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  1. Yes man, fell for some speakers Klipsch and still falling and, like them a bunch. Falling in love can understand. Faithful yet watching 5hem close. Like all a bunch. They appear not jealous of another...cool, so far.
  2. What's happening! Also interested if you do hook up those monoblocks. Guess the like to have some coolish air by the conversation.
  3. Yes, she prefers text. All I saw were the H IIs so far recently. She has posted others about 2 months ago. Agree! Thanks again!
  4. Know y'all remember: https://youtu.be/imZUqkPlUaQ
  5. Thanks John, of course you remember this version I use to play. :
  6. Witch Queen... Maury:
  7. billybob

    Slow Forum

    Molasses cookies ...slow.
  8. You seal the top house to port and open the doghouse from the top creating more volume of space.
  9. Hello again Laurie... Best to start one thread, and post all to that, as you may recall @Laurie Thanks!
  10. No sure that has not already sorted...find you a place in the Sun, there is a place. Anchors out ⚓ Nice speakers.
  11. Yes Dang saw that...what a trip deal...
  12. Dang, was just reading about that mod.
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