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Newbie...custom early Cornwall-like late 50s

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I found this single of course this was during mono times anyway I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it up and saw the Steven's tucsonic model p52fr no not to frown on Klipsch horns but I put Stephens just a slight nudge above clips hardware I'm not bothering to edit my thing anyway you can see by the crossover that it's similar to a Cornwall of the 50s but there's an additional capacitor in the middle I haven't decided to take this speaker apart because I don't have the time but I might keep it I might not the drivers are quite valuable I reckon but the market is soft anyway this is quite a find in my opinion I'm dating it probably around 5859 something like that the lineup of the drivers in addition to the Stevens is the k55v and the k77 both of course in 16 ohms anyway I guess some feedback about it would be pleasant so just thought I'd pop on this site my fingers are too slow to type so I'm just doing voice to text so again I'm unapologetic hope I get some feedback thank you


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On 10/16/2023 at 11:07 AM, hididepot said:

 it's similar to a Cornwall of the 50s 


the Tweeter , the Mids K-1000 horn , the K-55V , the crossovers are klipsch  1960-61 original parts   , but the lining inside the speaker is not Klipsch , can you post more pictures of the cab   ,....... are there any klipsch tags or badges al or punched serial nos   ?

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