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  1. Thanks sixspeed. I do intend to run a center channel for movies. I was just pointing out how well the center image is listening to music. Put the Cornwall I rear surrounds and Chorus I side surrounds in the room today.
  2. I finally managed to get the room done. I'm hanging new blinds on the windows this weekend. I'm still waiting for the curtains to come in so they can be hung. There's been no acoustic treatments done other than the rug. That will be something done over time. I just now need to get all the equipment installed and the room wired for the theater part. Oh, hang the TV and build the TV console. I'm building it out of 3/4" steel tube and using rough sawn oak 1x's for the top and shelves. On a side note, I finally hooked up my Khorns and tuned them in. Still a ways to go, but I am thoroughly impressed with how good they sound. Quite amazing actually! Someone on here said they won't center image well as far apart as I have them, well I think you need to come listen to them then. The center image and sound stage is absolutely fantastic! It's like I can pick out where each person on the stage is standing or pick out the location of the instrument in the orchestra. I'm blown away!
  3. I didn't notice the 'circle R' till you all pointed it out, but it is definitely there and makes sense. The rear edge serial numbers end in 58 and 59. Only other stamping I can find on the rear edge is USA The front veneered motor-board has staples through it. That is the part that throws me off about the front motor-board.
  4. I recently picked up a nice pair of Klipsch Cornwall I's with Crites B-2 crossovers installed, but came with the original crossovers as well. There's a few oddities with this pair of Cornwalls and I wonder if anyone here could identify these. Original stickers on the rear are long gone, but the serial stamping dates these to 1981 and cabinets are in walnut oil finish. Story was the original owner was a Klipsch sales rep in the Arkansas area and they had ordered these this way. I wonder if these left the factory like this or just someone's additions done to these at some point in history after their creation. List of oddities: PWK logo painted onto the woofer dust caps. No evidence the dust caps have been replaced and certainly not a sticker. Motor/Baffle board is veneered and stained. The staple holes are evident on the front, but the original velcro is gone. Crossover networks are type B2, but actually stamped B2T. Was that normal? If not, what does it mean? Black spray paint overspray on inside of cabinets. I assume this is not an oddity, but just from painting the edges around the speaker openings. I've seen pictures of other Cornwall's that did not have this overspray, hence why I mentioned it.
  5. sixspeed, does your Khorns have the tractrix mid?
  6. 29" is the max height I'm willing to go under my TV. As I said, every bit I go up with the TV is every bit the TV is pushed further into the room It's nearly 2' out from the wall now. I'm not going any further. Thanks for the suggestion though. I believe with some processing and maybe getting the right angle, I can get the Heresy to blend well enough to enjoy the setup.
  7. The wall with the front mains, center and tv is a 5' knee wall. Ceiling height is 9', though. I'm limited on speaker size under the tv as it will push the TV height further up the taller the speaker. As a consequence, it will push the TV further in the room as well. I want a viewing angle of me eyes at the top of 1/3 of the bottom portion of the TV. A Heresy is pushing that height. I also have to house the processor and amps. I thought about putting everything in a closet nearby, but that creates other issues. I plan to just keep everything under the TV. I have a single Heresy to work the center channel duties. I just purchased the JBL Synthesis SDP-55 processor as well as a Samsung 85" TV. With the Khorns, Cornwalls, Chorus' and single Heresy, I'm at $20,000. That doesn't include Atmos speakers, which I have yet to purchase or decide what to get there. Nor does it include all the renovations I've done and am doing to the room. I would love a single Belle or La Scala but their size create a problem in the center as well as availability. Who knows when something like that would pop up local to me. I feel I've been fortunate so far to have found what I have locally.
  8. Ok, now I'm down to what Atmos speakers to get and what processor to get. Trying to keep the processor budget around $5,000. I was kinda thinking of just going with Klipsch Atmos 8" speakers, but maybe not limited to those. Any recommendations?
  9. I picked up my new Klipsch Chorus I's and Cornwalls today. I am just storing them in my conditioned garage till I get the room done, but I did audition them at the previous owners house. I must say, the Chorus I's sounded beautiful. They didn't have quite as authoritive bass the Cornwalls have and not quite the sparkle on the top end, but the midrange was more laid back and not so much in your face. They were very musical sounding. I'm overly impressed with them. This was my first time hearing Chorus' before. Makes me wonder why Klipsch didn't keep producing them just as they are. Thanks everyone for recommending them. I'm ecstatic!
  10. Nice setup! Does your left klipschorn have a corner to sit in? Mine have what I think are factory rubber gaskets vertically. I've seen another pair on the web with the same gasket, so I assume that is factory installed. There is not any gasket installed horizontally. I didn't think about having it seal there. Makes sense though.
  11. I just ordered a REL HT/1508 Predator subwoofer. I was trying to find something that would be musical and work well in a home theater. I was looking for something that would be fast and tight to hopefully blend with my klipschorns when in 2 channel (if I run a sub in this situation) or in the home theater situation. I'll start with 1 and go from there. I'm not sure how much I'll want another. I'm not big into heavy bass anymore.
  12. Is it not true from what I've read that Klipsch admittedly made the AK-2 crossovers incorrectly based on a pre-production K-55-M squawker? I've noticed the midrange and tweeter are definitely quite loud compared to the bass driver. They definitely seem they need to be reduced in comparison. I've read the pre-production squawker tested where they wanted it, but the production one's were 6db louder with the AK-2 crossover. My Khorns do not sound as good as the one's I heard so many years ago that left a lifelong impression on me. When I met with the owner of these at the time to purchase them, I sat down and listened to them. I was not impressed at all with them at their house. They were very muffled and uninspiring sounding. He was powering them with a $25,000 Accuphase integrated amp.
  13. Thanks guys. Looks like I'll have my Khorns, side surrounds (Chorus I), rear surrounds (Cornwalls), center channel (Heresy I) Most all will have the K-55-V mids and K-77 tweeters. Timber should match well I would think. At least I'll give it a try and go from this setup.
  14. I've never seen any Klipsch Heritage speakers with a logo on the dust cap like these and the veneered motor board. They do have all original drivers in them and the build date decodes to 1981. They have updated Crites B-2 crossovers.
  15. Thanks! My thoughts were to start with one sub on the front wall and add a second if I feel the need on the rear wall. The rear wall would be the ideal location for the sub as to keep from crowding the front wall. I'm putting all the equipment in an adjacent closet and installing it all in a server rack with proper ventilation. I will keep my turntable in the room and probably add a 2 channel preamp and 2 channel tube amp for 2 channel listening. That was the original goal with this room, but then it morphed into a full blown home theater. It's a third living room to my house, so why not. Has anyone ever heard of a custom ordered Cornwall direct from the factory? These Cornwall's I'm buying supposedly come from a Klipsch sales rep that ordered these special from the factory this way. Believable? Couple shots of the Chorus I's I'm buying and one of my Khorn's. I've fixed that corner since that picture in the remodel of the room. That was a double door cased opening. I removed it and extended the wall there and installed a single door 3' away from the Khorn. Right now the room is in disarray, so I'll save pictures of it till it's finished.
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