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  1. Not too crazy for Klipsch at all. There had been some capital trips overtime here. Envy you, like a good trip for Klipsch.
  2. Sorry, was just looking there. At alerts. And did not imply you had not a clue intentionally. Good fortune...
  3. Sounds like he has been studying the good doctor. Some people are not happy with the horse they have in the race. And some are happy with having any horse at all. Glass half empty.
  4. billybob


    Well that sure deflated my tire...
  5. billybob


    Pudding Tane, yes she's old hat but, when in Rome...
  6. Just as long as you know you are up to it. 10 hours one way would be a Road Trip...If you do be safe, and take advantage of his best offer price. Long trip so, firm the deal solid ahead of trip.
  7. Well, there is nothing wrong with your choices and if they have what you need then yes. The Yamaha AS-501 is a desireable amp. Read reviews on your 2 candidates. Thanks!
  8. According to the article, the cocktails will arrive before a vaccine.
  9. Sorry also John. Peace be unto your family.
  10. Let us know how things work out for you. Still need advice on a different power unit, let know.
  11. Welcome again! Thinking you are already downsized related to other systems here. Will you expand upon your dissatisfaction if any? Thanks!
  12. Welcome to the forum and, yes let the program run. There is some tweaking to be done.
  13. Others are too making cocktails.
  14. Thanks for reminding me what am looking for...
  15. Quest and LabCorp are ramping up their testing ability according to the article. Have met the technician pictured there. Took a tour of their rather large testing facility in Tampa. Abit of a cross between an assembly line and a science project gone macro.
  16. Good morning coffee...
  17. Usually it is blamed on the young and dumb. Go figure...
  18. Maybe that's why they sold them. No bass...
  19. You have plenty of power. I stream YouTube to my Old school receiver using a 3.5mm to RCA stereo cable. Welcome!
  20. Quest-Labcorp Testing Demands: https://abcnews-go-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/abcnews.go.com/amp/Health/quest-labcorp-warn-coronavirus-testing-delays-demand-surges/story?
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