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  1. @merkin https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/220194-2-hsu-tn1220-for-sale/#comment-2823692 Academy...
  2. Welcome back @Hotrod363765 You may want to post these in garage sale here along with some pics, location and prices, if you want to...
  3. Welcome...do you have a price in mind? Yes unfortunately pics sell and show condition. Having pic problems also at the moment. Maybe someone here can help with posting some along with the rear labels. @AugustaJunk
  4. Yes, never have bad rapped Bob...never would.
  5. Did you get your sixes from nearby or, the USA? There @zerodown
  6. Did a search using"sixes". Came back with 82 results. One of which I chimed in...(big deal, lol).:
  7. Welcome...since you are somewhat committed, may as well see and hear for yourself. Should be a line level/phono switch, which would give you the option of using an outboard phono preamp. Here is hoping you like. @zerodown
  8. Klipsch recommend JEM cap kits. Do a search here. Welcome to the forum. How do the speakers sound now to you? Thanks! @MrT58
  9. Just going from memory, thinking those were 4 inch ports. Length, unsure if any.
  10. Welcome! Must be a power converter? You are in another country? If new or under warranty would contact seller of the sub. Thanks! @Mtapro
  11. Was hoping you would have more by now. If you are happy with the features, and have settled on the model, please post it here. Onkyo, yes think so there @pureelite1
  12. The poor Lions played and lost on Thanksgiving like it were a tradition. Snow... Nice groceries.
  13. Welcome! @dupanuts Check out the threads in this sub forum and look at the technical/restorations part for similar conversations. Some turn subs with no alternative to passive subs. Use the search function for your model. Some even part them out. Was the fuse blown?
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