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  1. No nowhere near as crazy as SF. I built this house myself and was therefore able to spread costs out over several years. Buy land... wait, grade.... wait, do plans,permits..wait. You get the idea. I built the "plainest" house in very nice neighborhood.
  2. Good thing they weren't married, it makes breaking up easier.
  3. sorry too obscure I guess. It was an old skit on the Tonight Show with........remember....way back.......Johnny Carson
  4. Just a wrong setting? Those are the best kind of problems
  5. Oh yea duh, we were using one on my MIL before she passed. And yes I second what Thaddeus said, thanks for sharing.
  6. So he sent you home with an O2 monitor?
  7. ^OK, but I still like Mark Twain's insight.
  8. "History doesn't repeat, but it sure does rhyme" MT
  9. VIVA Brador! Yummmmmmmy......
  10. We've got to get you back to the future, future boy.
  11. Sorry, I've been meaning to ask as I follow this, what wood did you build the cabinet from? That's not just regular plywood is it? @M_Klipsch BTW excellent job.
  12. Joking aside we only have a small lawn area because as Dave has sort of alluded to water is expensive. And where we live it gets so hot and dry at sometimes during the year that it don't matter how much water you put on it, it still looks like sheet. The rest is wild weeds or desert(xeriscape?) type landscaping . And it's a work in progress for sure, I ain't rich enough to have it all done professionally. Remember most of the time I sit around doing nothing
  13. Did you find some revelation the user manual?
  14. OK sum ting wong. Either they don't know what they're doing or they did not listen to it, or test it or just replaced the rubber parts and said ship it! They will take it back? For full credit or refund? Or give it another go at making it work properly?
  15. Just wanted to add that's an eclectic mix on that drive....of course over a terabyte there is bound to be variety
  16. Full documentation available at HI FI Engine. Service manual is almost 8 meg can't downloaded it here. If it plays back good through the same head, sounds like there is something wrong with record or record bias circuits. A good cleaning cannot hurt. Do you have a head demagnetizer?
  17. @Thaddeus Smith @rplace @DrumNBassNThePlace Did the easiest last night and succeded! Baby steps man...baby steps. USB drive directly into Oppo, listening to tunes in about 30 seconds. S-W-E-E-T. USB Drive -> Oppo BDP95 HDMI -> Marantz 7007AVR Preouts->Emotiva XPA3 Gen3 ->RF7 IIs |-> Sub outs -> RSW-15s (x2) This is in the family room HT. If this place is rockin' don't bother knockin' just come on in
  18. "The coldest winter I ever saw was the summer I spent in San Francisco." attributed to Mark Twain.
  19. Hey this gives the Super8 5 or 6 more months to get the banquet room done
  20. Again I will state only THE LISTENER can determine if it made a difference to their ears/brain. And they WILL be biased based on how pretty the new wires are and how much money they spent.
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