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  1. Yes, inexpensive word better...
  2. If set on LS then cool. Just keep your cash handy, check out the deal as best you can, and do the Klipsch Roadtrip thing. Checking Offerup and googling may help. All I got...
  3. Welcome @Tony II... buyers expect a price as well as picture if you can. Thanks!
  4. John, noticed a month or more ago, the VanZant family home for sale.
  5. Yes buyers just love that. May have to wait abit longer.
  6. Yes, you might check the specs of the KG-1 and the KG 1.5 Klipsch bookshelves for the bad part to see if using the same as. May open doors for you wider. Google should help locate the specs for the part. Good hunting and put this WTB ad in garage sale section here for more visibility. @snugklipsch
  7. Had forgotten about those 2 builds. That could make things more convenient. Thanks!
  8. Maybe not an Excel spreadsheet is desired or required as even a Word program document could suffice. Can always create a PDF for download of a list. Off the mark here?
  9. Yes, I googled about audio bench techs and found one 30 miles away that was experienced. Just got lucky...
  10. Anything wrong with covering the Klipsch, painting them before or after painting with an artist's brush. Just trimming in with paint...
  11. Yes welcome @Kiki68... What is the Carver set not doing for you? Like Carver power with Chorus. Sounds like you like plenty of watts.
  12. He could well be right. Have you another something to power your speakers while you are looking for someone to check out your Marantz?
  13. Yes, what ailments do you have? Thanks!
  14. Maybe seller has some provenance, which would be Interesting for a collector. Sorta necessary.
  15. And typically, gear that has not been deoxidized since new develop problems. Would do the balance, speaker contacts and even source input RCAs. If fixes fine. If so, likely good to have a tech give it a check-up anyway. Even switch relays act up, like mine did. Talking just a little bit. If what you have evaporates quickly, completely, that is good.
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