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  1. Yes man, remembered this one instead of another fun one was thinking about. Radio was cool... Another is Purple People Eater?
  2. Just dropped $200 since this morning...Not Affiliated: https://miami.craigslist.org/brw/ele/d/fort-lauderdale-pair-of-black-klipsch/7284691680.html
  3. Have heard this going on in the Epic thread. One was tipping front of speaker up just a little and liking. Interesting...
  4. With OBO...Not Affiliated: https://spacecoast.craigslist.org/ele/d/melbourne-klipsch-forte-iii-speakers/7286745034.html
  5. Yes too bad about the wiring choice but, it will work no problem. Many a HT is wired using solid copper stranded 18 gauge wire. The runs in a typical HT are not long enough to present a powering problem. Unless the OP has a place to get some different wire available to him, not going to suggest waiting on at least the fronts and center. Need to find out more from @TnGuy in order to advise. Do not know if already prewired, attic, basement, or baseboard. Certainly there are workarounds. Some good speaker wire agree would not run this wire for permanent HT. Decent wire called for. Thanks!
  6. Yes would try flat curve and doing some manual adjustment in the menu. Since your other system did not have a null, may not be the room as much as speaker placement. The Audessey may be having a prob with the front left and right. Would place farther apart and closer to screen wall and rerun. Fronts abit higher? So no specifics as much as a scattered approach from me. Coffee time.
  7. Glad you all get along famously in the Union. Me, I'm all about the music...🤔 Cheers and Peace!
  8. Cool.... It is always an intro if a make offer but, OBO is an intro. Always could get them and wait on something closer, like RF-7s.
  9. If were me, unless everything is nice including no dents or creases in drivers, nice looking with clean not abused cabinets, grille tabs not all broken and clean, with the footpads for speakers and all else, $300 to $325 maybe. $500 is pretty decent price for 280s based on prices I see down here in Florida if they check out with the above. Different locations do vary. Could be seller could knock off some for your road trip.
  10. Think I got that now. On the decision at hand now. Since you are keeping the 610s, you want larger. Do you have questions between the 2 that have not been answered? If a road trip is unwanted, there is your answer. If you want a better match to center with a newer, slightly heavier, improved tweeter horn and woofers, there is your answer. Since do not know the price amount for both used speakers, cannot address that farther than I have. One thing to consider, if buying either one, could you recoup your outlay in case you are disenchanted with your choice?
  11. Cool... Let us know how it turns out for you either way. Need help just ask here. The users manual is your friend.
  12. Yes that is good enough. And yes hook it that way is fine.
  13. Have Heresy 1 and had the T-500s once upon a time... Maybe you can patch that tear ... Alright then...
  14. Guessing missed you had the 610. Do you not like or wanting to go bigger? Is this for stereo and or HT?. The 610 think is newer than those 2 we are talking about. If it is larger sound you are wanting, both have 8 inch dual woofers, .1 inch titanium diaphragms, both 98 db efficient. The 280 is a bit heavier and goes lower in the bass department than the rf3. Do not know the 610s specs so check out against those 2.
  15. Depends on how much both are, of course. If you want to or need to, you can PM me about price, etc...
  16. While the RF-3 is good, hate to say this but the 280 is a decent step up for about the same price. See rf3 for 2- 3 hundred around here for decent shape with no dents in speaker cones on either speakers. Besides newer, the 280 if in de cent shape used generally command more as they should as much newer model. So for good price, maybe worth your drive Does this help?
  17. Welcome to the forum ! Do you mean 1 all copper and 1 all silver color that is aluminum speaker wires? @TnGuy
  18. J&J at your door?: https://www-nbcnews-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/rcna358?
  19. Dang, someone deleted my post. 🤫
  20. Fine shape...BTW, why not post the cf4s if not already?
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