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  1. Clicking the clocking emitted from dAc ? More information... Thanks!
  2. Yes welcome! Definitely should be getting bass. Guess you have speakers out from corner little...try not biaMping Until you get sorted...
  3. Welcome! side from finding a pair to demo your self, others here will come, usually lately in the evening. Nice system btw...
  4. Just like mine: Lol... futuristic­čśÄ
  5. One hundred to one 50... Welcome!
  6. Yes, teeing off, ceiling height is cool. Flexibility of placement a plus. Really then, all your choices work since, you Are using All the space for sound. Member ^ can help you with room treatment, etc...
  7. Yes welcome! Hotall is the ceiling height? Distance between speakers? Room divider? Privacy?
  8. Refresh or refreshing is the word here for replacing them. Keep , enjoy! Welcome... congrats.
  9. Yes welcome! They should sound decent. Check the speakers out for sure. Cool... The forum can help with other Questions.
  10. Yes Dave, I uh have this and maybe go to v cup Day:
  11. ll done... Orlando :
  12. Lol, yes man. My my ... Cool... Hearing now... psych, here, now molecule...
  13. Tnt Mount...sorry, no letter VIlble for the first letter confirming:
  14. billybob


    Sorry bout that...
  15. billybob


    Out of dodge city yes,
  16. You are on the right track George... Jj Also... gesundheit.
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