No trades though
  3. 2 Klipschorns would not be ok. A processor requires a center channel if in a surround mode and I'm not interested in watching movies in stereo.
  4. Why in the world would I try that center channel? You've obviously not read through the thread or the OP.
  5. Up for sale are all the items I've listed in the title. Buyer to pay actual shipping and all Paypal fees. I prefer a local sale, though. Emotiva XSP-1 Gen2...SOLD (I purchased this new and moved shortly after purchase. It was boxed up and only removed recently. It has little playing time on it. Remote control is included.)* Emotiva XPA-3 Gen1...$575 + shipping + paypal fees (I purchased this last year as a manufacture refurb. I've used it flawlessly in my home theater till recently) Emotiva XPA-2 Gen1...$575 + shipping + paypal fees (I purchased this last year the same time as the XPA-3. It was a manufacture refurb. It's worked flawlessly in my home theater till recently.) Emotiva XPA-2 Gen2...SOLD (I purchased this new along with the XSP preamp. It has the same history as the preamp. Although, it was a used for a bit in my home theater till replaced.)* Emotiva XPA-1 Gen1...$600 + shipping + paypal fees (I purchased this a year ago and have never used it. It works flawlessly. I will only sell with the other as a pair.) Emotiva XPA-1 Gen1...$200 + shipping + paypal fees (I purchased this a year ago along with the other one at the same time. This one had a damaged toggle switch that switched between balanced and unbalanced. Amp lights up blue, no warning lights, but produces no sound. I've purchased a replacement switch that needs to be installed. Amp comes as is with new switch.) *Comes with original packaging and manuals. I think I made it sound as if everything isn't working correctly. Everything works perfectly other than the mono amp that I mentioned. I replaced everything with Jeff Rowland amps and preamp and so that's why I'm selling all this off. I am located in the Memphis, TN area Shipping weight is 84#'s Shipping dimensions are 24"x24"x12" My zip code is 38611 Do not ask me for shipping cost. You can calculate it from the information I've provided here. Nothing is free!
  6. My TV is already mounted to the wall with a mount that will allow the TV to be pulled away from the wall. Reason for that is because the wall is a 5' knee wall. The mount is as high as it can be. I've decided to use a La Scala as a center channel. I'll have to remove the TV from the wall and use the TV base. I'll just sit the TV on top of the La Scala. The Heresy has no comparison to any of the other Heritage line speakers. Heresy's are ok speakers, but not in my system. It's quite anemic. Now I just have to find a La Scala
  7. The Heresy just has a thinner sound than the Khorns. Heresy's are great sounding speakers, but when you try to compare them to the Khorn, they lack that fullness. One thing that I keep changing my mind about taking these surrounds out is multi-channel listening is phenomenal.
  8. Thanks Tom. I have done some tuning with them and the surrounds volume was turned down soon after I initially turned on the setup. Coincidently, I have been contemplating moving my surrounds to other rooms of my house and getting some 'actual surround speakers'. I'm realizing just how little of signal the surrounds actually get.
  9. I appreciate the advice. The laScala, even broken down, will not fit under the TV. I'm not putting anything over the TV.
  10. I installed these Sunday and found they are more laid back than my original K-55M's. These along with the sMahl tweeters I installed basically ruined my Khorns. I'm returning them back to the original drivers.
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