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  1. 14 degrees? You need the calories.
  2. So Klipshorn = 100dB = 2 watts but with 10dB peaks =20 watts. What if you were fortunate enough to have a more faithful recording medium that was used with painstaking care to faithfully capture a musical performance and had 20 db peaks? 2 watts +20db peaks = 200watts. Aren't logarithms cool?
  3. @briney ^ not Mike Briney by chance? Sorry for the thread crap.
  4. Yea that'd be Jack at Assistance Audio. Tell him the Klipsch Heads sent you
  5. Yea but you had an 11 at least temporarily
  6. Still enjoying the looooooooong Indian Summer her in inland SoCal. 80s in the day down to low 50s high 40s at night. Dry as a bone.
  7. Check out BFM website. (Bill Fitzmaurice) Folded horns galore. But you have to build'em or get someone to build for you. And maybe they're too big for your app. Bill is the source of the 'table tuba' mentioned in the post above. Forum member here @jason str was a builder but i don't know if he takes on work anymore. Certainly I won't speak for him.
  8. Tart and tangy. And if you don't like those types of foods I get it, you just don't like it
  9. And you Sir have never had my cranberry sauce. A big blob on top of a home made waffle doused in pure maple syrup. Yummmm..... Can't wait til it gets cold enough to make waffles
  10. Plans are not solid yet but for sure I will roast a turkey on the big green egg(Kamado) no matter what. If we have visitors we'll go the whole nine yards. If its just the two of us we'll tone it down considerably. Of freaking course. What would pumpkin pie and Thanksgiving be without freshly home made whipped cream. I've already made fresh cranberry sauce once this season, several more batches to go I'm sure.
  11. No offense, that looks like the whole enchilada. Ok maybe need to throw in a green bean casserole
  12. @CECAA850 Did you ever get over there and check out these goodies? Just curious. Sorry for the thread crap.
  13. To me scrambled means just that scrambled. I do not beat it til it froths. Just scrambled. Beating til froth is for omelettes.
  14. Fixed it for ya. The XConsole free software makes programming the Xilica MUCH easier. Just had to state my opinion.
  15. Yes to this for sure. I feed my Xilica from a Presonus mixer. It is a balanced connection. The mixer is capable of putting out +24dBu. I still have the input channel gains up all the way (+15dB) on the Xilica. This gets the input meters to flicker occasionally but only at loud levels. The Xilica is made for professional and live sound systems and can take large and dynamic input signals. Seems like in home reproduction systems it is barely being tickled.
  16. OK since you're in Italy I'll say it. LaScala has no LOW bass. You need some subwooferage.
  17. Sometimes they start to vibrate And smile
  18. Why? I mean just why? I guess I just don't get IT.
  19. Ok, a jr. high with a swimming pool and a high school football field. Stylin'.
  20. Dondero High. Named after one of my best friends(growing up, getting in trouble) Grandpa. What do they do with that building now? Another of my best friends was on the school board when they closed it.
  21. Well then you need to visit the Great White North I'd advise going in the summer, you know less snow, warmer weather for beer drinking.
  22. Roger. Just wondering about BSM's experiences. When i lived in Meeee chigan i used to go over to Windsor or Sarnia Ontario to the Brewer's Retail just to get the genuine article.
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