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  1. Congrats to the Grad...you done good Dad. USNRET's daughter last night also.
  2. Again how's about a CVT? Too much money?
  3. Dynamics?....said a former Jube owner to a current Jube owner I guess my point was/is you have to have DR capability to reproduce dynamics. And most of the time DR is squashed intentionally.
  4. Yes I was with him about being able to tell if it was a real live piano or a recording from a sight unseen location but the jump to LPs sound more dynamic than CDs... I'm not there. I know I'm preaching to the choir....CDs have the capability in DR to leave LPs in the dust but usually the artist/engineer/producer destroy those capabilities.
  5. Roger that's what I mean...that you are not just driving the tweeters/ mids or the woofers. So 8 watts into a full 3 way speaker. Depending on how dynamic your source material is that may sound a bit anemic. IMHO of course...I never listen over 75dB SPL
  6. Are you running it stereo full bandwidth into your Forte IIIs?
  7. records (LP as in vinyl) are more dynamic than CDs....always? doesn't that depend on the mixing and mastering...and the loudness wars...and the opinion of the artist and the producer ad naseum
  8. absoluetlyfreakingbeautiful. GLWYS. Did I mention I like cherry?
  9. ah...what about a Constant Voltage Transformer? CVT for short.
  10. All they had was 2 track master with voices on one tack and instruments on the other. So along comes the big push to release it in "stereo"...and you guessed it..... 1 track from the master went on the left the other on the right. And yea it sounds hokie, better in mono. I usually pan the 2 to try and make a listenable facsimile of a stereo image.
  11. ur what they(the people that want to suck off your debt) call a deadbeat. Me too. F 'em
  12. Too much wein same results I would thinkšŸ·
  13. Yes you will lose the benefits of differential (balanced) lines i.e hardly any CMR but you will not lose signal strength. Trouble occurs when the single ended signal reaches clipping...but you're not going to do that right? Like a madman roadie turning up the main fader on the mixer to 11.
  14. Jensens are pricey BUT you get what you pay for when it comes to transformers IMO...... and they are available in a ready to use handsome little case..... series is called ISO MAX.
  15. @KT88 yes you will lose the benefits of differential signaling by grounding the minus output. But the cross coupled output will double the signal drive on the non grounded output so you will not lose signal strength. I don't know if you picked up on that detail. The guys that first figured this out are up there on the level of PWK and @Chief bonehead.
  16. The outputs of the Xilica are a different topology than the Yamaha. The Monoprice cables or any similar wired like "cinch to XLR" can be used on the Xilica outputs as well as the inputs. What kind of performance issues are you having? Not enough drive? Filter settings? Noise?
  17. For what application? The Monoprice cables are wired like the "cinch to XLR" in diagrams above.
  18. Those small "local" surge protectors will only protect against small local aberrations. Are they better than nothing? maybe.
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