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    Wow you can't even give it away...Don't trash it, at least Goodwill.
  2. Don't know too much(if anything) about the math behind horns..but sure love how they sound.
  3. Oh how wonderful to see you back here Gil. God Bless you.
  4. What's TMDL at the bottom of the ocean....a good start
  5. And what about the "original" Endeavor, Inspector Morse? And then his sergeant Inspector Lewis? And Inspector Lynley? I wish they would rerun Endeavor, I missed the first like 5 years.
  6. Shut up and get out --Dr. Martin Ellingham. Not a whodunit but was still very enjoyable. And DCI Banks was good but I only saw like 5 or 10 episodes. Is that all there was?
  7. and has been around since '79...wow 45+ years
  8. Me neither..that's what everybody says..then one day they turn around and their wallet is empty and they can't feed their family.
  9. lemme guess..the shipping back and forth cost more than the repair? Let's go Brandon!!
  10. That's the ticket...one way transparent cardboard..why didn't I think of that, I'd be rich.
  11. so USPS is coming along.....Fedex is still way, way to hit and miss out here in cal-i-for-ni-ay. My mixer had to go back to Presonus in Baton Rouge and I was VERY leary as it went Fedex both directions. Had to buy a box from Presonus to ship it in and I packed/padded the be jeepers out of it. Come through relatively unscathed TG.
  12. The Ks sold? Finally? And the purchaser did not want these mid/tweet replacements? He/she will regret that decision IMHO....
  13. 'ceptin' when he don't...used "tool shed" tubes when I was there one time, switched back and forth with SS a course.
  14. yep..I just leave'em outside..mostly rattlers here. Even if remotely close to the house they're dead.
  15. Yep. I have ordered 3 pieces from Shenzhen Audio in China in last month. All delivered by DHL within 3 or 4 days from China to Murrieta Ca. It takes Fedex 1 to 2 weeks Las Vegas Nv. to Murrieta Ca. How the F do they stay in business?
  16. It ain't horseshoes..close is not close enough
  17. If going from an XLR OUTPUT to a RCA INPUT be careful how you hook that up. I have no idea what the circuit topology of the RME DAC is but if the Minus output (usually pin 3) of the XLR is an active signal you do not want to tie to ground on your unbalanced RCA input. Much safer just to Y off the RCA output. Then use the subs LP filter control.
  18. To correct a statement made earlier in this thread that MIGHT be misleading...... from Wikipedia: Amplifiers often feature a "loudness" button, known technically as loudness compensation, that boosts low and high-frequency components of the sound. These are intended to offset the apparent loudness fall-off at those frequencies, especially at lower volume levels. Boosting these frequencies produces a flatter equal-loudness contour that appears to be louder even at low volume, preventing the perceived sound from being dominated by the mid-frequencies where the ear is most sensitive.
  19. Who'd a thunk Even the UG Jubes were(are) a quantum leap.
  20. @kippy where are you located?...UG Jube owner here. If you are semi local I love to hear your Heritage Jubes.
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