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  1. So, no preouts on the AVR you are using? What model Onkyo please?
  2. Sorry, my Carver had gain level for each channel but, in your case, not being able to control level volume easily is not even practical.
  3. Was talking about the level on rear of Carver, which is of no real use to being able to adjust volume from zone 2. Guess you could use your Integra for 2 channel then or think about a switch.
  4. Isn't there a level control on rear of your outboard amp?
  5. Alright, unless you can control the level, then that is out. If you read my earlier posts just now and it does not apply to your situation, look into that Niles switcher mentioned... thanks.
  6. In other words, run the mains for HT and 2 channel through your outboard amp.
  7. Seems like you could use the amp you connect to for HT and 2 channel mains, if your AVR has stereo/ 2 channel direct/ pure mode. Then you would have enough speaker taps?
  8. Alright try it. Trying to visualize your setup and what you are trying to do. Other is chiming in now ...
  9. Correct...it was a dual thread, Corona.
  10. Looking for OP to get back to us... @Lbk
  11. Hadn't got that far in my thinking. Got her number?😥
  12. May be forced to Dave, nothing happening. Alexa, take of my boots. Cook me a grouper sandwich. Sratch my back. How about a Heiny...Alexa
  13. I like friends re ird like in a record store. That may be alright until, time for beddy bye...Alexa...😦
  14. My phone talks to me. One way conversation but, no social life to speak of...🤒
  15. I use to have an old girlfriend just like that...
  16. Cottonmouths I've seen are generally black. Have seen moccasins solid brown...one time very close and got fortunate.
  17. If bothersome, go into menu and turn rears down...
  18. Is the OP unhappy? Unless a bet idea, OP should be able to live with it. I could...
  19. Call Cory first...tell him in person you were sent...
  20. Randy will tell y Something to keep in mind if not A-stock...
  21. If seller needs money, try $1100 shipped...
  22. Hope you are really wanting those and not going on anything I may have said. The posting is 5 days old so, would make an offer first in your terms first, as well as other questions. +1 on contacting Cory also. He may have a good or even better deal.
  23. Would try those line out from AVR to Carver out to mains. As for selector, you play your AVR with other zone you choose activated as well...
  24. The last Copperhead I saw, my work associate picked it up and showed it to me. I like your method better. Of course, this is the same guy who picked up rattlesnakes, while we were out and about and other daunting tales of yore. On second thought back to Copperhead as the coloration and the snake shedding skin could cause those type tail. Another thing, generally a rattler generally curls it's tail inside, yes...
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